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Whiskey Drops

I'm popping back upand trying to get back into story makin'!


This story is a sequel to A Pony Named Lowell

This is how the two started it out that Lowell finally asked the mare out on the day of Hearts and Hooves Day, the answer is obvious of which Applejack says but this takes place about a year since Lowell first came into Equestria and he finally gets the gall to ask a certain mare a question. Will it be a happy day or a sad day?

I wanted to write something for Valentines day! So hope ya enjoy this small story I concocted between 12 at midnight to nearly three AM. As said before this is what happened before Lowell from the TARDIS came, what do ya know I had both eyes back then and no stetson....meh.....

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3944588 - hoof pump- yes got an awww's

3944642 .....no your Lighting!

3944705 Well technically I'm Mare-Do-Well who has been given the nickname of Batmare soooo :derpytongue2:

The story has no like dislike button. How did you do this?

6686527 There's a dislike button? - he was hiding the broken button behind his back-

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