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Sky Melody

'The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move'- Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


A freak accident causes Rainbow Dash to have to relearn the basics of both flight and walking. Her dreams of being a Wonderbolt seem crushed forever and she feels empty. However, all is not lost.

An unexpected stallion becomes her guide and trainer to help her become the pegasi she once was. They become fast friends, but will they discover more in this adventure in friendship?

If you spot any mistakes, feel free to tell me. Constructive criticism is appreciated :)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 39 )

You've got potential... Continue please...

5719430 thanks for reading! :scootangel:

5719551 yup, the soarindash shall continue! :twilightsmile:

this look's interesting reading it later.

Can't wait for more Sky :) I love your stories

5720213 thanks for taking interest in one of my stories :) hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Could use a little clean up, for example route, not root, and the beginning tool me a moment to actually settle into the story, tell what's happening less and work on descriptions that let the reader know what's going on in a few words. Not much to say, it's a prologue with no real conflict set up yet, just a premise, so we'll see where it goes.

5727735 Thanks for reading! Later today, I'll go back over it and hopefully change some of those mistakes. Also, I agree on the show not tell part. I did feel this chapter was more on the tell side, I'll try to show more next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Waiting for the next chapterrr :)))

5730895 Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

Love this! Better be some more fluff soon, the intensity is real!

5769186 there will be lots of fluff in future chapters :D

I loves dis story so much. Best story. By Far. Best SoarinDash.

<3 I like talking like that for some reason, anyway.

This was amazing and I definitely love your plot choice, never seen anything quite like it! I love the way you depicted Soarin and although Rainbow Dash is a bit dry and out of characters, I am a huge fan! I love that scene where Soarin was playing with his hooves and his wings were unfurling. Perfect! I am absolutely sure that this is by far, the best SoarinDash story i've ever read.

5771561 wow, thank you! I wouldn't say it's the best though (if you haven't read Calm Winds soarindash trilogy, you need to) But, thanks! I'm surprised you think so highly of my work :pinkiehappy:

:yay: I agree on the Rainbow being dry and out of character part, I have stories that include her, but I've only written one so far, but I'll get better, I'm sure :twilightsmile:

5771593 Oh don't worry 'bout the out of character bit, my characters are wayyyyyy out of character, but if that's how you picture your characters, then it's amazing! With practice I bet you could be in Twilight's Library! :D

5771601 :twilightsmile: so far I've only actually written Rainbow as being hopelessly in love, so writing her being normal is different. As for Soarin, he's the main character in the first few chapters of my other story. Really? Thanks! :D

This is sooooo good! Please, update again really really soon.:pinkiehappy:

5772343 thanks! :pinkiehappy: I want to try and get another chapter of DitS out before this, but as off next week on Thursday, I'm on half term and have no school! So you might be getting quicker updates if everything goes to plan :twilightsmile:

This is good and all with the slow pacing and interesting plot. But the thing is that the slow pace should coordinate with long chapters and since it takes so long for them to be released then your readers are getting progression that is agonizingly slow. My recommendation is to try and get your chapters up to two thousand words at the least. Yet still with the same things happening or more in one chapter.

5794084 thank you :) I usually try to get my chapters up to at least that, however I wanted the focus of this chapter to be one that particular scene, hence why I cut the chapter shorter than usual. I apologise for the lack of updates, I am, however, on half term break soon, and I hope to get as many chapters out as I can. Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

NOOOOO please let Dash still fly please :fluttercry::applecry: oh BTW awesome chapter :raritystarry::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay:

5893009 am I mean enough to let my favourite pony be flightless? :unsuresweetie: (or am I? :trixieshiftright:) Thanks for reading!

wait what YOUR MAKING DASHIE NOT FLY ANYMORE :pinkiegasp: WAIT A MINUTE I don't believe that,your to nice to make Dashie not be able to fly anymore :pinkiesmile: so yeah

what's so funny? I just said your to nice to make Dashie not be able to fly :pinkiehappy:

5896636 not really funny, but I find it amusing when people try to predict my stories, so go ahead! I like reading that :rainbowkiss: thanks? :twilightsmile:

I love your stories :pinkiehappy:

5896734 thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them so much :yay:

This is great so far!!

6464435 I'm glad you enjoyed it :yay: thanks

The trees kept coming and she kept weaving around and through them, doing the occasional barrel-roll to even everything out and keep her hooves from colliding with branches.

Technically, it's called an aileron-roll. Still, keep up the good work!

Why is it on Hiatus?

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