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Applejack is best pony~~

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272406 Thank you. My first time posting anything like this, so that's good to hear. :ajsmug:

Cute and hot at the same time :twilightsmile:

This has to be one of the best clopfics I've read yet! Seriously very good job here, it makes what I'm currently writing look terrible. I love AppleDash with a passion and you managed to capture my headcanon of them both in the same story, plus you gave it an actual plot line (no pun intended) and managed to make it still stay cute while being sexy. :ajsmug:

Thumbs up, check
Follow writer, check
Favorite story, check :twilightsmile:

Site Owner

I really liked this. If I had to point out some issues I'd have to say that I found the whole situation a little difficult to visualise in my head. It was alright by the end, but it took a long time for me to do so. Maybe it's just me. There were also a couple of uses of "you're" rather than "your", but other than that it was a very well written story.

273197 Thank you! I know, it was hard to describe and I was afraid it would be hard to visualize, but I hope it didn't ruin the flow too much. If I can figure out how to describe the situation better, I'll edit it when I get the chance. And I really need to start focusing on "you're" and "your", that's not the first time I've gotten that critique. But thank you very much! It's nice to hear about my first submission to FIMFiction!!

im not gonna lie... that was pretty much the best clopfic that i've readed so far


Slow clap seconded. This was a delicious and genuinely touching Appledash fic. Good show.

i LOVE this story, god dam, i mean Celestia dam.......DAYM SON

That was nothing short of beautiful. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say a thousand words can be worth a million pictures.

Congrats, this is the first Appledash fic I've read that hasn't sucked.

In fact, it's quite good. Nice job!

I really liked this! May be the only clopfic that I'm willing to add to my favourites!
Some AppleDash ship is good. Was hoping to get one soon. Wasn't excpecting a clopfic, though! :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

Another 10k+ word clopfic?

I must read it!

Uh, for science!

Yes, science. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

EDIT: ...very nice...

This was great. It has to be one of the best clopfics I have ever read.

And instead of just being one of those 'lets have sex' stories, it actually had a great plot and a developed storyline. Hats off to you! This was wonderful!

276224 I was wondering when you were going to find this fic, BronyNeumo. And thank you!

Indeed. I usually scan the site every few days looking for new Appledash literature. And of course, those of a sexual connotation get slightly more attention.

"you’re friend needs you right now" - :unsuresweetie:
"And how are ya goin’ to do that when you’re front hooves are going to be inside the stump?" - :trixieshiftright:
"I have that affect on mares" - effect
"But you’re butt is too big" - :twilightangry2:

273021 False. You are fifth.

277119 Okay, okay, okay, discĂşlpame, por favor. Fixed them. I admit, "you're" and "your" are my kryptonite! Seriously, though, thanks. :pinkiesmile:

I actually liked the story, and the cloppy segments were good to! Bravo good sir, bravo! :eeyup:

277227 Good madame, you mean. And thank you.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to comment so much on my own fic. I'm too used to DA's comment system. I'll stop now >_<

Sequel with rope? :trixieshiftright:

And there's nothing for me to say that hasn't already been expressed by others. I'm very jelly of your writing skills. :fluttercry:

For a clopfic, that was very well written. Especially bringing actual affection between the two into play rather than, like someone else said, 'let's just have sex.' And I could completely see AJ's ticklishness. Because I've been ticklish on my stomach as well, so I could visualize it really well. Way to connect with your audience.


I heartily agree.

You hear that, Callisto? Start writing a sequel with rope.

:rainbowderp: Wow. One of the best clopfics I've read, to be sure. Better than a number of non-clop ones as well, even. Well done!


I have no words to express how fantastic this is. Sequels, please!

You mentioned that this was your first submission to FIMfiction; do you have work posted anywhere else? (Here's hoping that you've got loads of AppleDash squirreled away somewhere.) In lieu of that, would you please give us a short list of recommended fic? I'd love to know what you love to read!

This is probably the first clop-fic I have ever read with a legitimate story line behind it. Most of the time It is something like spiderces or something like it. Im not a huge fan of this kind of stuff but I enjoyed it because it actually made....sense

oh and lemme give you a hint on your next story should be about:

This is absolutely amazing. I am so into romance stories and this is one of the best yet. I'm serious please please make more. And stay away from grimdark as well...:raritywink:

You realize that your fans love to talk to you, right? So please talk back!


Yeah, AJ does have a great plo- oh ,THAT plot! Right!

And agreed. That was a fantastically fun read :D

This was an absolutely addicting read! I hope to see of these sorta things from you in the future! :pinkiehappy:

277414 I have a DA account, but I only have two stories on it so far, one of which has AppleDash in it. I could note you the account name if they have notes on FIMfiction. Aside from that, I wish I had more time to read fanfiction, but I rarely do. I have some I'm interested in reading, and I would if I had more time, but sitting down to read is just not feasible at the moment. The one I am really following is "Those Blue Wings" by Thcernobog. I can't think of any others at the moments - I usually read one shots if I do read, heh.
>>bubba_rocks This is the second time today I've heard of Spiderces, but I have no idea what that is! And sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a big FlutterMac fan. Maybe some day I'll try my hoof at it, but I'm more a TwiMac, Flutterpie fan.
>>Dracoliat If you insist O.o
>>Tchernobog I was wondering if YOU were going to find this, too. That completes my checklist of Appledash fans I wanted to hear from, heh.
>>Doomlord1234 No pressure...

I know you've heard this a lot, but that was honestly one of the best clopfics I've read! Normally clopfics don't get me..excited but this one did. Just amazing. And it had a plot behind it that was well thought out! Kudos on this m'lady! Look forward to reading more of your writings.

You have a dA? If so i'd love to watch you on there as I check that more often than this.


I want a sequel with rope^^

Msy I be the first to congratulate you on so many things. Congratz on getting Knighty's attention, congratz on so many views and positive comments, and congratz on the featured box!

272357This story is awesome! And so is that picture! Because that is totally what the empire sends you guys out to do, right? Go to dangerous new lands and on difficult quests in little squads of six or so, just to alleviate your ancient and tyrannical leaders....boredom.......oh no.......I sense a new fanfic in the near future.

277904 Grazie! ...is it a big deal to get Knighty's attention? I mean, I looked at his profile to see why he had the crown by his name, so I know he created the site. ...I'm new, I don't know these things... And I know, the feature box?!?! What the hell!? I can't believe it!

Finally got around to reading this. Congrats on feeding my never ending need of good AppleDash fics.

273539 if your looken for detail and what not i could probably help you i have natural attention to detail mainly because my trade as a craftsmen requires it.

ill read you story l8er on after i finish worken on my story.

277980 I have to say, I'm a little disappointed your icon isn't the one on your DA account. That one makes everything you say seen silly.

278005 Wait, you've found me on DA? Do I know you on there? :applejackconfused:

278017 You're one of my watchers there.

this story is shweeeeet ;D

good story line instead of getting straight to the porno too :p

-tip's hat- nice :3

Charmin'- an' I really enjoyed your ear for Applejack's voice. Don't ya dare stop. I don't care how many times I gotta read 'the mare' if AJ's personality comes through with its proper flavor, as you've done. :ajsmug:

Wow, that was really good. Appledash has a lot of potential, and you sir have just utilized on that potential.:moustache:

By far the best clopfic ive ever read... so hot:applejackunsure::rainbowwild:

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