by Crystal Shard

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Vinyle and Octy adopt a foal

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have been together for a long time, living together and sharing their lives with each other, but when they decided to take on the next step and adopt a foal to call their own, they find a foal with a very special talent in the very art that they love.


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Alright let's start off, first i own nothing My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro.

Chapter 1
Adoption day

It was early morning in Canterlot as two mares walked up both smiling as they got closer to their goal, one a grey earth pony with a black mane, the other a white unicorn with an electric blue mane. “I can’t believe we’re going to actully do this.” the earth pony said, excited and nervous at the same time.

“Why not we would both be totally awesome parents.” the unicorn said, as she looked at her friend. “Come on Octy we got this in the bag.”

“Vinyl this isn’t like any of are shows, this is a living pony we’re talking about, we really don’t know what we’re getting into, I mean will they like us, will they grow up to hate us, will we.” Octy didn’t stop until Vinyl grabbed her and started to shack her slightly

“Octavia listen to me, you have to calm down.” Octavia calmed down slightly but Vinyl kept shaking her. “Everything is going to be alright, we’re going to make this work.”

“Alright I’m calm you can stop.”

“We’re going to rock as parents and our foal is going to be super awesome.”

“Alright I get it,…. You can stop shacking me now.”

“But it’s so much fun.” Vinyl said, with a smirk as she started getting Octavia to smile slightly.

“Oh ha-ha, I bet you’ll have the dear sweet foal we adopt corrupted before the end of our first day of adopting them.”

“So what are you hopping for?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean a colt or filly.”

“I hardly see what that matters.”

“Oh so it doesn’t matter to you?”

“Why? Does it matter to you?” Octavia looked at Vinyl who seemed to blush slightly.

“Not really, I mean if it’s a girl I’m sure you could help her with all that etiquette stuff, and teaching her how to be a proper mare.”

“And I’m sure you could teach her how to grow up and be a really awesome DJ.”

“Well yeah, but I mean if it’s a colt.”

“Vinyl are you scared of adopting a colt?”

“No,… of course not, I’m not scared of anything,…. It’s just we know more about fillies then we do colts and I figured it might be better if.” Octavia stopped Vinyl and looked her friend in the eyes.

“Vinyl listen to me, colt or filly we aren’t going to know what to expect, we know a few of the major things with both but no pony knows everything, as long as we love the foal and do are best to teach them right from wrong,… Maybe I’ll teach them right from wrong, you teacher them how to get out of trouble.” Vinyl smirked slightly knowing that Octavia was joking with her.


“Then I’m sure they’ll grow up to be a great pony, Mare or Stallion.” with that the two started to walk once more before Vinyl looked at Octavia and smiled.

“So are you happy that we’re finally doing this?”

“I couldn’t be happier.” with that the two reached their destination and smiled as they walked into the Prince Blue Blood orphanage. They had expected many things foals running around playing, adult ponies loosing their minds, even a school kind of environment, but as they entered they found the entire place more like a strict juvenile hall all the foals dressed in uniforms walking around in single file lines, in halls as white as Blue Blood’s coat.

“Oh I see we have guest, foals, we have guest.” with that all the foals turned and looked at Vinyle and Octavia their eyes seemed almost like voids.

“Please to meet you.” all the foals said in unison sending chills down the two mare’s spines. (*1)

“This is totally creepy.” Vinyl whispered, as she leaned close to Octavia.

“Agreed, what’s happened to all of them.” before Octavia got an answer Vinyl’s ear twitched slightly and turned her head.

“You hear that?” Vinyl asked, as she started to walk down one hall.

“Hear what? Vinyl where are you going?” Octavia followed her long time friend, and house mate, down a hall, both being followed by one of the caretakers of the orphanage, until they reached a door where the caretaker quickly rushed in front of them and blocked it with her body.

“Sorry you can’t go in there.”

“And why not?” Vinyl asked, as she gave the pony blocking the door a confused look.

“This is are silent room, naughty little foals get sent here, and are punished for breaking the rules.” with that Vinyl looked at the pony.

“Excuse me, but we are interested in adopting a foal, and shouldn’t the foals that are in trouble currently have just as equal of a chance to get adopted as those that aren’t.” Octavia said, as she looked at the pony who shook her head.

“Sorry rules are rules.” While Octavia was slightly shocked by this turn of events Vinyl was more angered by it.

“And who makes up these rules?”

“Our founder, he makes the rules and we have to follow them.” with that Vinyl nodded and then looked at Octavia, slightly stunned by this information, as well she stepped aside to let Octavia try to reason with the mare before them. It had become a kind of agreement between the two first Vinyl would let Octavia have a chance to reason with who ever was bothering them, and if that failed Vinyl would convince them to listen to reason. (*2)

“So you’re saying, that because a few foals get into trouble, we can’t see them, to adopt them.” Octavia asked, trying to get the mare to see the error of this rule and hope that once she was able to start up this conversation she would be able to lead it in a direction that would help her better.

“Oh it’s only one foal, a colt, by the name of Spirit, but he has been quite a hand full,… well ever since he’s been here.”

“Oh I see, and just how long has he been here?” Octavia asked, smiling knowing that she was just given two chances to win this argument, one because it was only one foal, and two they might make an exception to the rule, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the colt anymore. Ignoring the voice in the back of her head trying to warn her that the foal might be to much for even her and Vinyl.

“About five years now, but he refuses to follow the rules.”

“And just which rules does he break.” Vinyl spoke up only to stop short of going into a rant as Octavia put a hoof on her shoulder.

“Well mostly proper table manners, remaining clean, and music.”

“Wait your founder has banned music?” Octavia shocked by this, to ban music form a child in both her eyes and Vinyl’s was just short of a crime to pony kind.

“Oh heavens no, we have music but only classical music, none of that new trash that you hear now a days.” Octavia winced slightly as she slowly turned and saw Vinyl clearly angered by the last comment from the mare before them.

“TRASH!? I’ll have you know a lot of that music has very dedicated ponies putting their hearts into it.” with that the caretaker rolled her eyes. From the other side of the door the sound of a piano playing could be heard getting a surprised look on the caretakers face. While both Vinyl and Octavia smiled, it was a pleasant melody being played.

“Th-that’s not possible.” with that the caretaker turned and opened the door nearly being knocked back by the very volume that erupted once she opened it the door, but as the sound slowly started to die down Vinyl and Octavia looked into the room to find a faded lavender blue coated unicorn colt with an ice blue mane sitting in the middle of the room, horn glowed and a haunting piano melody coming from thin air.

“Time flows
Nobody knows
The years go by
Where we go
Alone from here

night falls
stranger colored walls
My eyes perceive
what is wrong with me

Deep in the night
you think everything’s alright
Tell it to yourself,
say it’s just a nightmare

Something is telling you
Nothing can change where you are,


Why should it matter
my dreams have all gone

Innocents is gone
only fear resides here

Faces keep are changing
but nothing changes the pain

to late”

The melody remained haunting as Vinyl and Octavia walked into the room and looked at the colt as he stood up and then kicked up on his hind legs and started to dance slightly to the melody. Vinyl looked at Octavia and could see the smile on her face, while Octavia pointed at the Colt’s eyes getting Vinyl to look and see that they where closed.

“Two steps I take getting closer and closer
And one more breath I take sends me further back

Aahhhh, aaahhhhhh

Aahhhh, aaaahhhhhh.

Over and over it calls to my soul

Say it isn’t so

Emptiness surrounds me

no one can help
if the angles refuse to come here.”

“GET YOUR FLANK BACK IN THAT CORNER!!” The music stopped abruptly as the colt opened his eyes and stumbled backward crashing into Vinyl before landing on his flank.

As he scrambled to his hooves he looked at Vinyl and then Octavia and his face turned beat red as he lowered his head in shame. “What did I just tell you, get that flank in the corner or you’ll get another six strokes.” both mares looked at the pony yelling and saw a stern looking Unicorn, with a white coat and a black mane, looking coldly at the colt as he ran to a corner and sat down with his head facing it, then looked at them warmly.

“Well you two must be the two looking to adopt one of our more well behaved and less foolish foals. Allow me to introduce my self, my name is Hard spoon, and I am the head mistress of this orphanage”

“Yes please to meet you, and we wanted to give a foal a good home, and make sure that they’re happy.” Octavia said, as she addressed Hard spoon

“Oh well by all means we have a long list of well behaved and well mannered foals that don’t go around making total fools of them selves.” Vinyl and Octavia knew that this line and the previous wasn’t really directed to them, but to the young colt sitting in the corner. “All the foals here know that they should be seen and not heard, they will only speak when spoken to, and most importantly have been well educated in proper manners and etiquette, something I can see you care about a lot miss.” Hard Spoon said, as she looked at Octavia.

“Well yes that is very nice to know, but I think we have already made are choice.” with that the head mistress was stunned as she looked at both mares.

“I’m sorry I was unaware that you had already been shown around, may I ask what little darling you wish to adopt today.” with that both mares looked at each other and then pointed at the colt sitting in the corner.

“Him!” Hard spoon was almost stunned as she looked at the colt sitting in the corner that was even more shocked as he sat up straight and ear’s shot up and started to listen. “But Spirit is nothing but a trouble maker, a foolish little show off, and most of all did you not notice what he was doing, most unbecoming of any civilized pony.”

“What singing?” Vinyl asked, as she looked at Hard Spoon, though is she could see past the DJ’s glasses she would see the contempt that Vinyl had for her.

“No that thing with his hind legs, it’s so unnatural.”

“Hey I’ll have you know a friend of ours likes to do the same thing.”

“REALLY!?” Spirit turned around and looked at the two only to turn back around and shiver slightly as the Hard Spoon shot him a cold glare.

“I’m sorry he can’t be adopted today, as I’m sure my caretaker has already informed you, he’s being punished for breaking the rules, and are provider has a strict rule about naughty non obedient little foals shouldn’t be give a reward like a loving family.”

“What kind of rule is that, it’s cruel and wrong.” Octavia said, as she looked at the principle.

“Those are the rules of the provider of this orphanage, and I will not break them.”

“Yeah will see about that, Octy you hold down the fort while I go have a talk with a pony, I’ll be back in a few hours.” with that Vinyl walked away.

“Vinyl what are you going to do?”

“You’ll see.”

“Promise me no fires.”

“Not if they listen to reason.”

“Vinyl!” As the white unicorn ran off down the hall and out the orphanage. Hard spoon turned her attention toward Spirit.

“As for you, I warned you what would happen the next time you broke a rule, and instead you break three, so that’s three times the punishment.” As Hard spoon levitated a yard stick towards her, Octavia ran over and stood between her and Spirit.

“Don’t you dare.” Octavia’s eyes narrowed, as she glared at the principle. “I’m not going to let you harm one hair in his mane.” with that Hard spoon returned Octavia’s look and then noticed the colt behind her almost stunned at the fact that any pony would ever protect him.

Octavia stood her ground and kept Spirit safe from the wrath of the cruel head mistress well past night fall, and as the colt started to doze off he laid down next to Octavia and smiled softly. “You get some rest, I’ll stay right here.” Octavia said, as she stroked Spirit’s mane getting the colt to smile softly.

“A-are you really going to take me home with you?” Spirit asked, slightly scared the response might be no.

“That’s our intent.” Octavia said, as she smiled at Spirit who tried to keep his eyes awake not wanting to close them in fear that he might find this to all be a dream.

“Want to hear some music?” Octavia didn’t even answer before Spirit’s horn started to glow and the room was filled with a melody that started out sadly, but as the sound of a saxophone reached Octavia’s ears a smile spread across her face, but was slightly shocked as she looked down and could see two small illusions of ponies dancing a little ways away.

“That’s amazing.” Octavia said, as she looked at Spirit, just before the tune started to fade away as Spirit’s horn started to dim.

“Please,… please don’t go.” Spirit pleaded weakly just before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

First Performance

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It was early morning in Canterlot, when Spirit started to stir and smile as he felt the warm smooth sheets in the bed he was sleeping in, until his mind woke up enough to start realizing that he was in a bed, as he sat up he found himself in an empty room, but this wasn't like any room he knew of in the orphanage, as he climbed out of the bed and walked to the door he carefully tested it to find that it was unlocked, another thing he wasn't used to. As he carefully opened the door it opened into a hallway he had never seen before. "Hello?" Spirit whispered as he careful walked down the hall until it lead him into a living room, most of the furniture seemed like it belonged to a cultured pony, except for a disk table in one of the corners and a video game setup in front of a T.V.

"Oh hey there kiddo." Vinyl said, as she walked out of the kitchen and spotted Spirit. Only to watch as he backed away from her.

"I swear I didn't touch nothing." Vinyl lowered her shades slightly then shook her head.

"They must have really done a number on you in that orphanage kiddo." Vinyl said, as she used her magic and levitated Spirit close to her. "Listen I don't know what they filled that little head of yours with but I want you to forget about it, you want to listen to music, you want to dance do it, be yourself, be different." Spirit smiled, as he looked up at Vinyl. "Now come on time for breakfast."

"So do I have to go back?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Vinyl who shook her head.

"Nope don't you remember last night?"

"No ma-am."

"Ouch, no calling me ma-am kiddo, really puts a damper on coolness."

"But then what am I supposed to call you?" Spirit asked, as he climbed up on a small stool to see over the table.

"How about Vinyl." with that Spirit nodded in understand, and after a few seconds Vinyl slid a bowl cereal in front of him.

"Eat up kiddo, super coco sugar oats, with marshmallows." Spirit looked at the bowl then levitated a spoon and took a bite. "Great and while you eat I'll tell you what happen after you fell asleep last night." An hour later Octavia came out of her and Vinyl's bedroom and walked down the hall only to be slightly surprised as she saw Spirit already awake.

"Well good morning Spirit."

"Hello Ms. Snooty Pants." Spirit responded, getting Octavia to freeze in shock at how the sweet little foal she had remember from the night before had just insulted her, but then the laughter started, as she looked at her mate now on the floor laughing then at Spirit who seemed very confused by the entire ordeal.

"Spirit did Vinyl tell you my name was snooty pants?" Spirit nodded slowly. "Alright, well first it's not Snooty Pants, my name is Octavia, but I would rather you call me mom." Octavia watched as a smile spread across Spirit's face just before quickly jumped up from where he was sitting, sending the bowl with leftover milk sliding across the table and falling off onto Vinyl's head, and got over to Octavia almost bouncing with excitement.

"You're really going to be my mom?"

"Yep, and I never have to go back to that place again."

"That's right, and it's all thanks to Vinyl." Octavia said, as she pointed at Vinyl who still had a bowl on her head with milk drenched hair. "Oh dear."

"Yeah, she was telling me what happened last night."

"You don't say."

"Yeah she told me how she lead a crack team of swat ponies in through the windows, arrested all the caretakers, and when they tried to fight back she called in the princesses and they banished them to the moon, then Princess Celestia herself carried us back here, I can't believe I slept through all of that." As Spirit finished he noticed that Octavia wasn't looking at him but glaring at Vinyl.

"Well it was mostly true, more or less." Vinyl said, as she gave Octavia a sheepish grin.

"What part of that was true, I'll admit you somehow managed to get Princess Celestia involved, but I don't recall swat ponies, or anypony getting banished to the moon."

"Well Luna did suggest doing it to Blue Blood when she arrived with him and saw how the foals had been treated." Octavia put a hoof to her head and rubbed it a little.

"Vinyl, your unbelievable." Vinyl smiled as she walked up and kissed Octavia on the nose.

"But that's what you like about me right?" Octavia smiled slightly and then nuzzled her beloved, then smiled as she looked at Spirit. "Well other then having to tell you what really happened last night, do you have any questions for us?" Spirit nodded, getting Octavia to smile. "Alright what's the first one on your mind."

"Since your my new Mom now, does that make Vinyl my dad?" After spending the first few hours of the morning going over everything, as well as talking about how Vinyl had ran off the night before, stormed in the last part of the day court, and was started to get hauled away when she screamed her case so that Celestia could hear her, causing the Princess of the day to have her released and followed her to the orphanage, upon seeing how things were being done, as well as talking with Ms. Hard Spoon, Celestia contacted her sister and had her bring their nephew Prince Blue Blood to the orphanage to explain things.

The trio went into town, Octavia wanted to get Spirit some nice dress clothes so that he could attend her concerts, while Vinyl on the other hand wanted to make sure that Octavia didn't forget the first thing a foal needs at Spirit's age. "TOYS!" Vinyl said, as she flung open the double doors leading into the Canterlot toy store. "Alright kiddo knock yourself out."

"As long as it doesn't go over 100 bits." Octavia added, giving Vinyl a stern look. With that Spirit nodded and headed for the toys. "Vinyl remember we can't spoil him."

"Yeah but come on Octy after what he's been through don't you think he should get something special."

"Yes but we mustn't spoil him, don't want him to turn out be like all the other Noble Foals in Canterlot."

"Ah good point." with that Vinyl and Octavia started to walk through the toy store until they found Spirit looking at some of the pony action figures. "Hey Octy look they got the new Defenders of Equestria figures."

"Oh Vinyl these are just toys." Vinyl was about to argue about with Octavia about the cool factor of toys, when a well dressed stallion walked up and tapped Octavia on the shoulder.

"Uh excuse me." a stallion interrupted, getting both Octavia and Vinyl's attention. "I'm sorry to bother you, but are you Ms. Octavia?"

"Well it's Mrs. Octavia Scratch." Octavia corrected, getting the Stallion to smile slightly.

"Well Mrs. Octavia I'm really hopping you can help me."

"I guess I could but it would all depend on what you need help with."

"Of course, my name is Fizzy Wigs, and I'm the owner of the store."

"Please to meet you sir, what can I help you with?"

"Well it seems the band that was supposed to play hasn't made it to Canterlot yet due to some trouble on their way here."


"Oh yes, you see today I'm holding a charity gathering and the band I hired was supposed to play in the store today, trying to raise money for the less fortunate and all."

"Of course."

"Well without the band I don't think we'll get as many generous com patrons to come into the store and donate, I was really hopping you might consider helping me out by playing?"

"I guess I could, but I'll have to make some phone calls to get the rest of my ensemble here, and that's only if they don't have anything else going on."

"Please follow me, you can use my phone in my office."

"Alright, Vinyl."

"Check out where you're playing no problem Octy. Come on Spirit you can help me." As the trio split up Spirit smiled as he followed Vinyl to the stage that was set up for the band that was supposed to play, watching as Vinyl worked Spirit smiled and paid very close attention to what Vinyl was doing. "Ready to help?"

"Yeah, what can I do?"

"Well since Octy and her band don't use speakers, we need to check the acoustics in the area so you think you can make some music?" Spirit nodded and smiled brightly.

"Uh what kind of music?" Vinyl smiled, as she walked up and ruffled his mane.

"She mostly plays classical stuff." Spirit sat down and scratched his chin a little. "What's wrong?"

"I'm trying to remember the words to a song."

"Oh, well just start when you're ready." As Vinyl left Spirit found himself alone on the stage, through the curtain kept him from view he smiled slightly, this was his first time really playing on a stage and he wanted to make it good. As Vinyl waited at the far end of the store she finally started to hear something, other then little foals screaming they wanted something, but as the music got louder the crowd in the store started to get quiet. (*1*)

"Hey Vinyl." Octavia said, as she walked up and smiled at Vinyl. "Well looks like the band showed up after all." Vinyl was about to say something, but stopped as she heard the sound of a mare's voice starting to sing. "Oh their doing the theme from Phantom of the opera." Octavia turned and smiled as she listened to the music then smiled at Vinyl. "Where is Spirit?" It was about this time that the Phantom started to sing and Octavia's head quickly turned and locked on the curtain drawn stage. "Vinyl, is that Spirit?"


"Does he know?"

"I don't think so." Vinyl said, as she noticed that not only had the ponies in the store had stopped talking but more ponies had started to come in from off the street after hearing the music. "Wow now I just have to teach him." Vinyl jumped to her hind legs and put her fore-hoofs on her hips. "The power of wubs."

