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You, dear reader, are the reason any of us love what we do. You build up our worlds, and help us develop what and who we are. Without you, we wouldn't be ourselves.


It's a beautiful, snowy, Saturday and Vine is out trotting around with his best friend in all of Equestria, Flower. But, Vine has to tell Flower something, and if he doesn't do it now, then he might never get around to telling her.

Chapters (4)
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Everyone one looked at me weird...why cause I had a grin on my face as I awwed quietly ^~^.......they are teens? O:

3505933my little Flower is blossoming >~<

I come back and read this now and then for inner squeeness......I just noticed Click and Ditzy got together on HWE....well played Vine.......this pleases the fox >w<...best time to ask.......owo


When I was writing it I wondered about what I should make the season and a little devious light bulb went off in my head >:D


Oh.. I dunno how your going to react to the next chapter...

I dunno if you'll be happy with me, it's kinda... EH HANG ON PMING YOU


in my mind-

"Break hearts and wearin shades yea."

I hate you my mind o-o

-heard Tank groan-

Loved it O:

and your surprise is is sort of a toss up between two things x3


Ugh, the more you talk about this surprise, the more I become anxious..

-in my mind-

"I swear to Celestia i'll smack him if he mentions that suprise one more time."

My mind hates you as well :pinkiehappy:

3608857Your just gonna love it.............Im just grinning to myself:pinkiehappy:


Firefly is not amused!:twilightoops:

Its all I get from your new avatar:yay:


My Avatar...

OH YEA I changed it for the Christmas time... I don't rea- I mean Firefly doesn't really like the snow.

I'll change it back after christmas


- tossed the Daring and RD ship out the window-

I can work with tis cause some pony some how.......I forgot how to spell at this very moment:derpytongue2:


Don't you dare ship Daring and RD....

Haven't LS's heart been broken enough?! :rainbowlaugh:

3646639Well I gotta.........this brings new lines to light .......hmmmmmm...since RD was caught and is Lowell is some what leading a 3 pony team.........yes.....new plans.

I hope that is spelt right:twilightoops:


Oh i can see all hell breaking out already...

"Uh, LS, Rainbow's been captured by Iron Hoof..."

"...He's a dead stallion..." -grabs hoof cannon-

3646680Im passed that part and I got yer suits voice module in a way it plays off your emotions....demonic like voice.


.....Yes please yer edits are soooooooo cool.....like 20% cooler


OH noes she found that pond again!


-grabs Ihoof-

"Hey Uh.. Pinkamena... We've got a little issue.. or.. issues.."


Note to self stay away from pink cupcakes.


-slaps her ear-

"Look, as yummy as a Lowell cupcake would taste, I need him alive for future stories."


-hand- I mean, "hoofs" him a AJ plushie-

Just... cuddle that thing... Till Pinkamena leaves...

3646819-he sat there hugging the plushie and nibbled an ear-


I just thought of something really funny...

Hang on I'll Send it to you in a PM

You need to put some capital letters on some words, but you don't need to.


I.. Need to... But I don't need to...?


Owx...m-my lil girls are growing up Twx

4127003 DX I still remember when I found them a thousand years ago!

3585314 I look back at this stuff every now and then, and I softly awww. I miss the good old days, don't you?

3611212 You turned my OC into a lesbian. This is all your fault. XD

I can't remember if this was how I came out to you, or did you already know..? :O All I remember is that I thought you'd be freaked out by it... Now I kinda just spread my gayness everywhere....

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