• Published 11th Sep 2013
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Weekdays are too short - Jeweled Pen

Follow up to Weekends are too long, a few months after the two get together can Pinkie and Rarity survive a week of separation?

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Rarity groaned softly as she curled up tightly in her nice, warm bed. Silk covers enveloped her in a sea of relaxation and comfort as the sun slowly peeked in from the window, heating her back. “I don't wanna get up...” she groaned in objection as she popped one of the cucumbers off her eyes and glanced towards the clock. Sadly, she had no choice if she wanted to be there when the exhibition first opened. With an objectionable groan she slid out of her bed and set about removing her face mask.

After a fair bit of time, and quite a few grunts of annoyance, the mare had showered, brushed her mane and cleaned up her room. She had brought her own pillows and blankets so the hotel's were stacked neatly in a corner while hers remained around her bed. Finally, after putting on a dazzling red dress with a golden hem, she stood in front of the mirror and smiled. “Okay Rarity. Today you are going to knock them out. You're going to sell a dozen dresses, custom fitted. You're going to show them just how amazing and talented you are. You. Can. Do. This!” she said proudly as she ran a hoof through her mane. After doing another quick check of her teeth the mare turned and trotted out the door, closing it behind her.

The city streets were filled to the brim with ponies walking, talking and working. To her satisfaction she noticed more than a few ponies heads turned in her direction and she couldn't help but smirk. She was beautiful, talented and an amazing designer! No matter what any pony said she was going to blow the roof off the event with her fabulous designs! Even if her hero thought they were garbage or belonged in the discount bin. She sighed as she trotted into the building and made her way to her small island.

Sitting down besides her dresses she glanced over towards the counter. While she did have plenty of materials for repairs she had left the majority of her resources back home. However, she still had one important package she brought with her on all trips. With a deep breath she slowly drew a thick notebook from under the counter, along with her pens.

The notebook was one of her greatest treasures as a designer. Every design, regardless if drawn on a drafting table or on a napkin, that she viewed as good enough was located in here. The notebook was filled with small plastic holders where years of hard work could be flipped through at a moments notice. She, of course, had a dozen others back home but this one was special. This was the one she showed her customers. Only her most fabulous work was within it. The back was filled with blank pieces of paper as she slowly tugged one out and drew her pens. She'd show them. She'd show them all just how amazing her work was!

She hummed softly as she started drawing the outline of the pony for it to go on. Earth pony, pink body, pink mane, p- her cheeks turned red as she shook her head. No! Bad Rarity! Dress! Not cotton-candy! She gripped a black pen in her magic, slowly beginning to draw the outfit with a hum. Perhaps she was making it a bit to tight, not the most comfortable gown. Ah, but then for true beauty sacrifices had to be made. She picked up a yellow pen as she chewed softly on the tip of her tongue. Form fitting, but still flowing around the back. The front was sleek and molded to the body while small dark wraps encircled each leg. Each hoof had-

“Interesting choices,” a voice said from in front of her.

“Huh?” she asked as she looked up. Her ears went flat as she dropped the pen. “M-miss S-Strait...” she squeaked.

“May I?” the earth pony asked as Rarity merely nodded. “Interesting color scheme. Darker than your colorful displays,” she said with a cocked eyebrow.

“W-well, I ummm, I-I was just doodling and...”

“No. It's... passable. Perhaps not for anywhere decent, but it could make a decent Nightmare Night costume. Better than your attempts to imitate a strutting peacock that you so flippantly display here.”

Rarity's mouth fell open as she felt the tears beginning to build up. “I... I see. I guess I... m-maybe use a few to m-many colors...”

“A few to many colors? Hon, my grandson uses to many colors when he draws a rainbow in kindergarten. You might as well mix all your jewels together and dump them on your dresses for how it looks.”

Okay, the unicorn couldn't contain herself then. Tears flooded down her face as she turned around, grabbed her notebook and ran, leaving the picture with the earth pony.

Cuckoo sighed as she watched the heart broken mare run off. She glanced down at the picture once more, cocking an eye as she folded it up neatly and slid it into her bag before walking to the next island.