"Cut that out, we have to get behind that curtain." As Octavia and Vinyl started to slowly make their way through the crowd the song had finished. "Come on we have to hurry." As the two mares made it behind the curtain they smiled at Spirit who was slightly startled by them coming through the curtain in a rush. "Spirit who were you singing with?" Spirit blushed slightly then as his horn started to glow an almost translucent mare appeared before them, Octavia looked at it for a moment and then smiled, remembering the figures from the night before dancing. "So no other pony was back here with you?"

"No, just Melody."


"She was my only friend in the orphanage, the other foals ether ignored me or watched me because Hard Spoon told them to, and report if I ever break a rule."

"So you made a friend."

"Yep, literally" with that Vinyl smiled and put her right foreleg around Spirit.

"Well now you got us, but how did you get her to sing?"

"Oh it's a simple trick really I just change the pitch and throw my voice."

"Wow you're like a walking soundboard." Vinyl said, as she started to give Spirit a light noogy. "So Octy why did we rush the stage?"

"Well I thought that Spirit was back here with a stranger and I got concerned that he might get foal napped."

"Oh,... well everything is cool now, but did you get a hold of the band?"

"You mean my,... oh never mind, yes I was able to get a hold of my friends and they're on their way."

"Great, I'll run home and get some merchandise."

"No Vinyl this is for charity."

"I know, all the bits will go towards the charity." Vinyl smirked, a little just before giving Octavia a quick peck on the cheek. "Be right back." As she ran off Octavia blushed for a few moments before she looked up and saw Spirit trying not to laugh.

"Well then." Octavia finally said, as she started to compose herself. "Well then Spirit think you stall a few more minutes?" Spirit nodded getting Octavia to give him a light pat on the back. "I'll stay here to make sure you're safe." As Spirit sat down and his horn started to glow Octavia smiled as she watched her new son start to create music. A smile spread across her face as she started to recognize the piece being a variation on Colthovens moonlight sonata. (*2*)

As she listened to the melody Octavia wondered how anypony could be cruel to a foal, most of all to one that seemed so sweet as her colt. Colt, the word now held a new meaning for Octavia, as did the since of pride she had as she watched Spirit enjoying just being himself, he was her colt, and she would do everything in her power to prevent him from being hurt like he had been.

"Octavia?" A mare's voice said, as she walked from the side of the curtain and saw Octavia laying on the ground listening to Spirit.

"Beauty Brass, oh thank you for coming." Octavia said, as she got up and walked over to her friend and smiled. "Are the others with you?"

"Yes, Harpo and Frederic are sitting in the crowd, they thought the other band arrived, did they?"

"No, but go get them I'll explain everything at once." A few minutes later Octavia sat next to Spirit and smiling at her ensemble. "Everypony I would like to introduce my colt Spirit, Spirit these are my friends, Harpo, Beauty Brass, and Frederic."

"Pleased to meet you all." Spirit said, with a big smile getting the others to return the greeting.

"This is wonderful news Octavia." Harpo said, as he smiled at his friend.

"Yes great news, but where is the other band?" Frederic asked, as he looked around slightly confused that he didn't see a large group of ponies or some kind of machine behind the curtain.

"The other band as you put it is right here." Octavia said, as she put a foreleg around Spirit and smiled. "He's very talented."

"You mean he was playing that music, how?" Beauty Brass asked, confused at what she was hearing.

"Um Excuse me." As everypony turned to the source of the interruption they saw a rather nervous store owner. "I know I asked for your help at the last minutes, and I have no right to be demanding but some of the audience are wondering if there is going to be anymore?"

"Oh yes of course we just need a little time to set up, and we can get started."

"Oh thank you, and the Foal hospital thanks you as well, since the music started ponies have been giving generously, I actually watched one foal give his bits instead of buying a new toy."

"I even watched some adults that I've known all my live, that wouldn't give even a bit to save their own failing mother, hand over their entire bit purse."

"Well, thank you, but so far only my son has been playing." Octavia said, as she looked at the manager who was dumbstruck by this news and then looked at Spirit. "Think you can give them one more song while we set up." Spirit nodded and stepped to the center of the stage and smiled.

"How much time do you need."

"Well a few minutes, think you can give us four minutes?" Frederic asked, as he smiled at Spirit who nodded.

"Octavia a jokes a joke, but where is the other band really." Beauty Brass asked, as she leaned close to her friend, but then stopped as she started to hear music fill the air (*3*), she started to look around thinking there was speakers somewhere and that Vinyl and Octavia was playing a joke, but after finding none she looked at Spirit his horn was glowing and his eyes were shut.

"Come on Brass you still have to set up." Octavia said, as she nudged her friend.

"Look who's talking where is your cello?" It was at that moment it hit Octavia she didn't have her cello.

"I completely forgot that I didn't have it." Octavia was starting to panic before out of the corner of her eye she saw an electric blue mane mare walk in carrying her cello. "Vinyl, you brought my cello."

"Yeah I saw it as I was getting the other stuff and realized that you would need it to play."

"Oh Vinyl I could kiss you."

"Really what's stopping you?"

"Later, but for right now help me set up." Once the ensemble was set up and Spirit's music stopped, he quickly made it off stage with Vinyl and watched as his Octavia and her band started to play. The charity drive went great, adding the bits that Vinyl raised by selling what merchandise she did bring it totaled to over 3,000 bits, and in return for his efforts the owner of the store waited until Spirit had picked out several toys and was getting ready to checkout with Vinyl and Octavia, to surprise them in giving the items for no charge.

When the small family got home, Octavia made them dinner, everything was going well until she looked over and noticed that Vinyl wasn't eating her cherry tomatoes. "Vinyl is something wrong?"

"I don't know Octy, the Tomatoes they look bad." Vinyl said, as she started to roll the tomatoes around.

"Bad?... they shouldn't be, I picked them up fresh just two days ago." Octavia took a close look at her tomatoes. "They look just fine to me."

"Are you sure, I'm getting kind of an evil vibe from them."

"Oh now you're just being silly, stop playing with your food and just eat them, are you trying to set a bad example for our son."

"I don't know Octy." Vinyl turned to Spirit and winked. "What do you think Spirit they don't look right do that." Spirit didn't know what to say, he looked at the Tomatoes on his plate then back at Vinyl.

"I guess."

"Oh now you're both being silly, Here I'll show you." With that Octavia picked up her fork and prepared to stab on of the tomatoes on her plate.

"No Octy wait, I just realized what's wrong with them." Vinyl said, as she nearly tackled Octavia to the ground.

"Then what pray tell is wrong with these perfectly good tomatoes."

"They're, DON, DON, DON, KILLER TOMATOES!!" Vinyl yelled, as she spun around and pointed at the tomatoes. With that Vinyl used her magic and the tomatoes started to role around on the three plates before they merged in the center of the table. (*4*)

"Spirit not you to." Octavia almost pleaded, as she looked at Spirit who was playing along. "How did you even come up with the lyrics for this song?"

"Me and him worked on it while you worked on dinner." Vinyl said, as she smirked at Octavia.

"I knew it you've already corrupted him."

(*1*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fKKiaSLLEY
(*2*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNOFNCoKZ3k
(*3*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH81mKKK9Go
(*4*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3uIKzgcDxo

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It was early the next morning Spirit was awakened by Vinyl shaking him slightly. "Hey kiddo want to have some fun?" though still sleepy Spirit sat up and smiled. "Great common." Spirit quickly followed as Vinyl lead him into the kitchen, once he walked in he noticed a towel sitting in front of the dishwasher. "Alright sit there." Vinyl directed as she pointed to the towel, then handed Spirit a pair of shades. "Now hang on." With that Vinyl started the dishwasher and Spirit was shocked as the entire kitchen shook while music blared from the washer, which also caused him to slowly move along the floor as the towel seem to glide. After a while Octavia walked in holding her ears glaring at Vinyl.










"I CAN'T HEAR YOU, LET ME TURN OFF THE DISHWASHER!!" Octavia glared at Vinyl as the DJ turned around and turned off the dishwasher.

"I thought we had a deal that you would wash the dishes after dinner, so that you wouldn't be waking me up early in the morning." Octavia scolded, as she looked at Vinyl.

"WHAT!?" Vinyl yelled, just before a smile spread across her face. Octavia didn't seemed as amused, getting Vinyl to remove her ear plugs.

"What did you say Octy?"

"YOU KNOW DARN WELL WHAT I SAID!" Vinyl held up her fore-hooves like she was expecting an assault before she started to laugh slightly.

"Alright I was just kidding with you, besides Spirit had fun didn't you?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit who had a big grin on his face as the shades sagging slightly down his face.

"Wuuuuuuuub." was the only thing Spirit said before he fell over with a big grin on his face.

"Wow guess he can't handle the wub."

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Spirit yelled from the floor, getting Vinyl to smile at Octavia.

"He has joined the Wub side." Later that morning Spirit was sitting at the breakfast table still with the shades on smiling as he looked at Octavia and Vinyl.

"So what are we going to do today?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Octavia.

"Oh well I have to get our kitty from the vet." Octavia said, as she smiled at Vinyl.

"You have a pet?" Spirit asked, as he smiled at Octavia.

"Well it's a family pet really, she'll be your pet also."

"Really?" Octavia nodded and smiled as she saw how excited Spirit was.

"What's her name?" Octavia was about to say when she heard Vinyl snicker, as she looked at her partner she could see Vinyl covering her mouth with both hooves.

"Her name is Little Scratch." at the mention of the name Vinyl burst into laughter and looked at Spirit who seemed slightly confused by the outburst.

"Oh come on don't you see how that's funny?" Spirit shook his head still confused by Vinyl's reaction.

"Well I guess I'll explain it to you."

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Octavia gave Vinyl a look that Vinyl had only seen once before, and that was when she snapped a scroll on her cello, and she paid for that mistake, boy did she pay for that mistake.

"He is far too young to know of such things, and those kinds of jokes." Octavia leaned close to Vinyl still giving her the stern look. "And I would be very upset if you should try and explain such things to him at such a tender age."

"Oh You're talking about matting." Spirit said, as he realized what was going on, getting Octavia to look at him shocked causing her to lose her balance and fall face first into Vinyl's lap. "Uh mom are you alright?" As the trio walked down the street around ten in the morning Vinyl noticed that Octavia still had a bit of color in her cheeks from the morning events.

"Oh Octy what's the matter?"

"I just can't believe they already taught him about that, he's barely old enough to attend school."

"What?" Spirit looked back at Octavia slightly confused. "What did you mean about school?"

"Well once I got your records from the orphanage I learned that you'll just be old enough to start the first grade." Octavia said, with a bit of pride as she smiled at Spirit.

"But I already started school."

"You have, but you're not old enough." Octavia was slightly confused by this new turn of events.

"Yeah the orphanage shipped me off at the start of the school year last year, and school was terrible, all the yelling, marching, and push ups." Octavia stopped, as she heard this information, then looked at Vinyl who didn't look very pleased at all.

"Hey Kiddo you wouldn't happen to remember what the name of this school was would you?" Vinyl's voice sounded strain to keep a happy tone, as she looked at Spirit who was nodded.

"It was called The Stable." Vinyl started to grind her teeth as well as one of her hooves on the ground.

"Octy I need to go see somepony."

"Vinyl, no he's away from there and when the trial comes he can tell the Princesses everything."

"The Princesses?" Spirit smiled, as he turned and looked at both his parents. "I'm going to get to see the Princesses, and not be on trial, take that Metal Jacket." Spirit crossed his forelegs proudly, but this also confused both Vinyl and Octavia.

"Spirit have you been before the Princesses before?"

"Well I've seen them allot, mostly when they made appearances, I think I've seen Princess Luna a few times in my dreams but I can't really be sure."

"Then what was that about not being on trial kiddo? Have you been on trial before?" Vinyl asked, as she sat down in front of Spirit.

"No, but at the stable Metal Jacket was the head of the school, and he's the one who punished me if I didn't do well, and just before I left he said." Spirit stopped and started to use his magic to get a stallion voice to come from his. "You might be passing all your classes now but if you don't straighten up and obey your caretakers I'm not going to be surprised to read in the paper one day that your going before the royal sisters for trial."

"Wait." Vinyl put a hoof to her head then looked at Spirit. "You said when you didn't do well he punished you."

"Yeah when I first started I didn't understand anything, and when I asked the teachers for help they only yelled at me to keep quit and do my work, I couldn't keep up with the older colts and I always got sent to his office because of poor grades, well in the beginning, but then one day as I was laying in the box."

"The Box?" Octavia questioned, not really knowing much about these sort of places

"It's where they put, what they classified the trouble makers." Vinyl answered, as she looked at Octavia.

"Yeah after the first week of bad grades he put me in the box, my grades didn't improve because I still had no idea of what I was doing, and even when I tried to explain it to him he would tell me to stop snivelling and take my punishment like a stallion." Vinyl stopped Spirit and then looked at Octavia.

"Remind me to call my father when we get home."


"It'll be alright I just want to talk to him about this, because that school is still being ran by Royal Guard ponies which means Metal Jacket is a Royal Guard."

"I know, but what do you have in mind."

"Oh nothing, I just want my dad to bring him to our home so I can punch him in the nose personally."

"And that's what I thought you had in mind, we'll discuss it later tonight, but Spirit please continue." Spirit looked at Octavia and smiled.

"Well I think about three weeks past after I was put in the box, I was cold, hungry, and I looked down at the workbooks I had to finish, then for some reason it just started to click. Well kind of as I used my horn for light to see what I was looking at, everything just seem to be so simple to me, as if somepony flipped a switch in my head."

"So they let you out of the box then." "Not before I got another hiding for, as Metal Jacket put it, it was for wasting so much time."

"I'm calling my father." Vinyl said, as she looked at Octavia who thought about arguing but then just nodded.

"Well how about we put this behind us for now." Octavia said, hopping to change the subject. "How about we go pick up Little Scratch, and then go get a nice lunch."

"Yeah, because I want to see what the family pet looks like." Octavia smiled at Spirits excitement and started to walk off with him, but then noticed that Vinyl hadn't followed, as she looked back she spotted Vinyl at a payphone. It wasn't until Octavia and Spirit came walking out of the vet, with Little Scratch sitting on Octavia's back that they met up with Vinyl again.

"Where you been mama."

"Hu?" Vinyl was taken back slightly as she looked at Spirit, getting his smile to fade slightly.

"It is alright to call you mama isn't it, I just figured it would be easy to tell which one of you I would be talking to, since she's mom, I thought calling you Mama would be alright." Spirit looked almost hurt getting Vinyl's heart to sink slightly as she walked up and pulled him close.

"It's cool, you just caught me off guard that's all kiddo, I was just thinking about something."

"Oh?, was that the burning smell in the air?" Octavia asked, smirking slightly as she looked at Vinyl.

"Oh ha ha Octy, well I got a surprise for our little colt here, in two days he's going to meet my parents."

"Really?" Spirit perked up and smiled at Vinyl who nodded and looked at Octavia.

"Vinyl, in two days my parents are coming over to meet Spirit."

"I have two set of grandparents double cool." As Spirit started to walk away he didn't see the look of concern on his parents faces. "So where are we going now?" Spirit asked, as he looked up at the sky. He jumped slightly as Little Scratch jumped on his back moving from Octavia. "What do you say Little Scratch, a brand new day full of so many possibilities." in response the little kitten meowed apparently liking her new owner.

"I say we hit the toy store again." Vinyl suggested, only to get a glare from Octavia. "Or not."

"Go with "or not" we have to go to the bank."

"Why?" Octavia pulled Vinyl close and whispered quietly to try and make sure Spirit didn't hear her.

"Because the vet bill was more than I thought and I need to get more bits before we go to the market."

"Oh,... why are we whispering."

"Because I don't want Spirit to ask why Little Scratch was at the vet, then have to explain that you found her napping on one of your amps and you decided to give her a wub wake up."

"Hey I said I was sorry, I didn't know the little fuzzball hit the volume nob when she climbed up on the speaker."

"It's alright, I just don't want to give Spirit a bad idea about us and pets."

"Cool." Vinyl moved away from Octavia and then noticed Little Scratch had climbed up and was currently sitting on Spirit's head.

"Hey Octy look, Little Scratch got some head." Vinyl laughed slightly at her joke and then turned to Octavia who had walked away from her, and was paying a news pony for a paper. "Why did you get a paper, we have it delivered to the house every day? (*SMACK!*) OW!, what was that for?" Vinyl asked, as she rubbed the back of her head where Octavia had hit her with the paper.

"We'll discuss it tonight, after Spirit is in bed." Later, as the trio waited in the bank, Vinyl sat board, while Spirit sat in the play area for foals playing with Little Scratch and a piece of string, while Octavia stood in line, a very long line.

"It'll be hearts warming before she gets to the front of the line." Vinyl complained, as she sat down next to Spirit who looked at Vinyl then quickly back at Little Scratch who grabbed the string and pulled it out of his magical grasp.

"Hey, no fair I wasn't looking."

"Meow." Vinyl smirked, as she looked at Spirit and Little Scratch. But her attention was quickly drawn away when the doors flung open and 4 griffons came swooping in taking down the Security Ponies.

"Spirit get down." Vinyl said, as she forced Spirit to lay down like the rest of the hostages.

"Alright this is a hold up, if every one of you pathetic little ponies remain on the ground, and don't cause me or any of my friends trouble then we'll be out of your manes in no time, and just to prove we mean business." the Griffon leader turned and picked up one of the guards by the throat and raised his free claw and brought it down, the guard closed his eyes and braced for the killing blow when he heard music.


The blow never came and as he opened his eyes in confusion he noticed the Griffon was just as confused, but was then followed by a sinister laughter.

"Evil is a weed that bears bitter fruit." a voice said from everywhere, but at the same time nowhere.


"If you insist." Again the music started to play over the speakers, but this time an earth pony wearing a wide brimmed black hat, a black crimson-lined cloak with upturned collar over a standard black business suit, with a white mask that covered his face appeared out of thin air.

"Change of plans, he'll be are example." with that the leader snapped his claws and the three other griffons attacked only to have their first attack fail as the pony seem to turn into smoke, only to materialize behind them and grab one by the tail and fling it into a wall knocking it out.

"One down."

"THAT WAS MY COUSIN!" The leader of the group yelled, as he glared at the pony.

"That would explain how easy he was dealt with." The pony said, as another griffon got up when his back was turned and tried to strike him from behind only to have the pony turn to smoke again this time materializing right next to him. "Dirty back stabber." the pony reached up and then slammed the griffon's head into the ground leaving him knocked out. As the Pony turned to face the third griffon it started to preform several fighting stiles showing what it was capable of before charging the pony, who promptly spun around and bucked the griffon with all his might in the beak sending the start struck creature slamming into the metal safe. As the final thug griffon fell to the floor the pony turned and faced their leader smirking. "Give up?"

"Not a chance I still have the upper claw here." The griffon made his point as he pressed a claw against the guards throat. "So unless you want this floor to be the same color as the lining of your cloak, I suggest you back off."

"I really don't think you're going to do that."

"Yeah and why not?"

"Because your going to let him go."

"I will not."

"But you already have." The griffon looked down at his captive only to find the guard no longer there, he had somehow been tricked into letting go of his only bargaining chip he then turned his attention to the one that had caused him all the trouble.

"I'LL RIP OUT YOUR EYES!" The Griffon yelled, as he charged for the pony only to be sent flying backward, into a stone pillar, by a large gust of wind as the pony raised his right fore-hoof. With the Griffons down the guards quickly placed magical cuffs on them and called for the Royal Guards to have them taken away. As for the mystery pony he bowed slightly, then vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Wow,... hey Spirit did you see that?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit only to find him asleep. "Must have been to much excitement for the little guy." It was a little later as Octavia and Vinyl were heading home, forgoing the market for another day, Spirit sleep on Octavia's back while Little Scratch found a comfortable place sleeping on Spirit, Vinyl was helping by using her magic to make sure Spirit didn't fall off, as well as taking a little of the weight off her friend.

