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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have been together for a long time, living together and sharing their lives with each other, but when they decided to take on the next step and adopt a foal to call their own, they find a foal with a very special talent in the very art that they love.

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Ok I'm hooked and i already love Spirit he is awesome and I'm wondering what Vinyl is doing.

More! Just god damn. I need more!

geussing vinyl is going to go nuclear and bring twilight in

Crystal Shard i got a question when will the next chapter come out for this story


I got some bad news for everyone, my laptop crashed, and right now I'm trying to recover the rest of my story, along with my other story Orion,
The good news is my external hard drive has back ups of most of my work so I didn't loose a lot.

Vinyl: Wait, what about me raiding the orphanage with the Canterlot Swat team.
CS: I don't recall me ever writing that.
Vinyl: but it could happen now right? :raritywink:
CS: And just what would you do after you raid the orphanage?
Vinyl: Oh come on it would be fun.
CS: I'll think about it, Oh look a stallion hitting on Octavia, and he just slapped her flank. (Vinyl run in the direction I point swearing to send some poor stallion to Tartarus.) So yeah as I was saying working on recovering so updates on my stories might be a little slow.

5952213 so will more chapters come out for this story yes or no

yes, ether I will recover what I lost, or I will just rewrite the chapters.

5952250 ok and i sent you a message

Lot's of grammar and spelling errors as well as letters that should have been capitals.

Also including song lyrics to pad out a chapter is considered lazy among serious writers (of fanfics or otherwise). Using the song from another source is even worse. Try to come up with original content as much as possible and if you can't leave the exact lyrics up to the reader to imagine for themselves.

Your views have been noted and understood, But now allow me to point out one thing. (smashes cream pie in your face.) I'm not a serious fanfic writer, I do it because it's fun to me, and it helps me deal with PTSD. To me the stories I write are fun. I throw things into the story, like a slightly modified song from another source, because the original song is moving and works in the scene, and seeing how the two main characters are the fandoms favorite music ponies, kind of makes since to have a few songs thrown into the story, be them written out, or just given a link to a youtube video.

In short, yes I'm going to make errors, Yes I'm not perfect, I openly admitted that at the end of the story, but I am trying to do better. But if you understand what I am getting across, and you can almost picture what's going on then just enjoy the story for what it's worth, another fan of the show writing for fun.

And before I forget. (another pie to the face) Still not a hardcore fanfic writer, I just like to have fun.

5957184 Being a hardcore fanfic writer and having fun aren't mutually exclusive .

The trick is to find the fun in the challenge of not resorting to the 'easy way.'

True but just as there is a challenge to over come things like writers block or trying to find away to give a character and accent, or coming up with original songs, there is also something to be said, about finding the song that works, be it just the melody, or the words. I like that and it's fun, but I will admit that if it wasn't for the fact that I changed a few things for the song, I wouldn't have written the song out, and to be honest most of my chapters are a lot longer, this was more of a test the waters kind of intro. I'll try my best not to resort to writing the songs out, but no promises that i wont do it to show a change in the lyrics, but in a case like that I'll try and find just the melody the words are supposed to go to, instead of the full song.

Now as for my grammar and spelling, well i really don't have a writing program, and I mostly just write on a notepad program, doesn't really have a grammar or spell check on it, so most of my writing is me looking at it, and since I know what I want to say I don't really catch everything, and if it's a person speaking, or in this case a pony speaking, then their grammar might be wrong because I don't know a lot of people that speak with proper grammar.

5957380 You could try getting OpenOffice or ApacheOffice. They're very good writing programs that are also completely free to download.

I would but right now my laptop is in the hands of the geek squad because the hard drive broke, their words not mine, and right now I'm writing on a friends laptop, so downloading programs onto it is sort of out of the question, but when i get mine back I'll look into them.

5957459 Yeah, we've had a few of our externals break. That's a pretty common issue for portable HDDs.

Just one more reason a desktop is better then a laptop.

true bad thing is i had a few chapters written on it before it broke. So I'm starting rewrite things.

