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Welcome to the Road to Royalty.
A Virtual Reality Massively Multi-player Online Game.
Exploring this expansive world , a race to true royalty was announced.
Join our main character and his team on his quest for riches and fame.
Will he make it on this dangerous road? will he get the mare he needs?
will bad luck stop stalking him... probably not, his misfortune is our paradise.
Proof readers-(thank them for the smooth read)
The Great and powerful Game Fic cover Artist for the front cover.'' (go shower Maiah with praise)
The Maiah
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world building awayyy / oc cameos expected.

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has potential cant wait for more if there is any ..........


:trixieshiftright: why of course there will be more
the adventure is just starting my good man.

I hope you will enjoy the show.
I'm expecting fire-works


Hey! If I send you a chapter, will you post it? It'll be my pony ok?


Side fics in This Virtual Reality game are open to every pony


I'm on it sun burst, it just has to pass the pre-reading.
hehe, :eeyup:

oh my things are heating up ..... literally anyway can't wait for the next chapter util next time

May your mind never dull :pinkiehappy:


Name- Arcadia Skys Type-Neutral

Level - One Class - None

Title - None Fame - Zero

Health - One-hundred fifty-one Mana - Two-hundred twenty-nine

Strength - Twelve Dexterity - Twenty

Intelligence - Eight Wisdom - Ten

Stamina - Ten

Leadership - Zero Luck - Zero

Offence - Zero Defence - Zero

Resistance to Magic - Zero

Ten percent resistance to wind magic


You know for stuff like this, you could use the quote box and actual numbers.

My companion took notice of my glance and saw me looking at the check. A few drops of sweat formed on my muzzle, as I waited for her to speak. She blinked, I pointed with my eyes to the offending paper, she blinked again. I let out a groan, she blinked once more, I opened my mou- “OOOooohhhhhh.” She finally responded. I relaxed, figuring she knows I don’t have any bits yet, problem solved.

“That’s the cutie mark I’ve been looking for!” she exclaimed in excited revelation.

My irises shrunk to pin pricks. You’ve gotta be bucken kidding me! I turn to face her direction, as red veins joined my white eyes. She had trotted over to some random orange unicorn stallion, with a totally unique cutie mark. It was some stupid sword crossed over an hour glass.

Hmm... HEY!


that's just a little bump in editing technique, and feelings on numbers...


Hmm... HEY!

majhost.com/gallery/C-N/MLP/emoticons/7ec7bb.gif < er. hey

Yeah. Hey. What's that about a 'stupid' sword over an hourglass?

So, let's see. The idea for this is pretty attractive, unsurprising since I'm kinda a MMORPG fan myself, and I can say that I've enjoyed it well so far. Also, mainly on the first chapter, I get caught up in the details in a way that prompts me to keep reading.

Luna beats Touhou games on Lunatic? Holy wow, mistress, TEACH ME!! ;_; Dragon race has Earth Pony/Unicorn resistances combined with fire immunity and other bonuses? Dragon OP, but then again, we always have That One class or race which is considered better than the others on most games unless they do some serious balancing (and that mainly happens in MOBAs, so. In short, I like these details.

As for the story itself, well... it hasn't started. so I find myself unable to judge it. I'll say I'm not too invested, but I like the setting up of that main character and the clear indication that he'll be believable, at least! And I know this has been around for a while, but I guess it warranted a comment. Keep up the good work!


O3o hey aliucon,
Thanks for taking your time to read it.

Got my chapters in the wings just to to get them edited.

Yeah Gamer Luna is crazy, she could take out a whole batch of snipers, with her reflex and strategy.
The dragons race bouns is going to be fun xD.

Glad it starts intresting, I hope you enjoy, what's to come next too.

reading this description. I can think of one anime to relate to this. SAO when they started playing Alfhiem Online... :derpytongue2:


lol yeah SAO was great.

:3 glad it has a nice feel to it.

@.o The fun starts with one step at a time

Hah! The main character is a bit... Brash shall we say but it looks to be a good story.

about time you update:rainbowdetermined2:


Hehe there so many adventures to be had.
Gotta stop readn everypony else's.

Mmh, same here. before then, it's what kept me busy from writing.

*Looks up from paper desk*
Hmm needs even more words.

Oh, sort of missed this update when it came. xD But, um, I should comment! So the highest point of the story for me was that it's been pretty hard to predict. I mean, meeting a helper or partner as soon as you get to a new world is actually a pretty common occurance in stories like this, but the one the protagonist found actually didn't stick around. Being forced into a bad or shady deal with someone when in unknown territory is also fairly common, but from what I understood, the protagonist just doesn't plan to obey and simply wanted to get some extra bits out of a bad situation, which is different too.

So, in this sense, the story keeps one guessing. But it sort of feels unfocused, chaotic even. Just in this chapter 3 we've been introduced to a pool of at least 4 characters and presented to the "searching for a job" plot thread that forked into three possible different paths already. Granted, this is the longest chapter so far, but it still feels a bit too full with all of that. I probably feel that way just because the previous chapters had a much more paced feel to them, at least in my opinion, so... there's that.

But overall, it seems like you have a lot of fun writing this, and it kinda translates into it being fun to read no matter what. xD Keep up the good work!

*opens right eye* oh it moved to the next chapter. *Reading with one eye open*:facehoof: its always the shady one that are looking for business. *continues reading*:trixieshiftright: heh already has a bad rep name. *continues* :facehoof: I guess he wasn't smart enough to think before he ate.:unsuresweetie::ajsmug: *close right eye and curl up* can't wait for the next chapter but until then I'm gonna get some rest.

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