• Published 11th Sep 2013
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Weekdays are too short - Jeweled Pen

Follow up to Weekends are too long, a few months after the two get together can Pinkie and Rarity survive a week of separation?

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Rarity groaned as she rolled over in bed. The sunlight spilled into her room from the open window as a gentle breeze wafted across her blankets. The mare slowly reached out with her magic to bring her clock close and let out a groan. “Seven? Ugh... I wanna sleep...” she whined as she slowly dragged herself away from the warmth and comfort. She headed straight to the bathroom as she began to prepare for the coming day.

Before long the fashionable unicorn stepped from the bathroom with a happy sigh. “Now, where is that Pinkie Pie. She better not be sleeping in after she made us play Candyland so late last night,” the mare grumbled as she trotted down the hall and opened a door. It opened into what used to be her storage room during off seasons, but now revealed a bright pink room filled with all manners of party trinkets. In fact, the only pink thing missing was the owner. A small note was resting on the covers.

Rarity trotted over and picked it up with a nervous gulp.

Dear Rarity,

I went down to the doctor to get the cast removed from my hoof. I'll be going to help the Cakes after so you can have the whole day to yourself! I made you a cupcake for after breakfast.

P.S. You got a whole buncha letters. I left them on the table.

The unicorn chuckled and let out a soft sigh of relief. “Well, if that's all I guess there is nothing to worry about.” She turned and stopped short. A little green toothless alligator was standing in front of her and staring with blank purple eyes. “Now now, Gummy. You need to be more careful,” the unicorn said as she used her magic to pick the creature up and place it gently on the pink bed. “We don't want a repeat of last time. It took all day getting poor, frightened Opalescence down from the top shelves.”

With everything settled the mare trotted downstairs and headed straight towards her design room. She turned the knob and walked straight into the door with a pained groan. “Ow! Oh, right,” she mumbled as she rubbed her nose. “Deary me, I nearly forgot about the lock. Wouldn't be needed if dear Sweetie Belle wouldn't be so inquisitive.” With another glow of her horn she pulled a small black key out from her mane and inserted it into the knob, turning and opening it with a light push.

Inside resided all of her fabrics, designs in progress, a few boxes and the reason for the new lock. On the right side of the room was a neat stack of pleather and a few... creations that were being shipped to Enigma. “Now let's see. If I work on the corset a little before breakfast I should have both the princess's shipment and Enigma's done before the delivery pony arrives,” she muttered to herself as she grabbed a needle and a pair of scissors. “This should just take a moment...”

After much time had passed the mare was jarred from her work by a knocking on her door. “Ah! Sorry! I'm almost done! I'll have everything ready in a moment!” she yelled as she quickly began marking the boxes for delivery. Soon satisfied, the mare labeled two small packages for Enigma and one crate for the princess. She then grabbed a sheet and quickly covered the more scandalous of her materials. Satisfied that everything was perfect, she darted to the front door and smiled at the three ponies who stood outside.

“Oh? Don't you normally work at the train station?” she asked as she stared at the pony in front.

“Yes. Weekend job,” Ticks said as he motioned the other two forward. “I was hired for my expertise in the processing of abundant packages.”

“I see,” Rarity said as she smiled at the pony. “I guess you must be very talented at it. I mean, organizing all those ponies on the day I got back. Oh, sorry. Please, follow me.” Before long the three ponies managed to gather the packages and headed out the door. Ticks somehow managing to get stuck carrying the large one.

“Wah hah hah hah!” she said happily as she trotted to the kitchen. “I am doing excellent today! Not even noon and I've already got two of my biggest orders done. Now let's see about that... oh... dear... Celestia...” she squeaked with her mouth agape. On top of the table was a stack of letters, at least three feet tall! Nervously the mare gripped one near the top and opened it.

Dear owner of the Ponyville Carousel Boutique,

Unfortunately you closed down before I could place an order and, ever since I heard that the princess herself ordered one of your dresses, I have been absolutely dying to have one of your dresses for myself. Inside I've included a picture of myself as well as my measurements. Please respond as quickly as possible with your fee and some design options,

From Madam D. I. Mond.

Rarity blinked at the pictures and letter a few moments before continuing going through the notes, one by one. There were a hoofful of angry letters about her scandal in the paper, as well as a few letters canceling her orders, but for the most part there were dozens of new orders. Each requesting a unique design.

With a happy squeal of delight the mare grabbed the letters, as well as a red juicy apple, and darted towards her work room. “So much work to do, so many designs to make! I can't waste a single moment!” she said happily as the door slammed shut behind her.

A few moments later the door opened once again as her magic picked up the cupcake sitting on the counter and drew it towards her. “Can't forget you, darling,” she said as it popped into the room with her and the door slammed shut once again.


Far away in the royal capital of Equestria, Canterlot, the princess of the moon waited. In a small room Luna was using while her tower was repaired, the mare watched with a wicked grin as the guards brought in a massive crate from the Carousal Boutique.

“Here you are, your majesty,” a dark armored pegasus said with a salute. “Brought as soon as it arrived. Is there any other way we may serve you?”

“No no, dismissed,” the princess said as she rubbed her hooves together. Soon she was alone in the room as she made her way towards the crate. Her horn glowed as the lid was torn away and she began slowly drawing the objects from the box. The garments were placed neatly on the bed until the box was nearly empty. At the very bottom was a small black box, the sight of which only made the princess's grin grow wider.

With a light twitch of her horn the box opened and revealed two pairs of hoof shackles and a large pleather gag. Both large enough even for an alicorn. “Scare me will she...” the princess said with a wicked grin as three long griffon feathers glided out from under her bed and landed in the box. It snapped shut as she quickly hid the box within her flowing mane. “Now sister. Now you will truly pay. The vengeance shall last FOREVER! MWA HAH HAH HAH!” she yelled as lightning cracked ominously overhead. “Or at least until your duties call you away!”