Wow. Just wow, I randomly find this, and a week later it updates after a year and a half.

bowl ciriel infront

bowl of cereal in front

and I never

and you never

started to get quit


Vinyl Is Spirit.

Was that supposed to be a "Vinyl, is Spirit...?" Like a question with the end sort of left hanging?

Spirit who were you singing with.

Should be a ?

Well then Spirit think you stall a few more minutes?

Well then Spirit, think you can stall a few more minutes?

I'll stay here to make sure your safe.


he was her colt, and she would do everything in her power to prevent him from being hurt like he had been.

Why does that line have like triple spacing?

Yes, Harpo and Frederic, are sitting in the crowd, they thought the other band arrived, did they?

"Harpo and Frederic are" No need for the second comma there

Please to meet


later but for right

Later, but for right


No caps needed.

I'm sorry for bein' a bit of a grammar fiend, just trying to help since it interrupts the flow of the story.

Oh wow, that was a lot more than I thought.

Very happy to see you continuing withy our story!

yeah this is my fault I loaded the wrong draft, See I write the story in a note pad program, then Copy and paste it to a word program that i can work online, to help catch allot of my spelling mistakes, but sometimes the two don't link very well and I miss allot of things like spacing between lines.

but on a side note I am looking for an editor interested?

5966871 Ah, gotcha. And heh, nah I'm not a good editor, 'bout all I can do is catch the occasional grammar and spelling error. But hey, if that's all you're lookin' for then sure!

YAY!!! NEW CHAPTER!!!! noticed a few grammatical errors bit you are forgiven, I can't waittosee what endeavors they go on in the next chapter!!!

5966871 editors? Um... May I take a chance? I have edited other things and I am sure that I could give it a try! Not going to be completely perfect, still learning myself! But I would need a while, I am going to be mobilized this week, finishing up school.

5967666 take your time with it, I'm stuck on mobile this week


No worries, I'm working on a chapter right now so it might not be done for a few days.

I was very entertained...

Down with cliffhangers!!!


hey Sweetybelleluvsu if you read over the last chapter and shoot me a message of what you find, I'll make the changes.


CS: dressed in gladiator armor) you were entertained :flutterrage: (Looks to emperor pony who held out his hoof.) I-i have no idea what you're telling me to do, is that a spare him jester or a finish him jester?

I was Entertained...

And what I meant by that, the story held my interest, and found myself wanting more of your story...

I love cliffhangers , and it reminds me of a story I saw years ago, about two sisters that took in a young boy who turned out to be a genius in several fields...

I hope to see more of your story soon...

But what's going to happen the first time he goes "hey mama!" I'm sure Octavia couldn't be blamed for teaching him that...

Vinyl: ya did great kid. Our listeners are gonna love you.

Spirit: Oh and mom?

Vinyl: hmm?

Spirit: I was scared to ask earlier but why did you have your head between mama'-

Vinyl:.... You're grounded.

will Celestia learn about the treatment of foals in the orphange and royally punish blueblood?

This is where I and Vinyl perform our radio show.

*turns twilight crazy* it's Vinyl and I! not the other way around.

Other than that, I didn't see any other errors! Great job and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Celestia and Luna already have an idea, because they stepped in and helped Vinyl and Octavia adopt Spirit, beginning of Chapter 2, where Vinyl and Octavia explained what had happened while Spirit was asleep.

I am going to be writing a trial chapter so stay tuned.


CS: pats Twilight on the head) I'm terribly sorry, I do mix up that rule a little, that and my grammar check didn't catch it, but shouldn't you be somewhere right now?

Twilight: what?

CS: Yeah shouldn't you be in a meeting with the princesses, and the Dragon queen talking about trade agreements?

Twilight: what, I don't have a meeting today.

CS: you sure let me check (pulls a white rabbit dressed in a vest and glasses holding a watch.) Is she late?

Rabbit: you're late, you're late, for a very important date.

Twilight: I don't have any meetings today I think I would know my own schedule.

