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You have two.
In the same sentence... oww Kill one of them.

Rarity said no.

>:0 why am I being told this, I wanted to shown the action and reaction.

Sweetie belle is a true robot.
'Yes, rarity'
Is her go to line, what happened to her spunk.

The story idea is fine, tho it is riddled with gammer mistakes at this time.

Make Sweetie a bit more spunky, child like and whiney, she wants a tree she likes and keeps getting denied. Even I would get a bit mad.
The Robot just goes thru a process of. Is this what the user wants. Until the end.

Needs a touch up,
Nice try, tho.

You gonna do all 12 pains from the song this fic is based off of, with Rarity and Sweetie Belle? Or with various ponies? :trixieshiftright:


I was going to do that idea, but then I changed it....but I still think that's a better idea, so I'll change it.

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