• Published 2nd Apr 2014
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Sweetie Belle Accidentally Becomes Famous on the Internet - bahatumay

Sweetie Belle makes a video of herself singing. If only she'd remembered to make sure she was wearing pants…

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“That was even worse than I'd feared,” Sweetie Belle groaned. Even the loveliness of new dresses had not succeeded in overcoming just how awful rhe Gala itself had been.

“Yeah. That was boring beyond the most boring thing I've ever done. I'm pretty sure I was bored out of my skull. Here, check if it's still in my head.” She leaned over, and Apple Bloom knocked gently on her temple.

“Yep. Still there.”

“Thank goodness. Look, I don't know about you girls, but I've gotta do something else tonight. Something that won't make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon.” She snorted. “Guess this is why Rainbow was less than thrilled about coming back.”

“You any good at karaoke?”

Scootaloo gave Apple Bloom an askance look. “That's out of left field,” she said.

Apple Bloom jerked her head towards a bar with neon lights flashing out 'Karaoke night!'. “What d' you girls think?”

Sweetie and Scootaloo came to a quick consensus. “Let's do it!”


It took a while to get inside, and then even longer to get to the front of the line, but finally they managed it.

“What do you want to sing?” Scootaloo asked, looking over the setlist.

“I dunno. Surprise me!” Sweetie said.

Scootaloo flipped through the book and grinned. “Here's a fun one. It's a killer rock ballad!”

Sweetie looked over the words and grinned. “Yeah. Let's do that one.”

The DJ raised an eyebrow. “That one's got a bit of a range; you sure you can do that?”

“Don't worry. I can sing the Equestrian Hymn and it has a wider range.”

The DJ shrugged and placed the record on the turntable. “All right. You're on deck.”

When the current song (being sung by a stallion who probably had been drinking more than just water) ended, Sweetie Belle got on stage. She bowed as she got some whistling and catcalls from her fancy dress, and then the song began.

And Sweetie sang.

When she'd finished, she bowed to thunderous applause. She blushed; it really seemed all too much.

She barely heard her friends screaming her name, and she looked down. “Pretty good, huh?” she said.

“You did it!” Scootaloo yelled, tugging at her own sleeve. “Check yourself out!”

Sweetie frowned, but looked down at her shoulder anyway. Her eyes widened.

“My cutie mark!”


“So Rarity ended up taking it ok.” Sweetie grimaced. “Maybe a little too ok… She started making new outfits for me and was up all night, making me try things on.”

“All with pants, I assume?” Scootaloo teased.

“Yeah, but they're pretty revealing, and all very spiky.” Her cheeks tinged with red. “I like the way they make me feel.”

Scootaloo facepalmed. “You need help, Sweetie Belle. Professional help.”

“Anyway…” Sweetie steeled herself for what she was about to say. “I think it's time to put the Pantsless Wonder to rest,” she said.

“About time!” cheered Scootaloo.

“Why? You loved bein' the Pantsless Wonder!”

“Yeah; but I'm thinking it's time to move on. Besides, it wouldn't go so well with my actual singing career.”

“Guess you're right,” Apple Bloom said. “You've got a good song for your great farewell?”

“I'm going to do a medley,” Sweetie said. “I'm going to sing-”

She was cut off with a squeak as Scootaloo grabbed both her friends and began pulling them towards the clubhouse. “I don't really care. Let's go film!”


Sweetie stepped out of her pants and turned to fluff up her tail. Scootaloo fiddled with the camera as Apple Bloom set up the laptop.

When Sweetie was convinced that her tail was unrecognizable, she turned over to her friends. “So, you want to join me in my last video?”

“Heck no!” Scootaloo laughed. “I'm just glad to be done with th-”

But that's as far as she got, because Apple Bloom, with a wink at Sweetie Belle, had sneaked over and in one quick motion, she pantsed Scootaloo, panties and all. She had definitely picked the wrong day to wear basketball shorts.

