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Discord has a long lost brother: that brother seeks to have him return home, and is willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen, even if it means threatening Discord's new friends. How will Discord react - and how will his friends react when tested by the power of a Q?

This fic is a crossover with Star Trek: it treats Discord as Q. It also includes an OC Q. Second ever MLP fic. Risk of possible OOC elements included (though hopefully justified and explained in-fic).

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Actually Discord not only is inspired by Q from Star Trek: Next Generation but is actually voiced by John de Lancie himself.
Anyway, nice story! I like it! :twilightsmile:

for further info: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Discord

4440093 thanks for the comment. :-) I knew the link existed because of the actor: part of the reason for the story actually. From what I've seen, DisQord fics (Q as Discord) are quite common.

Well... Damn. Say, why on Earth would the Q Continum be so damn fond of the Star Trek Universe, aside from the fact that that's their home universe? All well, moot point. Very dark, lots of pressure. Maybe I'll actually go back and read the decisions to make a kill once I work my own stomach up for it. :3 Can't handle those level of feels at work.

Love this story. :) Defiantly sharing it with my friends. Wish I had the kind of balls to write that kind of pressure.

Not bad. I liked it.

I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

His Q...

The moment I heard his voice, his nonsensical test, and his mannerism, plus the habit of snapping his fingers. Discord is Q!

Well, after the inspiring 'King's speech' this was a shock. I was expecting the power of friendship to win, or someone to find a third option, but no it was just, break the friendships time. The season four finale might as well not have happened. Powerful stuff nevertheless. However, I can provide that third option, and hopefully a happier ending...

All around her, Twilight could see, no even feel her friends psyche themselves up to go and tell Discord to die, and more importantly mean it. Ever since Tirek, she'd had a sense for her friends and how they were feeling, and knew in their heart of hearts, none of them wanted to do it. For that matter, her own heart was in turmoil, for Discord had shown himself capable of true friendship when he'd provided her the last key.

Fluttershy wouldn't want them to sacrifice Discord to save her, and she hoped that Discord would feel the same way. She was so confused, if only there was a third option that wouldn't sacrifice friendships... a glimmer of an idea arose in the depths of her mind, and she slammed it back down before it could even fully form. This being could undoubtedly read her mind despite any mental shields she could cast, so her only option was to give him no reason.

She had to act fast, she had to act callous, she had to believe in what she was saying. "Guys, we all know we can't sacrifice Fluttershy for Discord, but I can't tell him that by myself, not and mean it. We have to go in together, maybe if I hear you all say it, I can convince myself for the moment we need to save Fluttershy!"

She turned to the Q being. "Please sir, can we do that? I want to save Fluttershy!"

The other Draconequus lounged back in an easy chair that hadn't been there a moment ago, and sipped a tall cold drink with a smirk. However, this not being Discord, the smirk was on his face, not the drink.

"Oh my, what a delightful twist! I can feel the determination in your friends, the turmoil in you. Go ahead, hearing it from all of you as a group should be even more effective..."

His eyes hardened, "But if you try any tricks, your little yellow friend dies!"

"I understand. We have to do this..." Twilight looked around at her friends. "Trust me, this is the only way." She got grim nods back.

They entered the room together, and found the bound and gagged Discord. As soon as they were all in, Twilight slammed the door and cast a Timestop spell. She'd found it by accident in the Starswirl section of the Royal library when collecting books for the new library. In truth it didn't stop time, but accelerate it for the caster and her immediate area.

It would only work over a small area for a few moments, and even so it needed alicorn power levels and extreme magical skill. Luckily, she had that. However powerful the Q being, he was currently operating on a normal time scale, and even he would need some real time to match their chronal acceleration.

She sagged for a second from the massive thaumic surge, then pulled herself up and summoned the Rainbow Harmony from within her. "Guys! I need all of you to Harmonise now, it's the only way to save them both! If you ever believed in me, do so now!"

There was a brief second of shock as the other ponies took in the changed situation, then they lit up with similar auras as their Harmony transformations activated.

"You going to go harmony on that bozo's flanks?" Rainbow asked with a grin.

"I suspect even that won't be enough. But I know someone who can..." Twilight drew in the full power of their Harmony and threw it at Discord. The Q had said he'd shackled his full power, which meant that he wasn't in harmony with his true self. She just hoped he wanted to be, because she wasn't sure Harmony power alone would be enough to break the other Q's binding, or Discord's own.

"If you ever cared for Fluttershy, fight your way free!" she yelled at him.

She felt his power beating at the bindings from within as she unpicked them from without. There was a sense of stretching, tearing, and suddenly the bindings holding Discord disintegrated. The draconequus sprang to his mismatched feet, a distant look in his eyes, and he changed into a creature similar to the humans on the far side of the mirror portal, but with pink skin.