“Can I... C-can we talk?” Rarity asked as she held the phone in her quivering hoof.

“Huh? Oh, sure. How about we meet at Leh Creme's? Jadewing is here too, want her to come so you can meet her?” Enigma's voice came out from the other end of the phone.

The unicorn let out a soft sigh before nodding and then realizing he couldn't see. “Oh... Yes. I'll get her measurements too... Can you bring a tape measure? Mine was... damaged,” she grumbled, unwilling to head back into the hall to grab it.

“Oh, no need for that. We actually have all of our measurements for... errr... other... things,” he said nervously, his blush almost audible.

“F-fine, I'll see you then,” the wounded mare said before clicking off the phone. She let out another deep sigh before looking into the mirror and forcing a smile. “Come on, Rarity. Pull yourself together. Look at you darling, your make up is running. You're a professional, act like it. You're just meeting a mare, showing her some designs, all of which are atrocious and, no no no! Stop it...” she said softly as she grabbed a napkin to dab at her eyes, before heading downstairs and out the back exit.

The streets were no longer packed, though still quite loud with ponies milling about. She hailed a carriage and hopped inside with a soft sigh and gave some quick directions to the driver. She then glanced out the window as the buildings passed her by, struggling to process her failure. She had to go back, she needed to get more dresses. She couldn't keep surviving like this, getting just a few customers for a few months and then be right back at square zero when the payments ran out.

She stroked the seat next to her and sighed. Maybe she should just give up. Even if it was her passion, not every pony could live their dream job. Another thought formed in her head. She could always just... ask for help from the princess. She'd saved Equestria at least twice! It wouldn't be to much to ask for a little funding. Maybe even a- NO! She slammed her hoof down in anger. “I am NOT a charity case. I'd rather live on the street than beg for bits,” she growled. Frankly it was one of the few things she had in common with her less... refined friend, Applejack. Neither of them would take a hoof out even if it meant they lost everything.

“Ahem, miss?” a voice called out, breaking her from her thoughts. “Are you okay? We've been here a while...”

“Huh? Oh! Sorry, right... Thank you,” she mumbled as she hopped out of the carriage and paid her fare. The building was almost exactly as she remembered it, though far less busy and with no line. She walked to the front entrance and smiled, “I'm here to see Enigma?”

“Ah yes, mademoiselle. He's called ahead and will be a little late, but please come with me,” the door pony said with a smile as he led her off to the same table as before. She sighed and took a seat, glancing around nervously at the assortment of guests. While they were still quite varied, more than half the tables were empty. Not to surprising given the time though.

She slowly glanced at the wine list and sighed. Well, she was having a tough week, she deserved this. After the waiter arrived she smiled and motioned to the top of the list. “I'll have a glass of the Cherry family '07,” she said with a smile before glancing back out towards the city. “Oh Rarity... What are you going to do with yourself... This was supposed to be your big break and you spend it running around the city and hiding from your hero...” she grumbled.

The unicorn sighed and laid her hooves on the table and rested her head. She felt miserable and she wanted her little cotton-candy mare to snuggle and cuddle. She wondered if the mare back home was thinking of her. She missed the scent of cinnamon in her mane, the taste of sugar on her lips, the sight of flour covering her coat.

“Rarity? Are you okay?” Enigma's voice asked from behind her.

“Huh?” she quickly sat up and turned to face him. “What? No! I'm fine! I'm, errr, hello,” she said softly as she stared at the pegasus mare that stood next to her friend. The mares coat was a light blue and her mane and tail were stripes of different tones of hot pink. Her wings however were jade green. “I'm guessing you must be Jadewing.”

“Uh huh...” the mare said as she moved closer. Enigma just stared, his mouth open.

“What's wrong? Is there something on my face? Huh? Hey!” she cried out as her hoof was grabbed by the pegasus and she was quickly dragged off. “What are you, hey, stop!”

“...” the pegasus didn't stop, instead dragging the struggling mare into the restroom.

“What the hay are you doing?” she asked in agitation.

