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A plan of ill intent has targeted Equrestria. Normal magical and physical attacks are useless against this threat. Only fillies can control this power, but changelings could eat the source.
Concentrated Love energy.
These magical fillies are picked to fight it off... Or slack off and let their loved ones be harmed.
What will Scootaloo do when they pick her as a Magical Filly.

A Magical filly,
A duty,
A danger,
Will she really do all this fru fru stuff??

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Suger Cube Corner and what Pinkie does there.

Your average daily events of a shop keeping mare. Pinkie Pie...
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Oc'sand request are open to be customers.

A group to promote shop Keeper fics

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These slash warning things are useful.
// Twist has her lisp //

It's Time for the Snowy Level, every game has one.

The digital plane is so inviting, the outside so harsh.
Button Mash has a thing for the digital.
Twist wants to play outside.
Let's see how this goes.

Game Start.
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Welcome to the Road to Royalty.
A Virtual Reality Massively Multi-player Online Game.
Exploring this expansive world , a race to true royalty was announced.
Join our main character and his team on his quest for riches and fame.
Will he make it on this dangerous road? will he get the mare he needs?
will bad luck stop stalking him... probably not, his misfortune is our paradise.
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The Maiah
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Feeling like u need some more awesome mmo action. then hit that link below to our Rival/Sister game company. The main 6 go on epic adventures.
Equestrian Earth

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The Road to Royalty group

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