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Weekdays are too short - Jeweled Pen

Follow up to Weekends are too long, a few months after the two get together can Pinkie and Rarity survive a week of separation?

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Rarity groaned as the sound of her buzzing alarm jarred her awake. Slowly she lifted her head from the drawing board and shook her mane. Climbing out of her chair she let out another soft groan as she stretched out her back. “That was not the wisest move, Rarity darling... I really must not allow myself to get carried away like that again. Chairs are for working, not for sleeping in...” she grumbled as she walked to the bathroom and began her morning rituals.

Once she was sufficiently tended to the mare trotted out of the bathroom with a skip in her step while humming a happy tune. With a quick dressing the mare tossed her necessities into her bag and walked out. “Gooood morning,” she called out in a happy tone as she walked by the front desk. The stallion merely grunted a response as he sipped his coffee.

The sun simmered down on her as she walked through the city, ponies milling about on their busy schedules. She glanced up and saw the sky was completely clear, a beautiful sunny day and, to her pleasure, it matched her mood. She kept her head high as she trotted through the streets, once or twice even breaking out in a little prance.

Her happy mood lasted until she arrived at the exhibition. The doors outside were packed with ponies pushing up against the glass as they tried to catch a look inside, though the locks kept them out. She slowly walked around back and glanced at the two ponies there as she trotted forward. “Is something the matter? What is all this excitement about?”

“No idea, miss. Just some VIP coming about or something. Probably a movie star or somethin'. You'll wanna hurry up and get all your things settled if yah wanna make a good impression,” the pony said gruffly. She nodded and darted inside.

The hall was abuzz with activity as she made her way to her section. Every pony was working to make their dresses and designs stand out and the din was so loud it made her ears hurt. She looked around, but she didn't see any pony who seemed quite VIP material. She took out her design book and started to uncover her dresses when suddenly a loud crash went off behind her. The unicorn turned around and saw a few islands down from hers a young mare's ponyquin had come crashing down to the ground. The mare in question looked near in tears as she struggled to pick up her dress and put the thing back together.

The outfit in question seemed quite similar to one of the Averchrome lines. In fact, it looked more like a suit of armor than actual clothing. Silver, gold and black steel were forged into a design similar to that of the royal guards. It held both an attachment for wings and for one's horn. The entire design made Rarity cringe at what the weight must have been as she looked around. No pony moved to help the poor mare so with a sigh the unicorn trotted towards her.

“Are you okay, miss?” she asked as she moved across from the mare and used her magic to help lift the behemoth outfit.

“What? Yes, I, I'm fine. I-I have everything under control,” the mare said from behind wet eyes. She was a unicorn, though her horn seemed a bit small considering she seemed at least as old as Rarity with only half the horn. Both her coat and hair were a dark silver color and her cutey mark was an anvil.

“Are you sure dear? There's nothing wrong with asking for help,” she said softly as she held out a hoof.

“I-I'm fine! It's... it's just the stupid ponyquin's fault! I just tried to add a few extra things to it and it just, it just fell apart! I've already gone through five! They won't let me have another one...” the mare said through teary eyes.

“I... I see. Well... I currently have quite a few I could lend you one. You will need to lighten the load however. I believe nearly any would crumble under such a design. It is quite... powerful. Are you sure a normal pony could bear it?”

“H-huh? R-really?” the mare blushed and nodded. “W-well. No, n-not this one. But this isn't meant for normal ponies! This one is for... well... you know about the guest, right?”

Rarity's eyes went wide. “Oh yes! Right! We must move quickly, come along!” she called back as she trotted quickly towards her island and glanced around her dresses. With a sad sigh she removed one she had built primarily with cerulean colored stones and gripped the ponyquin in her magic. “Come along, darling. We'll need to move quickly if we are to get this right...”

With a bit of heavy lifting and a few quick adjustments to the outfit soon the large metal creation was standing tall and proud at the center of the island, surrounded by images of other metallic designs. Rarity glanced at one of them before glancing back to the mare. “So long as it just holds the outer layer of the outfit it should be fine. By any chance, are you affiliated with Gunichi zah-”

The mare's eye twitched a little bit as she interrupted. “No. I am not. Though every pony asks me that. Every single one. She wasn't the first to use metals in her designs, you know. As a matter of fact, metals in outfits have existed as far back as the founding of Equestria. The pegasi alone had over a thousand different types of armor depending on position and rank. I just happen to be a big fan of those designs.”

