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Hay guys! Glad you stopped by! Just another writer trying to get better... and I love writing them pony fics... Also, Fluttershy is best pony. Just saying...


Going on as many adventures as the Mane 6 had, ponies tend to feel neglected, their time insignificant. Spike always seems to be left in the dust, and he realizes that he's not needed anymore. Feeling empty, he visits the one pony he thinks can help him figure out why he feels so upset.

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Aww, very sweet. Seriously, we should have some Celestia/Spike bonding in the show. Get on it writers!

I like this story. Spike has always been my favorite character. I'd like to see him get more respect in the show.

I really liked writing it, it was something I haven't seen much of. I always figured their relationship would be very adorable.

Heh, thanks! Spike is one of my favorite characters, just wish he'd actually be used properly...

Take it from me, they're not. Great job by the way!

You have just earned a watch.

Yeah ... I feel that way too, a lot. Usually just being told you're worth something isn't enough to help, just like at the end of Season 3, when Twilight observed that they could tell Spike how great he was all they wanted, but if he couldn't feel it himself then hearing it wouldn't cheer him up.

It sucks and the words don't mean much, but that's why I tried to have Celestia just... be there. She may be savvy with words and can inspire, but I think it's better that she is there to listen.

Heh, thanks! Hope you enjoy my other works!



Pretty good story. It's good to see stuff from you, although I don't read all your fics so I could just be missing it.

Heh, I'm still alive... I still write from time to time...

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