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After the painful aftermath of Cutie Mark Crusaders Cider Testers (yay!), the three crusaders find a video on the internet of Sweetie Belle singing, slightly sloshed and wearing what can only be called 'inappropriate attire'.

And she likes it.

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Sounds interesting. Adding to my Read Later.

Haha. Nice one! Happy April 1st!

Oh god, imagining someone actually getting a career out of that.:rainbowlaugh:

Best April Fools story ever.

:scootangel: got a boner in the middle of all this

Rest assured, I can only sputter nonsense as type this. Well played.

Yay futaloo

Diamond Tiara, if you're going to do what I think you're gong to do, don't do it.

You know, screw DT, The CMC could make evil masterminds. If I were you Sweetie Belle, I'd delete the videos and all evidence of them so DT has no more blackmail material. It's sad when Scootsloo is the voice of reason.

Scootaloo you Magnificent Bitch! You have all the makings of a future evil mastermind! Discord would be so proud of you! Sweetie, you're a dictionary. A fun one, but still.

Leave it to Celestia to figure out who PW is.

Please tell me that the joke is only the lat paragraph, and that she did get her cutie mark and is going to put PW to rest... I don't mind if it's not, but still. I Can dream.

Scootaloo narrowed an eye. “At least say something that's a real word, would you?”
Apple Bloom frowned. “Hey, this is traumatic. If all she can do is squeak, then let her squeak!”

Haha XD.

“Stop saying ‘filly bits’!” Scootaloo protested.

Haha! XD

“That's ok. I'm not that hungry anyway,” Sweetie said truthfully. Her stomach felt all tied up in knots and she couldn't have eaten anything even if she'd wanted to.

Ugh. I feel really bad for her.

even Rarity, who tended to go to sleep all ladylike but wake up sprawled out like a seastar.

Haha XD. I can imagine that ^^.

Oh man *cringe*.
I'm glad at least she has her friends to help her out!

Filthy Rich paused. Didn't his daughter have a shirt like that? And an earth pony best friend? How long had it been since he’d last seen her, anyway?

Ooooh. Well. That was certainly a thing. That happened.

One way or another, going to be some serious consequences!

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “Like that’s gonna happen,” she said.

Dun dun dun!

Celestia continued, “I suppose it goes without saying that for this occasion, it would be best if you wear a dress that goes below the level of your waist.

Haha! :rainbowlaugh:
This is perfect. Celestia of AU304.6b, you have my approval for how you handled this situation!

Scootaloo poked her friend in the forehead, but Sweetie didn't respond. She continued poking repeatedly until Apple Bloom swatted her hand away.

Ahaha XD.

“Oh,” Apple Bloom said. “Awkward.”

Haha XD.

It might not be so bad.”

Wonderful XD.

rhe Gala itself

the Gala itself

Her cheeks tinged with red. “I like the way they make me feel.”

Good for her :).

Apple Bloom watched in horror as her two best friends (one of whom was still not wearing pants) made out with each other. “Ok, this is just messed up,” she said. “There's no way any of this can actually be happening.”

And she was right.

Eh. To be honest, I don't get the joke.
Which is a pity - I would have liked it otherwise :P.
So much for 'closure' ^^.

It was originally published on April Fool's Day. The ending was not supposed to make any sense fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/014/7/3/plotpie2_by_comeha-d7251q5.png
But basically, none of it actually happened. :trollestia:
and it's totally not because I ran out of time writing it
Thank you for all your comments, though!

OK. I think I see your intended meaning ^^.
You're welcome :).
(and thanks for explaining)

Lol. LOL

Only one word comes to mind Sequel


I don't like the end. Not your problem though, I guess. I'm just somewhat odd, I suppose.

I'm sure it didn't help that this story was written for April fools day and therefore didn't get a legitimate ending. :unsuresweetie:

7412481 Yeah, I suppose. Do you think you could write an alternate ending? Like for if it were real?

It's been so long, I'm not sure I could. I had no idea how to resolve this one, which is what made it such a great April fools day story. :twilightsheepish:

7412895 Well, perhaps you could see if someone else could write the alternate ending? It's not my story so I wouldn't feel write about asking people myself. I'd offer, but I'd just botch it up.

How old is the CMC in this story? I mean Sweetie Belle still has her childish personality but It seems she's an adult as she drunk cider and the video of her didn't get flagged for pedophile!

Celestia continued, “I suppose it goes without saying that for this occasion, it would be best if you wear a dress that goes below the level of your waist. I believe one designed by your sister would be more than sufficient. And leave any lampshades at home, please; these ponies want to see your smiling face.”

Princess, you slay me. </me bows> simply slay me.

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