“I... I see,” Rarity said with an awkward cough as she looked off to the side. “I suppose I should, ahhh, leave you to it. Just be certain not to... why is it so quiet?” she asked as she glanced around. The din had gone completely silent. The mare she was talking to was staring past the unicorn now, mouth agape. Slowly the mare gulped and turned around.

Behind her stood a pony that towered over her. The pony's coat was a very dark blue with a mane and tail that flowed likea thick night sky colored liquid, with small dot like stars poking through it. On her back was a pair of large wings and on her forehead was a long horn that put the smaller unicorn's to shame. Around the mare's neck she wore a black wither guard with a crescent moon across it and on her head stood a black crown. The alicorn princess, Luna.

“Y-your highness!” she shrieked as she brought her head down in a bow so fast her horn gouged the floor. She heard a similar sound and she imagined the mare behind her did the same. “I... I-I...”

“Hello again, miss Rarity,” the princess said softly. “You may rise.”

Rarity gulped as she looked up at Luna with wide eyes. “W-what brings you here? I mean, you are a princess and may go as you please. D-don't think I'm questioning your motives or anything. I mean, I'm just curious because I never thought I'd see you of all ponies here. I mean, because you're the princess! Not that you don't have good fashion sense, I just, eep,” she went silent as the alicorn merely raised a hoof.

“You need not worry so. I am merely making an appearance at a number of events through out Equestria,” she then glanced off to the side. “It is not as if I blew up one of our towers after my dear sister played a childish prank when she awoke me and I am now trying to hide for shame...” she grumbled under her breath.

“I'm sorry princess, I didn't quite catch that?”

“Huh? Oh. I was just mentioning how once I heard one of the elements of harmony had come to attend this event I very much wished to visit thee. You. Visit you,” the princess said as her eyes shifted. “These are your garments, correct?”

“Errr... no. I was ummm just helping... helping...” Rarity turned around and looked from side to side. “She was here a moment ago. Her outfit had fallen over and I was merely helpin... oh dear. I believe she has fainted your highness...” the unicorn said as she finally caught sight of the other designer. She lightly nudged the mare with a hoof before gulping. “She uhhh, really did wish for you to see her designs though.”

“Ah yes, of course. I will take care to examine her garments in great detail before the day has ended. I would first like to see yours however,” the princess said with great gusto as a number of ponies gathered around them. They stayed a few feet back due to the royal guards, but still got as close as they could.

“Oh, yes, errr... please come with me your highness,” Rarity mumbled as she led the alicorn to her island. She then face hoofed as she realized her error. “I'm afraid I haven't had much time to prepare. You see, I was helping the other mare and-”

“Think nothing of it, Miss Rarity. As the element of generosity I cannot say I am surprised to find you so graciously helping other ponies in need.”

The unicorn's cheeks turned bright red as she moved her workbook in front of the princess. “H-here are m-my designs. F-feel free to look through it while I f-finish preparing...” she squeaked as she turned and got to work. Nearly every pony working at the exposition was now crowded around her tiny island, staring wide eyed as the princess went through the design.

A sudden shriek drew Rarity's attention back to the book. Luna was holding it out from her face, wide eyed and mouth open. “Do... do ponies... w-wear such things in public?”

The unicorn stared at the alicorn for a few moments before her eyes went wide. “O-oh no... not... I didn't... take... those out...” she let out a shriek as her horn glowed and she tried to rip the binder from the horrified princess's grasp. The two struggled for a moment before the workbook was sent hurtling through the air and straight into the midst of the gathered ponies.

The crowd practically erupted as ponies scrambled to see what it was that disturbed the princess so. Within moments ponies were shrieking, gasping and whispering amongst themselves in hushed tones while glancing towards the fashionista. Rarity looked between the princess and the crowd as tears began to slide down her face. Finally she let out a cry of despair before turning and running from the debacle. Through the hall, out the back exit and through the city. Her sparse make-up ran down her cheeks, but she couldn't bring herself to stop and fix it.


Far from the turmoil, in the city of Ponyville, a different sort of chaos occurred. Sugarcube Corner was filled end to end with ponies as the pink blur darted around serving all she could. A few ponies kept glancing at their watches or tapped their hooves as they waited.

“Pinkie? Is something wrong? I've been waiting over twenty minutes. It never takes this long,” a mint green pony with a single strip of white through her mane and tail asked.

