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What does Soarin' do when he is greeted by a pie on his doorstep. No doubt he intends to eat it. But with no note, no card, no pony around, eating a mysterious pie proves to be harder than you might think.

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Glad you liked it! Hopefully I can whip up a few more Soarin' pie fics. Good gosh I'm weird :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! Soarin’ liked my pie!! Note to self, remember to thank Applejack for the baking lessons”


Rainbow Dash..... We all know you have a crush on Soarin........:facehoof:
Great story though! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! But yeah, pie is the way to a Stallion's heart...or at least mine and Soarin's :rainbowlaugh:

Another good pie fic.:pinkiesmile:
And you can never have to much SoarinDash.:twilightsmile:


I just write what I know! :derpytongue2: Have a few ideas in the works...still can't believe that I'm able to write about ponies and pies :rainbowlaugh:

This is funny, I like. Very much. :pinkiehappy:
Also, I'm not totally oblivious, :derpytongue2: I saw where you used my idea. :rainbowwild:


Told you that I would use it :raritywink: thanks for reading it!

Yea, As soon as I saw it I was like, ":rainbowwild: Ahh, he used it!"
I feel so special now. :twilightsheepish:


Well trying to write a Pie vs. Cookies right now. Just have to finish it up, add probably one more category...should be good!

Pie vs Cookies? Sorry, but there's a reason for this saying:
"You did what? With who? For how many cookies?! Oh, Oreos, yeah that makes sense." :rainbowwild:
But in all seriousness I'd still rather have pie. I look forward to that story. :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, might finish it today. As for Oreos...not a fan of store bought cookies (a point I will bring up). I expect a little backlash from it but hoofmade homemade cookies blow the horseshoes off of ANY store bought cookies. Store bought cookies are a trap! A scam!...even Girl Scout Cookies! **braces for impact**

I don't know if I should be enamoured or quite confused at this pic.

It had an interesting plot, a weird climax and plenty of humor. Soarin was a great and interesting character..... but :rainbowhuh:

Amazing! that was very well-written! :twilightsmile:

Thanks you! I feel terrible that I haven't had time to write more but thank you for reading!

3654487 it is very worth it reading this fanfic, I really enjoyed it. I hope you'll have more time to fill up your interesting content. Peace out! :)

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