"Come on Octy he was awesome."

"No he wasn't, he put everyponies life endanger by him showboating like that."

"And what would you have wanted him to do."

"Better to be safe then sorry, the Griffons would have only gotten away with bits."

"Yeah but how can you be so sure that they would have left any of us around, besides no pony got hurt, we're all safe. Besides if just one of those griffons would have threatened you they would have found themselves getting all their feathers plucked at once." Vinyl leaned in close and nuzzled her friend slightly. "Octy I don't want anything bad to happen to you." Octavia was taken back slightly as she heard the emotion coming from Vinyl's voice, it was clear that she was shaken up by the days events.

"What about Spirit?"

"I know some Diamond Dogs who would be enjoying some Chicken tonight." Octavia snickered slightly getting Vinyl to smile.

"Hey Octy, what was that music playing across the speakers, it sounded awesome."

"You mean while our so called hero fought those ruffians, well to be honest I believe it was a rock and or roll version of the Phantom."

"OOOOO That's what he should be called then."

"What who should be called?"

"The Pony, he should be called The Phantom."

"Don't be ridiculous, giving him a name just supports his actions and I'm not about to do that."

"Fine, but don't forget about tomorrow."

"What about tomorrow?"

"It's Monday, remember the radio show?" Vinyl asked, as she smirked a little.

"Oh I completely forgot, and i didn't even set up a foal sitter for Spirit."

"Then bring him with us, come on Octy we can even bring him on the show and introduce him to our fans."

"I'm not sure that's a very good idea."

"Don't be silly it's a great idea, we can show him where we work, and let him come on the show for a bit, maybe even let him play a song, come on."

"I just don't think it's the right thing to do."

"Your not ashamed of him are you?"

"WHAT!?" The glare that Octavia gave Vinyl could almost rival Fluttershy's stare. "Vinyl Scratch you know darn well I am not ashamed of our colt, and how dare you even suggest such a thing." Octavia saw the smile on Vinyl's face and knew she had walked right into a trap.

"So it's settled, Spirit will come with us tomorrow, and we'll give him a taste of fame." Octavia rolled her eyes and then looked at her friend.

"I'll get you for that, you know I will."

"Well maybe I can make it up to you tonight, after we put our little rock star to bed."

"Rock star, if you haven't noticed he mostly always plays classical."

"Fine, classic rock." with a grown from Octavia, Vinyl knew she had won another argument.


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Chapter 4
On Air
It was just past noon when Vinyl, Octavia, and Spirit walked into the studio; both mares could see the smile on Spirit's face as he looked around. "Alright kiddo this is one of the many places me and your mom works." Vinyl informed, as she smiled at Spirit who only looked around, then noticed the chairs and the mic's. "Ah I see you've noticed our thrones of power."

"They're our desk Vinyl." Octavia corrected, after she rolled her eyes, but then smiled at Spirit. "This is where I and Vinyl perform our radio show."

"Cool." Vinyl smiled, as she and nudged Spirit slightly. "I remember listening to the first broadcast."

"The orphanage let you?"

"Not exactly, seemed the radio at the mic got turned to the station and the knob went missing." Vinyl smirked, as she looked at Octavia.

"See he was already slightly corrupted before we adopted him." Spirit smiled, as he walked up and climbed up into the chair that Vinyl normally sat in.

"Hey give it a spin kiddo, give me your best introduction." Octavia couldn't help but feel happy as she saw Spirit's face light up.

"You mean it?"

"Yeah go ahead, best thing about being boss is I get to make up the rules." As Spirit looked back at the controls and all the buttons and dials it was all really too much for him to understand, before he had a great idea. As his horn started to light up Octavia and Vinyl listened to a melody that almost sounded out of this world.


"Hello all you Colts and Fillies out there, this is the lord of melodies and the master of illusion coming at you from K-COLT radio station, the name is Spirit Scratch and I'm here to take care of that music itch in your soul, so sit back, relax, and leave everything to me." with that Spirit stopped and looked at Vinyl and Octavia. "How’s that?"

"That was great kiddo." Vinyl said, as she walked up moved Spirit to one side. "You heard it folks, the Vinyl Scratch has been taken over tonight by Spirit Scratch, but don't let his young voice fool you this kid knows his stuff."

"Vinyl stop goofing around we have to get ready we're almost on air." Octavia corrected, as she got to her desk.

"No we're already on air Octy, Spirit just introduced himself."

"I WHAT!?" Spirit squeaked, just as he looked up at the sign seeing that it was lit up. "B-b-b-but I’m not ready, I don't know the first thing about these controls what am I supposed to do with all these buttons and dials? Like what does this button do? (*FART!*)... I swear that wasn't me." Spirit removed his hoof from the console and then looked at Vinyl. "I don't know how to work this stuff how am I supposed to do anything?"

"Just be yourself kiddo, come on I know you have the touch. All I'm doing is giving you the power, and we'll be right here if you need our help." Spirit gulped as he looked at the mic again, now knowing that allot of ponies were listening in.

"Vinyl you can't be serious."

"Why not, we do goofy things on the show all the time, go on Spirit just have some fun and enjoy."


"How about this try, it for a few minutes and if you don't like it you can stop."

"O-o.k." Spirit looked around for a few minutes before he stopped and took a deep breath. "Alright let's see where this train wreck takes us."

"We're seriously doing this?" Octavia asked, in disbelief as she looked at Vinyl.

"Oh come on it'll be fun, go on kiddo." with that Spirit started to play music thought it wasn't from any record,


as Vinyl sat back and smiled as she waited for the music to stop. "See wasn't that fun?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit who nodded then looked back at the mic.

"Hold on a moment Spirit, we have to talk about our sponsors."

"Sponsors?" Spirit looked at Octavia who nodded.

"Yeah kiddo, they're the ones that pay us to have so much fun."

"Oh I like sponsors then, they helped get me adopted."

"That's right, who is our sponsors today Octy."

"Well today's show is being brought to you by," Octavia smiled as she looked at who the day's sponsor was then looked at Spirit. "I think Spirit should do this one." Octavia handed Spirit the index card that had the information on it getting him to smile.

"Cool, today's show is being brought to you by Fizzy Wigs toy store in Canterlot, from one foal to all the others out there you should go here for toys, this place is super cool and has all kinds of toys from bikes to train and video games this is the toy store for all foals, even the foal at heart, and they just got a shipment in of the new action ponies figures, my mom got me the new Orion figure. Defiantly a place to score that hard to find toy." Vinyl started to laugh, as she fell to the floor getting Spirit to look at her confused. "Did I do it wrong?"

"Well you're supposed to read what's on the card, but what you did was good." Octavia said, as she tried not to laugh.

"Oh." Spirit looks down at the card then flips it over and then back. "This doesn't do that store justice, doesn't even say how really awesome Mr. Wigs is, and he is way past cool."

"Spirit we're still on the air." Octavia pointed out getting Spirit to look at the sign then smile.

"You heard it hear everypony Mr. Wigs is way past cool, almost as cool as my parents."

"Ah Octy isn't that sweet, he thinks we're cool."

"Vinyl, remember, show." Octavia pointed to the sign getting Vinyl to nod.

"Alright kiddo enough sponsor stuff why not give us another tune but this time give them the wubs?" As Spirit started to play another song, and while he did Octavia pulled Vinyl to one side.


"What's up?"

"This is all fun, but we can't let him put on the entire show himself."

"Why not?"

"Vinyl, he's a foal, there are such things and foal labor laws."

"Yeah I know, but he's having so much fun."

"Yes but at some point we have to take the controls back."

"Alright, how about after this song?"

"That will be fine."

"I can interview him." Vinyl said, as she headed back to Spirit as the song started to end.

"What?" As the song finished Vinyl used her magic and levitated Spirit over to the guest chair.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Nope, it's just time for our interview."


"Yep, I'm pretty sure our listeners would love to know more about the little foal who has been keeping them entertained for the past few minutes, come on listeners you call in and ask the questions this time, but remember he's still a foal so nothing to mature." As the phone rings Vinyl picks up the phone. "Yellow this is the Vinyl Scratch."

"Yes, Crazy horse-pony, we are normal wing type horse-ponies." A voice that was clearly a Diamond Dog said, getting Octavia to role her eyes.

"Not this again." Octavia put her head in her hoofs and shook it.

"Alright I'll bite."

"Why would you encourage them?"

"Oh it's just for fun, what's your question for our little colt caller?"

"Yes we our wondering is your refrigerator running?" Octavia didn't look very amused by the question, and Vinyl looked board and was about to hang up the phone.

"Why yes it is caller, I've been tracking it for weeks now. If any pony out there sees a red refrigerator with a lightning bolt on the front and cool vibrations written in black crayon on the side can you please give us a call?" Both Vinyl and Octavia looked at Spirit a little shocked by his answer.

"I uh,... we'll give you a call back." the caller hangs up.

"You think I should have warned them of the Killer Tomatoes in the vegetable drawer?" Spirit asked, as he smiled at Vinyl who started to laugh getting Octavia to break before all three started to laugh, only to stop when the phone rang again. This time it was Octavia who picked up the phone, or rather she snatched it away from Vinyl before she could pick it up.

"Hello this is the Vinyl scratch do you have a question?"

"Hey Octavia, long time." Vinyl smiled at the sound of Spitfires voice.

"Oh perfect, Spirit meet your aunty Spit shine."


"Hi aunty Spit Shine."


"What I do." Spirit sounded slightly scared, getting Vinyl to walk over and pretend to comfort him.

"Oh there, there Spirit don't let mean mommy Octy scare you."

"What, but you, it's your fault."

"Sure it is I made you yell at him."

"I just don't know what I did wrong Mama Vinyl." Spirit said, in an over exaggerated voice as he hugged Vinyl.

"Oh there, there mama Vinyl is here." Vinyl said, almost laughing, frustrating Octavia.

"I see she's already corrupted him." Spitfire pointed out, with a bit of a laugh.

"And it took such little effort." Vinyl added getting Spirit to laugh. "Now for real, joking aside, Spirit say hello to your aunt Spitfire."


"Well yeah, you're like a sister to me, figured it would be only right for you to be like an aunt to him."

"Well I'm flattered, can't wait to see the little guy in person."

"Spitfire is my aunt?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Vinyl.

"Seems like it kiddo." Spitfire answered from the phone getting Spirit to smile brightly.

"I GOT THE COOLEST FAMILY EVER!" Spirit yelled, as he started to jump around the studio, getting all three mares to laugh.

"Hey come on Spirit, remember she has to ask you a question."

"Oh right sorry mama Vinyl." Spirit climbed back into his chair and smiled.

"Alright Spitfire what kind of question you got for our little guy?"

"Well I would ask him what he looks like but I figured I’ll be seeing him in the flesh in a few weeks, so my question is, what is it like having Vinyl and Octavia as parents?"

"Oh that's a good question." Vinyl said, as she sat in her chair and then looked at Spirit.

"They're both really nice, Octavia is fair and nice, much better then Hard Spoon."


"Long story we'll fill you in when you get here." Octavia answered, as she smiled at Spirit.

"And Vinyl, she's nice, really, really nice, and when both her an Octavia are around I feel like I can do anything, and nothing can stop me."

"Well that sounds really sweet, anything else?" Spitfire asked, getting Vinyl and Octavia to look at each other slightly confused.

"We have a cat, well little kitten really, what kind is it mom?"

"She's a little orange tabby cat."

"Yeah and her name is Little Scratch, she's very friendly, and Mama Vinyl said she seems to like me allot."

"Yeah kiddo, we put you to bed yesterday and Octavia tried to take her away, and put her in her little cat bed, when the little fuzz ball lifted her head and hissed."

"Oh, well if she wants to share my bed I don't mind."

"Oh there's more." Octavia said, as she smiled at Vinyl. "Care to tell him or should I?"

"You wouldn't." Octavia only turned to Spirit with a big smile on her face.

"Well you see when Vinyl tried to take her away she used her magic, and levitated Little Scratch to the living room where her bed is."

"Yeah?" Spirit was slightly confused by what was going on, but knew that there was still more to come, mostly because Vinyl was started to turn red in the face.

"And then she started to gloat."

"Octy I didn't gloat."

"Yes you did, you levitated her up to your face and said and I quote "Can't scratch what you can't reach." un quote."

"That wasn't gloating that was stating a fact."

"Yes right before you set her down on her bed."

"Then what happened?" Spitfire asked, and what sounded like popcorn being chewed right afterwards.

"Oh this is the best part; Little Scratch not only hissed at Vinyl she ran and climbed up her right fore-leg smacked Vinyl's shades off with her tail and then ran back to Spirit's room and jumped back into bed with him. When Vinyl tried to walk in Scratch hissed just before she ran under his bed."

"She won this battle but not the war, tonight she sleeps in her bed."

"Why?" Spirit asked, not knowing what the big deal was.

"Because she needs to learn that she needs to sleep in her bed, and it's much safer for her, what would happen if you rolled over in the night and on top of her?" Octavia explained, as she tried to make Spirit understand.

"Oh, I don't want to squish her, I guess it is better if she sleeps in her bed."

"Great now that, that is settled anything else Spitfire?"

"Got any embarrassing questions you want to ask kiddo?" Spitfire asked, as she snickered a little over the phone.

"Spitfire, Spirit is a well behaved little colt, no matter what certain orphanage principles may think, he wouldn't dream of asking you anything embarrassing." Octavia defended, as she seemed a little shocked by the question.

"W-well I do have one question, but I don't know if I should ask it or not." Reluctantly Spirit started to rub the back of his head and tried to look innocent.

"Alright kiddo, go for it." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Octavia.

"Vinyl I don't think this is the time or place for this."

"Oh come on Octy how bad can it be."

"Well it's just last night or rather early this morning I woke up and I was hearing this funny noise."

"I don't think this is the proper kind of question to be asking right now Spirit." Octavia said, with a deep red blush, getting Vinyl to smile.

"Oh come on Octy our listeners already know we're married now, we can't have them thinking this is a loveless marriage."

"Should I continue?"

"Sure Kiddo."

"No you shouldn't."


"Alright fine how about this, Spirit what did you see?"


"You were playing the accordion." After Spirit said these words the room went silent for several minutes, those listening in on the radio would have thought the station went down for some reason, until the sound of Spitfire's laughter broke the silence which was followed by Octavia falling on the floor laughing.

"Uh, you must have been dreaming."

"I was?"

"You were, because DJ-Pon3 doesn’t play an accordion, I’m the master of the turn tables."

"Except when she puts on concerts and barrows the sheriffs Instrument of choice." Spitfire added, getting Octavia to laugh a little more.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA oh Celestia I can't breathe." As Octavia continued to laugh uncontrollably Vinyl only rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on Vinyl you know I play the-uh rockiness music in all of Equestria, I wouldn't be caught dead playing such a lame Instrument. Colts and fillies we'll be right back after I get my co-host to stop laughing." with that Vinyl turned on some music and turned off the mics. "Oh come on Octy it wasn't that funny."

"Yes (*gasp*) it was, you thought he was going to say something else."

"Well yeah maybe, but I was just going to tell him we were wrestling."

"You wrestle?" with this Octavia seem to find the power to control herself, and quickly covered Vinyl's mouth.

"It's nothing, you've done grate so far."

"So I'm not in trouble?"

"No, you’re not in trouble. Is he Vinyl?"

" No I think the only one that should be in trouble for this is Spitfire."

"I second."

"I third." Spirit said, with a smile getting his parents to smile.

"I can still hear you, you know." with that Vinyl and Octavia turned and saw the receiver on the floor where Octavia had dropped it. As Vinyl walked up and picked up the phone she smiled slightly. "You are such a bad influence on my colt Spitfire."

"Well I did learn from the best." As the two friends shared a laugh Octavia smiled, as she looked at Spirit who seemed just as happy.

"Well what do you think of your crazy family so far?" Spirit turned and only gave Octavia a hug.

"It's the best if the world." As Octavia hugged him back and smiled a tear of joy ran down her face.

meeting the grandparents

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Chapter 5
Meeting the grandparents

A week had passed since the night at the radio station, it was a nice day with a slight overcast as Spirit was woken up by the pleasant smell of cookies, as he opened his eyes the first sight he saw was Little Scratch laying on his pillow looking at him. "Hey Scratch."

"Meow." As Spirit started to get up Little Scratch jumped on his head and got into her normal spot as Spirit walked down the hall and into the kitchen where he found Octavia cooking.

"Morning honey."

"Morning mom." As Spirit looked around he noticed that Vinyl wasn't in the kitchen, as he walked back into the living room he didn't see her. "Mom where is Mama?"

"Oh she went out to get some things; she'll be back in a little bit."

"Oh... so what's for breakfast?"

"Pancakes." with Octavia said, as she took a plate from the countertop and handed it to Spirit. "Try not to make a mess, we have company coming over." Spirit nodded as he took the plate to the table and started to eat. After a few minutes Octavia looked in to see if everything was alright only to catch Spirit sharing a piece of pancake to Little Scratch. "Spirit you're going to get syrup in your mane." Octavia walked over and started to clean Spirit's forehead. "Try and stay clean honey."

"Yes mommy." Spirit smiled slightly as Octavia kissed him on the forehead.

"Now why don't you play in your room a little and when Vinyl gets back you and me will go to the park." with that Spirit smiled, and headed for his room. "And don't forget to brush your teeth." the sound of hoof steps heading into the bathroom got Octavia to smile. A few minutes later Octavia was busy in her and Vinyl's room when she heard a knock on the door. "Spirit can you get the door I think Vinyl forgot her key again."

"O.K." As Spirit walked to the door and opened it he smiled expecting to see Vinyl but upon seeing the pony standing behind the door he quickly slammed the door so hard with his magic it cracked the frame slightly as he ran as fast as he could to Vinyl and Octavia's room and started to sob at Octavia's hooves. "I'm sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry."

"Spirit what in Equestria is wrong, what are you sorry for?" Octavia asked, as she picked Spirit up off the floor.

"Whatever I did, I didn't mean to do whatever I did wrong just please don't let him take me."

"Let who take you?” Octavia could see Spirit was badly shaken by something recently and the only thing that came to mind was somepony he had seen at the door. “Spirit, honey, who was at the door?" Octavia asked, as she pulled Spirit in for a hug only to listen to him sob on her shoulder. The last time she had seen him even remotely like this was the first night they had met, it wasn't until there came a banging at the door that Octavia even dared to break her embrace with her terrified Colt. "Don't you worry no pony is going to take you anywhere." Octavia walked to the front door and noticed the cracked frame and let out a sigh, whoever was behind the door was someone Spirit was very scared of. "I swear if it's Hard Spoon I'll knock all her teeth out." As she forced the door open before her stood a Royal Guard Unicorn not looking very happy and the fact that there was a bit of blood coming from his nose Octavia could only guess Spirit had slammed the door on him. "Can I help you?"

"I am Metal Jacket I was informed to meet my superior here, and since I just got a door slammed into my face, by a colt I have had dealings with in the past, I can only assume that Spirit has been giving you trouble and needs a firm hoof to set him back on track to have a chance on being a productive member of society." Now Octavia knew many members of the Royal Guard, some because of how many times her group had played at royal events, but mostly because of Vinyl and who her father was. "If I am being summoned to teach the insolent whelp respect again ma-am then I must ask that you step aside and leave me to it." Metal Jacket took one hoof step past the door frame before Octavia gave him an upper cut sending him backwards and falling down the stairs.

"If you so much as look at my colt again I'll give you far worst then that." Octavia slammed the door and headed for Spirit's room, but she had just stepped into the hall when the front door was blown open and Metal Jacket walked in.

"You have just struck a member of the Royal Guard ma-am, you are under arrest and." before Metal Jacket could say anything else Vinyl jumped in and tackled him to the ground.

