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Hay guys! Glad you stopped by! Just another writer trying to get better... and I love writing them pony fics... Also, Fluttershy is best pony. Just saying...


Leon is tired of life and all the lies of his so called friends. So when he decides to end his existence, he somehow gets a second chance. How will he handle living in Equestria? Can he learn to live again and make friends? And why did he get a second chance to begin with?

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*See's 0-4 L/D ratio and is curious.*

*Reads description*

Oh, now it makes sense.

EDIT: No offense...

Being new to the fandom, I don't have much prejudice against Human in Equestria (HiE) stories, but from what I've seen, most people do. Just a heads-up.

Also being new to the fandom, I find the concept intriguing, but again, most people will probably dismiss this as just another HiE story.

I didn't notice many problems with the story itself, though I thought the main character (I don't remember if he has a name) needed more development as well as more of an explanation as to why he wanted to die in the first place. I get that kids teased him at school, but I didn't see any reason why they would throw so many cruel names at him. Also, as a word of advice, overloading your story with outside references is almost always a bad idea. Unless it contributes to the story (namely, helps us get to know your character), you really should avoid them. They only serve to distract those who get them and confuse those who don't.

The Xboxer - I hate writing summaries... you see why.

ScribbleStick - I'm more of a fan where the main character slowly reveals why he acts a certain way.. If I remember, I have a chapter that I will be posting that gives a hint at why he did it.

Thebirdy - New chapter tomorrow sometime.

Regardless of what cliches this story may adhere to, the beginning goes scary hard (like a great rap song) and brings out my darker emotions... Great start. I will certainly be following this grim adventure...

I'm always curious when I see new fics with high dislikes, though there's often a reason. This story was hard to read but I did follow where it was going. Not bad, but I'll rate when you upload some new chapters.

Im not too picky when it comes to this kind of story (HIE), and personally, I like this and would love to see more

So far so good! I really enjoyed reading the past two chapters, and I look forward to more! Keep up the good work!


NICE work hope you make new chapters

stopped reading it later and faved


This story was just plain......EPIC AS ALL EPICNESS CAN GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Seriously I love this story. The romance is my favorite part. I feel really bad for the guy, but I am glad that the mane 6 are helping him. Oh yeah and nice way to explain the whole rainbow-dash lesbian thing. I couldn't stop laughing after I was like "Awwww that's so sad.......*snicker* They got caught.....they so just got caught.

Well it's quite a nice story although I'm not sure what you thought would make people angry?

B-E-A-UTIFUL BRO can't wait for more:rainbowkiss:

NO!! he should be with fluttershy :flutterrage:

SIMPLY AMAZING!!! More please?

Nice job on this chapter, it's fulfills all my hoped and dreams!

at the end there shit got even realer


haha the cover is my lol from cheez! :rainbowlaugh:

lol the title i hate hospitals
reminds me of francis for left 4 dead :D

:trollestia: Was watching my little brother play No Mercy while writing the chapter

Thank you, I couldn't remember where I got it from:rainbowkiss:

Several people didn't like how I turned him pony.

Wy do people make there fics like this its really nice than all of a sudden the princess or twilight which is way to much overused:twilightangry2::ajbemused: plaese make him back into
Human please:fluttercry:

Wy do people make there fics like this its really nice than all of a sudden the princess or twilight makes him into a pony which is way to much overused:twilightangry2::ajbemused: plaese make him back into
Human please:fluttercry:

Please make him human again

YES OH YES!!! i WILL HUG YOU RAINBOW DASH, come here *hug and tears* *whispers* so cute

If there are two things I hate in fanfics, it's the protagonist being repeatedly knocked unconscious, and katanas. SO GOD DAMNED CLICHE IT HURTS.

...chapter 4.
The Fluttershy had a boyfriend thing is really out of character and completely random. It seems forced and I don't like it. Other then that the story is going along fairly well.

That story was epic. I wish he will choose RD:rainbowkiss:


If you want to weed out the bad HiEs, set the filter to >20000 words. Most bad stories never get longer than that. The ones left are either good, or for those who like specific kinds of stories.

hope he chooses dash:heart: also the cover reminds me of my little dashie(not sure why):rainbowhuh::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:

finally a new chapter!!!!!!! and why did you ending it eith a cliffover ARRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!:rainbowwild: i really want to read the next one

hay i like the story keep it up bro.:twilightsmile:

Leon Kennedy...Resident Evil, Huh?

Hmm, if he now the stories, why didn't you clarify the question, and talk about the legend of Siegfried and the dragon, in witch by bating in his blood he became immortal and invincibleā€¦it was the perfect opportunity for him to ask if humans actually can became invincible if they bath in dragon blood, you have to admit that that is a interesting theme and can take he story to any directions, and consider the size of that Dragon, he will only need to pinch his finger in order to have enough blood to bath a stadium.

Ideas that what may happen:
-Return to human for a short time, with the addition of summon more weapons, to tha point of can summon a tank or a caza plane.
-Became a Alicorn for a day
-Control of the elements for an hour

The possibilities are endless, just saying just a suggestion

1843501 That was what I was thinking.
Hmm...the story is pretty good so far, but when the princess came in i think that went kinda quickly. She comes in, read's Leon's mind, then leaves. I don't know just my opinion. It's very good so far. I hope you luck!
-The Professor

Bad add name is what I call it

oh i love this story please keep making more happy writing:twilightsmile:

Very nice!!
Love the LOTR references in this chapter and the last one, keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

1429631 Dude, there is a reason everypony puts katanas into fics. They are that bucking awesome. Trust me. You ever get a real katana, a battle ready one, and with only one swing, you know why everypony likes katanas. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

And I'm gone.

:fluttershysad: Sorry to see you go but thanks for reading!

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