“Sorry, Lyra, we're just experiencing a few minor difficulties!” Pinkie said as she dashed to a nearby table and dropped some drinks on it. “Here, sorry for the wait, every ponies pastries should be ready soon!” she said as she made a dash towards the kitchen. She pushed open the doors and looked around, “Is it almost fixed?”

“Almost!” Mr. Cakes said from under a nearby stove on his back. “Of all the times for the blasted thing to give out...” he grumbled as suddenly a burst of smoke shot out from under it. The earth pony slowly slid out, his entire face aside from his eyes covered in black soot. He grabbed a nearby towel and wiped his face before sighing. “I hate to say it, but she's a goner.”

Mrs. Cake darted by with a hot tray of apple fritters held in her mouth with an oven mouthpiece. She dropped them on the counter before darting back to the counter and grabbing the rolling pin. “Well, we'll just have to work extra hard then! We still have the other stove so we'll just need to get through the breakfast rush and then go see if we can get Greased Hinge to come take a look at it.”

“Now dear,” Mr. Cake said with a shuffling of his hooves, “we don't need Greased Hinge coming by. I'm sure with a bit more time I can-”

“We're getting him out here as soon as our rush is over. Now get over here and take care of the mousse while I prepare the pies!” she snapped as she waved the rolling pin threateningly.

“Yes dear, coming dear,” the stallion said with a chuckle as he moved to help her with the desserts.

Pinkie giggled as she tossed the cooling fritters into small bags before darting out of the kitchen. She quickly handed them out and got the ponies on their way while smiling to the other gathered ponies. “I'm super duper extra sorry about the wait, every pony. We're experiencing some small difficulties, but I promise we'll get every pony served as quickly as possible!” she said as she darted back to the kitchen. “How are the pies coming? The mousse? The tarts?”

“We're working on them! Mousse will be ready in five minutes!” Mr. Cake called back.

“Okey dokey lokey!” Pinkie said as she ran back out and cringed, pain shooting through her front right hoof as she stopped for a second. “Owie...”

“Hey! I've been waiting fifteen minutes out here!” a pony yelled.

“C-coming!” she yelled as she shook her hoof before running back out.


Rarity sobbed into her pillow as she laid in the hotel's bed. Her hooves and face were covered in sugar, cream and strawberries. The bag that once housed her special treats laid on the ground, empty and torn open. She buried her face in the facerest, her make-up now covering it. Occasionally she punched her hoof out into the cushion, so hard it made her shoulders hurt. “I'm the w-worst d-designer ever... I-I'll n-never touch a p-piece of fabric again,” she sobbed as she rolled onto her back and held the soft cushion over her face. After a few moments she finally let out a scream into the padding.

Slowly the mare rolled onto her side and looked at the phone. Her horn glowed as she lifted it up and began dialing. She quickly slammed it down. “No. No! You are... you are not a filly. Calling your mother won't help... you are a grown mare. You... you just have to decide what to do. Your career is ruined. The princess herself has seen your perverted designs, as have some of the greatest minds in the industry. By tomorrow this will be in every... every paper i-in Equestria. I'll... go into exile. Yes, I still have my exile packing list so I'll just go home and pack,” she said as she took a deep breath and glanced to the phone again. “Oh Celestia what will Pinkie think?” her cheeks turned bright red. “W-what if SHE wants to try some of those things?! I can't, I won't, I... I...”

Her horn glowed as she picked up the phone again and began dialing. After a few moments she was greeted by a busy signal and she let out another distraught wail. She slammed the phone down and went back to sobbing into her pillow. “P-Pinkie... I... I wish you were here... I just... I just don't want to be alone...” she cried before glancing towards the phone one more time. She then turned to the note Enigma had left her before as her horn began to glow one more time.


Pinkie stopped in the middle of the street and looked around. She then glared at the ground with a hmph. “Stupid plot,” she grumbled as she trotted towards a large building with a large cut out of an oil jug hanging over the door. She pushed open the door which, ironically, squeaked. “Greased Hinge?” she called out.

“Huh? Pinkie Pie, that you?” a voice called out from the back of the room. She glanced around at the shop. Wood cases, filled with all manner of tools and gadgets, were lined up. Opposite the door was a large open space filled with tools, boards of wood and a thick layer of sawdust. Besides those was a counter and behind that a door. From the door a large gray earth pony with a short greasy orange mane and tail trotted out. He had a small brown cloche hat on his head and a tool belt wrapped around his waist. “What brings you to my little shop today? Don't suppose you brought some of those...” he trailed off as the pink mare held out a small paper bag.