"OCTY THE RING!" Octavia hesitated for a second before she realized what Vinyl meant, she ran into their room and returned a moment later and placed a metal ring on Metal Jacket's horn preventing him from performing any magic, but it still took both of them to hold him down as he struggled to get free.

"WHAT IN CELESTIA'S NAME IS GOING ON HERE!" another stallion yelled, as he walked in the door way.

"Noble Steel I need your help sir, these broodmares attacked me."

"Oh you did not just call my wife a broodmare." Vinyl Prepared to knock some since into Metal Jacket when she was levitated along with Octavia to the center of the living room. The look on the Noble Steel's face told Vinyl not to say anything, but that everything was alright.

"Metal Jacket, when I sent you the message to meet me here I do recall adding to wait outside until I had arrived." Noble Steel said, as he walked up and helped Metal Jacket off the ground.

"Yes sir, but I heard movement inside and figured that you had already come inside."

"Oh I see, and when you realized I wasn't in the domicile you decided to take it upon yourself to start a fight."

"Negative sir, the earth brood struck me first." Vinyl tried to lunge at Metal Jacket but again got stopped by Nobel Steel, levitating her back to Octavia.

"Jacket, before we continue I’m going to ask that you stop calling them broodmares or any deviation of that term, one reason is that it is not the proper way a Royal Guard is supposed to talk about the citizens of Equestria, the other is ONE OF THEM IS MY DAUGHTER!!" just then a mare came walking into the house and looking at the mess.

"Honey is it safe to enter?"

"Yes dear, seems Metal Jacket caused a little trouble."

"Sir I did not throw the first punch."

"OH NO!? YOU OFFERED TO SHOW ME HOW TO RAISE MY COLT WITH A FIRM HOOF!!" Octavia yelled, only to be stopped as her mother in-law held her back and gave her a hug. "Miss Harmony he," before Octavia could say anything else Golden Harmony placed a hoof over her mouth.

"It's alright Octavia my husband will deal with it, but why don't you explain what happened." After Octavia explained what had happened Golden Harmony only smiled and then walked over to Metal Jacket.

"Uh-oh." Octavia hated those words; she hated those words most of all when she heard them come from her partners mouth.

"Jacket." Harmony said, as she walked up and started to straighten Metal Jacket's armor. "Did you threaten to beat my grand colt?"

"No ma-am, when Spirit opened the door then slammed it on my face, I had assumed that the reason I was being called was because he was being a nightmare and needed to be taught respect once more, I offered to give him a firm hoof to try and get him back on the straight and narrow and possible give him a chance to be a productive member of society."

"I see."

"I had assumed that with my past history with him, the orphanage had told these two to summon me because of how I put the fear of Faust into him last time I had dealings with the punk."

"I see." Harmony looked at her husband as she still messed with Metal Jacket's armor. "Honey, he's the one Vinyl told me about." in a flash Golden Harmony slammed Metal Jacket into the wall and held him off the ground. "Listen and listen good you slim off of a toadstool underside, if I so much as learn that you look at a foal the wrong way again I'll rip off that horn of yours and shove it so far up your plot you'll be farting sparkles for the rest of your life." Octavia stunned by this act, she had never seen her mother in-law act this way.

"Yeah, and that's why I don't make my mom angry." Vinyl said, as she leaned over to Octavia. Later that day, after the door was repaired and Metal Jacket was sent away with orders to be in Noble Steels office the next morning, Vinyl was able to introduce her parents to their new Grand colt. "Mom, Dad I would like to introduce you to Spirit. Vinyl moved to one side and Spirit looked at his new grandparents slightly shy with his head lowered slightly.

"Please to meet you."

"Oh Steel he's so adorable." Harmony said, as she walked up and picked Spirit up into a hug. "And don't you worry Metal Jacket isn't going to lay a hoof on you ever again."

"Not after you threatened to make him fart sparkles for the rest of his life." Vinyl said trying to hold back a laugh.

"You're not too old for a warm flank you know." Harmony said, as she shot Vinyl a warning look. "Well Spirit why don't you take me to your room and you can tell me all about yourself while your grandpa talks with your parents.

"Alright." with that Spirit lead Vinyl's mother away while Noble Steel walked with Octavia and Vinyl into the living room.

"So that was the little colt causing Celestia so much trouble." Steel said, with a smile on his face.

"What do you mean?" Steel looked at Octavia and smiled slightly.

"Well not really him, but the events around him, you see the trial is coming up on what happened at the orphanage, but due to the fact that most of the foals that lived in the orphanage have been."

"Zombified." Vinyl said with a bit of contempt in her voice.

"For lack of a better term yes, seems those foals have been so brainwashed that even many of the royal physiatrist can't break them out of it."

"What do you mean?" Octavia asked, as she leaned forward and listened to her father in-law.

"Well when they first arrived at the palace we were going to split them up to other orphanages, but we couldn't, Princess Luna refused to let them leave until they had been properly cared for, the only trouble is we haven't been able to break the conditioning they had been put through. In fact out of all the foals Spirit is the only one that isn't."

"A Zombie." Vinyl said with more contempt this time.

"Yes, even the royal sisters have tried, showing the foals kindness and love but still they only ask to wait on them as if they had been bread to be nothing more then servant ponies. This is also a little concerning because we don’t know what effect this might have on them finding their special talents." Vinyl stormed off leaving Noble Steel and Octavia alone. "Sad thing is this isn't the first Orphanage in Canterlot to be in hot water."

"What do you mean?"

"About a year ago, just before that massive freeze spell got put on all the adult ponies by King Sombra and the changeling queen, Luna was forced to put a foal she had found and nurtured into an orphanage because of the Nobles saying she wasn't ready to raise one of her own, Celestia told her she didn't have to listen but Luna gave into the Nobles and put the little guy in one, come to find out because he was an earth pony the orphanage caretaker wasn't all that thrilled, it later came to light, after he had ran away, that the little guy had become a whipping colt of sorts, got blamed for everything by the other foals and was punished daily."

"That's terrible."

"The worst part about it is that it was thanks to him and several foals in ponyville that the spell was broken, but from what we've been told in the royal guard by Mid Day, in a final act to give the others time to finish breaking the spell, the colt lead the Queen and King to the old castle of the royal sisters, by the time Princess Luna and Celestia had arrived Luna watched as Sombra blasted him through a stained glass window and disintegrated right before her eyes as she tried to catch him."

"That's just terrible."

"You're telling me the little guy was well liked among the Royal Guard, Well except the Royal Blue Guard, but since Orion ripped them apart I don't really count them."

"What was his name?"

"The foal?" Octavia nodded wanting an answer. "Luna named him Shade, I'll be honest with you, when Luna first brought him to the palace the little guy was as wild as a puppy, but we got to see first hoof how much she changed with him around, she was happy, he made her proud, and we got to see Princess Luna truly smile for the first time since returning when he called her mommy for the first time. Heck I could tell you stories about the little guy, as I said the day and night guard loved having him around, I even remember the day he tried to get into our formation, Mid Day was walking down the rows inspecting armors when she came across a hole in the lineup and looked down at Shade wearing a Helmet that was so big on him that it looked like it was sitting on the floor, when she asked what the meaning of it was he stuck his right fore-leg through an eye piece and saluted, I never saw her laugh so hard in my life."

"He sounds like he was a handful."

"Maybe, but it was the happiness I saw on Princess Luna's face every morning and evening that concerned me that you and Vinyl would never know that joy, but then Vinyl called her mother and told her that you and her adopted I was really interested in meeting him, but that's when Melody filled me in on the rest. I'm not going to lie after seeing the other foals; I was worried that Spirit might be slightly."

"Conditioned." Vinyl said, as she walked in with a glass of water. "Dad he isn't, he totally rocks I swear."

"You don't have to, I heard your radio broadcast, or should I say his."

"You listen to our show?" Octavia was a little shocked by this news. Getting Noble Steel to laugh slightly.

"Most of the Royal Guards listen to the show, mostly because we liked how you dealt with Blue Blood."

"Speaking of Blue Blood."

"Don't Vinyl, after an investigation we learned that when he made those rules he wasn't of his right mind."

"When is he ever?"

"Vinyl the Prince was doing better, I can vouch for that, he had even started to get his guards to start acting right until he was infected."

"Infected?" Both Vinyl and Octavia looked at Noble Steel confused by this bit of information.

"Long story, but with that being said, none of the royals can get involved."

"Why not?"

"Well Cadance is the Princess of love, and trying to help repair the damages done by the Royal Blue Invasion of her empire, Princess Luna and Celestia can't do it because of past history, and Princess Twilight is unable to do it because her group is already in the middle of something, that and some of the nobles think she might hold a grudge on Blue Blood because of what happened between him and one of her friends."

"Oh I remember that Gala, I think it was a mare names Rarity that told him off, after he had used her as a pony shield for a cake flying at him." Octavia said, as she tapped her chin and thought back to the gala of chaos. "But that doesn't explain why she couldn't do it."

"They think she might project her feels of that event on the staff at his orphanage, so we had to find two nobles to play judges."

"Why two?" Vinyl questioned as she looked at her father.

"I don't know, it was something they insisted on since this is the first time that none of the Princesses can act as judge." Steel said, as he shrugged and shook his head. "But the nobles have selected who they want to judge this case."

"And they are?"

"Jet Set, and Upper Crust."

"THOSE TWO ARROGENT WINDBAGS!" Vinyl yelled, as she stood up in anger.

"Vinyl please calm down, there must be some way we can change this." Steel shook his head.

"Sorry to say but the only way to change this is if you're able to get enough ponies to sign a petition to let some pony else judge the trial."

"Great, how many signatures do we need." Vinyl asked, ready to do her part.

"Over 200,000."

"Uh alright, I guess we can get that, how much time do we have?"

"The Trial is in seven days."

"SEVEN DAYS!?" both Octavia and Vinyl yelled in shock as they looked at Vinyl's father.

"Yes, and according to the rules, the petition would have to be turned over before the trial officially started." with that Vinyl looked at Octavia.

"Octy, we have a tone of work to do."

"Do you have an idea of who you want to be the judge?"

"Yeah I do."

"It can't be you Vinyl." Vinyl sat down and looked very frustrated. "I know it's hard but no pony is well known enough to get that many signatures in that short amount of time, even if you broadcasted it on your radio station it would still take time to gather all the signatures."

"Yeah but that doesn't mean we can't try."

"Alright, I'll see if I can't spread the word through my connections, but Vinyl you have to understand if this happens the judge is going to be randomly chosen again, which could take another week."

"I don't care, I know those two stuck up mules and nether one of them should have that kind of power."

"I really hope you’re not talking about us." Vinyl, Octavia and Steel turned and looked at the front door to see a stallion and Mare smiling at them.

"Mother, Father you've come." Octavia said, as she walked up and hugged her parents.

"Well Good Will, it's nice to see you again." Steel said, as he walked up and gave the fellow Stallion a hoof bump. "And Sweet Melody, you two are looking great."

"Thank you, Steel, and I see you're doing well as ever." Good Will said, as he smiled at Steel. "I heard there was some trouble within the guard?"

"Royal Blues, Will, not only did we find a tunnel system leading under the Mare guard shower area they also caused some trouble up North."

"I heard, what about this Orion stallion I’ve been hearing about?"

"Don't know, He has popped in a few times since the Crystal Empire event, but he only speaks to one of the two Princesses, but I believe he also talks with Princess Cadance, I'm not so sure about Princess Twilight."

"Sound like a rouge to me."

"Maybe, but he hasn't caused any trouble yet."

"Except for those Royal Blues, really Steel, what are you going to do with those, those... well I can't say what they are, since I’m not sure where my new little grand colt is." Melody said, as she started to look around, then looked to her daughter with a big smile.

"Oh I'm terribly sorry, where are my manners? Let me take you to his room." As the family followed Octavia they walked in and found Harmony sitting on Spirit's bed while Spirit sat in the middle of his room playing a song.


When the song finished Harmony started to clap her hooves while Vinyl and Octavia smiled, and the rest of the family looked at Spirit stunned. "That was amazing Spirit, thank you." Harmony said, as she walked up and hugged him, then kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Spirit time to meet the rest of your Grandparents." Vinyl said, as she moved to one side and introduced, meet Good Will, and Sweet Melody, your grandparents on Octavia's side of the family." As the two new ponies walked into Spirit's room Good Will looked around and shook his head, then turned to Noble Steel.

"A shame isn't it."

"What do you mean?" Steel asked only to get nudged by Melody.

"This big room and we only see a few toys, isn't that a shame Steel." Steel understood and smiled slightly.

"You're so right, and it is our duty as the grandparents to spoil are new grand colt isn't it Harmony.

"I agree, TO THE TOY STORE!" As Steel levitated Spirit onto his back the four grandparents left the house with both Vinyl and Octavia following close behind.

"I knew it was a bad idea for us to get both sets together." Octavia said, as she and Vinyl took up the rear.

"Oh come on Octy what's the worst that could happen." The worst that happened was when the Grandparents had finished in one corner of Spirit's room stood a mountain castle with a mixture of day and night guard figures placed on it, a scooter, a toy plane, a boat, and full set of Action ponies and Monsters sitting on one shelf.

"I can't believe they bought this much."

“Oh come on Octy this isn’t that bad.” Vinyl said, as she walked up to the castle play set that still towered over her.

“Not that bad, Vinyl they bought him a replica of the castle from Castlemania game you and him have been playing, and it is taller then you.”

“Yeah, but it comes with these cool little figures of all the monsters in the game, Count Vampony, and Vampony Slayer figures.” Vinyl tried to defend but only saw her wife slightly annoyed by her attempt. "I know, and don't forget the play set outside." Vinyl added, as she looked around the room. "Well at least Mr. Fizzy Wigs gave us a discount."

"Us, you mean our parents, and did you hear them talking about taking him to the park tomorrow?"

"Well to be honest that was actually because I asked them to so that we could start getting things rolling on signatures."

"Oh, but still all of this." As Octavia walked into the room that was now filled with toys she couldn't help but look outside and see both her parents and Vinyl's parents laughing and playing with Spirit. "Vinyl."

"Yeah Octy?"

"We got real lucky finding Spirit." Vinyl walked up and stood next to her wife and smiled.

"Yeah, we really did." As Vinyl wrapped her fore-legs around Octavia she gave her a kiss on the cheek and turned and watched as their colt laughed happily with their parents.

Bad day at the park

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It was a dark and stormy night, two days after the little family get together and Vinyl was just coming in after one of her gigs, her mane and tail was soaked, and shades drooping slightly down her nose. "I can't believe those weather ponies, they said clear skies until three tomorrow morning, it's not even ten and the gig got shut down. I swear I’m filling a complaint tomorrow, might even look into getting compensated if they try and cheat me on my pay." Vinyl said, to her self as she walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to dry off, but as she walked out she was surprised when something seem to collide with her and hang on tight, as she looked down she found Spirit trembling. "Wow, kiddo what's wrong?" As a flash of lighting lit up the living room from the windows, and a crash of thunder shook the house, Vinyl heard Spirit scream in terror and tremble even more. "Oh I see come on kiddo I mama got you." Vinyl said as she sat down and hugged Spirit. "Why didn't you wake up Octy since you where so scared?"

"I didn't want to make her mad."

"Mad? Kid you would have to do something really major wrong for our Octy to ever get mad at you." Vinyl said, as she tried to comfort Spirit. "Tell you what I'll wake her up and all 3 of us can sit down and have a nice talk." Spirit didn't say anything, but he still seemed very worried, and scared. "There will be some hot chocolate." with that Spirit looked up and smiled slightly. "I thought that might get a smile on that face, come on." with that Vinyl let go of Spirit and walked with him to her and Octavia's room. "Hey Octy." Vinyl whispered as she started to shake Octavia slightly. "Octavia wake up."

"Vinyl it's to early leave me alone."

"Octy, Spirit needs to talk to us." no response and Vinyl nodded slightly. "Alright Octy you asked for it." with that Vinyl used her magic and levitated Octavia out of the bed and started to head for the bathroom, before Octavia woke up enough to realize she was floating in the air.


"I figured a nice cold shower would wake you up."

"It is... what time is it?"

"Ten O'clock."

"A.M. or P.M.?"


"IT'S TEN AT NIGHT AND YOUR GOING TO THROW ME INTO A COLD SHOWER!! YOU BETTER HAVE A VERY GOOD REASON FOR THIS OR SO HELP ME..." Octavia stopped, as Vinyl pointed at Spirit who was standing in the door way looking terrified, looking down the hall as if scared something was going to come and gobble him up. "Oh, well put me down so we can both help him."

"I don't know, right now I have you restrained, if i put you down you might attack me." Vinyl said with a smile on her face. Only to watch as Octavia started to scowl at her. "Have i ever told you how adorable you look when you're angry?" Vinyl kissed Octavia on the nose and then set her down.

"Now that just isn't fair." Octavia responded as she blushed and let her anger leave her. Just then a crack of thunder shook the house again and Spirit ran between both mares and started to tremble. "Spirit what's wrong."

"It's the..." another crack of lighting caused Spirit to squeak before hugging Octavia tightly.

"Octy give me a second." Vinyl walked up stairs leaving Octavia slightly stunned, the only thing up stairs was their practice room's, one of Octavia and her group when they came over, one for Vinyl that had several sound proof spells on it, and smaller one for Spirit when ever he felt like playing music, the only thing else that the stairs went to was the roof top patio. "HEY YOU FEATHER BRAINS KNOCK IT OFF YOUR SCARRING MY COLT!! OH YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME PAL BRING IT ON!!" Octavia smiled slightly and broke Spirit's embrace.

"Honey mommy is sorry but i have to go get Vinyl before she does anything... I'll regret." with that Octavia ran upstairs. "VINYL!" After a few minutes both mares came downstairs covered in water and started to dry off. "Spirit where are you?" Octavia asked, as she finished drying off and notice Spirit wasn't where she left him, as she walked into his room she noticed his tail sticking out from under the bed and smiled softly. "Spirit? Honey don't you want to come out and talk?"

"I feel safer here."

"Safer?" Vinyl questioned, as she walked in and watched as Spirit seem to turn around and stick his muzzle out from under the bed.

"I like the darkness, they never found me when i hid in the dark places, they never hurt me."

"Really, maybe i should try that the next time i make Octy really angry." Vinyl joked getting a glare from her wife. "Move over kiddo." with that Vinyl used her magic and lifted the bed slightly before laying down next to Spirit and lowering the bed as far as she could. "SSSSHHHHH I just made mommy Octy mad, maybe she won't find us here." as Spirit laughed slightly Octavia rolled her eyes and smiled, thought Vinyl did get on her nerves a few times, she always knew how to deal with foals, and she was very grateful for that right now. "So why are we hiding under the bed?"

"It's dark, the mean ponies never found me in the dark, they never hurt me in the dark." Vinyl nodded and pulled Spirit close.

"Vinyl let me in." Octavia almost ordered getting Vinyl to lift the bed slightly and let Octavia get in on the other side of Spirit. "Honey you don't have to hide from they anymore, we aren't going to let any of them hurt you again."

"Because mama Vinyl will hurt them if they try?" Spirit asked, getting Vinyl to laugh slightly.

"Kiddo if you think i'm tough, you don't know your mommy very well, I've seen Octavia knock a few teeth out of a royal before." Spirit looked from Vinyl to Octavia in shock.

"You hit a Princess?" Spirit asked, almost ah struck, getting Octavia to blush slightly.

"No I hit a prince, and he deserved it."

"Wow... wait which prince?"

"Which one do you think deserves to get his teeth knocked out kiddo?" Vinyl answered as she smiled at Spirit.

"He deserved it."

"Yeah but i don't think the tooth mare was to happy about it ether. Making her hoof over more bits to that arrogant."


"Sorry." Vinyl smiled at Octavia, since she was getting a strange look from her.

"Who's the tooth mare?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Vinyl who faked shock.

