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Have you seen a little girl? She just turned seven last month? Short, black hair?


When walking home one day, Caramel careens right into the mare of his dreams - a beautiful, snowy white pegasus with the voice of an angel. With a little help from Twilight and Rarity, Caramel gets ready for his big date and prays to Celestia that it will go well. But who is the mysterious mare, and why is she so familiar to Twilight?

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With her true identity you were as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face.... *grins* She certainly deserves a good stallion (or mare) in her life, and I'm figuring he need a good mare as well. You did good.

Very heartwarming. I actually Livestreamed it and the story got a good reception. A sequel seems to be in order. :)

I second that, we got to see the second date, and the shotgun speech from the sister

in case you look for cover art, this might fit. only caralestia pic EVER


Haha, I did see that and debated about using it, but I wanted the identity of Caramel's date to be a little bit of a secret x) I know it's pretty obvious, of course, but I hope it;s at least subtle enough to make people go "Hmm...maybe it's actually not her..." :twilightsheepish:

you mean other than on sweet Bloom over there? the second i read sundrops in the title i had guessed it actually:twilightblush:

"a beautiful, snowy white pegasus with the voice of an angel"

shining armor as a tranny with wings

"Orchard Eleven..."

A tongue-in-cheek Ocean's Eleven reference?

Also, great story and obviously...WRITE MOAR!!!

Ok make a sequel or just continue this one? Either way I like a good Ship fic and this one was it.

Don't think that you're so smart with your surprising plot twists and your hard to follow hints at what's to come, for I have figured it all out! Yes, I have found the ultimate plot twist which, while left unmentioned, is implied throughout the entire story. . . Sunny Skies is really Princess Celestia, who is really a Griffin in disguise, who is really just a Changeling payed minimum wage, who is really just an allegory for the state of the global economy! Confess! Confess!

“Oh sweet Celestia! Princess Celestia just kissed you!” I love that quote!

Brought here from Unseen Legacy's favorite page. Going to read this nao.

Aww! So cute!

Make an sequel to this nao!

The one thing that bothers me about this story is that I'd think Twilight would have a little more tact than to barge into the middle of a date like that. Aside from that I really enjoyed this story and would very much like to see a sequel.

So, this was cute. I could tell it was Celestia straight from the pink eyes and was rooting for the ship the entire time (and enjoying each and every reference to Celestia that ensued). However, Twilight really irritated me at the end. I agree with Jack Hamataro Kamiya (mouthful of a name) that I would think Twilight would show a bit more tact than that. (according to fanon, at least. Cannonically, everyone kind of jumps the gun.) That is, unless she had some sort of reason for freaking out about it being Celestia, like, for instance, her having run off and not being seen for a few days. I liked this, and there really aren't that many royalty ship fics that I like.

“ Fine Dining and Breathing .” She answered in a monotone voice. It was obvious that she was deeply engorged in her book. “It’s all so clear… once you empty your mind.” She was almost in a trance.


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