CS: well then let's check your list. (snaps his fingers and starts to gown down a long scroll.) Ah here it is, at the very bottom, looks like Spike was running out of room so he wrote it really small. (shows Twilight a meeting time written in just under the last thing on her checklist.)

Twilight: B-but that would mean.

Rabbit: You're late, You're Late, for a very important date.

Twilight: I'M TARDY!! (teleports away.)

Rabbit: you know when she finds out she's not late she's going to be very angry.

CS: Oh yes.

Rabbit: where do you think she teleported to?

CS: Depends, if she used a teleportation spell to take her to Celestia then she appeared in the middle of the Royal Day court, and by the time she stops apologizing she would have made a total fool of her self in front of the nobles.

Rabbit: and if not there?

CS: then she would have teleported to the royal conference room.

Rabbit: that doesn't sound to bad.

CS: where they're holding a meeting for adult entertainment distribution, the royal sisters don't really attend those, image and all.

Rabbit: looks at CS for a few moments his fur around his face now a slight shade of pink.) Please put me back in the pocket I don't want to be around when she returns. (gets put back into the pocket.)

6002724 *pets rabbit* I know your song by heart.

"Wrestling" right~.


White Rabbit: you do? :pinkiehappy: and all this time I thought everyone had forgotten the song.

6003922 oh, that white rabbit... lol. I was thinking of another one.


White Rabbit: another Rabbit, just how many White Rabbits do you know. (hugs large pocket watch and sobs slightly, as Angle Bunny hopes up and pats him on the back, then shoots SweetyBelleluvsu an angry glare.)

CS: see this is why I only stick with one white rabbit, they have their own little bunny mob that also has a coalition with the White Hares. It's all really technical and confusing but it's in the Rabbit proclamation of 1865 signed by Sir Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

SweetyBelleluvsu: oh that can't be true. (hears the sound of beating drums and turns to see a field of white Rabbits and Hares) All this because of a simple miss understanding.

CS: Ah yes many conflicts have started for the same reason. (waves his hand and an apple appears, just before he takes a bite.) You really should run.

SweetyBelleluvsu: Can't you just do something?

CS: sure I can, you want me to do something?

SweetyBelleluvsu: YES!

CS: Alright, the rabbits are coming hooray, hooray, the rabbits are coming hooray, hooray. (the Rabbits and hares charge with Angle bunny leading the attack.)

6005238 I was thinking of the rabbit from Alice in wonderland because you I said that she was late for a very important date


CS: oh so this is a misunderstanding, because the song is about Alice in Wonderland, so see she was talking about you.

White Rabbit: she was :pinkiehappy:

CS: yeah so no harm no fowl. (looks at Sweetbelleluvsu, then slightly up.) Angel stop hopping on her head.

6005897 ANGELS ON MY HEAD?! *pulls out shoot gun* DEATH TO THE BUNNY!!!


CS: Angel runs and hides behind CS and then starts to cry.) Oh dear.

SweetBelleluvsu: Step aside, today the bunny dies.

CS: yeah no. (points to Fluttershy who didn't look very happy.)

Fluttershy: :flutterrage: HOW DARE YOU SHOOT ARE MY ANGEL!! :flutterrage:

6005988 fluttershy, you might want to close your eyes


Fluttershy: turn into Flutter-Hulk.) :flutterrage: YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT TO PICK ON POOR DEFENSELESS ANIMALS!!! :flutterrage:


Fluttershy: :fluttercry: but he's my little angel :fluttercry:

CS: oh-no. (Snaps fingers and an elevator appears around him.) Yeah you tell me how this goes. (hits the down button and goes into the ground, and then it started first as a minor rumble before turning into a full blow earth quake only to stop and creatures of all shapes and sizes stop just behind SweetyBelleluvsu, first they look at the crying Fluttershy then glare at the one who made her cry.)

6007848 YOU KEEP OUT OF THIS! *uses magic to create a bubble around Fluttershy and me that can only be destroyed by me*

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