"Who's the tooth mare, Octy did you hear that our little colt doesn't know who the tooth mare is." As Vinyl started to tell Spirit the story of the tooth mare, Octavia realized what her partner had done. After a while Spirit was struggling to stay awake getting Vinyl and Octavia to smile. "Come on Kiddo how about we get out from under the bed." with the suggestion Spirit recoiled deeper under the bed, getting Vinyl to frown.

"How about tonight you sleep with us." Octavia suggested getting Spirit to brighten slightly. "Come on, we'll keep you safe." Spirit nodded as Vinyl lifted the bed once more and let all three out. That night Spirit slept comfortable between Vinyl and Octavia, and to the best of his knowledge it was the best night sleep he had, had in a long time.

The following morning Vinyl was still very tired as the boarded the train heading to Ponyville. "Octy did we really have to get up this early?"

"Yes Vinyl, remember we promise Lyra and Bonbon that we would come today."

"Yeah I know but it's five in the morning." Vinyl looked at Octavia who didn't look very happy at her.

"That's why I told you not to do that gig last night, it's also one of the reason I went to bed early last night."

"Yeah but it's to early right Spirit?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit fast asleep on Octavia's back with little scratch curled up with him. "See he agrees with me."

"Vinyl stop complaining, once we get on board I'm sure you can get some Coffee."

"Coffee? That sounds real good right now Octy... I wonder if Spirit might like some?"

"Vinyl if you dare give Spirit any coffee." Octavia turned around and was met with a kiss from Vinyl for several moments before she broke the kiss and smiled.

"Thanks for the pick me up." Vinyl said, as she walked past Octavia who was a little stunned but then smirked as she followed her wife onto the train. They had nearly made it half way to Ponyville when Spirit woke up with Scratch pulling on his right ear.

"I'm up, I'm up." Spirit said with a bit f a laugh getting Scratch to stop and get to her normal place on top of his head. "Are we on the train?"

"Sure are kiddo, we're heading to Ponyville to see some of our friends."

"Oh... do you think they'll like me?"

"Well of course they'll like you, they are very friendly."

"Besides kiddo, Lyra just loves trying to walk on her hind legs, I’m pretty sure she would get all giddy once you show her you can dance on them." Spirit smiled as he looked at both his parents sitting across from him.

"Candy?" Spirit turned and looked at the sweet cart mare and saw all the candy.

"You can have one thing." Octavia said, as she smiled at Spirit.

"Ah come on Octy, it's his first time on a train, let him get more then one things." Octavia smirked slightly, then nodded.

"Alright we'll meet in the middle, you can spend up to ten bits." Spirit smiled and then turned and looked at all the sweets. After a few moments Spirit got 2 chocolate covered hay cakes, and a candy oat necklace, but as the mare handed him the sweets she also handed him something he didn't expect, a little figure.

"Oh cool the new Mutant series is out." Vinyl said, as she looked at the figure.

"Mutant series?" Spirit looked rather confused as he looked at Vinyl.

"Spirit please don't get Vinyl started on this."

"To late." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Octavia. "See there is this toy line called the unstoppable Humans, Lyra is a big fan of the series, but since sales had started to drop they announced a new mutant line, but why did you give him one?"

"It's a promotion for the toy line, you spend ten bits and get a free exclusive figure." the sweet mare explained as she smiled at Vinyl.

"O.K." before the mare left the trio had five figures, and Octavia was glaring at Vinyl who was happily munching on a sugar twist stick. "What?"

"You just spent 40 bits alone on sweets."

"Yeah and you spent 10, besides that was just a little from the tip jar last night, we got plenty."

"That's not the point, Besides what are we going to do with all these sweets."

"Oh I think we can come up with an idea can't we Spirit." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Spirit who nodded."

"Oh no, we are not going to let him eat all this."

"I’d help."

"Vinyl eating to many sweets could make him sick. Spirit can have the 3 items he picked out, and we'll save the rest of later, that way we can stretch it out for a lot longer, then one massive candy being." with that Vinyl looked at Spirit who was looking at Octavia, then down at his sweets then back at Octavia.

"I guess she's right kiddo, we have to save some for later." Vinyl finally said, getting Spirit to nodded.

"GIVE ME ALL THE BITS!" Spirit jumped slightly at the demand and then looked to the back of the cart to find the sweet mare being threatened by a unicorn who had his horn glowing. "No pony play hero and no pony will get hurt." the robber said, as he smiled slightly. As the mare struggled to gather all the bits she dropped a few and quickly started to try and pick them up. "HURRY UP YOU STUPPID MARE!"

"I'm going to knock his teeth out." Vinyl said, as she started to get up but was held back by Octavia.

"Vinyl please, just let him get away the Royal Guards will find him and arrest him." Vinyl looked at Octavia and then looked at Spirit, before she wouldn't have hesitated in giving this stallion a sonic blast to the muzzle, but as she looked at Spirit she thought about what would happen if he got hurt, and that concern got her to sit back down. It wasn't until the train entered a tunnel that things got interesting the light from the robbers horn lit up the room in a eerie red glow, but as it emerged from the tunnel and the sunlight filled the cab a new figure had appeared behind the robber. "Octy look." Octavia got out of her chair slightly and saw the figure.

"Not him again."

"Oh man this is going to be good." Vinyl levitated a box of milk balls close to her and started to levitate them one at a time to her mouth.

"Excuse me." The robber turned and found himself looked at the Phantom, who was smiling slightly.

"Have you ever danced with a bat pony in the pail moon light?"

"What?" As robbers horn stopped glowing the Phantom gave him an upper cut getting the robber stuck half was in the ceiling.

"May I help you madam?" The Phantom asked, as he leaned down to the sweet mare.

"Uh... thank you, but what are we going to do with him?"

"Oh i wouldn't worry about him."

"Why's that?"

"Because we just left the mountains and are now entering the forest."

"So?" The Phantom leaned closed and smiled slightly.

"It has a lot of low hanging branches." with that The Phantom vanished and a few seconds later the robber started to kick and scream as the sound of branches breaking could be heard.

"Oh that has got to hurt." Vinyl said, as she smirked slightly. By the time the train arrived at it's station the royal guards had been called to meet the train and Vinyl was able to see that the robber had a lot of knots on the back of his head, as he staggered around dazed and confused. "Well Kiddo what did you think of your first train ride?"

"It was interesting." Spirit said, with a smile.

"Yeah, what did you think of The Phantom?"

"Well you said he was really tough, he didn't really do a lot, so I guess he's cool."

"He is nothing of the sort, he is just an arrogant stallion that is going to get himself, and others hurt one day." Octavia said, as she started to walk away faster.

"Uh-oh I think we made mommy angry." Vinyl said, as she smirked a little but then watched at Spirit hurried up and caught up to Octavia.

"I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to make you angry." Octavia looked down at Spirit and then stopped before she pulled him in for a hug.

"It's not you Spirit, it's just ponies like him they think their doing good, but they just don't seem to understand that by their actions others might get hurt, and this is the second time he's put the lives of the two most important ponies in my life endanger." As Spirit nodded Octavia smiled. "I just don't want anything to happen to you or Vinyl, that's all." Just then Octavia felt bigger arms wrapping around her, and smiled at Vinyl who had joined in the hug. It wasn't until Spirit started to struggle a little that they broke the hug and he appeared.

"What's wrong Spirit?" Vinyl asked, as she smiled slightly.

"Double hug gets to warm." Spirit said, as he smiled at Vinyl.

"Oh well in that case." Vinyl quickly scooped Spirit up into a hug and smiled. "We'll just take turns hugging you."

"Vinyl that's enough, we have to go meet Lyra and Bon-Bon's." Octavia said through a stifled laugh, getting Vinyl to let Spirit go. As the trio walked through town Spirit smiled, as he looked around, but then noticed Vinyl looking around slightly confused. "Vinyl what's wrong?"

"It hasn't happened yet."

"What hasn't happened yet?"

"Oh come on Octy, you know...it."

"No Vinyl i don't know what are you talking about?"

"We haven't been jumped yet by the Pink Party Pony, and Spirit is new to town." with that Octavia started to look around herself.

"Well maybe she is just away, you know how the elements have to travel around a lot now."

"Elements?" Spirit asked, as he looked to Octavia.

"Yeah, you know kiddo the Elements of harmony, Princess Twilight and her close friends."

"Is Princess Twilight here?" Spirit seemed really happy as he seem to get a spring in his gallop only to get batted on the head a few times by Scratch who was having a hard time staying on. "Oops... Sorry Scratch."


"Well some pony is excited, are you hopping to see the new princess?" Octavia asked, as she smiled at Spirit, who smiled.

"Well who knows you might get to." A few minutes later the trio arrived at Lyra and Bon-bon's home. "I want you on your best behave."

"Oh come on Octy Spirit hasn't given us any trouble since we've had him."

"I wasn't talking to him Vinyl." Octavia said, as she knocked on the door and smiled at Bon-Bon opened the door.

"Octavia, Vinyl it's so good to see you two." Bon-bon said, as she smiled at her friends then looked at Spirit. "And this must be little Spirit, oh he's just so adorable." Bon-bon reached out to Spirit only to have his recoil slightly. "It's alright sweetie, I wont hurt you." with the small bit of reassurance Spirit stepped forward and excepted the hug. "Oh he's just so adorable Octavia, I can't wait until we get approved to adopt a foal."

"You're adopting as well?"

"Yeah, me and Lyra both want a little foal of our own." Bon-bon stopped hugging Spirit and lead the trio inside. "Lyra is out right now she should be back shortly."

"Oh perfect." Vinyl rubbed her fore-hoofs together and got a wicked smile on her face. "Spirit how would you like to play a little joke on your aunty Lyra."

"Aunty Lyra?" both Spirit and Bon-bon said at the same time confused by the statement.

"Yeah, both Lyra and you Bon-Bon." Vinyl smiled as she walked up and whispered something into Bon-Bon's ear getting her to smile. Later as Lyra returned home she smiled as she walked into the kitchen and found Bon-Bon cooking, and Octavia was sitting at the table.

"Lyra look who popped in for a visit." Bon-Bon said, as she pointed to Octavia who smiled at her and waved.

"Octavia so nice to see you, did Vinyl come with you."

"She's around." Octavia said, trying not to give away anything, only to get Lyra to eye her with suspicion.

"And she brought a gift see." Bon-Bon said, as she pointed to the couch at two toys.

"Oh my gosh, are those the new mutant series?" Lyra asked as she walked up and used her magic to pick each of the figures up. "Oh it is, General Volzor, and Darkthal trooper Grimok."

"Say what now?" Bon-Bon asked, as she looked at Lyra, knowing that her mate was deeply involved in the book Uurth realm book series.

"Uh... it's in the new addition book number 12, the fighting had finally stopped and peace was starting to spread across the land, when a portal to Zuarus realm opened up and the Darkthal horde started to spill through, they where going to start ripping things apart and build giant factories to start stripping the land of all it's resources like locust, but the brave Lawyer-Knight Heinfroth Chen-Rosenberg started to lead a revolution against the evil Commander Volzor and his Darkthal horde." with that Lyra smiled as she started to levitate her Lawyer-Knight figure and started to have a battle with the two on the living room carpet.

"Lyra, come talk to our guest, and thank her for the gift, you can play later."

"Alright Bonny." Lyra said, as she levitated the figures up to her display shelf and started to walk away only to stop when she heard movement, as she turned to look she saw the two new figures fighting against several of her old figures, slightly stunned by this turn of events she pointed open mouth in shock, until her Lawyer-Knight figure got knocked to the edge hanging on by one hand, as Commander Volzor walked up and raised his parking meter mace and knocked the figure off.

"HEINFROTH!" Lyra dove and caught the figure before it could hit the ground, but her action got both Bon-Bon and Octavia to come out into the living room.

"Lyra what in Equestria is going on?... I thought I told you to put your toys away."

"I did, but then they started fighting and then Volzor knocked Heinfroth off the shelf and, and... Bonny you have to believe me, the figures are coming to life and the war for Uurth is happening in our own living room." Bon-Bon tried not to crack a smile.

"Honey you must of had a hard day, why not put away your toys and come into the kitchen." Bon-Bon said, as she turned and headed for the kitchen getting Lyra to look at the figure in her hoofs and mentally agree with her, there was no way the figures where rallying coming alive and fighting. As she placed the figure back she started to head for the kitchen once more, but again she heard movement as she turned she could see the figures fighting once more she watched as many of her Human figures fought bravely only to be thrown off the edge, as she used her magic and levitated them back up she gulped slightly as she witnessed the battle of the Humans and the Darkthals.

"YOU WONT WIN YOU HEAR ME I WONT LET YOU!" Lyra yelled, as she used her magic and pulled the two Darkthal figures from the shelf and held them in mid air.

"LYRA! what in Celestia's name are you yelling about?" Bon-Bon said, as she came running out of the kitchen and looked at Lyra.

"They were fighting again, Bonny you have to believe me, I’m not going crazy, the figures are coming alive every time i put them on the self and they keep fighting my human figures."

"Now Lyra dear, that's not possible unless you're using your magic on them, now why don't you put the figures back up, and me and Octavia will watch with you, if they start moving we'll find a separate box and lock them inside how does that sound?" with that Lyra nodded but then stopped as she turned to Octavia.

"You said Vinyl was around didn't you?" Octavia tried not to smile and only nodded. "And just where is she?"

"Oh you know around." Octavia said, as she waved one of her hoofs around. Lyra gave her a stern suspicious look before she turned and put the figures back up on the shelf only to have them remain perfectly still. "Lyra they aren't moving." Octavia said, after a few moments.

"You've just been having a hard day honey, come on, come to the kitchen and have a nice cup of apple cider." As Bon-Bon and Octavia started to walk away Lyra watched as the Volzor quickly grabbed the Lawyer-Knight and lifted him over his head prepared to throw the figure off the shelf once more as the figure struggled to get free.

"BONNY!" Lyra screamed, as she pointed to the shelf getting Bon-Bon to run to her side.

"Lyra it's alright, everything is alright."

"No it's not, the Darkthal keep trying to break my Human figures, and the Human figures can't fight against them because their not strong enough."

"Alright I'm sure there is a logical explanation to this, just think how could this be happening?" Lyra nodded for a few moment and then turned on Octavia.

"Vinyl, where is she?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well I am, she's somewhere close by, she's playing this trick on me." Lyra accused as she glared at Octavia. "Well it's not funny, YOU HEAR ME VINYL NOT FUNNY!" Just then there came a knock at the door, and Lyra stormed over to it and opened it only to be shocked as she watched Vinyl walk in with several bags.

"You would not believe the line at the toy store, oh hey Lyra when did you get home." Lyra watched as Vinyl walked in slightly stunned as she only opened and closed her mouth in silence. "Ah shoot, Octy I was hopping to surprise Lyra with those figures once I picked up their mounts."

"Y-you mean the Thunder Lizards you got the Thunder Lizards, which ones." Lyra was so excited she completely forgot of what had just happened. As Vinyl pulled out of her bags several boxed large lizard like creatures, that had saddles on their backs. "Oh you got Volzor's Ragged tooth, and Grimok's Kreethoom."

"That's not all I got." with that Vinyl pulled out another box and Lyra squeaked as she took it from Vinyl's magic. "You found Lawyer-Knight's rehabilitated Thunder lizard Rex with realistic roar, and launching Iron beam projectiles." Lyra smiled, as she held the box and smiled.

"Yep and these three are for you." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Lyra. who quickly hugged her and started to use her magic to carefully remove the toys from their packaging and set the boxes aside, then placing the figures into their saddles.

"Oh this is so awesome." Lyra quickly hugged Vinyl who smiled, as she patted her friend on the back. "Oh now i have to find a place to put my new toys."

"Later Lyra, first we're going into the kitchen, our guest might be hungry, and you wouldn't want to be rude to them after they gave you such... nice gifts, seriously what are those things?"

"Thunder Lizards? Oh they're like our ancient Equestrian Dinosaurs, only the Darkthal used their evil science and experimented on them until they became a species known as Zaurids, and in chapter 8 of book 12 the invasion of the Darkthals Volzor's original mount fell into a underground cave system when Heinfroth tried to stop Volzor sneak attack on the Knothole Kingdom. Volzor managed to jump out of the way but Heinfroth was pulled in with his new mount, and after he spent the entire chapter 9 mending and taking care of the creature they became friends and in chapter 11 when the Darkthal managed to break past the defenses of the Magical mouse castle, and Royal President Ramses Sally Sweetback was trapped in the throne room by Volzor and his Darkthal forces, Heinfroth emerged from a secret entrance behind a tapestry with Rex and faced off against Volzor, and his new mount." with that Lyra stopped and smiled as she looked at her new toys.

"Wait who wins the fight?" Octavia asked, as she looked at Lyra.

"Don't know have to wait until the next book to find out." Lyra said, as she smiled and started to walk towards the kitchen leaving three mares stunned. "Aren't you coming?" As the other three headed for the kitchen, Vinyl smiled a little and nodded her head a few times. As Lyra sat at the table it was clear she was very excited about her new toys.


"Yes Bonny?"

"I was just telling Octavia and Vinyl how much we would love to have them on our show again, maybe in a few weeks."

"Alright, that's sounds like fun."

"And they could bring their colt."

"Yeah sounds great."

"And we could sacrifice a foal to Discord so he can open a portal to the Uurth realm."


"LYRA!" Lyra jumped slightly and fell to the floor, looking at Bon-Bon confused.

"What?" Lyra said, half winning as she looked at Bon-Bon.

"Lyra you haven't heard a word I’ve said have you." Lyra looked at Bon-Bon and lowered her head.

"No Bonny." Bon-Bon just placed a hoof on her head and shook it.

"Oh come on Bonny cut her some slack, Green beans been looking forward to these new toys ever since that last book came out, and now she has 5 of them just sitting in the living room, just begging to be played with." Vinyl said, as she teased slightly getting Lyra to let out a very low whimper.

"Alright fine but don't be to loud." with that Lyra smiled and started to head for the living room while Bon-Bon smiled as she took a sip of her cider and looked at Vinyl, who was doing the same thing.


As Lyra walked into the living room she started to hear strange noises until she watched as the Zuarids reared up and went into battle, as the fight started to unfold before her eyes Lyra pointed for a moment, and started to whimper slightly, thinking that she really could be going insane.

"BONNY!!" As the trio of mares came running out of the kitchen and saw the toys fighting Vinyl smirked as she listen to the music being put behind the little fight scene. "Bonny look their fighting, you can see them fighting can't you, and I'm not using my magic honest."

"Fighting what are you talking about Lyra?" Vinyl asked, with a smirk on her face only to get elbowed slightly by Octavia. "Oh alright, Lyra allow me to introduce you to our colt." Vinyl said, as she waved towards the sofa getting Spirit to walk out from behind it with a smile on his face.

"He's the one who's been playing with your toys." Bon-Bon said, as she smiled at her wife. "It was just a little joke honey honest." Lyra looked at Spirit and then at her toys as he had them wave at her.

"But I don't see a magical aura."

"Mama taught me how to hide it." Spirit said, as he pointed at Vinyl.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe how often that comes in handy." Lyra looked at the toys again and then turned and glared at Vinyl.

"So this was your idea."

"Yeah pretty funny hu." Vinyl said, as she laughed.

"Oh I'll give you funny." Lyra's horn started to glow only to stop as Bon-Bon walked between the two unicorns.

"Not inside you two, I just finished cleaning, if you want to have a magical duel then you're both going outside."

"Fine by me." Vinyl said, as she headed for the door. "I'll even let green bean have the first shot. (*ZAP!*) YEOW!" Vinyl jumped out the door as Lyra shot her flank with a magical spark. "Oh so that's how you want to play it." After a few minutes the two unicorns returned completely spent of magic, with different color manes, and coats that looked like they had gone into a paint ball battle.


"Yeah Spirit?"

