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Holy crap. Way to be a dick, Constantine.

Oh, crap. We're heading for a freaking POGO PARADOX!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp::twilightoops::facehoof:

4398601 no go for pogo, alas, though I love a good paradox as much as the next time-travel nerd :-)

Huh, a CB story I actually find interesting.

Do continue :twilightsmile:

Heh. My Little Hellblazer....
Anyhow, this is getting interesting....like that episode of TNG where they keep colliding with Kelsey Grammer.

Oh, goody. The War Doctor Threshold has been passed.

So, wrong place, wrong time, not enough ponies to help get Solamina....but there IS one way to fix things: send all the jerks from Tartarus to that other world........

Oh, my. Celestia has a DAMNED big mess to clean up when this is over. It's like thing one guy is doing that has him pointing the Mane Six, the Joes and the Autobots at Xenolestia.

Well, this should be interesting. Lyra is going to be fairly impossible to deal with, I should think.

Oh, why did she have to say THAT?!?!?!:facehoof:

4434852 because Murphy's Law hasn't reached Equestria yet.

They''l end up having to call it Heartstring's Law.....

4434862 Or Derpy's Law. That almost sounds the same as "Murphy's". Almost. :derpytongue2:

She's all but commanding the nine of them to take down Solamina, isn't she?

4440725 Less "commanding", more saying "I would do what you think is best" with very heavy implication that she thinks they should think taking her down is best. Call it "Magnificent Bastard"ism to the highest degree.

That's why she's running things and why Twilight is a life coach with a tiara.

4440747 it's probably also why she gets said tiara-wearing life coach to do most of the heavy work. It's good to be the boss. :trollestia:

Yep. Her Plan A is "Throw Twilight Sparkle and associates at a problem." :pinkiehappy:

4440775 Just a plan A? I figure that's her plan A - Z. I have no idea what she'd do without them half the time.

Hire more guards?
(Anyway, I can see the problem. She could easily have taken Chrysalis....but at the cost of turning Canterlot into glass.....)

It does irk him that he's got just enough Celestia in him to not curse properly.

4444497 It's those gosh darn pony genetics.

Well, there's destruction and then there's destruction. It might warp them into something not especially pleasing to the eye but the cost would be an equally corrosive bystander syndrome.

Five bucks says that "Discord" is going to answer their after-action objections with another pithy saying:
"If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home, and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here! It's wondrous...with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it's not for the timid."

It does make a damned sight of sense that they're fed a steady stream of white-hot propaganda. Truth is always the first casualty in war.

That being said, this poor fool reminds me of the Southron Sam encountered. It also reminds me that Solamina has too much to answer for, throwing her little ponies away like this.

4460139 According to my friend that wrote the interlude, his main inspiration was World War One era propaganda and the somewhat ridiculous things it said that nonetheless were treated as factual by a public more than willing to lap it all up. Certainly, the horrific casualty rates in the war I've described make that a more than valid analogy.

4460166 Great. You've turned her into Field Marshall Haig.

4460174 Sending hundreds of thousand off on pointless charges while staying in a comfortable rear position? Yeah, I can see that

Dash ain't the only one done got tossed into the deep end. Watching her other self die is gonna mess Lyra up good.

Oh, my. The Rainboom isn't going to mean what it used to.

4474742 We already got Lyra looking her other self in the face seeing what this did to her and we're about to get someone else finding out how the other died so this is going to leave these ponies all kinds of messed up.

I find it odd that this story is really good and all, yet has under thirty likes. *shrug* Just my speculation, can't wait for the next chapter!

4502901 I'm figuring it's the mature rating. Some people just won't see it. Not too fussed, so long as the folks who do like it.

I have been watching fate stay night and I wonder is he ever going to do that Excalibur death beam

4516893 I can't say I've watched it, but there's certainly going to be some impressive prose pyrotechnics before the end, I can promise you that.

4516915 it is a good anime just that king Arthur is called arturia and a girl just search fate zero excaliber killing caster and you should find it

as soon as the magic nuke went off, the song "In the End" started playing on Pandora.

So I guess Elliot is gonna die this time

Humanity, "brutal" in the 21st century? :rainbowlaugh:

Even factoring in the Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward, and every other mass killing, world war, and conflict, the 20th and 21st centuries are STILL far, FAR more peaceful then the proceeding centuries.

4532025 True, but in a long term view it's like saying being killed by being shot in the head is nicer than being shot in the stomach and bleeding to death: neither are nice, but one's nicer by comparison, sort of.

The human race can still be a brutal lot, as Discord (at least in my interpretation) knows full well. Doesn't mean they always are, but they can be. My hope is to present a 'realistic' (insofar as a story about Earth being invaded and near decimated by magical pastel ponies can be realistic) view of our species in this story, not an idealised one, and thus the brutality of the human race when pushed to extremes must be taken into account - and also, I hope, our nobility as well.

Great. Next thing you know. she'll answer in the affirmative to "Who likes ice cream?"

Also, odd to see Ditzy assigned to Grey Squadron....again.......

>the cover art though

Almost as if you photoshopped it by yourself! How cute.

Jeez, this description. Haven't even read it yet, but I already know I'm in for a ride.

Also... where the hell did the "human" tag go? Did it lose itself in this mess of a story along the way? Better call up a search party before its body starts to rot, my friend. EDIT: Ah, there it is! Sneaky little devil, hiding from us.


4561318 I'm flattered, but I'm engaged ;-) Actually, I should thank you, your work's been a big inspiration.

I see.... okay then. Let see where this goes.

4561341 it's going to a place, from another place, and hopefully to some more places after that. Including some unpleasant places, I must admit, but then would it be remotely TCB without some serious dark stuff?

I have to say, I'm flattered that you've even commented. I mean it when I say, your work was a large part of what kickstarted my desire to start writing MLP fanfic in the first place. :-)

Hmm.... very different from Spectrum. Very good given the whole "earth still has magic" and "demons and angels exist" angle.

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