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You, dear reader, are the reason any of us love what we do. You build up our worlds, and help us develop what and who we are. Without you, we wouldn't be ourselves.


Rainbow Dash was cool, awesome, brave, amazing, super rad, and well.. you get the point. But when a not so cool feeling takes over her whenever shes around her bestest friend in all of equestria. She'll do anything to tell her friend about this feeling (Or get rid of it), just as soon as she gets enough courage.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 37 )

not bad
kinda funny

I liked the start with the narrator. This has some potential, I'm curious to see where it goes from here.

I like it x3

Valentine : It needs to be 20% cooler!

>w> Valval

-hides the super glue-

twernt meh owo

I bucked up owo i meant like how a cowboy would say weren't

maybe its tweren't or something owo


Wherent' maybe? Idk. XD

Hey, what's the name of the hat that applejack wears?


it starts with an S

setson..... or something like that owo

I'm sure one of the many appledash stories have it plen......

its Stetson i looked it up owo

Cool. I'll need to remember that, it comes in handy later in this story.


speaking of Applejack...I just had an idea after WATD :3

fu fu fu......

What are you planning val?... (Btw, is your artist going to do a cover picture for WATD?)


something ;D! I'll tell in PM :3

( yes owo I gave the artist time! I know I'll have it before the WATD story is done its a seven chapter story =p)

I'm liking the plot so far, but there's plenty of room for improvement in everything else. I would suggest you lengthen the chapters (it's under 1000 words, how did it get past the mods in the first place?), add more details, and, most importantly, CHECK FOR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS LIKE YOUR FUCKING LIFE IS ON THE LINE.


Thank you for pointing out grammar errors, I'll fix them right away! Also, This is kinda an older story of mine that I just recently revisited, so it's in need of some serious improvement.

"need help up ya lazy pony?" Applejack grinned smugly as Rainbow Dash took her offer for help up. The two mares trotted endlessly threw the dirt paths they knew so well.



Chapther? Nice typo Val... only you...

And thank you, it was such a pain in my flank editing this on my own... I should get my roommate to do it...


Tpyos I make and I giggle at them when I notice:derpyderp1:

They will have to tell their friends about their relationship.

-pressed my face against the screen-

Inkstroke y u jump worldsO_o XD I loved this

3717391 -Inkstroke flips her mane- I'm just badass like that :rainbowlaugh:


- kept his face pressed against the glass- ....

3717471 That just reminded me of an ASDF ponies thing... "Damn sexy Twilight!"

:twilightblush::ajsmug: :rainbowlaugh:


......Actually.....I can't pull away/.......there's invisable glue...


@.@.........WHY this be scarey!!! books not be sexy! they hurt!


O-o wha....y u do this.....mah face is stuck!


cause yer my sweet apple mare

- he grinned a bit as he sat there-


O/////O I cansee every thing from my facei n the screen!

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