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Octavia wanted to forget war. She wanted to live a normal life not filled with bloodshed, and focus on her music career. Unfortunately, war is rarely considerate, so when the changelings invade, Octavia has no choice but to act in order to save her country from possibly a threat worse than even the War of 1972.

But in a city taken over by creatures that can take any shape, who can you trust?

This story is NOT a retelling of Metal Gear Solid, but it uses some of the tropes from that game.

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Good start so far. Can't wait to see more.

:pinkiehappy: Well I have a feeling that i am really going to enjoy reading this story, i find the Idea behind the plot really interesting, i am curious about what Octavia's past as a solider was like, and i can't wait to see what chrysalis is planning, and what type of Meal gear type of other villain's/ bosses will appear in the story, i always did find the bosses to be more interesting then most other bosses you find in games (not counting RPG's), either way it looks like Octavia's first stop will be the hospital turned stronghold, i can hardly wait to see what going on there in the next chapter.:twilightsmile:.

P.S. I must admit that at first i thought that Rainbow Dash's knowledgeable of magi-tech was a little strange, though after thinking about it she would need to keep up on stuff like that if she wanted to become a member of a elite military flight team like the Wonderbolts.



Typos in the story description? Doesn't your browser have a spell checker? If you don't have one, get one. It's worth the time.

I read most of this in David Hayter's voice.

3138427 She actually sounds like Laura Croft in my head.

Well this was another good chapter :twilightsmile:, it seems that Rarity might of been used as a trap or maybe Twilight was just too loud, either way it looks like Octavia is about to put her new crossbow to the test, as for Twilight her appearance at this point kind of of reminds me of Meryl form the first MGS, as for Rarity she seems to be fairing better then most VIP's you try to save in the Metal gear games, hopefully Applejack will have the same type luck, speaking of Applejack i wonder why they would want to bring her to the hospital, what ever the reason is i think Octavia might want to hurry.

P.S. I love the name of the air ship. :pinkiehappy:

Okay. Here's my parallel list thus far:
Octavia: Solid Snake (goes without saying)
Luna: Campbell
Fluttershy: Naomi
Rainbow Dash: Mei Ling
Braveheart: either Big Boss or Gray Fox (killing machine was an apt description for both)

Twilight is definitely the Meryl here. At least there's no FOXDIE here. And I bet that ship is the pony equivalent of Metal Gear REX.

I hope there's no HORSEDIE.

So far I've got Fluttershy as Paramedic, Rainbow Dash as Meiling, Luna as Col. Campbell, and Twilight as Meryl. I guess that makes Rarity the DARPA chief? Maybe she'll get a role when she goes back to base. War Veteran Fluttershy made me laugh. Writing was, this chapter was much better than your first one, even if I still read most of it in Snake's voice.

that last line was awesome

so twilight got out herself and was making her way to her friends this should be fun

This story entertains me far too much. Every time Octavia talks, I hear David Hayter saying the words in my head. It is immensely entertaining.

-slowly stars hyperventilating- MORE!!!

Sounds like a trap

You know I th pinkie pie was sprinkles

I can't wait till next chapter!!! :pinkiehappy:

Well this has gotten interesting, though before i comment on the chapter i would like to say that i am very very Very sorry for not replying in i would guess a year and a half :pinkiesad2: :twilightblush: i will admit that i don't have much of a excuse so all i can say at this point is sorry.

Well this was a action packed chapter, first off we have a Mob boss fight with a swarm of Changelings vs Octavia and Twilight, though it end's in our hero's favor Twilight decides to grab Rarity and take her to safety herself, something tells me that her doing that might not end so well for either, mainly Rarity. :raritydespair:
Either way Octavia has gained her first Magic based weapons it seems, some magic jamming grenades and a fire blasting wand, i have a feeling that she might need the latter for this upcoming boss fight, then again it might not be a good idea to use something so powerful in a setting like that.

But the main part here i think is that not only has Octavia located another one of the Element holders but has also uncovered a big piece of the Changelings plans a plague. . . :pinkiegasp:

7100292 I'm so happy to see you come back.

And oh, you have NO idea how messed up this situation is. This IS Metal Gear meets MLP after all...:pinkiecrazy:

Well we got to see the first of Queen Chrysalis Elite solder's team, a staple for most Metal Gear games, though i will say that White Plague is defiantly not cut out for one on one combat unless her target had been drugged early on or something, though she sure seems effective with Bio Warfare, either way it seems that she got away, though at a cost, BraveHeart made a appearance and Twilight's com link has been established.
It looks like the mission is really moving along, though the surprise's of Vinyl Scratch making the current Metal Gear (i bet it is more complicated then that) and Princess Celestia getting on the com line herself are both interesting twists, though out of the two i am currently more interested on how Celestia got a earring?

Well now it seems that Octavia has two troublesome VIP's to worry about with both Twilight and Celestia not wanting to escape just yet, at least they are being helpful though i wonder how long it takes for there help to get them into trouble, mostly Twilight since i she would have the lesser combat experience, which would be bad since her reaction to both Princess.
I wonder what the truth behind TALOS really is.

Either way we now have a new player in the game going by the name of sprinkles . . . i think who she really is might be a bit of a easy guess for but who really know's, though it was a nice surprise for sprinkles to leave such a nice gift for Octavia.
Finally we have just met another of the Heart breakers Amethyst Star i mean Sparkler or as she prefer to be called GemStone, it seems she is plalying smarter then White Plague did and decided to let some type of Golem's do her work for her, though where did they come from and why are the Golems based on a Goat and a Ram. . .

Also i will now see Flash Sentry as Johnny :rainbowlaugh: (though i hope he isn't as successful in love as the original one was :moustache:)

Well it seem's that Sprinkles second gift was just what Octavia needed to stop Capricorn and Aries in there tracks, though i still wonder about there history about being down there, but that might be for latter, either way Gemstone has gotten away, i wonder how Derpy will take the new's if/when she find's out the truth about Sparkler.
Either way Octavia is now in the castle and on her way to finding Vinyl Scratch and finding out more on Metal Gear TALOS, though i wonder what happened to Princess Cadance that she won't be able to be extracted yet.

Well anyways good work on yet another great chapter. :pinkiehappy:

7100921 Sorry for the late reply the site didn't tell me you had, but yeah sorry for taking so long to get back. :pinkiesad2:

Well i can guess somewhat on how messed up it is, need any help?

Well it is time for the "Cyborg" Ninja fight, well i guess more magic ninja then cyborg in this setting :twilightblush:, anyways it looks like Braveheart is giving Octavia no choice but to fight here, this is going to get messy.
As for Cadence, her predicament seems to be rather bad, though it does make one question on how Princess Celestia escaped. . . either way i will say that Fluttershy seems to of been hit hard by the Changlings in the past, poor Fluttershy. :fluttercry:

Though i wonder if everything about the Changeling's is as Black and White as it seems, after all Octavia her said it last chapter. (“Nothing is black and white in war"), i wonder how Twilight will react when she finds this out. (she is the least experienced in the field after all, not counting the other VIPs)

When is the next chapter coming out? You are still working on this story, right?

It's one of the many stories I have on the back burner. I will return to this though when I A) have time and B) have inspiration.

Damn. If a crossover can make me forget its a crossover in the first place? That's some damn good writing. For most, metal gear is a silly series with serious characters and interesting story line. I have yet to find a complete metal gear story that is absolutely phenomenal, but this is a really good start an I am so looking forward to when ever you update again.

Thank you for you time,
From kain541204

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