She tossed the bag on the counter and smiled at him. “We're having some troubles with our stove again. Mr. Cake tried to fix it, but he just got all sooty and pouty. Can you come by and take a look at it?”

“Well, I don't see why not. I'm a bit busy at the moment, working on Cherry Berry's balloon engine. Seems the darn thing can't keep a light. I'll probably be by in a few hours, okay?”

“Okey dokey lokey!” she said as she hopped off. “I'll see you then!” she called out as she hopped out from the shop and back towards Sugarcube Corner.


Rarity trembled in bed as she dialed the number again. As expected she received a busy signal again. She put the phone down for a few seconds before calling once again. “P-please some p-pony... just... just answer...” she said softly before finally shaking her head and gripping the phone with her magic. “AHHH!” she yelled before hurtling the thing across the room and shattering it against the wall.

Slowly she reached out and wrapped the blanket around herself as she wallowed in her misery. Before long she began to hear a pounding and she groaned. “It's not bad enough my life is over, I have to get a headache too?” she whined.

The pounding continued until she finally lifted her head up and glanced to the door. “Oh... of course. Who is it?” she called out.

“Miss, this is Cotton Spiel from the front counter. I've had a lot of complaints about noise and I just heard a crash come from here! Is everything okay?”

“I-I'm fine! I'm just, g-go away! I'm not feeling well...” she called back as she laid her head down on the pillow again.

“Miss, can you come to the door?” the pony called out.

“F-fine. I'm coming in, j-just hold your... whatever it is you hold!” she called out angrily as she climbed out of the bed and moved to the door. She swung it open and glared at the mare. “T-there, are you happy?!”

“... Miss, would you mind if I have a look around?”

“... What? Why do you want to look around?”

“We've had a lot of complaints from this room over the last few days. I just need to do a routine inspection...” the pony said softly as he glanced around.

“I... fine. Do whatever you like,” she grumbled as she moved aside.

The mare walked inside and his mouth fell open. “Miss, is that one of our phones? Did you throw it against the wall?!” she asked as she moved over to inspect the dent.

“I... yes. I wasn't feeling well and I... I was... a little flustered and I...” she said uneasily. “I'll pay for the damages...” she squeaked.

“I'm sorry ma'am, but this is the last straw,” the pony said as she glanced up. “I'm going to have to ask you to leave.”

“W-what? But... but I paid for another day...” the unicorn said softly as she stared at the mare.

“Miss, since you've been here you've refused to take service to have the room cleaned,” the mare started, “You constantly are having strange ponies sneaking in and out of your room. Strange letters, fits of rage, your own... sheets, disturbing our other guests. We'll refund you your last days costs, but you need to leave.”

“I... but... but I...” she squeaked as she stared in disbelief. “I... where will I go? I... I didn't do anything...”

“Miss if you refuse to leave I will have to call the authorities,” the mare warned, “We have your address on file and we will mail you bits, minus the costs of damage, within a couple of days.”

“The... the authorities?” she squeaked as images of her on the front paper of the daily gazette being dragged off by the police formed in her mind. “I... I'll leave...” she squeaked softly as she hung her head and began to gather her things. The pony merely watched with an annoyed look until Rarity walked out from her room and soon the building.


Pinkie laid besides the stove, holding a light so it cast the beam under the appliance, as she kept glancing nervously at the clock. “How is it looking?” she called down.

Greased Hinge called out from under it. “I think I found your problem! Some of the wires here have come loose and it's been causing a leak. Completely caked over now. Once I clean all this up and replace some of these wires it'll be right as rain. You okay up there?”

“Yes, I'm just, ummm, in a bit of a rush,” she mumbled as she glanced to her suitcase and ticket on the kitchen table.

“Well if yah got somewhere tah go you can-” the pony was cut off as the door slammed slammed shut across the kitchen. “-go...”

Pinkie dashed as fast as her little hooves could take her, occasionally glancing at the Ponyville clocktower. “Okay, Pinkie, you can do it! Just a little- yipe!” she shrieked as pain shot through her front right hoof again. She stopped for a few seconds and brought it up to her eyes. A narrow crack had formed down the hoof as she gulped. The mare glanced between her hoof and the clock a few more times before shaking her head and taking off again, thought only putting a little pressure on her hoof. “It'll be fine. Can't be late! Hee hee. I can't be late for my very important date,” she said with a giggle as the train station came into view.