"You look like a patch work quilt." both Octavia and Bon-Bon tried not to laugh as Vinyl looked at Spirit slightly shocked.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, but so does Aunty Lyra." with that both mares looked at each other and then looked at Spirit.

"Well you know what quilts are good for don't you Spirit?" Vinyl asked, as she winked at Lyra.


"Oh well come here and I'll tell you." with that Spirit walked up but as soon as he was within grabbing distance both Vinyl and Lyra reached out and grabbed him. "There great to get wrapped up in."

"AH HELP KILLER QUILTS!" Spirit cried, as he tried to get free only to be held in place as the two mares started to tickle him. "EEP! it's worst (*giggle*) it's killer tickling (*snicker*) quilts."

"You think we should help him?" Bon-Bon asked, as she smiled at Octavia.

"No Vinyl will stop before it goes to far." Octavia said, as she smiled as she watched Spirit getting tickled for a few minutes before Vinyl stopped and got Lyra to stop as the little colt caught his breath and started to fall asleep.

"Well we better get heading to the hotel."

"How long are you going to be in Ponyville?"

"Just for the weekend."

"Well then you should stay with us, the sofa folds out into a bed, and I think it would be nice for me and Lyra to have an idea of what having a little foal around might be like."

"Well I'm not sure, are you sure we wouldn't be a bother?"

"It's only going to be a few nights." Bon-bon said, as she smiled at Octavia getting her friend to smile. Later Lyra was at the ponyville park with Spirit, and the toy where playing with the new toys, pretending to be having the final battle between Lawyer-knight and Volzor.

"You'll never win against the Human alliance." Lyra said, as she used her magic to fight with her Lawyer-knight while Spirit used his magic to fights with Volzor.

"You are weak, and will be crushed under the Darkthal horde's boot."

"Never, the Alliance will always defeat you and your evil horde Volzor." Lyra smiled as she played the role of her favorite figure, while Spirit used his magic to play as Volzor, as the two small figures where locked in miniature combat atop their mighty Zaurids, other foals started to circle them and watch as the two fought each other. "Oh I just got a great idea, you stay here and I'll be right back." With that Lyra ran off leaving Spirit sitting in the sandbox and headed back to her and Bon-bon's house, getting Spirit to blink a few times before he turned and looked at Scratch sitting beside him.

"Want to play?" Spirit asked, as he used his magic to get the Volzor figure to walk up to her only to watch as Scratch started to smack it with her paw. "Oh beware great beast I Volzor will tame you and you will be my new battle mount." Scratch kept batting at the toy until she finally pounced on it and held it down with both front paws while the figure struggled to get up. "O.K. we’ll call it a draw."

"Hey get out of here." Spirit turned and found himself looking at two fillies a bit older then him, one looking rather mean, and the other a little smug as she stood slightly behind the first. "Get out of hear blank flank."

"Blank Flank?"

"Yeah blank flank, as in you don't have your cutie mark. Now get out of here."

"But I'm playing here, me and my aunt already built a sand castle see."

"Yeah well it's our castle now, so get out of here." the filly demanded getting Scratch to hiss at here only to have Spirit look at her.

"It's alright Scratch, come on will just move." with that Spirit got up and grabbed his saddle bag sitting close by and headed to the other side of the play area to find another nice area of sand to play in. "See Scratch, no need to fight over something so silly." with that Spirit laid down and started to use his magic to build another castle only this time it was going to be bigger, meanwhile Lyra was just returning with her saddle bag only to find Spirit not where she had left him.

"Uh excuse me Diamond Tiara have you seen my nephew, I just left him here a few minutes ago." both Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon looked at Lyra and shook their heads.

"No Ma-am, we just found this castle built and started to play isn't that right Silver Spoon?"

"Yes ma-am we found it, and just thought some pony left it." As Lyra started to grow concerned she started to quickly look around the park, panicked, and didn't spot Spirit.

"Not good.... BONNY!!" Lyra ran home in tears to get help in the search. While Diamond Tiara looked angry.

"Come on." Diamond said, as she stood up.

"Where are we going?"

"To make sure that little pest doesn't tell on us." with that Diamond and Silver started to look for Spirit, only to be shocked when they found him laying next to a larger sand castle then the one they had just bullied him from. "HEY!" Spirit looked up at Diamond and then smiled.


"Look your aunt just came looking for you."

"She did?" Spirit sat up and started to look around. "Where is she?"

"Doesn't matter, what matters is what your not going to tell any pony." Diamond said, as she made Spirit look at her. "You're not going to tell them anything about me and Silver making you leave that spot, you understand?"

"Why not, you just wanted the sand castle, no reason to get angry over something that truly isn't mine, it's no big deal." Diamond glared at Spirit then smirked slightly.

"Alright let me put it to you like this, you're not going to tell any pony you saw us or else?"

"Or else what?" with that Diamond Tiara threw sand in Spirit's eyes, blinding him.

"Or else I’ll make sure that my daddy makes life for you and any pony you care about a living Tartarus." Diamond said, as Spirit started to cry from the sand, only to have Scratch jump up on his back and then at Diamond Tiara, scratching her across the nose getting Diamond Tiara to scream out in both pain and shock then glare at Scratch who was hissing at her ready for a fight. "Oh you are so dead." Diamond Tiara reared up and aimed for Scratch, the little kitten froze in fear as she looked up at the two front hooves of the young filly about to come down on her, it was at the last second that Scratch found herself shielded from the blows as Spirit jumped between her and Diamond, which only seem to infuriate Diamond Tiara more, now that she was denied her vengeance on the kitten. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Diamond yelled, as she started to hit Spirit repeatedly only to have him curl around Scratch keeping her shielded from the now enraged filly.

"Diamond stop."

"Not until I teach that fur ball a lesson." Diamond said, raised her hoof to hit Spirit again. As she kept going Silver Spoon started to back away from Diamond, slightly stunned not really knowing what to do.


It wasn't until there came a roar in the direction of the castle that Diamond Tiara stopped and looked up in just enough time to see the two Zaurid toys lunge at her with their mounts jumping off and grabbing her mane while the Zaurids started to pull on her tail. "GET OFF OF ME YOU PIECES OF JUNK!!" Diamond Tiara yelled, as she tried to shake the toys off of her, only to feel them swinging from her mane and tail. "SILVER SPOON HELP ME!"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"BREAK THEM DO SOMETHING!!" As Silver Spoon took a step forward she stopped as she watched as Skeleton Pony warriors and other monster figures rose up from the sand just in front of the sand castle, and stone looking bat pony figures emerged at the battlements, while a Vampony extended it's wings and took flight at Diamond Tiara getting all the other toys to charge forward and swarm Diamond Tiara like a horde of angry bees. As Diamond Tiara let out a scream as she kept getting buzzed by the bat pony figures and vampony, she tried to run away only to have the Zaurids holding onto her tail pull hard getting her to slip and fall on the loose sand, allowing the Skeleton Pony Warriors to swarm her like ants, and use her mane and tail hair to hold her down. "SILVER SPOON HELP ME!" Silver gulped slightly as many of the toys turned and faced her getting the frightened filly to run off screaming for help.

As Silver Spoon ran away from the scene screaming Octavia and the others went running in the direction she had just come from and found Spirit laying on the ground protecting Scratch as the two Zaurids and their riders now seem to be protecting him, while Diamond Tiara kept trying to struggle only to be held down by the toys pulling her main and tail, as well as making sure she could get good hoofing

"Spirit?" Octavia said, as she walked up and carefully picked him up listening to him wince at her touch.

"She tried to hurt Scratch mommy." Spirit said, as he looked at Octavia the side of his face slightly bruised and his horn cracked. As she looked at the rest of Spirit she saw several other hoof marks and feared that he might have a few broken bones.

"Vinyl get Spirit to the hospital." Octavia ordered as she tried to clear the tears from her face, her little colt was laying in her arms badly hurt and his attacker was just in front of her being held down by an army of toys that Octavia knew that Spirit was using the last of his strength to control.

"Alright Octy." As Vinyl used her magic and took Spirit away Octavia watched as his toys started to loose their sentience and fall giving Diamond Tiara a chance to get up and start to run away before she was picked up again, this time by Lyra's magic, and held her in mid air.

"Bon-bon can you help me pick up Spirit's toys?" Octavia asked, not wanting to even talk to the filly that had just attacked her colt.

"Sure Octavia." Bon-bon said, as she started to collect the figures.

"JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!" the three mares heard some pony yelled, and turned to see Filthy Rich storming up to them. "Release my daughter at once."

"Help me daddy, they wont let me go." Diamond Tiara cried, as she looked at her father.

"Daddy?... well then, sir it seems that you are the one I should be talking to about what your daughter did to my colt." Octavia said, as she headed right for Filthy Rich.

"Excuse me?" Filthy Rich's tone changed as he looked at Octavia, and was met with a glare that he could have sworn would have made Princess Celestia whimper like a new born foal. "Madam I've only been informed that my daughter was attacked and was being held against her will, please fill me in on what has transpired."

"What has transpired is that your filly attacked my colt, and right now my partner is rushing him to the hospital for the beating she gave him."

"Don't listen to her daddy she's lying." Diamond Tiara yelled, as she looked at her father. As Octavia spun to face Diamond Tiara the young filly gulped.

"We are all going to see my colt in the hospital, and your better be praying to Celestia that you haven't caused him any permanent damage." with that Octavia started to head for the Ponyville hospital, where she reunited with Vinyl who was sitting in the waiting room. "Vinyl?"

"Octy!" as Vinyl ran up to her partner she hugged her and tried to hug away her fears. "They took him to the back and haven't told me anything yet."

"It's alright Vinyl, we've found his attackers father." Octavia said, as she pointed at Filthy Rich, then had to hold back the DJ as she tried to attack him. "Vinyl you have to calm down."

"I have yet to hear any evidence of my daughter laying a hoof on your colt." Filthy Rich said, as he looked at Octavia. "Did you see her attack him?"

"We saw the aftermath." Vinyl snapped, as she glared at Filthy Rich trying to get out from responsibility.

"But you didn't see it, where as my daughters friend came running to my home stating that she was being attacked and needed help and when I arrived I found you and your friends holding her against her will."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!" Vinyl yelled, as she stomped towards Filthy Rich getting him to straighten slightly.

"I would step back right now Ms. Scratch." another voice said from the hospital entrance getting Vinyl and the others to look to see a Unicorn Royal Guard standing at the entrance. "When Ms. Scratch brought her colt in the hospital staff contacted the local Royal guard establishment, to try and figure out what really happen, so Ms. Scratch before you try and knock that smug grin off Mr. Riches face, please remember that it would still be considered assault." with that Vinyl backed away and Filthy Rich smirked slightly, until he felt a hoof slap him in the back of the head. "That doesn't mean get cocky Mr. Rich, and I promise you if I find out that it was your daughter that sent this foal into the hospital and they want to press charges, then your little filly will be sent off to one of trouble youth facilities, and I know for a fact that they do not look kindly on bullies."

"Just who do you think you are?" Filth Rich said, as he straightened him self again and puffed out his chest.

"I sir am a member of the majesties royal guard, I sir am well trained in retrieving memories from both victim and culprit, I sir am Focused Lenses, and I will get to the bottom of this case and if you don't stop bowing up on me I will show you how the royal guards deal with arrogant little foals that try and join our ranks, so what you are going to do is get over into the farthest corner of that waiting room with your daughter and you will remain seated, if you try and leave, I will make it my life goal to track you down and throw you into the darkest cell of the royal sisters penitentiary do I make my self clear?" Filthy Rich stopped puffing out his chest and started to lower his head. "I SAID DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR!?"

"YES SIR!" with that Filth Rich started to head to the corner and Lyra levitated Diamond Tiara over to the corner with him, as she released the filly to her father the two hugged while Focused Lenses headed for the welcome desk, after a few seconds a doctor came out and whispered to the Royal Guard for several moments before taking him to the back.

"Daddy what did he mean by sending me somewhere?"

"It's where most bad foals go when they break a major law, they're known at detention centers and the foal remain there until ether they serve their time, or until they are old enough to be taken to the royal sisters Penitentiary."

"What's that?"

"That's where ponies that commit crimes go, and depending on the crime depends on how long they have to stay, some times only a few nights, other times their entire life, but most of the time the prisoners are released once they have been rehabilitated." After a few moments Focused Lenses walked out with the doctor.

"Doctor how is he?" Octavia asked, as her and Vinyl rushed the two.

"He'll be fine." the doctor said, as he smiled at the two mothers. "He's pretty badly beaten up, i would say right now to let him rest the night but by tomorrow morning the soreness should fade, his horn on the other hand is cracked slightly and he'll have to where a bandage on it, and you'll have to apply some healing cream to it twice a day, and don't let him do any magic with it for awhile, it would seem that he was in the middle of a spell when it was cracked and caused the spell he was using to malfunction slightly."

"Malfunction?" Octavia said, as she looked at the Doctor funny.

"It would seem your colt was attempting an animation spell, but during the casting his horn was cracked and turned the animation spell into a golem spell for the items he was trying to animate at the time." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at the two mares, then moved to the side to who Lawyer-Knight, and Volzor ridding their mounts.

"Wait, it was his toys that where attacking Diamond Tiara when we got to the scene, why aren't they still moving?" Octavia asked, as she looked at Focused Lenses.

"Well that would also be a side effect, it's possible that because he was really focusing on these figures when his horn was cracked it turned them into golem like creatures."

"But before that it sent the spell wild and animated all the toys." Vinyl said, as she looked at the guard who nodded.

"EEEP!!! DADDY SAVE ME THEY'RE TRYING TO EAT ME!!" Diamond Tiara screamed, as she tried to hid behind Filthy Rich as the Zaurids that the two figures rode on hissed and seem to prepare for an attack while both Lawyer-Knight and Volzor got ready to engage their common enemy.

"As much as I would love to see how this ends, Spirit needs protecting." Focused Lenses said, getting both rider figures to look at the royal guard before turning their mounts and running back down the hall towards the room Spirit was in, but also getting several nurses to scream in fright. "Which I can't think of two better protectors than his family." with that every pony started to leave except for Octavia.


"You go on Vinyl I'm staying right here until I find out just what happened."

"Oh I already know what happened." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at Octavia. "See what a lot of ponies don't know is that golems, even accidental golems, have a form of memory, memory I was able to look at, I saw everything from their point of view." with that Focused Lenses turned his attention to Diamond Tiara.

"Mr. Rich, I highly recommend you make nice with the Scratch family real fast, because if they choose to press charges for your daughters actions, not only with you be paying for the medical bills, but they can sue you for almost everything you own, as well as get your filly taken away."

"Excuse me?"

"Your filly attacked, young Mr. Spirit." with that Diamond Tiara backed away slightly hiding behind her father, who noticed this action.


"You don't believe me?" the Royal Guard asked, getting Filthy Rich to nod half stunned by what was going on. "Very well then, allow me to show you what happened after your daughter blinded young Spirit with sand."

"Blinded him?" Octavia said, as she looked at Focused Lenses.

"It would seem that she was trying to bully him into not telling how she and I believe a Ms. Silver Spoon bullied him from where Ms. Lyra heartstrings requested for him to stay, which reminds me she is an accessory to this and you are aloud to press charges against her, and her family for damages."

"But can he see?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at the doctor.

"He's fine, after we flushed his eyes out, though they are going to be red for a little while, but no permanent damage was done." both Octavia and Vinyl signed in relief then turned and looked at Filthy Rich who looked like he was completely lost by this news.

"But since you want to see what happened allow me to show you." Focused Lenses said, as his horn started to glow and projected a scene of a plastic hand laying on sand hearing Diamond Tiara screaming her rage, as the figure got up and a scene of Spirit laying on the ground shielding Little Scratch while Diamond continued to assault him, as the figure ran up and climbed onto it's mount then rode it towards Diamond and jumped at Diamond Tiara getting a very close look at her left eyes getting a reflection of Volzor looking back at every pony before it punched her in the eyes and started to swing on her mane, just in enough time to watch as the swarm of figures came from the direction of the sand castle, hitting Diamond Tiara like a swarm of bees. It was here that Focused Lenses stopped the memory playback. "Now as I said, you should really make nice with the Scratch family, while I go get a hold of Ms. Spoon and her parents."

"Oh I want to throw the book at her." Vinyl said, as she glared at Diamond Tiara who hid behind her father.

"You can make your choice now, but I encourage you to go and see your colt first, remember that these actions could very well have her, and her friend, facing life in incarceration."


"Attempted Murder Mr. Rich, your daughters actions can be classified as Attempted murder, if just one of her hoofs had landed just right, she could have killed young Spirit, and if not for Spirit's actions she would have killed his kitten, and I can promise you, both royal sisters do not look kindly on animal abuse."

"Royal Sisters? Would they get involved?"

"It would be a trial Mr. Rich, and most trials are held by a member of the Royal family, if not by some pony appointed by them, it is only in an extremely rare situation that some pony would be appointed to judge a case that was not appointed by the royal family, and since Princess Twilight Sparkle is away helping Equestria in some way, it would come down to one of the two sisters, but since Princess Celestia normally tends to the day court, I can safely assume that the one that would be over seeing these proceedings will be Princess Luna, that again is if the Scratch family intends to press charges. Again if I was in your horse shoes, I would be making nice with them a lot, while I go and get her accomplice in these matters as well as the rest of Ms. Silver Spoons family."

"I still want to throw a book at her." Vinyl said, as she levitated the biggest medical journal she could find. "This book."

"No throwing books, go see your colt, and Mr. Rich you and your daughter are to remain here until I return." with that Focused Lenses left the building.

"Octavia you and Vinyl go see Spirit we'll keep an on these two." Bon-bon said, as she looked at Octavia getting her to smile and take Vinyl into the back to see Spirit.

battle of the beast, and buying loyalty

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As the two mares walked into Spirit's hospital room they found Spirit laying on his back looking up at the ceiling. While the small rider figures got into a fighting stance standing on the small tray beside him, the Zaurid mounts looked at both Octavia and Vinyl before hissing and ready to strike, but they all stopped as Octavia stamped a hoof and glared at them, getting the Zaurid's to back away like scared puppies, and their riders to back away slowly. She was a force to be reckoned with, but they didn't want to be the ones doing the reckoning. As took a deep breath Octavia calmed herself as Vinyl put a comforting foreleg around her. "Octy?"

"Yes Vinyl?"

"Can I send them after that brat?" Octavia looked Vinyl and even though her shades covered her eyes she could tell that the anger in them had grown even more intense, after seeing Spirit bandaged up, the doctor had taken away her fears, but that just left room for her anger to fill.

"Vinyl not now, we have to be here for Spirit." Vinyl looked at Octavia and could tell she was trying her best to be brave and not cry. As the two walked up to the bed Octavia put her fore hoofs on the bed and watched as Spirit stirred slightly, before his eyes fluttered open. "Spirit?... Honey?"

"Mommy... my horn hurts." Spirit said, as he started to reach for his horn only to be stopped by Octavia.

"I know it hurt honey, but you can't touch it right now, you've been hurt, and your horn got cracked."


"Yeah kiddo but don't worry I've had my horn cracked plenty of times, as long as you don't use your magic and we keep it doctored you'll be good in a few days." vinyl said, trying to comfort Spirit as she watched the small rider golems climb down and get on their mounts.

"A few days?" Spirit almost wined but then winced.

"Spirit do you remember what happened?" Octavia asked, not really wanting to talk about the events that got her colt into the hospital but knew that it would be easier to explain if he remembered anything.

"Sort of, I remember that this filly didn't want me to tell you that she and her friend wanted the sandcastle that me and aunty Lyra made and told me to leave it, but when I tried to explain that it was nothing to really fight about, she threw sand in my eyes, after that all I heard was Scratch hiss, and the filly threaten her with death, I used my magic and got kind of a image in my head of where everything was, and then shielded Scratch, After that I kept getting hit, and listening to the filly make threats to Scratch." Spirit stopped and looked at Vinyl with a panicked look on his face. "Scratch is she O.K.?" with that Vinyl nodded and then smiled as she slowly backed up and nudged the toys outside. "Uh mommy why is mama pushing my toys outside?"

