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I write second person human X pony clop sometimes. .... Yeah, I know. Regardless, I was asked to upload it here, so I figured I'd toss it up.

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best chapter right here

sounds a bit like the "you will never be intimate with..." series but it looks good

aw. I like this one the best!

Subbyish human,Dom trixie.....This seems like it might actually end up with a half decent friendship

D'awww?....Not sure if changeling though....If its chryssie...then it might be a D'aww still though

awesome stories, but you have quite a few spelling errors. Might wanna get an editor if you do more fics, or if you feel like fixing these ones. all in all, wonderful! :rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:


Thanks, I appreciate it! I do have some deliberate typos that I know of: I have a bad habit of sometimes deciding the given spelling of an actual word or phrase is stupid and my way is better. Forehoof as a single word, for example, because fore hoof looks stupid. Or eachother instead of each-other, for similar reasons. Still, I'll probably write more at some point - in fact I already have, I just tend to keep the really fetish-y stuff like futa relegated to Pastebin and leave it off here. In the future, I'll make more of an effort to use the proper spelling.

Ok I really enjoyed this chapter...nice work.

Duuude loved it! MOAR?

Well that escalated quickly...

That went to fast :trixieshiftleft:

3386629 3386249

Yeah, some of these were not written as stand-alone stories, but quick little things thrown up in an hour or two as a direct result of a picture, and linked to said picture. In those cases they're supposed to be little more than quick, stupid excuses for a sex scene, not really stories unto themselves. Maybe I shouldn't even have posted those.

Others, I put a bit more time and effort into. Hopefully it shows.

Would you will make more stories, like this one? Maybe with Photo Finish, Fleur or even a challenge one, like Gilda

you should definitely write more, these are really good

I lost it at "Oh No! You've got a SNAKEBITE!" :rainbowlaugh:

That was way too easy, but so damn funny.:rainbowlaugh:

These are really good. I'd love to see more from you. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

"Check and mate" I see what you did there. >:D

POW!:pinkiegasp: Right in the kisser!:rainbowlaugh:

Nothing like breaking in a "real" bitch!:trollestia:

Fucking excellent !

Got to love Rainbow Dash!:rainbowwild:

This was a great collection of clop!:trollestia: You should totally do more!:pinkiehappy:

Keep up the great work!:twilightsmile:

....Damnit....I kinda want a continuation of this....Or for it to get its own story.....this is just one of those things thats too good to not keep

Yeah I would like to see you continue that story if anything to see a possible back story of why Sunset break up with Flash and if she will do anything now that she has a new one, or what did the protagonist will do now that he has the queen bee at his disposal, did he will try to change her for the better or did the queen find her king?

When I seen this was with Sunset, I was wondering where you were going with this - either human or pony. While I didn't really care for the movie, Sunset Shimmer is still a hot character, and really, who doesn't think about breaking a mean girl with sexually punishment.:pinkiecrazy:

Great Job! I know it says complete, but maybe you will change your mind later and do more stories:twilightsmile:. You got a real knack for this. Hope you keep it up!:moustache:

Uhh, I think it's necessary it bring up that, unlike ponies, sunset can get pregnant at any time of year...:twilightoops:

Morning after pills are a wonderful thing. The thought did occur to me as well, but some things you just have to skip over because they take the reader out of the moment too much. It's true, though, that sometimes I take liberties with clop, and I make no excuses there. They're meant to be wish-fulfillment, and sometimes I gloss over unpleasant details of how a situation would 'really' go.

I actually have a whole bunch of these, kept mostly in a pastebin. The more thoroughly fleshed out stories I put here, but I have a bunch of incredibly fetish-heavy (futanari, lactation, and the like) shorter works as well, and some joke one-shots on top of it. I don't put them here because they're more porn for porn's own sake, and not everybody goes for the really kinky stuff like that. There will probably be more of these, but I'm not in a hurry.

He won't try to change her, but she will regardless. Sunset Shimmer has spent all of her life dominating everyone she meets; the humiliation of being so completely and easily controlled was a very new experience for her, and wound up turning her on more than she could ever possibly have imagined. She'll hesitate and dither about for a while, but in another couple weeks - at most - she'll be begging the protagonist for more. He'll oblige her, but also refuse to put up with any of her bullshit. Sunset will gradually settle into a routine as his submissive little girlfriend, and his continued refusal to put up with her megalomania will gradually transform her into a much more humble character.

Perhaps, but that might take a writer more skilled than me. For the time being, I am in eager anticipation of the imminent season 4, and can only imagine how it might impact what I write next. Cheers!

Aww so you have some plans for the future, yeah, now I'm wonder what is going to happen the day after? If she is going to walk around that they are an item or run away confused of how turn on she was being his bitch? Or if the protagonist though it was a one night stand and move on and try to find a girlfriend only to find Sunset very jealous…perhaps a teenager Milky Way

3467296And I'm in no need to rush you. If it fits with what your doing now than I can't wait to see it.:pinkiehappy: Catch you later!:moustache:

And the collection of clop continue's to grow. Great job!
The dialog has fun, the sex was hot and heavy, and the aftermath is awesome!:rainbowkiss:
I would be her sex teddy bear any night!:moustache:

Aw man, complete tag!

Vinyl Scratch and Lindsey Stirling. . . Together. . . *ahem* Warning: the sheer awesomeness of this performance is well beyond observed safety levels, and may cause one or several of the following , included but not limited to: deafness, heart attack, stroke, aneurism, seizure, pan-sensory overload, sudden nerve trauma, skull cave-in, uncontrollable nerd-dancing, blown off/flaming roofs, the wave, glow stick poisoning, Rainbow Dash, and in rare cases spontaneous orgies. Not recommended for minors, pregnant women, or those whose health is already compromised. P0N3 L4BL3S assumes no liability for these or any other health issues resulting from tonight's performance.


Technically these stories are all completely unrelated and have no real start or stop point, so I just shrugged and picked 'Complete' as my tag. I'm not really going anywhere in particular with 'em. I write these as the mood strikes me, more or less.


I know, right?

So cute and hot! <3

She was in many ways the most selfless person you'd ever met

Should be Pony, not person.

Other than that, great job.


Well, the idea is that it's being written from a human perspective, and the human in question is inclined to think in human terms. Not only that, but I think 'person' is a more species neutral term than outright saying 'human' or 'pony.' That was my intention, at least.

It's totally Lightning Dust at the beginning.


Indeed it is! It isn't that hard to guess, I suppose, but I was curious as to how many people would pick up on it without any prompting. And you're right... that IS a pretty cool picture.

Its not Fluttershy or cloud chaser right?

And thus my spanking fetish was born.
With no regrets.

lightning you slut...

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