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Lived in Florida for most of my life. I admit to being a geek. Wanted an outlet to try writing, as it seems to clear my thoughts.


It's amazing what one could find in the Golden Oaks Library.

Seriously, on more than one occasion, Twilight had found texts and tomes that had no right to be in a rural town library. Once again, she's made a particularly curious find.

She really wishes she hadn't.

Dragged from her home by shadowy forces beyond her understanding, now Twilight must survive in a mysterious, hostile world. A dangerous world, filled with dark magic and bizarre creatures.

Kind of like Equestria, really.

Now Twilight must uncover the secrets of this world and find out why she was lured into the world and how she might return home.

And, hopefully, not be eaten or go mad in the process.

(This is a MLP:FiM/Don't Starve crossover. You probably won't need to have experienced Don't Starve to enjoy this story, but it probably helps. This is a standalone story, and no connection to or bearing on my other stories. Enjoy.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

Holy crap. Did not expect you to be able to write something that creepy!

Great first chapter. Would of left it at that without the last words bit though. I swear this could of worked as just a Twilight focused story adaptation bit. But I'll wait and see what you do with the second chapter. I look forward to a second chapter of this at least if only to see if I like it or not. But this first chapter? GOOSE BUMPS!

I really felt like I was put in Twilight's position there for a bit. Great stuff.

4889960 Yeah, I've had a desire to write something creepy and psychological for a bit, and I've also been on a bit of Don't Starve kick lately, so it seemed natural.

This is definitely a side-project, to my other stories, and I'll mostly be writing for this when I can't focus on my other stories. Still, very glad that some folks are enjoyed the first chapter. Like with OCs, I know many readers are a bit leery when they see that 'Crossover' tag pop up with a story.

And I might move those last words to the beginning of the second chapter, as well. Part of me wanted to leave an obvious hook between the two settings in the first chapters, but it might work better for that to be the opening line on the second chapter.

This is an amazingly well written piece of fiction. It really deserves more attention. I certainly can't wait to see more of it.

5805283 I'll be honest. I'm very pleased to hear someone say that. :twilightblush:

This story hasn't really gotten much traction with many people, but hearing that at least one person enjoys it really helps.

5931362 Not yet. It's been a slow month for writing, and I've gotta catch up on my other stories. Don't worry, this one hasn't been abandoned.

i've never played the game myself but what you wrote made even me nervious. that started making me feel like it was me in that position.

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