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If you have not read "Doctor Derpy; A Odd Love" than you probably should go read that first. Anyway, Dinky, even though her mom had said that she cant tell, wants to know about her father. Pipsqueak wants to help his friend but he doesn't know how, due to the lack of modern-day technology. Dinky goes through all these challenges to find him and ends up finding other things. What are those other things? Will she find her father? Will Pipsqueak help his friend? Find out here!

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Comment posted by Caan deleted Jun 28th, 2014

Hmm, dear me but it seems you may have meant lawfully rather than loftily, but otherwise I feel it was quite entertaining, rushed, but entertaining none the less

You misspelled Rarity in the first paragraph.
Other than that it was good.:derpytongue2:

IF YOU EVER NEED LYRICS EMAIL ME ESPERILAY IF ITS DR WHOOVESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute :3
Loved your two stories!

So Dinky's emotions trigger her magic.

Yay! Fangirling! Fangirling now!! :derpytongue2: love it soooooo much!!! X3

Hm...trying to make lyrics in my head but I can't...XD good story so far!:heart:

That was quick like really quick. Like quickerde quic. That escalated so much that its hilarious:rainbowlaugh:

Sorry but I am expecting a sequel the story was just that good. :pinkiehappy:

Thats fine sur

Thats should be that's

sur should be sir

unless you meant for Dinky to call the Doctor 'south'

Twilight's rainbow powers kicked in and she instantly kicked Crysallis's flank

you're just as bad as Hasbro.

....... :pinkiesick: *vomits rainbows* "bleh.. a Twili-Sue", but, so far.. a B+ for effort! :pinkiesmile:

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