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Have you seen a little girl? She just turned seven last month? Short, black hair?


After opening the Golden Oaks Library log book and seeing that it was completely empty, Princess Twilight Sparkle decides to host the First Annual Golden Oaks Library Book Fair with a little help from her friends and number one assistant.

After all, a library with no patrons is, without a doubt, the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING.

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annnnnnddddd....... murphy's law

Hmm, I've never seen a story like this before!

Favourited and upvoted. Now to see where this goes!

Murphy's Law demands that something bad happens now, but hopefully that won't be the case. :unsuresweetie:

Where did the twins go?

This is going to go perfectly! I don’t see how anything could possibly go wrong!

Somebody wanna help me out with the harmonies?


If she's going to have this book fair she going needs approval to the mayor of Ponyville.

Nice its like reading the script to an episode

O.O they don't exist in this timeline!!!

Well Done with spikes characterization

This is going to go perfectly! I don’t see how anything could possibly go wrong!

You would think Twilight would have learned by now not to say this.:facehoof:

Wait remind me (I'm too lazy) what's Murphys law?

Wow this IS just like an actually episode


Murphy's Law basically says that any time a character says something positive, something bad must happen to counteract that claim.

For example:

"Today is the day I get that promotion I deserve!"

"You're fired."

I hope the Cake Twins are there!

Oh i love books!
*Enters the library*
Hey ponies i...
Wait noo i.......
*Is being beaten violently*
But i have a library card!!!!!!

Any more stories cause I have one for you.

3403508 *drags you out* MORON *changes into oc then enters*

.....Library card......

3403792 it is not valid until the war is over moron just get one with your oc

Ok let me change into my disguise.
*Puts on a fake mustache*
Can i go in now?

3403807 :facehoof: close up the holes in your body and give your self a real mane and lose the fangs and it should be good enough

What Holes....
*Looks at his hooves, and back up at you*
I'm made of spoiled Swiss Cheese!!!!!!

Hmmph i dont need to take this from you!
*Walks into the library wearing his "amazing" disguise*
The changeling is back!
But wait no!!!.....
*Is once again violently beaten*
But i have a mustache!!!

3404237 *walks into library in my OC disguise* anyone seen an idiotic changeling?

*Grins* Very cute. Nicely done and felt very natural.

well that came out of nowhere

in her defence its exactly what she would do AND she didnt know about twis book fair

“I didn’t put a lot of work into this, silly! I just fired up the party cannon and sent out invitations! I can throw another party next weekend,

lol so its become that easy huh im curious to see what its like when she tries

This is a good first chapter.


Or their good old Auntie Pinkie took them with her to give the Cake's a little vaca from the foals. While letting them see the wonders of the Rock Farm.

“Then the two of us, with the help of our five friends, will make the greatest book fair that Ponyville has ever seen!

This is gonna be the best book fair ever!

Implying every Golden Oak book fair after this one will totally stink.

Well, that was nice. Nothing major happened, but it was a pleasant read.


Well to be fair

“Well, what about that stupid… thing… that the library back in Canterlot does every year?” He shrugged.

Spike sums up Canterlot's Annual Book Fair quite nicely. So it might bomb like trying to give Celestia a diet.

Rereading this fic ^_^.


Or when stating "What else can go wrong?", or "What's the worst that can happen?"

Although the whole "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Is actually a misuse of the law while at the same time demonstrating it perfectly. Originally it was, "If something can be used or done a right way and a wrong way, and the wrong way will lead to catastrophe, it will be used or done the wrong way."

Where as it's current use is actually Finagle's Law. Although that's something I only learned a year ago, and it's still easier to say Murphy's XD.

This was a pleasant re-read.

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