Luna glanced back to the dresses on the bed as she looked through them until she revealed a skin tight black sneaking suit. “Bwa hah hah hah...” she laughed as she began putting it on. Once she was properly garbed the princess slowly opened the door and peeped out. Three guards were standing down the hall, blocking her escape. “You are the princess of the night. Mistress of stealth. Controller of darkness. You can do this...” she whispered as her horn glowed again. Slowly she stepped outside the room and put her hooves to the wall. Magic enveloped them as she smirked and began climbing up the wall and then the roof. Once she was high above them she quickly trotted through down the hall.

Once she turned the corner one of the guards glanced to his comrade. “So, where do you think she's going dressed like that?”

“I don't know. Probably going for a snack. Should see some of the outfits Celestia will wear,” the other guard answered.

Before long the princess of the night returned to the ground and stood in front of a large red door. Behind it lay the object of her attention. “Heh heh heh. Yes, dear sister. Drink your afternoon tea. Alone. Unguarded. For soon... soon vengeance shall be mine!” she drew the box from her mane and shoved the door in as she galloped forth. “VENGEAAAAANCE!” she yelled!

The door opened to reveal a large stone room with a fireplace opposite the door. A large purple cushioned rug with a rolled up yellow rest pillow dominated the center of the room. A bit away from it a few potted plants sat near a large stained-glass window with images of stars. A small orange tea set was resting near the fireplace as well. Surprisingly, there was no pony in the room.

“Huh? Sister? Where art thou?” Luna asked as she looked around with wide eyes.

“Oh sister, must you be so loud?” a voice said from behind the princess of the night. As the alicorn turned around she saw an even larger white alicorn with a flowing rainbow mane and tail. On the mare's head was a small golden crown with a single purple gem and the flank held a cutie mark of the sun itself. The princess's dear sister, Celestia. Wearing a mischievous smirk on her lips.

“Tia! Today I get vengeance for the great terror you bestowed upon I,” Luna said as she held the box aloft, “I have the objects of your destruction! The... the...” her voice trailed off as she opened the box. The completely empty box. She flipped it upside down and shook it, alas nothing came out. “Where...?”

“Oh dear Luna...” Celestia said as her horn glowed. A moment later the gag, hoof shackles and feathers flew out from her flowing rainbow mane. “If you wanted to play, all you needed do was ask. I do have a bit of time until my next meeting.”

Luna paled as she dropped the box and took a few steps back. “N-now sister. It was but a joke! A jest! No need to... no need to... EEEEEK! Kya hah hah hah hah hah!”

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3563535 To be honest this story was a sequel which I never planned to have happen. Then the original story blew up and I just couldn't say no. Currently the plan is I will write a sequel to this story if it ever gets 250 favorites. I'm quite pleased people seemed to like the story, a big worry I had was that everyone would think it was a failure compared to the original. I do have a few plans in mind if the story ever gets to the point where it needs a sequel though.

In the mean time, you should regardless write more Pie of the Rare kind. Yes, yes. :pinkiecrazy:


I finished this fic. And I am sad that it's ended as in the end. Well hopefully me spreading your fic throughout some groups got you some more attention. This was a truely adorable fic. Best of luck for your future fics.

nice endin but, i kinda feel bad for luna's revenage bein turned against her even thou it's pretty funny :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:. thx for t great read n' can't wait for whatever else u got in store :heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

Good story, good followup to 'Weekends are Too Long'. I wish there had been more interactions between Pinkie and Rarity though, you did a great job with them together.

There were a few problems I had with it, you have Rarity spend too much of the story crying, it makes sense given the situations but it gets tiring to read her constantly running and crying. You also did some odd things with OC's, on one hand your design for them is pretty bad, a stallion who is red and black with the name Enigma, really? But on the other hand you also wrote your OC's really well, like I was all ready to hate Enigma based on his design but I ended up liking him from how you wrote him and that's not an easy thing to do, make me like a male oc, I also ended up liking his two girl friends.

The only other problem I had was that your character descriptions are a bit dry, not quite as bad as in 'weekends are too long' but still pretty dry. When a new character is introduced you do a very technical read off of their description "so and so appeared, they were brown with light grey mane and a comic cutie mark." All the information is put up front and not very poeticly, like you could spread that out a bit "A grey mare appeared and trotted over to the group. She shook her purple mane and batted her aqua eyes seductively" That just spreads out the description a bit more and adds in actions to make it feel less technical.

3572831 Oh, trust me, I always have something in store. ^^
3744549 Thanks ^^ If I ever make a follow up I'll probably have them together for more of it, but this story... morphed a ton from how I originally envisioned it. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Also, you're right, I did make Rarity cry a lot. She had a really bad week, but it was kind of intentional. She always has a flare for being dramatic so I wanted to go that extra mile. I'm really happy you liked Enigma, I was... really nervous about using him, since I thought a lot of people would hate him/think he was too bland. Also, you're so right about my descriptions. I'm trying to make them less bland though, so hopefully I will improve. :)


Sure Rarity enjoys a bit of drama but having her cry and run off too much makes it seem like shes more of a passive observer than an active member of the story. Rarity doesn't have a passive personality, even in the new season when we see her designs stolen, sure she runs off crying but she is quick to formulate a plan, in fact her outfits designed at a moments notice managed to still win because shes that good and takes life by the horns.

3766271 you know, you're completely right. I really didn't make her character as well as I should have. She is a less passive than I gave her credit for, and I did try to show that she was talented, but I did kinda botch her personality. I'm sorry, but I do keep improving so hopefully I'll get better by next time I write a story like this.

This was a great read! I loved every bit of it!

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