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The country is Equestria, and the year is 21xx. Reploids, robots that are designed to act just like ponies, are mainstream workers now. These technological advances are thanks to archaeologist Cain, who after unearthing the last creation of the late Canterlot Princess, Twilight Sparkle, decided to expand upon this idea and revolutionize the world.

But this isn't the story of X. This is the story of how Cain's first and greatest creation became the worlds biggest threat. This is the story of Lambda, a reploid made in the image of the late sun Princess, and how she soon became an enemy to all of Equestria.

Crossover with Mega Man X.

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To me, the idea looks great, although in this case it was a little, uhm... fast paced, I think? And maybe a little shallow, though it didn't bother me really, just noticed at times that things happened a bit fast or seemingly without much reason. While I know this is just a test to get your feet wet and stuff, a little notice on how Zero was created in the first place - a short note on why Zero was "pure evil" would've given the "story" more flesh, if you catch my drift.

But really, I liked it. In fact, a longer story with the same idea would likely make me fall in love with it!

How did the mavericks become evil? If you could, maybe you could make a sequel digging a bit deeper into their history. Pweees?:fluttershysad:

4522133 This story is an introduction or part of an introduction. If you're familiar with Mega Man X then you should understand the concept. If not then I will expand on this story's lore in the future.

Mavericks are Reploids that have made the choice, using their own free will, to harm humans, whether directly or indirectly.

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