"Well that's something we need to talk to you about, but it can wait." with that Spirit nodded while outside in the hall Vinyl leaned down and looked at the golems.

"Listen I haven't seen scratch for a while." the riders looked at each other then at Vinyl, and she knew that if they could show emotions it would most likely be of confusion. "The Kitten Spirit was protecting, I haven't seen her, and I want you to go find her." with that command the Zuarids hissed and got into an attacking stance with their mouths open and showing their teeth. "Listen, it'll make Spirit feel better if that kitten is here with him, so go find her and bring her back here." this time the riders looked at each other then back at Vinyl and nodded turning their mounts around and ridding them down the hall at full speed getting a poor nurse to scream as Volzor and his mount ran under her legs, once they passed the double swinging doors Vinyl smiled slightly as she heard Diamond Tiara scream in terror, just before she turn back to Spirit's room. "Oh how much I wish those little plastic teeth were real right now and gave that little pest a few bits." Vinyl said under her breath just before she walked back into the room and found Spirit who was looking at Octavia slightly shocked.


"Yeah kiddo?"

"Mommy says I brought my toys to life?"

"Uh well kind of, let me explain." As Vinyl started to explain what had happened, both Riders tore through Ponyville on their Zuarid mounts getting ponies to scream in terror as they saw reptile like creatures running around the street with smaller creatures ridding on their backs, but this also got little foals begging for their parents to go the toy store and getting them the new line of Uurth toys.
As the two riders got back to the park they looked around at the castle not seeing any sign of Scratch. As Volzor signaled his partner to go one way he headed another looking for the little lost kitten, getting them to head back into Ponyville looking for the lost kitten. While else where in Ponyville Scratch was walking around, lost since she wasn't able to keep up the rest of her family. As she kept looking around trying to find any sign of them she had to be very careful not to be stepped on by the citizens of Ponyville.

"Looky, looky tasty kitty." a Diamond dog said, from an ally as it spotted Scratch, then waited to see if there anypony near it that might own the feline. As it ran out and quickly snatched her and took her back into the back ally before anypony could say or really do anything, even if they had really noticed that he had snatched the kitten off the street. As it reached a dead end of the ally it smiled as it looked Scratch over, and the feline hissed and tried to scratch it. "Silly dinner, I’m bigger so I get to eat you." the Diamond dog laughed as it reached up and snapped her collar off with his claws and then tossed it behind him, not caring what happened to the pointless trinket. "You be tastier without junk." Scratch hissed and kept swinging at the diamond dog, if she was going down she was going to make sure this beast had a lot of heartburn. "You fight to much, first crush then lunch." as the Diamond dog placed it's other paw on Scratch he started to squeeze the defenseless kitten, felling her squirm and struggle trying to get free he smiled. "You be tasty meal for Rocky." As he started to press harder Scratch let out a struggled cry, only to see the look of joy in the Diamond Dogs eyes as things started to go dark.

It was then that the presser vanished and Rocky let out a howl as he let go of Scratch and looked down at his hind leg to find Volzor's mount biting his heal. "You hurt Rocky, Rocky hurt you back." Rocky said, as he kicked Volzor’s mount away getting the mount to flip in the air and then hiss at the larger enemy as it landed on it's feet ready for another attack. "Dumb creature." Rocky reached over and picked up a loose piece of wood and smiled. "Rocky going to break you dumb creature. "As Rocky swung down at Volzor's mount the golem jumped back getting Rocky to miss it, and then stunned Rocky as it ran up the piece of wood, jumping as it reached Rocky's paws and bit the diamond Dog's ear, getting him to howl out in pain, then again as Rocky felt the Zaurid’s hind claws tearing into his back. Once he managed to knock the creature off Rocky watched as it now stood between him and what he thought should be his meal. "You make Rocky angry, Rocky break." Rocky took a few steps forward as the Zaurid hissed and growled and started to move counter clockwise getting Rocky to do the same, until Rocky felt a sharp pain in the fur on the back of his neck, as he swatted at the pain he didn’t feel anything, until a few sharp pains from the top of his paw getting him to pull it away, only to start feeling the pain once more on the back off his neck, as he started to shack trying to get what ever was in his fur loose, Volzor’s mount charged forward getting Rocky to jump back and stumble over the piece of wood he had dropped before, giving the mount an opening to jump and attack the now confused Diamond Dog.

As Scratch watched this, she caught her breath started to look around for away to get away from the fight, only to look up at the top of the fence that made up the dead end, in just enough time to watch as Lawyer-Knight and his mount Rex came jumping over and joining in on the fight with Rocky, the two mounts attacking like savage beast, and their Riders kept Rocky off balance by tugging on his fur. Scratch knew this was the best time to get away but for some reason she couldn’t look away as she watched the Diamond Dog struggle and yelp as the Zaurids managed to land a bit, or one of the riders pulled hair in sensitive location.

This went on for a while until finally Rocky managed to grab Volzor and throw the figure against a trash can, kicked Rex to one side, and pinned Volzor’s mount to the ground with a foot. “ROCKY’S HAD ENOUGH AND ME BREAK YOU NOW!” Rocky said, as he picked up the wood from before, and raised it up ready to smash the Zaurid’s head in. As he brought it down he managed to miss his target as Rex ran up and hit the piece of wood off it’s mark landing it just beside his fellow Zaurid’s head, but as the wood landed Volzor ran up and started to climb up the wood while Rocky started to lift it up only to jump off and stab the Diamond Dog in the leg getting Rocky to howl in pain as he jumped back and looked at his leg. As he pulled the sharp object out of his leg, he soon realized that he was being watched by the Zaurids, now hissing at him. “Rocky give up, kitty your dinner now, not Rocky's.” with that Rocky quickly scrambled to his paws and ran away yelping.

As the Zuarids roared in victory, Volzor looked at little Scratch who was trembling in fear. As Volzor climbed up onto the box Rocky had put Scratch and slowly walked forward Scratch hissed a few times to try and sound intimidating, but as she managed to get a sniff of Volzor she stopped and looked at Volzor. The smell she knew very well it was of her protector, it was of Spirit, the new young master that had shielded her from the evil one.

"Meow?" Volzor clapped his hands together then motioned for Scratch to follow the golems back to the hospital. She didn't really understand how the little figure she had been playing with her young master before was now moving on it's own, or how she had just been protected once again, this time by the strange creatures, but what she did have an idea about was that these creatures could take her to her protector, the one that had shielded her from the evil one. As Volzor got back on his mount the group moved out heading for the hospital where Spirit lay resting.

"AH THEIR BACK!" Diamond Tiara yelled, as she watched as the Zuarids and riders returned, giving the riders a hard time to keep their mounts under control as they hissed and prepared to attack.

"Daddy those are the things that attacked Diamond Tiara." Silver spoon said, as she hid behind her father.

"That's one way to look at it." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at the golems and smirked. "I see you found the little lost kitten." Volzor nodded and saluted the Unicorn Guard getting him to laugh slightly. "Alright, Spirit hasn't been moved and I’m sure he would love to see that she's alright." As the group headed to the back to Spirit's hospital room, a nurse placed her hoof in front of the swinging door heading to the back getting them to stop.

"I'm sorry but I can not allow any living creatures in the patient area." Nurse true heart said, as she looked at Focused Lenses who smiled and walked up to her.

"My dear mare, by that logic nothing should be back there because we are all living creatures."

"Yes but only Pony patients can got back there."

"Then you are saying that this hospital is speciest, I'm sure my superiors would find that most disturbing, since there are Griffons, and Mules, and Donkeys that live in Ponyville as well as it's out lining areas."

"That's not what I meant, I mean only intelligent creatures are aloud in the back."

"Well now that is a broad term my dear mare, I’ve seen a few creatures in the everfree forest that could honestly put some of our highly trained guards to shame, and it also brings up what is the baseline of intelligent in your books." the nurse looked at the guard with a steady glare.

"You're not going to stop until I let them in the back are you?"


"No matter what I say you're going to twist my words around."

"I've learned from many lawyer ponies that this is the best way to trip subjects up and get them to admit things."

"And if we keep going I’ll never get my work done."

"Oh well that's up to you, my dear mare." Through gritted the nurse knew that she was beaten in this, but also knew she was going to bring this up with her superiors.

"Fine they can go into the back."

"They already are." the nurse looked down and noticed that Focused Lenses had opened one of the swinging doors with a hoof letting the small band slip past undetected.

"I hope I’m the one who has to give you your next shot." with that the nurse walked away in a huff getting Focused Lenses to smile slightly, then turned to Mr. Rich, and Mr. Silver Plating.

"Mr. Lenses, would it be alright if me or Mr. Rich leave." Silver plating asked, as he looked at the Royal Guard.

"To go to jail? Sure I'll even call the shop telling them you're coming." Though his joke did get a smirk from Lyra, and Bon-bon it didn't set well with Silver Platting, or Filthy Rich.

"No sir, I was hopping that maybe me or my friend Mr. Rich would be able to go to the local toy store and buy young Mr. Scratch an apology gift?"

"Oh that sounds very nice, doesn't that sound nice Ms. Lyra, Ms. Bon-Bon." both mares glared at Silver Platting. "It's always interesting when the filthy rich parents try and bribe themselves or their family members out of trouble."

"BRIBE! my good Stallion I do not like what you are insinuating."

"Oh so this isn't going to be a bribe to get your fillies out of facing a trial should the Scratch family choose to press charges, well that different, except that I'm not letting any of you leave until I've spoke to Spirit, after he has had a time to rest." the other stallions faltered slightly, and then looked to each other with a bit of panic. "But if this is genuine then I see no reason you can't send one of your helpers to get said gift, or to call the local toy store on their phone, and order the items from them, I'm sure the Hospital wouldn't mind." with that Silver Plate nodded and walked over to the front counter, after a few minutes he returned with a smile on his face as he looked at Filthy Rich.
A few minutes later in Spirit's hospital room Vinyl and Octavia smiled as they watched their colt sitting up in bed and smiling as he seemed to be training the Zuarids to move about with out their riders, and the riders sitting on his head along with Scratch. "Uh Vinyl." Lyra said, as she walked in and looked at the two parents slightly nervous.

"What is it Lyra?"

"It's uh." Lyra scratched the back of her head, not really sure how to explain what was happening. "Well it seems that both Mr. Rich and Mr. Plate want to apologize for the actions of their daughters."

"Oh they're going to do more then just apologize for what those two little monsters did to Spirit." Octavia said, as she stood up but was stopped as Lyra looked outside and then back in the room.

"Yeah, it's just they kind of had a peace offering sent for Spirit."

"You mean a bribe."

"According to them, no not a bribe."

"Oh really, and just what did they send?" Vinyl asked, as she sat back and watched as Lyra moved out of the way and a steady flow of stallions came walking in and placing toys in the rooms. "WHAT IS ALL THIS!?"

"It seems that Mr. Plate noticed Spirit's figures and called over to the toy store and bought all the Uurth toys they had in stock."

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." Octavia forced her way out of the room while Spirit watched as the Zuarids started to hiss and with a little help from Vinyl got levitated onto Spirit's bed.

"Stay here kiddo while me and Octavia deal with this." with that Vinyl left the room but then walked back in and looked at Lyra who was currently holding one of the new Uurth toys in package with a smile.

"Hey Spirit."

"LYRA!" Lyra dropped the toy and quickly ran out of the room. As they left Spirit tried not to laugh at what his aunty Lyra had just tired to do, then looked at the Zuarids as they looked at the new toys still in their packaging. While the two mares arrived in the waiting room they found Octavia already giving both stallions an ear full.

"My dear mare we only wanted to give the poor colt an apology gift that showed our deepest condolences." Silver Platting said, as he looked Octavia.

"More like you wanted to buy his loyalty."

"I assure you that was not our intent." Filthy Rich said, as he looked at Octavia. "This was also a punishment for our daughters, because it was their allowances for the next year that has paid for all those toys."

"WHAT!?" Diamond Tiara piped up and then walked up to her father. "But daddy, how will I be able to buy sweets."

"You should have thought about that before you attacked an innocent colt, and right now your fate lays in their hooves, so instead of thinking about yourself I would truly recommend that you apologize to these mares for what you did to that poor colt now laying in that hospital room, and pray to Celestia that they don't press charges against you and your little friend."

"And if that doesn't work, might want to start praying to Luna, that she shows you some kind of mercy." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at Diamond Tiara. "And from what I heard, when a trial involves a foal getting hurt, she's a little more harsh to the one that hurt the foal."

"Why?" Diamond Tiara asked, as she looked at Focused Lenses.

"Well you should know, during the great petrifaction spell."

"What about it? I just lead a rebellion against those two monsters and helped free everypony in Equestria, Princess Luna might even let me go for my quick actions." with that Focused Lenses looked at Diamond Tiara and then at her father.

"Might want to teach your daughter not to lie so much."

"What are you talking about, from what I was told she lead the lost foals of Ponyville until a cure was found." Focused Lenses looked at Filthy rich slightly shocked then smiled.

"Oh you're going to love this then, let me tell you what all the reports we got from every foal in this village as well as other areas from around Equestria. You see the one that really in charge was a colt by the name of Shade."

"Yes, my daughter told me, he was her second in command."

"Second in command, very interesting." Focused Lenses turned and looked at Diamond Tiara. "I know your a Filly, but a true leader, leads by example and does what needs to be done to keep those under them protected, if you where really in charge and a true leader we would have a memorial of you in the stone garden in Canterlot." with that Focused Lenses turned to Filthy Rich. "Your daughter is a liar, she was the first one that they tested the cure on, and as soon as it worked she started to bark orders at the foals, and a few reports even said she demanded that they call her Princess Diamond Tiara, and threatened any of them that didn't with injury, it is around this point that the reports get interesting, you see when Prince Shade." Focused Lenses looked at Diamond Tiara. "And yes I did just say Prince Shade, though it wasn't official at the time, Luna made it official after the events that cost Shade his life." Focused Lenses turned his attention back to Filthy Rich. "It was here that Prince Shade stepped in and told your daughter to keep her mouth shut, because he was very tired after gathering the ingredients needed to make the cure in a changeling infested Ponyville, the only safe haven was Princess Twilight's castle that she had placed a protection spell on when she felt herself being put under the effect of the petrifaction spell, when your daughter started to try and push him around, and assert her position as the new Alpha Pony, Prince Shade, already hurt and tired from what the reports stated still fought her, oh and my personal favorite quote from all the reports. "He whooped that no good spoiled filly so bad that we never heard a peep from her again." Focused Lenses smirked, as he shot Diamond Tiara a side glance.

"What's so funny?" Diamond Tiara asked, as she started to get very nervous.

"I just fully realized how much you really ought to be begging the Scratch family not to press charges, because all those reports went to the royal sisters, all of them talked about how Prince Shade took up the mantel of leader and helped protect Equestria, how he would return many times badly bruised and hurt, but still go out the following day to continue looking for the cure that was needed to free the royal sisters, and the rest of Equestria, from the petrifaction curse. Little filly if I met up with Princess Luna I wouldn't dare utter one syllable of what ever lies you told your father, or she might just banish you to the moon for trying to take credit from her foal." with that Diamond Tiara started to sob as she moved closer to her father. "Mr. Rich, things are not looking very good for your daughter right now, so I would highly suggest you teach her how to control that mouth of hers because I’m not lying to you when I tell you so much as touching that subject with the princess of the night could be very bad for her future." As Mr. Rich nodded he turned to Diamond Tiara and pulled her into a far corner of the waiting area.

"Uh excuse me Mr. Guard." Silver Plate said, as he tapped Focused Lenses on the shoulder. "Is there away to have a separate trial for my little filly?" Focused Lenses slowly turned his head and glared at Silver Plate.

"Sure we can do that, under one condition."

"Anything." Silver Plat said, as he smiled at the Focused Lenses

"They agree to it." Focused Lenses said, as he pointed at Octavia and Vinyl, which didn't seem to set well with the Silver Plate as both mares didn't look very happy to see him.

"Oh." Silver plate's ears flopped to his head, as he knew this wasn't going to be an easy sell, but for his daughter he would do anything. As he took a deep breath he walked forward and tried to put on a warm smile. "Can we talk?" Silver Plate said, as he walked up to both mares, only to have them turn away from him and walk back to Spirits room.

Nightmare and crusaiders

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As the two mares walked back into Spirit's hospital room they found the doctor looking at his horn, but what they noticed was Spirit was holding the zaurids in his forelegs as they hissed at the doctor and Spirit whimpered slightly. "Spirit what's wrong?" Octavia asked, as she walked up to Spirit.

"It hurt." Spirit whimpered as he looked at Octavia who nodded then looked up at the doctor.

"I'm sorry Spirit, but I have to get a look at your horn to see if anything has happened, wouldn't want to get an infection now would you?" Spirit didn't respond as the Doctor stopped looking. "I promise I'm trying to be as gentle as possible." with that Spirit sniffled, as the doctor examined the horn once more. "Alright things look good, no infection and now just a little medication." as the Doctor started to apply a cream Spirit winced getting the zaurid to hiss. "I'm sorry if this hurts but I promise in a few days you're going to be happy when your horn is fixed and good as new." Spirit leaned close to Octavia as the doctor finished putting the bandages on.

"See honey it's all finished." Octavia said, as she smiled at Spirit.

"Yep now all we have to do is put this horn cap on." the Doctor said, as he levitated a cone like device towards Spirit only to have him scream out and hug Octavia in fear, which was bad news for the doctor as the Zaurid was now loose and their riders weren't on them, as the two creatures growled and lunged as the doctor he dropped the cone from his magic and jumped in fright prepared for the creatures to attack but was thankful as both creatures got caught in mid air by Vinyl.

"Spirit what's wrong?"

"No Cap mommy, I don't want cap it's bad. Mean stallion made me wear cap at school and I don't want cap." As Octavia looked down at Spirit, she held him close and let him sob slightly.

"It's alright sweetie everything will be alright." Octavia looked up at the doctor. "We don't have put the cap on do we?"

"Well it's to prevent any wild magic from happening."

"Wild Magic?"

"Kind of like a new born Unicorn foal Octy, They really don't have control of their magic and some very strange things happen, trust me my parents can tell you stories, but when they get older they're able to have more control, and with a cracked horn some times that control is weekend, and some times magic happens. That's what is normally known as wild magic." Vinyl explained as she looked at her wife and smiled. "But since nothing has happened so far I don't think we have to worry about wild magic."

"Well, it's highly unusual, by regulations the cap must be worn in all cracked horn cases." the doctor looked at Vinyl then at Octavia, but as he saw how much fear the device was giving Spirit he nodded once and then looked at Vinyl. "In this case I think we're safe not to use the cap." with that Octavia smiled as she looked down at Spirit.

"Hear that, no cap, see he's a good doctor." with that Spirit smiled slightly.

"Yep,... uh if I leave the room they aren't going to follow me are they?" the doctor asked, as he pointed at the zaurids stilled trying to get at him.

"I'm sure once Spirit hugs them again they'll stop trying to get at you." Vinyl said, as she levitated the golems back to Spirit who hugged them again calming them down slightly. "See back to being harmless." Vinyl said, as the Zaurid seem to act like little puppies in Spirit's embrace.

"Well I guess that's alright, but might i ask for one favor."

"Anything doctor." Octavia said, as she looked up from Spirit who was starting to smile as the golems in his arms tried to lick his face.

"A lot of these toys, could you please remove them from the room, it's kind of crowded in here."

"Oh course doctor, we'll start getting them taken out at once."

"Hey no problem Octy, I'll just teleport them back home."

"You sure you can do that Vinyl?"

"How do you think I get all my equipment back home after a set, this will be a piece of cake."

"Ah, but can't some of them stay?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Octavia who seem to ponder the question for a few moments before smiling.

