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I write pony fiction and I love it! Tell me what you think and you never know, I may use it!

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People who read porn about a children's show are surprisingly and hypocritically judgemental; liked and favorited.

Why did I read this...

Dat little ending paragraph. Just what the fuck on that?:rainbowhuh:

I-I-I need to go to therepy for this story. :rainbowderp:



4546188 Yeah. I think that needs expanded on. What?

been too long I don't know myself.

... Okay, I have no idea what I just read, and I can't help think that I need to re read this

It's only rape if you're not willing. -Me 2015

Downvote applied for untagged NTR.

I was about to stop reading right at she brought out the other dog. I threw my phone and was like "NOPE". But half an hour later my heart said "Give it another try!" I so kept reading and was not disappointed. Except for that last paragraph with the killing and stuff....that made no sense. But, all and all, great story.

What the hell was that last paragraph about?:twilightangry2:

The hybrid-killing rape thing kinda ruined the whole thing... Still getting my like, but writing a sequel with her pregnant with their magic diamond dog pup would be way more appreciated than that. Still a good read, though.

Not the rape and death though...
Spike will come back PISSED OFF!
like Godzilla pissed off...
I Dont like the last Paragraph either...
But I like sequels and revenge... Anyone wanting?

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