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lol 11k words and no thumbs up. I'd say your doing well xD

7476704 I'm not really expecting much this early in the morning, especially since this is a fetish story. But the person I wrote it for enjoyed it, so I'd count that as doing well. Even if I don't gain any upvotes or favorites from it.

7476711 I had the problem on my story where I had 4 likes and 7 dislikes. I have never been so proud and disappointed in my entire life.

7476719 I took a look at the comments and rating on your story. It's important that you don't stop, that you continue and finish, and then go back and see where you need to improve.

This story was written for one person, and they enjoyed it, so I'm not too worried about the like-dislike bar. The other likes and favorites are icing on the cake for me.

Upvoted because of course.

This story came out of nowhere and hot damn that was a nice read, thank you tons!

7476867 Beautiful, shameless references!

7478613 You can thank Baron von Clop for this, for convincing me to publish it.

And I am glad you enjoyed it.

Also, new A Little Cream chapter Monday.

7478695 *hype hot and ready like a little caesar's pizza*

Hahaha, the references to Baron's work! This was great, can't wait to see more from ya. :pinkiehappy:

I'm amused at the idea of a weight gain fic where everyone else is the feeder.

7479381 I will see what more I have in store.:trixieshiftright:

7479919 That actually came late, to justify the ending. And then they popped up elsewhere, and soon it became a full-blown thing.

And I've been getting inspiration of mass-feeding from a non-pony deviant art user, if you could believe that.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and either way, thank you for reading it.

Next was her hips, which flared out just short of being as wide as a pony was from snout to muzzle.

I am sure you meant tail here.

7544755 That has been fixed. Thank you for letting me know.

I should like this more. While generally I hate immobility endings, that wasn't my problem here.

Women and Mares have two breasts, and they are referred to in plural [Everyone loves my breasts!]except when one is only actually interacting/looking at one of them[There was ketchup on my left breast]. Also, the sheer focus on the breasts made me wonder if this was an anthro fic, especially since (paraphrasing here)'she didn't have a mirror on the floor, as she didn't care what Diamond dogs thought.'

Basically, while it did go past my fetish, I was a little too distracted trying to conjure an image in my head to really appreciate it.

8111988 I was unaware that horses had two breasts. I'll keep that in mind for future stories. ThAnk you for reading, and apologies that you didn't enjoy it.


A bag with two teats

from http://www.thehorse.com/articles/10724/anatomy-and-physiology-of-a-mares-reproductive-system. Your comment made me curious.

So if you wanted to get super technical it'd be 'teats', but only somepony like Twilight would get hung up on the difference. Breasts, Teats, all serve the same purpose!

8112186 Your comment confused me at first, but now I think I understand why. We're not talking about the same area of the body.

Whether the teat area can really be referred to as "breasts" is something I don't know, but I wasn't referring to her teats growing. I was referring to her front, the area right below her neck.


This was a sample chart that I had used to learn about the body parts of a horse. I've seen other stories refer to that area as singular, as I think it only refers to the front area as a whole. I don't think that's two body parts, or two breasts on one horse.

Hopefully that clears things up.

P.S. Your comment actually helped me catch a spelling error, so thank you for that.

8112213 Great I now have even more reason to hate the English language.

Breast:An organ; chest area, where said organ resides. Who even comes up with this?!?!

Orange:a color;a fruit that is said color.

Sorry for the rants, hope you get a chuckle out of them. part of the reason I despair of ever writing well.

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