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Metal 0-1 was thought KIA after the mission "Down the Rabbit Hole", sacrificing themselves to get the Russian president and their friends to safety. After awakening in a strange land, Sandman, Truck, and Grinch must piece together what happened after the mission, how they escaped alive, and how they are ever going to figure out a way back home.

This is my first ever attempt at writing something along these lines, so overall it might not be very good.The idea just happened to pop into my head one day. I hope you all enjoy it, and I would appreciate it if you guys could give me some constructive criticism. Thanks!

Chapters (30)
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OH NO NOT rAINBOW DASH!!! Anyways good job, first comment too im so proud! However i would like to point out that Delta Force Operators generaly don't have M9s, they usualy use pistols that use a .45 round, like the MK 23 or a USP. Over all i thought it was good and I can't wait to see more.

well... shoot first ask questions later... this is COD physics so RD better not die... you have no idea how annoying a pistol is to use on veteran in MW3

NONONONONO! please don't die rainbow:raritycry::raritydespair:
if oyu kill raimbow Pinkie and Fluttershy will end you:pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:

hope Sandman fails:applecry:

The only thing that will make this badass, if ghost comes in and rapes all the bad guys :rainbowdetermined2:


486411 In the game, they have M9's in their holsters. Though, you are correct.

Noo not Rainbow!
Either way FANTASTIC story! Can't wait to see where this goes!

Interesting idea... Processing... DING!
Thumb given!

:pinkiegasp: Did he really shoot Rainbow Dash, holy shit. Then again I don't blame him. If I woke up in a weird world with talking ponies and one started kicking me in the face, I would probably shoot it to.

486775 Don't worry, she'll be fine after a few seconds behind cover. Also, pistols don't always kill, especially if it doesn't hit anything vital.

nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to celestia my little sister is okay!!!!:raritycry:

I remember this...... it was the most disappointing thing in the game (next ta' Yuri's you know what)

Most likely Rainbow Dash dodged just in time to get grazzed, or got hit in a non-vital area.
Either way Im tracking or favorating or however this new format works.

do you think you can wright a bit more like this is bloody awesome story but i need MOAR!:flutterrage:


I would be worried but this doesn't have a dark or a tragedy tag. Unless it's mislabeled.....but regardless. In before weapon jam or safety was on. Seriously, who walks around with the safety off?

Dude my mouth was like :pinkiegasp: then I was like :pinkiehappy: then I :rainbowwild: until I :pinkiesick: and then I was :applecry: until I went :derpyderp2: !

Oh god, when I got to the end of that mission...Many Manly tears were shed.
semper memento


Ooohhh, interesting. I read all the chat in the characters voice.

Even Overlord.


It's magazines.

And PLEASE, start a new paragraph when someone starts to talk.

Oh snap!

I've never seen this happen in these kinds of stories.

Always Rainbow Dash. You bastard.

You all know that the 9mm is probubly one of the worsts rounds ever invented. Sure it is ok in some scenarios but it cant do diddly squat to body armour. It will probubly bounce off Rainbow Dash... cause who ever made the 9mm obviously wanted a light weight weak round. In COD the MP5 or M9 should do almost no dmg when shot at center mass where the body armour is located. If u kill a juggernaught with a 9mm you must be Pinkie Pie

Please, don't hesitate to kill the ponies. It pisses me off when a highly trained spec-ops operative is overpowered by the ponies. :facehoof:

fuck that:flutterrage:! i dident come here to see ponys die. well not the mane 6 anyway :fluttershysad:

So Rainbow Dash did get shot. Also Truck and Grinch are probably going to save Sandman before Celestia gets there, but she's going to be pissed thats for sure


Don't worry about that. There will be some tragedy in it eventually. Didn't feel right to just go and kill one of them off right at the start.

Write More it's very good!


491106 amen i don't really like it sometimes when a highly trained soldiers doesn't shoot on instinct just because their colorful. Its just not right


491106 amen i don't really like it sometimes when a highly trained soldiers doesn't shoot on instinct just because their colorful. Its just not right. But I like it so far on how this is going.

491123 Ermm.... nopony died... Its COD physics, RD got shot in the leg and is still alive... really

Y U NO WRITE LONGER CHAPTER?!:flutterrage::twilightangry2:


i thought she got shot in the shoulder and your right when it comes to COD physics weird sort there:trixieshiftleft:

but if they happen to die give them a bad ass and noble one not friendly fire damit!:applecry:

491245 dude... shes one of the mane 6... its a RULE that she will not die from injuries or stuff like that... if she does, celestia forbid, this story would be more abandoned than myspace

491304 You DO know that Rainbow has the highest running total for mutilations, crippling injuries, grisly deaths, and more, right?


nope i cant hear you lalalalalalallalalalalalalala!:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

491521 and how many of those are in the very beggining of the story, without any epicness at all, and most of these have some emotionalness to it... i mean, usually, it would be like the typical "im not gonna make it." scene.. I assure you, RD isnt gonna die in this story... *gulp* yet :rainbowhuh:

Just to give some info out on this chapter and answer some frequent questions and comments...

This was a very difficult chapter to write becuase I had a load of ideas on how this chapter could go down. It switched back and forth between certain things, but eventually I chose this to happen because it would help better create a story. I made Sandman seem more hesitant to do certain things becuase, well, most people wouldn't exactly know how to cope with a bunch of talking ponies. As for Rainbow Dash, I felt that killing her off instantly would of not went down well in trying to write more chapters. Now, that doesn't mean that nothing horrific happens in the story, but I will let that fall into place when I think it fits.


I'm sure she's had her fair deal of severe injuries, but I hardly think a tiny steel cylinder flying at 3136 mp/h.

Damn... if 6 elements can do that... 500 would make Tsar Bomba cringe

So humans have 500 elements of harmony?:rainbowhuh:

SWWWEEEEEEET! Now we can invade Equestria!:pinkiecrazy:

500 Elements of Harmony!!! :pinkiegasp: Holy Shit.

Oh goodness. 500. Glad they can only be used by good guys... right? Harmony is good... right? Metal is good... RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!

500 and humans got 494 of them? hell:twilightoops:

Now 494 humans all armed to the teeth are going to appear in Equestria:pinkiegasp:

Long Live Humanity!:flutterrage:

Humanity could overpower the ponies with ridiculous speed.

mabey that why there is a show so we can warm up to them enstead of invadeing them brain wash@_@

and i like it:pinkiecrazy:

4 Generations, the first being the only one having humans, 400 years since the last sighting?

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