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It's over. Equestria has fallen. The four princesses and anyone who had ties to royalty are dead, and the element bearers and their families have been killed. The Kelpies, a race of water-dwelling equines, now rule Equestria with iron hooves. Most ponies now live in fear, though some support their new overlords.

Far off in the Crystal Mountains, a group of escapees look upon their former home. They may have been normal citizens of Equestria once, but now they are warriors. When the time comes, they will fight for Equestria.

A collaboration with PrinceUniversa

Sirocco created by myself
Zodiac Cosmos created by PrinceUniversa
Fang created by TheMysticBrony
Dr. Mind Quill created by Dr_MindQuill
Night Rain created by MrDevestation101
Nerdz created by Nerdz
Reneighah created by Zoetic Zebra
Figureen and Bartholomew Steelclaw created by Rubahhitam
Maryana created by iluvtmnmlp
Berripad created by Verbose Mode
Whitewolf Stormrunner created by Whitewolf_Stormrunner
Hell Fire created by Berserk
Digit Forge created by Nova Arc
Sea Breeze created by Shy Sparkle
Chaz created by Henry101
Melody created by Stardom Freedom
Sponduli Moolalli created by Brickbrock24

Chapters (5)

Soarin and Rainbow Dash attempt to make a pie. It doesn't go as planned.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Entry for Harmonic Brushes's SoarinDash contest.

Chapters (1)

When a new pony moves to Ponyville, nopony thinks anything suspicious of her. However, when her true intentions are revealed, the Elements of Harmony are summoned to save the day. But when the something goes wrong and Twilight and her friends can't wield the Elements on their own, they do something drastic to save Equestria - they are combined into one pony to use the Elements.

*Magical Mystery Cure and Season 4 are not canon in this story*
Comments, positive or negative, are encouraged. Your feedback will help make my future stories better.

Chapters (1)

To all her subjects, Princess Celestia is a kind, loving, and caring ruler. However, Princess Celestia has a dark secret....one that even her sister, Princess Luna, and her student, Princess Twilight Sparkle don't know. The statues in Canterlot Gardens could tell you that. A secret that could force her to give up the throne and face punishment.

Cover art by me

*Princess Twilight Sparkle will come later in the story*

Note: This story is not related to the story 'Statue Garden' by NodoubtbuodoN. This is something completely different.

Chapters (4)

After months of planning, the mane 6 finally go to an amusement park.

Short story.

A shout out to Vycer for translating the story to German here!

Chapters (7)