A stallion with an orange mane and red coat sat behind a desk reading a paper in front of the train station. He glanced up as she came closer and for some reason a look of horror came over his face. His eyes bulged, mouth fell open and he began to sweat profusely. As she popped up to the counter, he gulped in fear. “H-hello again, Miss Pie. Errr, if you're here am I to guess Miss Rarity is returning?”

“Nopey dokey lokey! I'm going to visit her silly, didn't you see my suitcase?” she asked with a giggle. She then pulled out the ticket and held it out. “You should watch closer, Ticks.”

“What? She's... oh, of course!” Ticks said as he let out a sigh of relief and wiped some sweat from his brow. “Well the train should arrive any moment, would you like any help with your bags?”

“Nope! I got them!” she paused for a moment as her hoof rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “Though you should probably know. Rarity will be arriving home the day after tomorrow.”

“I'll alert my coworkers,” the pony said idly as he stamped her ticket. His eyes then went wide with horror. “Err, I mean no offense. We are always happy to take Miss Rarity where she needs to go! With her great... amount of necessities she travels with it is best that we are prepared.” Sweat began to bead on the ponies forehead as his smile twitched.

Pinkie merely giggled and reached out to boop his nose. “Don't worry, I won't tell any pony. Remember? I'm your best friend Pinkie Pie! I know how much you work and care,” she said as she hopped off.

Ticks watched her hop off before shaking his head and quickly writing a note before going back to his newspaper.

Pinkie sat down near the edge of the station and glanced around. Far off she could see the train quickly making its approach. “Hee hee. Don't worry, Rarity. I'll be there before you know it!”


Rarity gulped nervously as she looked towards the building hosting the exhibition. She paced nervously back and forth across the street. Her hair was a mess, her eyes puffy from crying and she was sweaty from hauling her luggage. “Come on, Rarity. You are a grown mare. You can do this. Just walk in, grab your dresses and leave. Head home and forget this ever happened. No pony is going to stop you. No pony is going to laugh at you. No pony is going to look at you and yell how you're the wretched creature with a binder filled with perverted designs and why did all this have to happen to me...” she whined as she banged her head on the wall a few times. “If only I had been paying attention... I should have remembered to take them out! Showing them to the PRINCESS of all ponies?!” she said with another pained groan. Ponies occasionally glanced at her and attempted to keep their distance as they passed the moping mare.

“Rarity?” a voice called out from behind her.

The unicorn's head whipped around as she saw her. Cuckoo Strait. Even worse, the earth pony had HER binder sticking out from a saddlebag.

“Oh dear...” the earth pony said as she looked the mare over. “What's- Rarity! Come back!”

Rarity shook her head and took off as more tears went down her face. She pushed and shoved through the crowds, uncaring about who she knocked over or pushed. A few ponies called out at her angrily, but she didn't care. Finally as her lungs began to burn she slowed down and turned, sweat falling from her body as she panted and wheezed. Cuckoo Strait was no where in sight.

“Rarity?” another voice said to her right.

“Leave me alone! I... oh,” she mumbled as she glanced over and saw Enigma. He was wearing a rather stunning black tux. Not that she'd ever be one to judge garments again. “H-hello, Enigma.”

“What happened? Are you okay?” he asked softly as he looked her up and down.

“I-I'm fine... I just... I was...” she mumbled as she shifted back a step.

“Why do you have all that luggage? I thought the exhibition didn't end until tomorrow?”

“I-I'm leaving...” she said softly as her hooves began to quiver.

“What? You are? Why? What's going on?” he took a step forward. “I figured you'd be there right now. I heard the princess was making an appearance and... and... Rarity? Are you crying?”

“I-I'm not crying! It's... it's... liquid shame...” she said with a whimper as she shook her head. “I'm just... going back there to g-grab my things a-and then I'm leaving...”

He frowned and held out his hoof. “How about you come with me, okay? My place is nearby and we can talk about it. How does that sound?”

“F-fine...” she mumbled as she slowly followed after him and tried to keep the wetness from bursting from her eyes. It wasn't long before they stood in front of a two story home, one of many in a neighborhood of similar homes. The walls were painted white, lawn was mowed and they even had a line of bushes separating it from the street. “You... live here?” she asked with her mouth open.

“Well, yeah. What did you think we lived in?” he asked as he waved at one of his neighbors, an older mare pruning her bushes.