“Sorry, Enigma doesn't do well around that,” the mare said as she motioned to Rarity's face. The confused mare looked in the mirror and let out a gasp of shock. Her makeup was running again. Had she started crying again? Oh by Celestia's mane he saw... Thankfully she didn't wear much makeup, just enough to frame her better features, so the damage was far less severe than it could have been, though still quite obvious. She grabbed some paper towels and worked at removing the last of it. At least her eye lash extensions were safe.

“Ugh... I can't believe you saw that, I wish I could die...” Rarity mumbled as she tossed the paper towel in the trash.

“No, it happens. I kinda understand but... listen,” she said as she moved in close. “You're pretty and all, but Enigma isn't going to leave us any time soon and Silverchain isn't looking for another pet. I'd give up and try to find some other stallion to have a crush on.”

Rarity stared at the mare for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. “What? Me and him? Oh no no no no. That had nothing to do with him. I've been having a... terrible week...” she sighed before smiling again. “I thought I had cleared all that up before I got here though. I guess I should have checked in here first...”

“Oh. Okay then! Come on, he's probably having an anxiety attack with us running off like that. Probably thinks I'm dangling you out the window by your hooves or something,” she joked, at least the unicorn hoped it was a joke.

“Of course,” the seamstress said as she trotted out of the bathroom, keeping her head high and fake smile strong. “Sorry about that, Enigma,” she said as she took a seat across from him. Jadewing took a seat besides him and pulled him against her side.

“I-It's quite alright. I ummm... is everything okay? I mean, with the exhibition I thought you'd feel great. I hear even Cuckoo Strait was there and-” he stopped as he noticed her smile crumble. “She wasn't?”

“S-she's t-there...” the little fashionista said with a quivering lip.

“She is? Then why are you so upset? She's your hero! I thought she was one of your favorite designers ever?”

“S-she... looked at my work and just... she...” the mare shook her head. “No! I don't... I don't want to talk about it. Let's just... Right...” she took a deep breath and pulled out her binder and slid it across the table. “Miss Jadewing, was it? Here are a number of designs I sell. Let me know if a-anything catches your eye.”

The mare nodded and flipped through them as she cocked an eye. “These all seem pretty good. How long have you been designing these?”

“Oh, since I was a filly. I got my cutey mark from it in fact,” she said as she tried to relax and sipped her tea.

“I see, I see,” the mare paused as she pulled the book closer. “So, does this binder have all your designs in it, or is it just one of a bunch of duplicates?”

“What? Well, I have others, but that is my spotlight binder. All of my best outfits and designs go in it, why?”

“So, you take it with you everywhere?” the mare asked with a mischievous smile.

“Well, not everywhere, but I do take it quite frequently. Why?”

“Okay,” she pulled it close then glanced up. “So are you Mistress Diamond Gleame?”

The unicorn's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she whipped around to glare at Enigma. “You told her?!! You swore to me you'd never tell anyone! How could you?!”

“Jadewing, why, you can't, I never did! I swear!” Enigma floundered, getting to his hooves and looking panicked.

“Give me that back, I'm leaving now!” she yelled, her eyes squinted in rage as she felt more tears going down her face.

“Easy, easy! Calm down, he never told me! I figured it out!” Jadewing said as she held the binder close.

“Horse feathers! He told you, didn't he? I should have known you'd ne-”

“SIT DOWN!” Jadewing yelled as her wings flared out. Her voice was so firm and powerful the unicorn found herself sitting back down instantly and staring meekly. “Now, as I was saying. He never told us. Though I'll be honest, it was kind of obvious. We knew he used to work with her, but he told us he promised never to tell anyone so we couldn't press the issue,” she reached out a hoof to Enigma's side and pulled him close. “Then, every time you ended up in the paper he'd talk about you, but he could never really explain who you were except as an old friend. We put two and two together quickly enough.”

“I... but... secret...” Rarity squeaked softly.

“Hon, you made some of the best outfits any pony ever saw! If you hadn't done all your work through Enigma here you'd probably be hounded daily, as it is I doubt we're the only ponies who figured it out. Heck, a lot of ponies would probably give their manes to know who you are,” the pegasus said with a little snicker as her tail flicked back against Enigma's side, who shifted nervously in his chair.

