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4657532 I am glad. I will do my best to not disappoint with later chapters.

Where can I get a magazine like that?! :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, this one is getting good. The description of Dark Chocolate sitting on Vanilla was strangely intoxicating. Can't wait to see more.

This is awesome and pretty original. I like the way this chapter shifted between time frames to get the point across.

4657838 I'm glad that particular part stuck out to you. It was singlehandedly the most rewritten part of the chapter. And I hope I won't disappoint you with the future chapters.

4658001 That was pretty challenging for me, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll do my best to keep the story good with later chapters.


It's easily one of my favorite parts of the fat fetish, honestly. Why can't there be more fat girls sitting on fat girls???

4658046 Because no one else is writing them, obviously. It's a shame. Perhaps you should take it upon yourself to do so? :raritywink:


Already wrote one. It's one of my many fetishes when it comes to big ladies. :heart::heart::heart:

Very nice job with the descriptions and internal thought process with Photo Finish. I'm always a fan of a story where a character ends up discovering they have a liking for bigger folks and this looks very promising so far. Keep up the good work! ^^

I'm not too surprised someone wrote a weight gain story for Coco. The only thing that could make that mare cuter is if she was fattened up. I can't wait to read more!

I find the magazine cut aways and their link to Photo Finish's attraction to be rather great (more Fanny Pancakes would be lovely too)


4671741 I shall do my very best to continue to please.

4679942 I'm fairly surprised by it myself, but she is adorable, isn't she? I shall try and get another chapter out soon.

4686651 I am glad you've enjoyed it thus far. :twilightsmile:

4688154 I hope they'll be some butt worship and rimming in the later chapters. This is what I plan on doing with my Twilight/Spike weight gain story.

There was Grand Red Gala, otherwise known as L,


4699262 I honestly have no idea who that is or what anime that's from. Coincidentally, "L" is a reference to another person entirely, a DeviantArt user.

... You are dead to me, and soon dead to the world.


L is the Hero Antagonist from Death Note. He works to thwart the mysterious serial killer known as Kira, and has a serious penchant for eating cakes and walking barefoot.

Wow glad this was updated!

What a pleasant surprise! I'm glad you got through the roadblock, even if this didn't quite turn out how you wanted it to. However, I think that in the interests of a good story, sacrificing some fat stuff for the sake of the plot was a worthwhile move. I should note as well that there were several grammatical errors throughout the story, but it's not that bad. Idk. Thanks anyways!


Don't even fret yourself about the content, this chapter was great! I really liked how you handled the interactions between Finish, Coco, and Pins, felt very familiar. Can't wait until the eating begins in earnest hehe. Remember, half the fun of weight gain comes from overeating!

Right there with you, brother. Stories are tough to create and tougher to keep going. I'm glad you finally updated; none of it felt disappointing. Teasing, definitely, but not disappointing.


I was not expecting so many comments after such a long hiatus! Thank you for the support, and I'm glad I could entertain with this chapter. I have plans for the next chapter to be a touch saucier, and should I stay with my current schedule, it should be coming out on the 20th. :coolphoto:

As for the grammar mistakes, I thought I had caught them all when I went through Word, but I guess I was wrong. I'll have to go through it and see if I can't spot them and eradicate them.

7126066 The longer the hiatus, the more noteworthy the return! :raritywink:

"Plat" instead of plate and "Unchecks" instead of unchecked were the only mistakes I could find.
And eeeee! This is cute!

ANOTHER character??? Who could it be?

7156633 Word failed me this time, it seemed! Actually, it was just me not being sharp enough on that. Thank you for catching that, those errors have been fixed. Glad I delivered for you this time around.

7156846 I could tell you... actually, yes, I could tell you. If you'd like. But that would ruin the surprise. Still if you want to know, let me know.

And if I may ask, what did you think of this chapter?

7157451 I'm liking it so far, but holy damn is Finish hell bent on making this happen xD


Simply delightful. Let there be more, I say! More characters, more chapters, more eating! More is always good, ja?


As far as the chapter itself, I'd say that Finish is becoming mire of a bully to Coco. That and her blatant fetishizing of her new recruit is in danger of being found out. I mean seriously, it's beginning to look like Fancypants and Fleur are starting to analyze the relationship between the two and are slowly realizing how much of a total creep Photo Finish is.

I can't wait to see how that will develop, though I'm absolutely certain this will blow up in Photo's face.

I loved the way you switched from the magazine to the scenes in coco's house. Very original and entertaining! :twilightsmile:

This chapter was perfect! I think you characterized fleur perfectly and I love the overeating scenes. If I may ask, when should we expect the next chapter of this splendorous story? :raritystarry:

7223604 Tomorrow, if all goes well.

7223674 Wow, that's great! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I had a boring day imagined for tomorrow but it just got 100% better!:pinkiehappy:

7225015 Things did not go as planned. I will try and get it up as soon as I can.

7228416 oh it's fine, I understand :twilightsmile:


Things did not go as planned.

This is a great phrase because I'm now imagining your pony avatar fighting off a horde of giant, undead rats with a lumberjack axe and a mana cannon, while they try to steal your keyboard and phone.

Challenging or no, I thought this chapter was great! Felt like a really natural continuation. Fanny showing up like that out of the blue is a touch contrived, but given the nature of the fic that is easily forgiven. It certainly advances things in an...appealing manner :coolphoto:

Take your time with your updates. I would much rather you work at your own pace to produce good stuff (and not burn out) than crank out a bunch of sub-par chapters fast and then not finish. There's a simply dreadful amount of unfinished stories about, would be a shame to add to the pile.

Keep it up!!

7239937 Aye, and I salvaged Chapter 4 from their clutches. I'll have to rest and recharge, but it is up.

I'll be safer writing Chapter 5.


BTW: Do you have any thoughts on the story? If so, I'd like to hear them.

I loved this chapter! I honestly didn't expect you to bring in fanny pancake. Can't wait to see a continuation of this!

“I probably have more balls, too. I guess you could call me a megapone.

oh god

you didn't


7399002 It's about time someone got that reference.

Keep doing what you do. :coolphoto:

Will do! But dang; how long has it been since I've written a proper fatpone fic? I need to get back on that...

PS: This fic is really goddamn hot, so please keep doing what you do!

Wow. Photo Finish has quite an imagination; her fantasy scene was hot as hell.

I remember when this first came out I never thought it would be continued, and now here it is with three more chapters. Slower weight gain is such a rarity and a delight when I come across it. I can't wait to see how far this goes, not just weight weight but how Finish will deal with her urges as they are sure to grow along with Coco.

7402003 I consider that an honor, coming from whom I presume to be the king of inflation stories. :twilightsmile:

7411070 I don't know how far this will go, but I've got a good amount on this next update. :pinkiesmile:

7412721 If you ever needed help in anyway I would be more than willing to help.

Heh, shameless reference city is now accepting residents :P poor Photo, what a tease!

I'm thinking that little Coco is now reaching Dumbo level of measurements.


I mean really! Look at that plump little tum!

On another note, I wonder why all the Blubber Lovers are gathering in Canterlot?

"Also, Just_A_Nopony, my anime-obsessed brother made me watch Death Note. Now everything makes sense."
- I know right? Late I know but that madd me chuckle a bit

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