“I honestly expected ponies to be walking around here dressed in bondage and a pony on a le... oh, there's one. No, wait. That's just some pony walking their dog...” she mumbled softly as she glanced about.

“... Of course,” he grumbled as he opened the door and stepped inside. Rarity followed him and glanced about. It opened into a small hall with a staircase down the hall that went up, a door on her right and then three open doorways to lead into a dining room, living room and a small private library. The walls had flower wall paper and a number of pictures of the three ponies who lived here.

Rarity stared and looked around as they walked, her mouth open slightly.

“Is something wrong?” the stallion asked with a slight smirk.

“What? No. Nothing. Your home looks... nice,” the mare said gently.

“Nothing you want to ask? Say?” he asked as he moved into the lounge and sat on a large green loveseat. He gently patted the cushion besides himself.

“Well... I mean... you errr... where is all your...”

“Our toys are downstairs and we share a work space upstairs. Here is our living space and it's really quite tacky to have naughty things laying about when we have guests. Especially considering how many of our guests have children,” he said with a snicker.

“I... I see...” she mumbled as she looked around some more as the shock slowly wore off. She dropped her luggage on the ground before taking a seat besides him.

“So... what happened?”

Rarity glanced down and put her hooves over her eyes. “It... it was horrible. T-those designs I d-drew for you and... and your... l-lovers. E-everypony saw them. I-I forgot to take them o-out of my w-workbook and I w-was really busy a-and they got out...” she sobbed as she felt the tears start up again.

“Now Rarity, I'm sure it's not that bad. Who care's if a few-”

“PRINCESS LUNA SAW THEM!” she screamed.

He eeped and rolled back a bit in the love seat as his eyes went wide. “N-now, I'm sure she didn't-”

“She picked up my binder, flipped through it, saw those designs and SCREAMED!” Rarity yelled as the tears began coming out full force again. “Then when I tried to grab it back the entire thing was thrown and every pony saw! I'm ruined! I'm going to become known as that perverted pony who designs fetish outfits! How can I ever hope to build dresses for the most elite of Equestria now?!” she waled. “I was going to become a designer like no other! The greatest names in Equestria would wear my designs! I'd make beautiful dresses! Wonderful dresses! Now I'm going to be nothing more than a laughing stock...” she said as she sobbed into her hooves.

Enigma stared at her a few moments as he nervously chewed on his lips. Finally he reached out and wrapped his arms around her. “There... there... it's going to be okay. You're a brilliant designer and um, every pony is going to see that,” he mumbled softly before pulling away. “I'll be right back, I'm going to go make some nice tea. Just wait here, okay?”

The white coated unicorn nodded as her friend quickly moved away and into the kitchen. Once there he quickly put the kettle on the stove with some water and grabbed the phone. He dialed a few numbers quickly and then put it to his ear. “Silverchain? It's me, Enigma. Ummm, when will you be home?” he asked as suddenly his cheeks went bright red! “N-no, I didn't mean because of that. Well, maybe later, but not now. It's Rarity, she's over here and... What? No, I guess I didn't, but it was kinda an emergency,” he paused and listened. “She was crying. Well, errr... I'd rather not say why over the phone. I'll just say her career as a designer could be over. What? No I'm not exaggerating. It's just... No, this is not like the time I accidentally flashed the mayor. That was not my fault, Jadewing was... sorry. Can you please come home when you're done? I'm... I'm not any good at this. What? I'm making tea now. She's in the other room, crying. Her marefriend? I don't know, in Ponyville? I don't know her number.”

He glanced down to the kettle and sighed. “Please. She's my friend and... what? No! I would never, she's just a friend and that's all! I'd have to be a complete idiot to do something like that! Okay. I know, I know. I love you too. See you soon,” he mumbled as he put the phone down and let out yet another sigh. “Nothing can ever be easy, can it?” he mumbled as he took out some cups and put them by the stove. “Tea should be ready in a few more minutes!” he called back to the living room.


Pinkie hummed softly as she tapped her hooves on the ground. Her front right hoof was wrapped up in a cloth. It wasn't much but it was all she had access too. The outside world whizzed by and she couldn't help but feel excited! She was going to see her little cuddly marshmallow soon. They would talk, cuddle, sing and play games! The city was now in sight and she felt cheers bubbling up inside her like a boiling pot of tea.