“O-oh... I guess... Sorry I yelled at you, Enigma,” she mumbled softly before drinking down the rest of her wine in one gulp, though she was beginning to wish she had something stronger.

“So, knowing all this I only have one question for you...”

“What?” Rarity asked nervously, dread filling her as she prepared for the blackmail.

“Make me something like your old lines! Please please pleaaaaaaaase!” the mare begged, actually putting her hooves together and shaking them.

“I... what? No! I will not! I already told Enigma I won't-”

“We'll pay you twice your normal rate! No, ten times as much!” the mare begged. “Please? Pretty please? With sugar and strawberries with whipped cream on top?”

“I told you, I won't. It's not about the money, it's... wait, ten times?” she blinked a few times and did some mental calculations. At that price it could afford her more than a few payments on her boutique. Also considering the time saved. “I... I don't know... You do know my normal rates, yes?”

“Yes! Enigma told me!” she grinned with pure excitement. “Please? Just two things! One for me, one for Silverchain and we'll pay ten times for each!”

“I'm not sure Silverchain will go for that,” Enigma interjected. “Remember what happened last time you went wild buying a bunch of things on m-bay? She was furious.”

“She'll understand! Besides she said I could go up to twenty times per outfit if she was Diamond Gleame. Could you imagine? A custom design from her, one of a kind!” the pegasus said excitedly, practically hoping out of her chair.

“Twenty times?” Rarity asked with a cocked eyebrow.

“I... Oh. Oops, eh heh heh...” Jadewing squeaked as she poked her hooves together nervously.

“See, this is why we make you stay at home when we speak to clients,” Enigma muttered as he shook his head.

“Really? I thought that was because the time I told the Cutsinhoof's how when you were in bed that I could barely tell you weren't a mare,” the pony rebutted.

“I... you... that... I don't... why would you...” Enigma flustered as he looked down, looking quite hurt at the attack.

“Oh honey,” Jadewing said as she moved over and wrapped her hooves around his neck. “I was just playing, you know that. You know I think you're really adorable and snuggly and totally obviously a stallion when we play. Now come on, who's a big strong stallion? Yes you are, yes y-”

“Ahem,” Rarity interrupted as she attempted not to gag, though she couldn't help but enjoy the pegasus's random behavior. She wondered why. “I tell you what. I like to think I'm a fairly generous mare so I will make these outfits for... fifteen times my normal value.”

“Yes!” the pegasus shrieked as she jumped up, accidentally landing on Enigma and bringing them both crashing to the floor. “Ow.”

“But there are some conditions,” the unicorn warned as she glanced down to them. “First, we are in public so stop acting like hot and bothered school students.”

“It's not me! It's her! Hey!” Enigma shrieked as the pegasus used him as a makeshift sofa, laying on his back.

“Okay, go on,” the pony said with a smile.

“Second, you tell no pony. If you really must, tell them I mailed them or something and you have no idea who the real Mistress Diamond Gleame is. I don't want some pony knocking on my door a month from now asking for... that long gone persona.”

“Easy enough! Any others?”

“Yes. I have a room at the Golden Egg hotel. Come by tonight with your uhhh... Miss Silverchain and we can discuss a few things. If all goes well I should have some outfits drawn up by tomorrow night, which you can come and take a look at. Are these terms acceptable?”

“Okey dokey lokey! Thank you! You are the best ever!” the mare said as she lunged at the unicorn, who was to stunned to evade, and hugged her in a tight hug.

“I... uhhh... okay. I ummm... Okay?” she squeaked softly as she patted the mare's head. “Please stop causing a scene...”

“Oh, right, heh heh,” she quickly darted back to the other side of the table and sat down in the chair, allowing Enigma to finally get up.

“So, I must admit you aren't quite how I envisioned you,” Rarity said as she glanced through the menu again.

“Oh? How did you envision me?”

“Well, energetic to be sure, but less enthusiastic.”

“Why?” she snickered softly. “Did you imagine I would be hanging off Enigma's leg, fawning over him?”

“Well, to be quiet honest...” she shifted nervously as she thought about Fleur Dis Lee who hung off Fancy Pant's leg during their occasional encounters.