Scootaloo gasped and desperately scrambled to pull her pants up, but it was too late; her friends had seen, and they were both shocked into silence.

“I… I thought only colts had those,” Sweetie Belle said hesitantly.

“Yeah, well,” Scootaloo said, her face quickly turning the shade of Apple Bloom's apple belt buckle as she tied the strings rightly around her waist. “Usually, yes. But I'm a lucky one in seventeen hundred thousand that gets both sets.”

Sweetie paused. “Can I see?”

“No!” Scootaloo shouted, blushing even harder. She turned to run out the clubhouse door, but Sweetie Belle grabbed her around the neck and pulled her into a tight (and somewhat unwelcome) hug. Scootaloo struggled, but Sweetie didn't let go.

“It's ok, Scootaloo; we still like you! Don't we, Apple Bloom?”

“Yeah,” Apple Bloom said, but with more hesitance in her voice. “It's ok, you're still our friend.”

“Really?” Scootaloo asked, relaxing slightly. “You still like me? You don't think I'm a freak because I have a…” She pointed down towards below her waist.

“Nope!” Sweetie Belle said. “In fact, I think it's pretty cute.”

Scootaloo blushed again, but this time not from embarrassment. “R- really? Cute?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Sweetie said. “Really really.” She spun Scootaloo around and without warning, kissed her on the lips.

Scootaloo's ears flicked up in surprise and her wings flared out, and she stood there for a few seconds as she tried to force her brain to respond. Eventually, it did; and she relaxed into the kiss and pushed back with her tongue, something Sweetie Belle happily accepted.

Apple Bloom watched in horror as her two best friends (one of whom was still not wearing pants) made out with each other. “Ok, this is just messed up,” she said. “There's no way any of this can actually be happening.”

And she was right.

Author's Note:

Happy April Fool's Day, everypony.

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Comments ( 20 )

Sounds interesting. Adding to my Read Later.

Haha. Nice one! Happy April 1st!

Oh god, imagining someone actually getting a career out of that.:rainbowlaugh:

Best April Fools story ever.

:scootangel: got a boner in the middle of all this

Rest assured, I can only sputter nonsense as type this. Well played.

Yay futaloo

Please tell me that the joke is only the lat paragraph, and that she did get her cutie mark and is going to put PW to rest... I don't mind if it's not, but still. I Can dream.

rhe Gala itself

the Gala itself

Her cheeks tinged with red. “I like the way they make me feel.”

Good for her :).

Apple Bloom watched in horror as her two best friends (one of whom was still not wearing pants) made out with each other. “Ok, this is just messed up,” she said. “There's no way any of this can actually be happening.”

And she was right.

Eh. To be honest, I don't get the joke.
Which is a pity - I would have liked it otherwise :P.
So much for 'closure' ^^.

It was originally published on April Fool's Day. The ending was not supposed to make any sense fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/014/7/3/plotpie2_by_comeha-d7251q5.png
But basically, none of it actually happened. :trollestia:
and it's totally not because I ran out of time writing it
Thank you for all your comments, though!

OK. I think I see your intended meaning ^^.
You're welcome :).
(and thanks for explaining)

Lol. LOL

Only one word comes to mind Sequel

I don't like the end. Not your problem though, I guess. I'm just somewhat odd, I suppose.

I'm sure it didn't help that this story was written for April fools day and therefore didn't get a legitimate ending. :unsuresweetie:

7412481 Yeah, I suppose. Do you think you could write an alternate ending? Like for if it were real?

It's been so long, I'm not sure I could. I had no idea how to resolve this one, which is what made it such a great April fools day story. :twilightsheepish:

7412895 Well, perhaps you could see if someone else could write the alternate ending? It's not my story so I wouldn't feel write about asking people myself. I'd offer, but I'd just botch it up.

How old is the CMC in this story? I mean Sweetie Belle still has her childish personality but It seems she's an adult as she drunk cider and the video of her didn't get flagged for pedophile!

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