She glanced out the window towards the rising moon and let out a small-mini cheer, “Yippee!” The mare then glanced at her ticket happily. Weekday expedited service was printed on the front in large golden letters. “I'm gonna have to bake the Cakes an extra big super thank you cake after this,” she said with another happy giggle. A shrill noise filled the air as the train slowly ground to a halt.

Pinkie took off like a bolt the moment the gates opened, sending a few other passengers into headspins. She darted through the building until finally skidding to a stop by the road. Her hoof hurt a little bit, but she ignored it. She raised her other hoof and within a few moments a carriage stopped in front of her. She hopped inside and called out between giggles, “To the, hee hee, Golden Egg hotel!”

With a mighty rear the pony took off! The pink mare looked out the window as they traveled, her mouth falling open at the lights and beauty of the city. After a few blocks she started talking to herself, “Wow... so many ponies. It's just like Canterlot! Only bigger and taller! I bet I could throw a really-eek!” she was suddenly jarred forward as the carriage ground to a halt.

“We're here! Golden Egg hotel! That'll be eight bits,” the stallion said as he held out he held out his hoof.

“Okey dokey lokey!” she said as she dropped the coins in his hoof, before running inside.

“Hm?” the pony at the front desk said as she glanced up from her paperwork. “Can I help you miss?”

“Yep! I'm here to see Rarity!” she said happily.

The mare's smile instantly turned to a frown as she glared at the earth pony. “Oh. So you're here for... that mare. She's no longer here,” she said curtly.

“... What?” Pinkie asked as she cocked her head to the side. “She's staying here though...”

“She was kicked out. Please leave,” the mare said as she tapped her hoof on the counter.

“Kicked out? What? Why?”

“For breaking hotel property, constantly making noise, disturbing other guests and having a constant stream of... 'guests' to her room after hours. Here at the Golden Egg we don't take too such trouble makers,” the mare said as she tapped her hoof quicker.

“But... Rarity isn't a trouble maker. She's one of the nicest mares I know. I know a lot of mares, trust me.”

“... Ah. So you're another one of her lovers then. Kindly vacate the premises before I call the police,” the mare said as she reached for the phone.

“What? But I-”

“I'm calling them!”

Pinkie glanced at the phone before turning around and running out the door. She glared back inside, “Big... big... flank... flank head!” she called back before looking up and down the street. “Okey dokey lokey... if she's not here then she'd be at the exhibition! Don't worry, Rarity! Pinkie is on the way! Taxi!”


Jadewing and Enigma paced back and forth in the kitchen of their home. From down the hall they could hear Rarity and Silverchain talking. “You know, you'll have to go out there eventually,” the pegasus mumbled.

“Y-yeah? Well, so will you.”

“Nuh-uh. She's not my friend,” Jadewing mumbled as she moved to the counter and sipped her tea.

“Well... she's... I-I don't know what to do. Ice cream? Do they make good enough ice cream for 'I just showed one of the rulers of the country my designs for fetish outfits'?” he asked while staring at the mare. After a few moments of silence he spoke up again, “I'm serious, do they? I'll go pick some up if there is.”

“... No, they don't. You know as often as you run to us for comfort, you'd think you'd be a little better at giving it,” she snapped.

“I... I'm sorry... I just... I don't know what to do. I want to make it better, but I don't know how...” he mumbled again.

“Did you try calling her mare friend? If she could ever use her...”

“I don't have any idea how,” he mumbled as he kicked at the floor. “The only Ponyville numbers I have are businesses. I seriously doubt any of them would know this Pinkie Pie.”

“Probably... well maybe Silverchain can do something?” Jadewing said as she glanced down the hall. “The cryings stopped at least. We could go hide upstairs?”

“... I'd be in so much trouble. Not the good kind either. No, I need to do this...” he mumbled as he took a deep breath, grabbed the tea(their fifth pot of the evening) and walked back out to the living room. “Ummm, I made another pot of tea.”

“... Of course you did,” Silverchain mumbled as she pat Rarity's back. The two were sitting on the loveseat. “We were just discussing Rarity's future.”

“Oh?” Enigma said as excitement filled his voice. “So you're going to keep designing? That's good I-”

“NO!” Rarity interrupted. “I'm done. There... there is no coming back from this. But I can probably make a living doing other things. I mean... I'm sure I could use my gem finding spells to become a supplier.”

“Wouldn't that require you to actually... dig?” Enigma asked.

The white unicorn stared for a moment and then burst into tears again. “Y-you're right! I can't even do that! I'm useless, hopeless and going to end up being the crazy cat lady who lives in a broken down shop and showed the princess fetish gear!” she wailed.

