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muh fetishes

4098756 He says what we are all thinking, folks.

Hay guys what's going on in....


Nope. I'm outies.

Fetishes are beautiful. You're beautiful. That's a fat goddamn worsthorse.

This is great I'd love to see a sequel of this, or simply more of this stories nature.

4099982 I'll have you know, I fight cunt on a daily basis. It's a coworker and it thinks it's people.

Cadance => Dec-Cadence => Decadence
\ sees what you did there

One of the few times swearing made me laugh.

Loved it :heart:, planning to make more stories revolving around this theme?

Oh, I'd love to. I've got a few ideas going, which I'll probably work on some day but for now I'm about to open up commissions so they'll have to be put on hold.

4559958 Well, nice to know you're still thinking about making stories like this ^^.

This made me "d'awww" more than it made me horny... I am okay with this.

Loved this. Hope there was a sequel of a fatter Cadence, pregnant too!

I cannot complain about fat Cadence at all.

I'm surprised that the title wordplay hadn't been used sooner.

Oh awesome to see this in submissions!
I've totally read this, but never got to comment my "two thumbs up fave fetish would fap to fat princess" comment. Unfortunate, but I'll be correcting that now as well as putting it into the appropriate folders.

Thanks for the fetishes!

Dislike the content, but that's a genius title for fetish Cadance.

Booty had me like :moustache:

Well, this fic made hungry more than it made me horny :twilightoops: Nice fic. Funny, cute, hot. Have a like.

Well, this was fantastic, she was just a biiiiit bigger than I prefer. I like my fatties to still be able to move themselves XD At least for dirty stuff.

To quote Willam Belli...

Thick thighs make a dick rise

Can we get citation for that?

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