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This story is a sequel to Mr. and Ms. Apple

A year and a half with a new foal, Golden Apple...can Lowell handle this along with his duties as a ESPS agent as well as a sudden change in the world? I'm sure he can handle it along with anything Iron Hoof tosses at him..plus he got his friends to back him up.

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Gah.... Horrible sight to find you lying in the middle of the street naked... Poor LS XD

3778708 Its... not my fault the changing of my form knocked me out o.o

3778750 think of how awkward that has to be though... XD

3778797 ok put yourself in LS's shoes. Ready for this? You are a female walking down the street happily. You come across your best friend WHO IS A GUY lying in the street, NAKED. You pick him up, and carry him back to his house, which is a good mile or so away. How would you feel?

3778942 you make more typos than I do most of the time!

3778952 Ya dont them often x3 yours are fun to poke at owo

Lowell i love you man your stories are almost as great as you are a person.

I am not satisfied... WHY YOU NO HIT HIM WITH THE CHELLO?! THAT WOULD'VE BEEN SO FREAKING HUILAROUS.... -Red put on a ninja suit and grabbed a baseball bat-

"Crap Lowell you hurt him without me!"

Lol... Cute chapter, I love how Vinyl requested someone to watch over Octavia... Mind what I said at the top, it was me being a butt. :pinkiehappy:

3788194 That case freaking knoced me out :pinkiesad2:

3788224 Wait so you did use the chello? I thought you used a Taser! :derpyderp2:

3800346 Ya she will kinda be some what frequent....And only Lowell can see and hear her......

3803811 ....They call me Conner..OwX

3804270 Of course he is..and he gets allll da ladies xD

Yeah that part isn't me i only need Twilight.

My new chapter is up if your down it's not that good but you are in it.

3804624 Okie ill read it when get around to it

3804655 that's fine i need to start writing more.

Wow man... Just when I think you've learned your lesson about forgetting important things... :rainbowlaugh:

I wasn't texting Twilight we were Sexting lol whole different thing.

3823381 .....Ah.......make sure ya got a firewall

Wow... What a classic pickup line Val... "I could be the stallion of your dreams" xD

3843784 I didnt say it
...PUHLEASE.....mine are suave :ajsmug:...White said it.....

I had a laugh with the hug....heh....

3843877 ....Ya got me there....-he puffed his cheeks-

3843890 Ok so, my brother is here with me (he says hi) since this is a family reunion n' such... I feel really stupid because he's trying to teach me how to play a game called Minecraft and I'm failing so bad...

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