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Darkened Lightning Storm

You, dear reader, are the reason any of us love what we do. You build up our worlds, and help us develop what and who we are. Without you, we wouldn't be ourselves.


This is the story of Lightning Storm, a 22 year old pegasus from cloudsdale. But Lightning Storm wasn't always a pegasus. She used to be a human, not even a year into her college studies. But one night she was on her laptop and rocked her chair back, causing her to fall over and somehow, ending up a mare in cloudsdale. But now, 2 years later, she's a weather pony in ponyville. Join Lightning Storm as she deals with friend issuses, Hearth's Warming Eve problems, and... ESPS main super villain Iron hoof?!
(This is a sequel to the second and third chapter in my story "Be my light." The link will be in the author's note of the first or second chapter. Also, these chapters are connected with Valentine-crin's "Mr. and Mrs. Apple." so if you want anything to make sense, I suggest you go read those two stories before you read this!)

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I can really make a growling noise of some kind OwO


Aww shut up and save it for a different time. Don't give the viewers spoilers! :ajbemused:


-chases after with a stick-

That right! Save it for the PM's!


3655472...........need to know basis......-took off the Fluttershy mask-

..................Dang RD you go hard with the double cupcakes...:rainbowderp:

lookie....stuff here to distract ya while I read the PMs :rainbowkiss:

.....DAT FULL MOUTH BIT.......kay o-o

that is my answer too most :3

3727169 New cover art.. I drew it myself... You like it? :rainbowkiss:

3727176 .....i dun like it.....


3727258 ......y u find stuff so easy :pinkiegasp: -is jelly-

Look at the description, especially the word Cloudsdale....


-grabs a light grey stetson and a whip, attaching him to the cart- I can play this cowpony act too. Run Forest, Runnn!

Noice m8 iz god story yes (incert heavy russian accent here) i likes the drinking part. back in mother russia i drink 3 gallon a day of vodka! :pinkiecrazy:

3822384 It means you didn't play an important part.... Like, let's say, you where a side character. LIKE AJ IS BEST BACKGROUND PONY X3

3822958 .............Why am I confused....I under stood that..but Im confused.....

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