The pegasus snickered and nudged Enigma, who was busy blushing and sipping from his water. “Actually he does most of the hanging off legs. He's our trophy stallion, but don't tell anyone I said that,” the mare said with a wink.

“Ah, I see. I guess that would make... you the dominant in the relationship then?” Rarity asked with a light snicker.

“With him, yeah. Sometimes. Why, what's so funny?” she asked with a glare.

“What? No, nothing. I just am trying to imagine him walking around in a girdle...” the unicorn said with a snicker as they stared back with confused looks. “Oh, something a pony back in Ponyville did once he lost a bet. It was oddly adorable watching him trying to... nevermind. So, you never told me how you met each other. Do tell,” Rarity said as she brought her wine, freshly filled, to her lips again.

“Oh, well you see it was in the middle of winter so...”


Pinkie hummed as she lightly put her helmet on.

“Boots?” a soft voice asked from behind the mare.

“Check,” she responded.





“Rubber ducky?”


“Okay! Scoots, let 'er rip!” Apple Bloom yelled as she shoved a log out of the way. The small red wagon the pink mare sat in started to roll slowly down the hill. A long rope, held by Pinkie, was pulled taut as a buzzing sound filled the air. At the end of the rope Scootaloo stood on her scooter, wings flapping and rope in her mouth, as it flew down the hill pulling the wagon behind her. At the bottom of the hill was a tall wooden ramp.

They hit the ramp full speed, sending the filly into the air as the mare followed suit a moment later. At the peak of the jump Scootaloo lost her grip on the rope with a squeak and tried to grab it again, but it flew out of range behind her. As she landed she darted to the side as the wagon, now empty, flew by. A loud splash could be heard behind her as she looked over towards the ramp and the small pond she flew over, which was now covered with a large opened parachute.

“Errr, Pinkie? Are you okay?” she asked softly. “Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...”

After a few moments there was a quack and a giggle as the center of the parachute began to rise. “Mmmmmrrrrffffmmmm mmmffff!”

“Pinkie! I can't hear you through... wait, how did we even hear the, never mind. Take off the parachute!” Scootaloo yelled as Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle came running down the hill.

“Is she okay?!” Sweetie asked as her voice cracked, eyes wide with panic.

“We saw everything! Why did you spit out the rope?!” Apple Bloom asked as the two small fillies ran to the edge of the ramp.

“I didn't mean to! I lost my grip and it flew out! Pinkie!”

After a few more moments the parachute was shoved aside as the rubber ducky floated away. Pinkie chuckled and smiled. “I don't think parasailing is going to work,” she said as she climbed out and glanced to the fillys. “But that's what these tests are for!”

“Do you think we should have tried a bigger lake?” Scootaloo asked as a shriek rang out from down the hill. “Ah! The wagon!”

“Oh no!” Apple Bloom yelled as the three fillies ran down the hill towards the source of the scream.

Pinkie watched them run away before pulling herself and the parachute from the water and unhooking herself. She took a step forward and cringed as pain shot up her hoof, dropping out from under her and making her stumble face first into the ground. The pain died down after a few moments as she looked at her hoof closely. It was just a little red so she sighed and slowly got up and gingerly placed weight on it, not feeling any pain. With a shrug she galloped after the others, to make sure every pony was okay.


Rarity hummed softly as she drew all manners of outfits in her binder, occasionally chewing on the end of the pen before drawing again. She didn't know why but she felt... soothed. Probably more relaxed than she'd been her entire trip. She'd managed to even sell four more dresses today, bringing her total to ten and two 'special' outfits.

She'd already drawn up a number of different outfits for the pegasus, many designed to accentuate her power and control over the unicorn stallion the mare kept close. Pleather was of course the fabric of choice, but she couldn't help but draw up a few outfits with velvet. After all, velvet was a sign of royalty at one point and she imagined the mare did have a gentler, smooth side. On the other hoof, pleather was traditional.

From there there were a number of different things to consider. The positioning of the wings, should they be allowed to move freely? Wrapped in tight fabric to make them more imposing, possibly with jewels engraved along the edges? Maybe hidden completely, to give the mare a more earth pony appearance to subject the unicorn to a more lower class of- her cheeks turned bright red as she shook her head rapidly.