"Read my mind!" Twilight yelled, and almost absently he reached out with a claw and pulled a silver tendril of memory from her forehead. His expression turned terrible, and all the ponies, even Twilight herself found themselves cowering as waves of power that dwarfed even Princess Celestia washed over them. "He DARED!"

He looked down at the ponies, and asked, You would have sacrificed me to save her?"

Applejack managed to stutter. "uh... yes, we didn't want to, but..."

"We couldn't let him kill Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash yelled out, managing to lift her head.

"They thought the didn't have a choice other than to sacrifice someone! None of them wanted to do it! And I let them think that to get to you." Twilight said, trying to regain her feat, wings beating to steady herself. "Do whatever you want to me, but please don't hurt them! I don't know who you are now, or what you are, but if any part of you is still the Discord who gave me my key, please help us, save Fluttershy! Her life's already forfeit because we freed you, the only way I could see to save you both."

There was a sudden soundless shock, and they were back in the blank white void. "So you tried to break the rules?" said the other Q with a smirk that was somehow much more terrible than a furious rage. "That means a forfeit!"

Fluttershy appeared in a cage, who's solid top was slowly sinking down.

"No! Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash flew at the bars and was flung backwards.

Pinkie cried out. "You big dumb meanie!"

"You know, if you'd just picked Discord, I'd have freed her." The Q said, but you didn't follow my ruuules!

He gave a short cough, and looked surprised at the clawed hand that protruded through his ribcage, a still beating spleen clutched in it. The cage vanished, and Fluttershy reappeared in the middle of her friends, who immediately group hugged her.

The Q didn't seem particularly bothered by his injury. "Ah Q, I see you're back. And at full power. Excellent."

He reappeared some distance away. "Very well than, let's go."

Discord's eyes were glowing. "You forced my friends into a no win situation! You wanted to destroy what I'd finally found, and when even your little scheme fell apart, you would have destroyed Fluttershy, just to prove you could."

"Oh Q, don't tell me you still have feelings for these creatures? Very well, I'll simply end the whole dimension. Then maybe we can go!" He snapped his claws, but nothing happened. "Oh come on Q, you may be able to block me, but I have the same power levels you have. You can't defeat me."

Discord grinned. "Who said I was on my own? I brought friends."

He snapped his own claws, and all six of the Elements felt a rush of power that made the Rainbow Harmony feel like a fizzy drink. They knew Q, they could feel Q, they had the powers of Q.

Rainbow Dash smacked her hooves together. "This should be fun!"

The other Q started to wonder if thuis had been a good idea...

It's very rough, as I did it over a single lunchtime, but I hope you don't mind, and that it meets with your approval.

4764242 It was my intention that this story should happen before the finale of season four - it's not really that clear. If anything, it might explain why Discord's so willing to throw friendship away in the finale (though most probably this story is an AU in any case).

Having said that: you've written a pretty good alternative ending (to say you wrote it in a lunchtime). The point of the story was rather to be a bit of a downer, so to speak, but I can see how your's could have been a viable "third option". Well done :-)

(Also yeah, coming to this from King's Speech is bound to be a bit of a "Welp, there goes my morale for the day").

Author's Note:
The basic premise was, "Mane Six manipulated into telling Discord they want him dead". I've tried to make it as justifiable as I can, given that I doubt it would actually happen, but if they're OOC... well, it was inevitable with the premise I suppose.
Hope you enjoyed folks. :-)

Actually, you made a mistake. There really was 1 vote to kill Fluttershy.:yay:

Good premise. Definitely liked this. Have you read Zoidbergisbestpony's DisQord story?

Ok I get they had to mean it when they said it and I totally get why they would choose Fluttershy, but they did it in an extremely cruel way. All they had to say was "I want you dead" and that's already a horrible thing to say to someone, but then RD and Rarity smiled and said they were glad he was going to die and didn't feel any regret for doing it. When I read that I was like "Oh wow you guys are assholes. No wonder he betrayed you for Tirek."

It just makes the mane six really unlikeable and felt out of character for them. Especially for RD and Rarity.

Great take on a DisQord fanfiction. That could easily explain Discord being Q. Good job man, might just take the idea of an amnesiac Q and put it into my DisQord fanfiction. Might as well use it.

"Oh look at that, Q," the Draconequus said with a condescending smile, his tone patronising. "You've made a friend. Or possibly bought a pet. Really can't tell the difference."

Fluttershy just got roasted by a Q.

I can see it,
the possibility of this
I would love to see an actual sequel to this
perhaps by accident or on their latest adventure the mane six encounter a being trying to manipulate their memories like Tatsu from one Piece and get their memories back plus the one Q just erased... conflict and Drama, would Q shackle himself again after this encounter or would he remain unbound? Would he be back already or still helping the higher ups in the continuum? Or is a short amount of time for the Q a few years? Would Twilight connect the dots correctly and realise that a higher lifeform an Alien being tested them? (we were not worthy or evolved enough?) Ohh the potential of this slice of the multiverse is of epic proportions ^^

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