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Hi, I'm Windburst. Fan of Twixie, Lyrabon and transformation fanfics. I can't keep an update schedule at all, and expect typo's in my stories, but if you can get past that, welcome aboard!

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Dear diary


After all the views it got and the 27 Llkes (my eye key wont work) eye am shocked only one comment :derpyderp1:

I liked it though got kinda sad thinking about Lyra's apparent betryal to Bon Bon. Also I now have the image of Lyra going on a pony molestation spree. Followed by the truth coming out and Bon Bon going barbarian on Lyra's human ass before dumping her & keeping anon in Lyra's body.

5676664 .... Dude... I would totally read that. :rainbowlaugh: absolute genius:rainbowlaugh:

Yeah no, defenestration doesn’t exactly sound good to you at all.

Favorited for using my favorite word. :P

4184241 Lair! the i in it is there! Your i key works fine!

6896692 Ha, I Guess It Got Stuck After I Commented That. Because I Kept Trying And It Wouldn't Work. As You Can See It Works Fine Now. I'm Surprised That It Took 95 Weeks For Someone To Point That Out...

6904898 :rainbowlaugh: Yeah I didn't notice the time stamp I just saw the comment and replied... didn't expect you to reply either.

So he just gets raped and suddenly likes it halfway through?

…Why? WHY GOD? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME? As you stare at the would be rapist to come, you swear you hear a voice yelling ‘BECAUSE FUCK YOU, KID’ which makes you look around. Did you just imagine that from the shock?

omfg i died :rainbowlaugh:


i cant stop laughfing

You stole my body? Well I fucked your wife!

That... That was... Holy freaking shit! That's all kinky as hell and I love it!

Ikr, this desperately needs a second chapter. The fallout, the aftermath, the second storm, the aftershock! It'll be grand!

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