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Whiskey Drops

I'm popping back upand trying to get back into story makin'!



A get-a-way of a life time Dr. Whooves offered to pegasi a fun filled trip on the T.A.R.D.I.S, sure there is bound to be a few bumps in the time vortex but a good enough trip I hope? Now what could possibly happen traveling with the Doctor.....besides a few Cyber ponies...or Daleks.....maybe something new...Lets see what unfolds! If you don't understand how it was lead to this started you gotta start at the beginning with my first story A new pony in Ponyville and read up and A pony named Lowell cause the two meet in this!

P.S stuff might change up here pends on how the story goes!

P.P.S I think thats how it goes! any way I'll get a cover art for this!

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..I got to the butter closet and I had to stop and say something. I threw my hands in the air and yelled "YESS!" When you said you dropped Flower off at inkstrokes. Oh, I'm about to have to much fun with this. XD


;D go nuts ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

oh noes the happy faces are taking over!!
;D; D ;D ;D ;D ;D; D;D derp

...slendypony XD.

I didn't know you had a huge fear of Pinkimenia....

You know I'm good friends with her... {Insert evil laugh for dramatic affect}


>w> a pony who is normally happy who an turn into a killer......that scares me o-o

-hides knife- Thank Celestia I would never do that!


....no! - quickly looked left and right like Applejack did when she lies- owo


Y u no cover art? -troll face-

SOOOOOO... when is the cover art going to be done?


I dun know o-o havent heard from the artist

The universes are collapsing! Lowell met Click! Run for your lives!

“Right, I got an idea! If we can find a main console I can use my sonic screwdriver to mess with their systems and send some triggering codes to loop causing ...”
Let's see how much more complicated we can make this...
"I have an idea! Somewhere in this foreign structure there is a mainframe computer console, I can use my sonic screwdriver to access the mainframes central processing unit, and trigger various, software executions! If I can get them to loop I---"

Good job, I thought that was a real planetary term in Doctor Who.
Great story!

4111011 -flipped a table and stood on nothing- ;D

4111018 ....That was a made up cuss word when I was a lil tot O:

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