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Soarin and Rainbow Dash attempt to make a pie. It doesn't go as planned.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Entry for Harmonic Brushes's SoarinDash contest.

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Hmmm. Usually I don't read SoarinDash stuff cause well I don't ship. But for you and your awesome writing, I made an exception:raritywink: And I'm glad that I did:pinkiehappy: It was very sweet and cute:heart: The characters were in character, their interaction was pretty natural and I can imagine something like this happening if they were a couple or just plain friends:twilightsmile: I would have loved to see them play videos and see who's the better video game player:rainbowdetermined2: Anyway, I hope you win the contest:yay: What's the prize for the contest?

5923092 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

First prize for winning is a drawing of a dessert pony and a cover art for a story. (There's also prizes for 2nd-4th places). If you would like to know more info, the blog post is here.

They sound like fun prizes:raritystarry: Let me know when the contest is over and what rating you get in the contest overall. If there's a public vote section on it, I would totally vote for yours to win that too:heart:

They sure know how to make a pie *sarcasm* :derpytongue2:

5924242 Yea there is a public vote, but it doesn't count towards the top 3. It's just like, kinda, hard to explain.

Where can I vote for this story in the contest?

haha. Just finished reading and your story made me HUNGRY. Except for the part about the salty-cinnamony-chocolatey part.

5925190 Later tonight. I'll inform you when it's posted.

5925190 Sorry that it was delayed, but it is now up. Please see my latest post.

Ahaha I loved this. I would "definitely" ask them for pie. Pshych. XD

I really liked this, and I will give it a like, and a fav! :3

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