This was one of the reasons she got away from such work! It was exciting, dangerous, taboo! Unrefined, the kind of thing an upper class mare such as herself should have never think of, let alone designed! Imagine if any pony back home heard of such things, the scandal would be disasterous. She pulled from the notebook, now holding a number of different designs, and walked to her bathroom. A quick splash of water to the face and a drink of icy water and the mare was back to her old self, calm, collected, totally not imagining such... naughty acts.

A sudden knock on the door made the mare shriek as she dove to the notebook and slammed it shut before shoving it under her pillow. She glanced at the clock and gasped, it was almost midnight! She got back a little after nine, had she really been working on those outfits for so long?

A second knock drew her back to reality as she trotted towards the door. “Coming,” she called out as she opened the door. Unsurprisingly Enigma and Jadewing were standing there. A bit surprising was the silver-maned, purple coated earth pony that stood between them. “Errr, you must be miss Silverchain. A pleasure to meet you, please come in,” she motioned inside as the mare merely nodded and walked inside. “So um, can I-”

“So you are Mistress Diamond Gleame?!” the earth pony asked as she suddenly got right in Rarity's face, staring into her eyes intensely.

“Y-yes?” the unicorn squeaked out as she cowered slightly from the intense gaze. The other mare wasn't that big, only an inch or so taller than the fashionista and a bit wider, but the way she stared made Rarity feel like Apple Bloom being scolded by Big Mac. It took all her willpower not to whimper and try to hide under the bed.

“Interesting...” Silverchain said as she reached out and poked the unicorn's horn. “Well my little Enigma has told me plenty about you. How brilliant and talented you are. I'd love to see some of your designs.”

“Huh? Oh, ummm, right, sure... O-One moment...” she said as she scurried, something she never dreamed she would do, towards the bed and pulled out the binder. “I-I've come up with a n-number of designs for miss Jadewing that I think will do nicely. I ahhh, ummm, h-here...” she opened it and held it out to the mare, floating with the use of her magic.

“I see...” the pony mumbled as she slowly flipped through the pages. She didn't say a word as she slowly went through the papers. Enigma and Jadewing sat besides her and just a bit back, looking around nervously as the earth pony went about examining them. Rarity smiled a bit as she watched the two, at least there was no confusion over which of the three of them was the top pony, so to speak, as the others stood about like nervous royal guards.

After a few more moments the mare closed the book and glanced to Rarity. The unicorn poked her hooves together and gulped, “Y-yes?”

“Well, they are quite good. I did enjoy the outfit with the topazes and I imagine little Jadewing would get hours of enjoyment out of using them on Enigma,” she paused as the mentioned unicorn let out a little eep, “though I can't really say I'm surprised. I figured the way he talked about you that you had to be quite good. After all, my little unicorn doesn't just admire random ponies.”

“So ummmm,” Rarity said with a little blush. “Any particular outfit you're looking for, or would you prefer I try to design something unique,” she paused for a moment, “Though I'd prefer you to be as detailed as possible. I'd rather not spend time designing your dress and then finding out you wanted it... ugh... cooler.”

“Hmmm... cooler could be useful. Once or twice we've used hot wax and the dunge-”

“Okay! To much information!” the unicorn shrieked as she looked away. “I-I'll just... g-get to work on this... c-come on back later tomorrow night, okay? I should have some done,” she squeaked.

“Of course, dear,” she said as she turned and walked away, the other two following her. Once the door closed behind them she burst into giggles. “Oh she was just adorable. A part of me is tempted to try and claim her as my own. Maybe replace our other unicorn.”

“W-what? But, but,” Enigma squeaked. “She's not even, she doesn't, eep!” he squeaked pitifully as he was yanked into the mares hug.

“Shhhh, calm down darling. You know I'd never replace either of you,” she said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You're far to adorable when you're upset not to tease though,” she said as they walked out through the exit.

The mare minding the front desk glanced up and rolled her eyes. “I swear some ponies have no tact...” she mumbled as she went back to her crossword.