Silverchain glared at him as he shuffled about. “S-sorry. I was just trying to help...” He looked up as a light knocking came at the door. “Huh? I wonder who that is...” he mumbled as he ran from the room and opened the door. “Huh? Who are... ohh! Rarity! There's an earth pony here too see you!”

Rarity looked up and then her cheeks went red. “It... couldn't be... Pinkie?” she called out as she got to her hooves and trotted to the door. Her ears went flat and eyes went wide when she saw the earth pony standing there. “O-oh no... M-miss... S-Strait...” Her hooves began to shake as she took a step back. “W-what brings you h-here?”


Pinkie hummed as she glanced around the exhibition. “So many unicorns...” she mumbled softly. Dresses and ponies were everywhere as she walked, occasionally bumping into her as she made her way through the crowd. A few of the islands were empty but, for the most part, they were almost all manned by a pony explaining and selling their designs.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a glittering diamond dress and squealed with delight. “Rarity!” she called out as she darted towards the island. She stood up with her front hooves on the counter and looked around. “Rarity? Where are you? Hellllooooooo?” she called out.

“She's not here,” a voice said from behind her after a few moments.

Pinkie turned to see a dark silver unicorn standing behind her. “Oh? Where is she?”

The pony looked off to the side. “Well... she left this morning. I don't think she's coming back tonight though. It's almost midnight and the exhibition will be closing down soon.”

Pinkie looked confused as she hummed. “She left this morning? Where'd she go?” the mare asked as she hopped a bit around. “I'm going to be the biggest surprise for her ever!” she said with a happy giggle.

“She... there was an accident. Listen, the general public have to leave around midnight, but there are ponies here all night. Working on their designs. If you talk to one of the event runners I'm sure they'll let you stay and-” the mare was cut off as the pink blur raced past.

“Thanks Ironmane!” the earth pony called back as she darted off in search of a worker.

“No pro... wait, how did she know my name? Did I introduce myself? No, no. I must have...” she mumbled as she trotted back towards her island. She occasionally glanced back after the mare with a worried look.

It wasn't long before Pinkie found a large earth pony in a green vest with the words Event Organizer across the chest. He held a clip board in his hoof. “Hi!” she said quickly.

“Hello, can I help you?” he asked without looking up.

“Yep! I'm here to see Rarity! She-”

“I know who she is,” the pony said with a sigh. “Specializes in precious stone dresses. Created a major scene today in front of the princess. Has left her section unattended eighteen percent more often than the average. I'm afraid she hasn't returned since this mornings incident.”

“Oh... would you mind-”

“No, you may wait if you wish. I imagine after her shameful display this evening she'll be returning to gather her things once the crowds have thinned. It's what most ponies who can't make it do.”

“Do you ha-”

“Yes. I'm a very busy pony so if you have nothing else, please just head towards the back and head upstairs. There are a number of resting places where you can wait. If you wish to store your belongings while waiting ask for a key from the locker room attendant.”

“Oh, well goo-”

“Good night to you as well,” the pony grumbled as he walked away from here.

“Eesh, what a fuddy duddy,” Pinkie grumbled as she trotted back through the exhibits. It wasn't long before she started up the stairs, glancing around as she did. Pictures lined the walls of past designers and there were even a few ponies the mare recognized. Hoity Toity, the stallion who once raved about the gala dresses Rarity had made. Fancy Pants and his marefriend, Fleur Dis Lee, who they had met on Twilight's birthday.

There were a few others she had seen in some of the magazines Rarity kept around the boutique, but none Pinkie could name. Suddenly a unicorn darted out from the rooms at the top of the stairs and ran right at her!

“Ahhhh!” he shrieked as he drove his hooves down and tried to brake. He managed to stop much of his inertia, only toppling her back a few steps when he butted into her. The pink mare shrieked as she tried to balance herself, her back left hoof slipping off the steps. She drove her front hooves down, standing awkwardly sideways on the steps. Massive pain shot through her front right hoof as she let out a scream and pulled it away. The sudden movement knocked away her unbalance as she fell backwards and toppled down the stairs with a shriek.

“Miss?” the pony called as he gazed down at the mare. “Oh Celestia. Some pony! Call an ambulance!” he yelled as he ran down the steps after her.

Above them a voice could be heard over loudspeakers. “It is now midnight. Please finish...”