• Published 20th Oct 2013
  • 7,788 Views, 116 Comments

A collection of clop - Voslar

Short, self-contained second person clopfics starring you - the reader - and various ponies. Warning, some mild fetishes present.

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It's totally Lightning Dust at the beginning.


Indeed it is! It isn't that hard to guess, I suppose, but I was curious as to how many people would pick up on it without any prompting. And you're right... that IS a pretty cool picture.

Its not Fluttershy or cloud chaser right?

lightning you slut...

WAIT A MINUTE!! no applejack!

Dust?! *pulls out sword* oh wait, I forgot this is clop *smirks and grabs the mare* time to teach some lessons in flying.
On a serious note, please make more of these. They are bucking HOT and so cute!

Is this story still alive? if it is :yay: and if its not CALL 911

I really wish you could do more of these. All of them were gems and I will gladly read them if you wrote more.

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