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Sometimes, I mash my face against a keyboard, and stories come out. Sometimes, they're even good.

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It's always hard to say goodbye to the ones we love. Even if it's only for a while. :pinkiesad2:

Okay, this was a nice, sweet fic.

First off, I liked the premise of the story. It was a sweet little story that dealt with dealing with a loss. But I would have liked to see more detail in dealing with their loss. I would have liked to have seen how Twilight and Shining Armor dealt with their loss. It was just too short for my tastes. But the idea is a solid one.

I did like the emotion you conveyed with Twilight and Shining. That was cute. I really liked that. I wish that we had seen that with the parents as well. I mean the father, not saying any words and yet conveying a conversation, that worked for me. I would have liked more depth with what they were thinking, what they picked up from just the glances, but the idea for the father does work and I liked that. The mother, I don't felt that was as strong. I felt that you needed to expand upon that one a bit more, instead of glancing over it.

A few mistakes in spelling that I noticed, but overall, a pretty good story. A sweet story that deals with loss. A little more detail and I think it would have turned out awesome. Thanks for letting me read it and I hope to see more of you in the future. Take care. :pinkiehappy:

3751176 Thank you for the comments.

One thing that confused me a bit, though. You said you 'didn't like the emotion you conveyed with Twilight and Shining. That was cute. I liked it.' Which one is it?

I do actually agree with you about the mother, though. the scene is not as strong as I initially thought it was, and the same with the father.

3751918 I apologize. I should have looked it over better before posting my review. I did like the interaction between Twilight and Shining. I thought it was handled pretty well. I apologize for the confusion. :twilightsheepish:

Touching. Truly.

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