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Hidden beyond a mythical forest lies the true shrine to Sol Invictus, a secret to all but the few pilgrims that take the yearly journey, an ancient tradition unbroken since Roman times. The path is long and dangerous, but for those that are willing to risk it, the reward is more than enough.

There they will meet a God. They will meet Sol Invictus.

Now with a reading by Illya Leonov!

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You realize that Sol Invictus was the Roman GOD of SOLDIERS, right?

I do like the Aurelian reference though; he tried to make Sol Invictus the head god.

3727021 Oh yes, I find the idea of Celestia being a god for Soldiers quite ironic, yet fitting in some way. It seems to be one of those things that would be true in the beginning, but become less relevant after a few centuries.


The soldier god(dess) bit actually works just fine in my opinion. In the show Celestia is pretty frequently surrounded by members of the guard, there could be more to that than her just having bodyguards on account of being a ruling Princess.

I wonder what the pilgrims will think the year they visit to find that the Mane Six have been at work, the castle is beginning to be rebuilt and, in the distance, a castle seemingly made of a single gemstone rises above the trees?

Then Sol appears with her sister, Selene.

Hi! Your story's been reviewed in the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group! Hope it helps :)

An enjoyable tale, let down only by a few grammar errors, that delves into the land of Faery in a manner seldom seen these days. Though it reminds me strongly of Smith of Wootton Major by J.R.R Tolkien, it's also a very different take on the concept. The very Roman mythos behind it fits wonderfully.

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