"You can keep 2 medium toys, or one large toy, and judging by a few of these boxes those are some pretty big toys." with that Spirit smiled then looked at the Zaurid in his arms.

"That doesn't count them right?" Octavia smiled and kissed Spirit on the cheek. "Nope that doesn't count them." with that Spirit smiled as he started to look at the boxes.

"Oh that one has to stay behind mommy."

"Really why does that one have to stay behind?"

"Because Aunty Lyra was looking at it, and i think she wanted it for her collection."

"Oh, well in that case we won't count that towards the two you can keep, but you better hurry visiting hours are almost over." with that Spirit nodded then looked at Vinyl.

"Which one do you think I should keep here mama?" Vinyl blinked a few times and then started to look around until she smiled and picked up on box.

"Oh this one." Vinyl said, as she smiled as Spirit and picked up one of the medium sized boxes. "D.J. Havoc and her new companion and fondly named Wub-a-Zaurid Rex, with duel Bass cannons, and Laser light weapon system, so cool." Spirit nodded and Vinyl started to unpack the toy and set it down on the nightstand next to his bed. "Oh so cool, even the D.J. looks awesome." Vinyl said, as she levitated a female figure up with electric blue hair shades and a headset on her head. "So awesome."

"Vinyl aren't these toys for Spirit?" with that Vinyl blushed slightly and put the figure on her mount. "Alright one more figure Spirit." Spirit nodded and then looked around with Vinyl's help she showed him all the interesting toys until he pointed at one that caught his attention.

"Oh the Ghost." Vinyl said, as she levitated the box up and cleared her throat. "Not much is known about this lone warrior of Uurth, as he rides his trusted rex known only as Wraith into battle those who stand against him are soon to be defeated, and those that he is standing for are sure to win the day... Wow sounds like you picked out on of the tough guys kiddo." with that Spirit smiled as Vinyl unpackaged the toy and set it next to the Wub-a-Zaurid rex figure. "Alright kiddo time to send the rest home." with that Vinyl teleported all the other toys home and smiled as Spirit looked at the two new toys sitting beside him.

"Hey Vinyl, Octavia nurse true heart said, that visiting hours are almost up, and we couldn't leave with out saying good bye to our brave little nephew." Bon-Bon said, as she walked in followed by Lyra. "Wow, maybe I should have you teach Lyra how to keep her collection cleaned up like this."

"Oh sure we just sent all the toys to our place in Canterlot." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Bon-Bon.

"Oh well maybe we could try that."

"Bonny." Lyra almost whimpered as she looked at Bon-Bon with her ears flat on her head and a pout on her face. "You said I’ve been doing really good about keeping my collection cleaned up."

"Yeah you have sweetie, I was just teasing."

"Yeah besides Lyra, Spirit wants to give you something." with Vinyl levitated the toy Spirit had pointed out and saw how Lyra's eyes light up as she looked at the box, then smiled.

"Really?" Spirit nodded and Lyra started to bounce up and down before she ran up and hugged Spirit. "Oh thank you." with that Lyra looked at Bon-Bon and held up her new toy. "Bonny look he let me have Warrior Princess Nocturne and her giant monster bat Eco oh the great shadow alliance faction."

"That's nice Lyra." Bon-bon said, as she smiled at her mate and then walked up and hugged Spirit. "We'll see you tomorrow kiddo promise."

"Can we go back to the park?"

"You sure you want to?" Octavia asked, as she looked at Spirit who nodded.

"I was having lost of fun playing with aunty Lyra." with that the mares nodded and made it official the first place they would go is the park and all make a day of it, just before the nurse walked in and started to inform them that visiting hours was over and that they would have to leave. As they each kissed and hugged Spirit goodnight they started to leave until the nurse stopped Octavia.

"Those also." Nurse true heart said, as she pointed to the Zaurid, and little Scratch sitting at the foot of Spirit's bed. "They all have to go, only patients being treated can stay the night."

"Oh dear, is there any way to make an exception?"

"I'm afraid not rules are rules."

"Fascinating, mind if I give it ago." Focused lenses said, as he walked up with a smile. Only to get a glare from the nurse. "Oh you don't look happy to see me."

"The last time we talked i let you have your way, but not now, those creatures must be removed."

"Oh I agree, so long as they don't help Spirit sleep tonight, I mean he might not feel comfortable about sleeping in this place alone, and he might feel a lot better if he had his protectors around to make sure nothing tries to get him."

"I highly doubt that will be the case, but if you are right then they can remain," with that the nurse looked at Spirit, and then realized the door to his room was open the entire time. As she let out a stressed sigh she shot the royal guard a glare before taking a deep breath and smiling. "Alright I know it's pointless but."

"I need them to protect me." Spirit said, as he hugged the Zaurid golems and Little Scratch jumped into his lap. The nurse nodded then looked at Focused Lenses. "I'm going to make it a point to be the one to give you your next shot, with the biggest needle I can find." with that Focused Lenses nodded and then smiled at Spirit. "But now I must insist that everyone leave he needs his rest so that his horn can heal properly." with that everyone left and Spirit found himself in the room alone, but as he looked down he smiled as Scratch and the two Zaurid looking at him. Once in the waiting room Vinyl and Octavia noticed that Filthy Rich and Silver platting wasn't in the waiting room with their daughters, and turned to Focused Lenses.

"Where did they go?"

"I sent them home for the evening, don't worry i've already filed the report, and if they try and run they will be brought to justice, I made it perfectly clear to them that I would track them down and ensure that the full wait of the law will be brought upon their heads."

"Well I guess, but I wanted to give them another scolding." Octavia said, as she looked at the Royal Guard.

"I'm sure you would have, but I couldn't hold them forever, besides I've already gotten a response to the report I filed."

"You have?"

"Yes ma-am, at anytime that a court case might happen i must file the report so that arrangements can start getting set up for one of the royal members to attend, they do have a rather hectic schedule."

"I understand, but to already get a response."

"Yes, seems the somepony in the Royal Guard noticed your names and routed it very quickly to the higher ups. I don't know who you know in the Royal Guards, but it seems that the second in command is coming here to Ponyville, do ether one of you know Nobel Steel?" with that Vinyl smiled as she looked at Octavia.

"Oh this is going to be good."

"Now Vinyl your father is a respected member of the Royal Guards, he wouldn't dare risk it just for one case."

"You don't get it Octy, because I’m pretty sure i know who's going to be coming with him."


"My mother." Vinyl sing songed as she started to walk away.

"Vinyl where are you going?"

"Just have to take care of something Octy, I'll meet you at Lyra and Bon-bon's promise" A few moments later Spirit was surprised when Vinyl opened the window to his room a popped her head in holding a kids mean from the local hay burger place. "Hey kiddo how you doing."


"SSSSSHHHHH don't want to give me away do you?"

"Oh right sorry." Vinyl smiled, as she levitated the bag over to Spirit and set it on his bed. "What's this?"

"A better tasting dinner then what they might be feeding you kiddo, and it comes with a few surprises." with that Spirit opened the back and smiled as he saw a hay burger with cheese, crispy hay fries, and also several little bags containing some more toys. "Seems that Uurth series is really popular, got you a few of their toys."

"Thank you." Spirit said, though a mouth full of hay burger.

"Hey now don't eat with your mouth full." Vinyl said, as he used her magic and cleaned some of the ketchup from the corner of Spirit's mouth. "But that's not all." with that Vinyl used her magic and levitated a few packages out from under Spirit's bed. "Stashed these away thought you might like to have a few more play things." with that Spirit looked at the figures and tried to read the name before a few times, before Vinyl levitated one of the boxes over to her and smiled. "These are Zaurnychous stand about 6 feet tall, and can run between 68-75 MPH with out their riders or armor, which makes these creatures the perfect scouts, and message deliverers, and in a pinch they are able to defend themselves from the much larger Zaurid-rex, but the most danger will come if a small faction of these creatures and their riders known as the Secret scouts find them selves in trouble because when these warriors get trapped they get really mean." with the Vinyl smiled as she looked at Spirit who was trying to open one of the packages, only to stop as Vinyl opened them for him with her magic. "Don't worry kiddo in a few days you'll be back to normal, but until then have fun." with that Spirit nodded and smiled as Vinyl used her magic one more time to give him a magical hug before slipping out of sight. "Now get some sleep." Spirit smiled as he looked at the six new zaurids and their riders and started to place them on the table next to him, he smiled as he noticed the new group was only a quarter the size of the rex figures but didn't care, though by the time he finished putting all his toys up he noticed that he was running out of room on the small table.

The next day Spirit was happily playing in the park, he smiled as he saw Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra, and Bon-Bon sitting on a bench waving at him. As he played happily with his toys in the sand, he noticed that the sky started to get cloudy. "That's funny mommy said it was supposed to be a nice sunny day today." Spirit said, as he watched the dark cloud start to fill the sky. As he turned to look at his family he was shocked to find them not where he had just seen them. "Mommy?... Mama?... where did everypony go?" as fear started to creep over Spirit he looked around trying to find his parents, and his aunts, as he ran to Lyra and Bon-bon's house he only found it abandoned with a note nailed to the front door. "Condemned by Rich Co? What's Rich Co?" just then he heard a voice that he never wanted to hear again, a voice that still haunted him.

"It's all your fault you know." Hard Spoon said, as she walked up behind Spirit getting him to spin around and slowly back up in fear. "I told them you where nothing but trouble, and this is what happens, not only does those two foalish mares lost their jobs, and now have to work for Filthy Rich, but so does your aunts, your grandfather was removed from the Royal Guard after Mr. Rich pulled some strings, in short everyone that came near you has lost everything, all because you are nothing but a freak." Hard Spoon's words hurt more then any of the times she had punished Spirit as she slowly circled him. "You are nothing but trouble, Equestria would be better off if a little freak like you would have never been brought into this world, your real mother was smart she saw you for what you are and she abandoned you, to be honest I really should have just left you on the streets, let nature take over and finish what your mother started." As Spirit started to cry Hard Spoon smirked as she lifted his head and made him look at her. "But now those that took pity on you suffer because you are nothing but a living breathing curse to pony kind."

"I told you I would make sure my daddy made life like a living Tartarus for anyone you cared about." Diamond Tiara said, as she walked up and smirked at Spirit. "You really should have listened to me, now your mommy and her band can't get a job any better then a shopping mall, your aunty Bon-bon now works in my daddies store making candies, and those two unicorns, your Mama, and aunty Lyra." Diamond Tiara whistled and a carriage was brought up beside her being drawn by Vinyl and Lyra, at the sight of one of his parents Spirit ran up and hugged Vinyl.

"Mama what's going on, what's happening?" Vinyl pushed Spirit away with such for he fell over and looked at her in shock.

"Keep away from me you little curse, my life was going great until you showed up and now i lost everything because of you." Spirit started to sob as Diamond Tiara laughed and climbed into her carriage and rode off.

"Everything would be so much better if you weren’t around you little freak, Equestria would be such a better place, so why not just give in." Hard Spoon said, as she appeared again only this time she was almost as tall as Canterlot Castle. "So let me just finish the job and spare the ones you love the misery you're causing them." As Spirit watched Hard Spoon lift one of her forehooves up he lowered his head reside to his fate, as the tears kept running down his face. As the hoof started to come down he could see the shadow growing larger with his final thoughts being that this was for the best.



As the shadow lifted from over Spirit he looked up in enough time to see the giant Hard Spoon falling backwards after taking a devastating blow to the chest from duel base cannons. As Spirit looked up through his tears he saw Vinyl and Octavia ridding the Wub-a-Zaurid rex. "No pony is going to hurt my colt." Vinyl said, as she fired another blast of the duel bass cannons, which was followed by the Wub-a-Zaurid rex letting out a defensive roar.
"Mama?" Vinyl looked down at Spirit and then used her magic and brought him up and set him between her and Octavia. "B-but how?"

"Isn't is obvious?" a calm soothing voice asked, getting Spirit to look around confused. "Deep down you know your mothers love you very much, and are willing to fight for you."

"Who said that?" Spirit asked, as everything seem to freeze and Princess Luna appeared beside him.

"Don't you know me Spirit?"

"Y-your P-princess Luna."

"Correct." with that Luna levitated Spirit out from between Vinyl and Octavia and smiled slightly. "It would seem you are having trouble sleeping tonight Spirit, why is that?" Luna asked, as she seem to lay down on nothing so that she was eye to eye with Spirit.

"Well, I don't want my parents, and family to be hurt because of me."

"You wish to protect them." Spirit nodded and Luna lifted his chin slightly as he started to lower it. "Spirit it's not your job to protect them, it's their job to protect you."

"But I don't want them hurt." Spirit responded as tears started a new. "They're nice, they show me love, and Mama even taught me the power of wub."

"The power of Wub?" Just then the scene changed to the day Vinyl had Spirit help her clean the dishes and he rode around on a towel while the dishwasher wubbed the dishes clean, getting Luna to laugh slightly before she cleared her throat, and my grand parents are really nice better then most adults I know." his last words started happy but then grew dark getting Luna to look upon Spirit with concern as she reached down touched him getting Spirit to flinch slightly.

"Spirit I am a Princess of Equestria you can trust me."

"No I can't." Luna was slightly taken back by this statement, and a little hurt as well.

"Why don't you trust me?"

"It's not really you Princess Luna, it's just I don't know if I can trust any of the royals, I mean I've seen how most nobles treat other ponies, and the orphanage was ran by your nephew, and under his rules, (*sniffle*) under his rules." before he knew it Luna pulled Spirit in for a hug to try and comfort him.

"Under those rules you were hurt, you suffered more then you should have and I promise justice will be brought upon those that hurt you."

"But they only followed their instructions."

"Doesn't matter, they should have known better, and because of their actions we have many traumatized foals living in the palace until a more permanent home can be found for them. You suffered at their hooves when they should have stood up and brought it to my attention or my sisters of what was going on, if they would have done that then maybe the infection that my nephew was under could have been caught before the attempt on the Crystal Empire." with that Spirit only looked at Luna confused, but then just hugged her more.

"I don't know what to do."

"About what?"

"The trial, the bully, everything."

"Which trial?"

"The one where Hard Spoon and the orphanage." before he could finish Luna placed a hoof over his mouth.

"That is none of your concern, things are in motion to ensure that the trial will be a fair one, I've heard that your mothers have been pretty busy getting signatures to replace the judges."

"So I'm not going to loose my family."

"I will make you a royal promise, this trial will have nothing to do with trying to take you from your parents. You seem much healthier since the last time I saw you, and I would like to say you're happier, but you've been very sad, so what other things are troubling you?"

"I got hurt."

"Ah, one of the reasons I've come."

"It is?"

"Yes, I wanted to know what happened, you are the only foal that made it out of that orphanage that wasn't."

"Zomponied?" Luna giggled slightly then ruffled Spirit's mane.

"Alright Zomponied, so when I heard you are in a hospital I wanted to see if you were alright, but I find you having nightmares."

"I got hurt, my horn got cracked."

"I see, and I think I over heard Noble Steel talking about it as I passed his office today, am I correct that the filly that cracked your horn was a filly by the name of Diamond Tiara?"

"Yes ma-am."

" I was meaning to have a few words with that filly and her parents when i learned of what happened during the trying times."

"You mean when all the adults got frozen."

"In away, it was really an infliction that targeted only those that had their Cutie mark."


"Well my sister talked me out of it."

"Why?" with that Luna blushed slightly then leaned in close and whispered something to Spirit who's ears flattened and his tail tucked. "You would have really done that?"

"Well since her parents hadn't given her the proper attention to prevent such behavior then I saw it only fit that as a princess I needed to give the little filly some guidance, and correction."

"But... a royal spanking?"

"I would have held back slightly seeing how alicorns to have a lot more strength then normal ponies, but it would seem that she hasn't changed her ways, and it would seem she may have gotten even worst."

"May have?"

"From most of the reports I read when Shade, my colt was already badly injured from getting the last ingredient to make the cure for the curse that was infliction Equestria, Diamond Tiara was the test subjects, that most of the foals picked mostly because the cure had a really bad smell to it, but when her curse was broken she not only knocked over the rest of the cure that was made, and started to demand that everypony call her Princess Diamond Tiara she started to threaten any foal that didn't obediently agree with her, this caused the three that most of the reports referred to as Shade's confidants to stand up against her, when the argument got loud enough Shade appeared awaken from his sleep and being told by Spike that he needed more rest." Luna stopped for a moment and used her magic to make a hologram of Shade beside Spirit letting him see the lost prince of Equestria. "He was stubborn, I knew that better then anypony, but he would never back down is other ponies were endanger or being mistreated." Luna laughed slightly as tears started to form in her eyes. "I remember this one time during the day court that he." Luna stopped and looked at Spirit who was intently listening to her. "Another time, where was I?"

"Diamond woke up Shade."

"Oh right, well when Shade found out what Diamond Tiara had done with the cure, and what she was demanding he verbally put her in her place. It was when he turned to go back to bed to get more rest because he was now going to have to get more ingredients to fix the cure again, Diamond Tiara jumped him, now again Shade was already injured and tired, but when Diamond Tiara attacked him he fought back with everything he had left."

"Wow." Spirit looked at the Shade hologram. "You miss him don't you." Luna only nodded as she tried to clean the tears from her face, but was then shocked as Spirit walked up and gave her a hug. For a few moments the two remained hugging until Luna broke the embrace and smiled.

"I believe you where just about to conquer your nightmare." Luna said, as she levitated Spirit back between Vinyl and Octavia. "Spirit I promise that your parents love you very much, and nothing will change that, trust me I've seen their dreams also, though in one you're a D.J. Rock star, and another your top musician, both of them know you are destined for great things, and I can see why." With that Luna watched as Spirit's dream started up once again and in a very interesting way faced the fear that Hard Spoon had etched into his mind.

"WHEN I GET AHOLD OF YOU COLT I'LL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WHERE BACK IN THE HOLE!" Luna knew that voice and as Spirit seem to faultier slightly and Octavia comforted him, Luna knew that Spirit knew the voice as well, leading a band of zombified foals into battle against the scratch family was Metal Jacket, a stallion that Luna knew from an altercation at the barracks in Canterlot.

"YOU'LL HAVE TO GET THROUGH US FIRST JACKET!!" Noble Steel leading a battalion of Royal Guards ridding atop Zaurnychous. As Luna sat back an watched she smiled for what ever fear that tried to creep into Spirit's dream somepony that had shown him love and compassion came in to fight it, when a giant pony robot appeared being piloted by Filthy Rich and Silver plate emerged demanding obedience she watched as two more large creatures being piloted by Lyra and Bon-bon appeared to help Vinyl and Octavia take it down with the wub-a-Zaurid rex. though the most interesting thing that happened, if not the funniest was when all of Spirit's nightmares seem to merge into a giant golden dragon with six heads one of Hard Spoon, Metal Jacket, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Filthy Rich, and Silver Platting. Each one spitting lighting as well as insults telling Spirit how he would never amount to anything. It was then that Luna heard a phrase she didn't think she would hear. "RELEASE MY WIFE!" Noble Steel said, as things seem to get quite and Golden Harmony appeared, still the same size as her husband.

"You dare attack my FAMILY!" Luna had heard rumors that Golden Harmony was a very kind loving mare that you would never even dream of her hurting a fly, she had also heard that if you got on her bad side you better find away to get back on her good side real fast, and the fact that she watched as this dream version of her beat the tar out of this culmination of nightmares, then hog tie it with it's own tail gave Luna a reason to believe that maybe she never wanted to be on the wrong side of Mrs. Harmony.
Early the next morning Vinyl and Octavia smiled as they walked into Spirit's room and found him sleeping peacefully. As Octavia walked up and nuzzled him awake Spirit opened his eyes slowly and smiled at he looked at Octavia. "Morning honey."

"Morning Mommy."

"How you feeling today?"

"Horn still hurts, but feeling better."

"Hey what happened to your toys kiddo?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit who turned to the nightstand and realized that the toys he had sitting there before he went to bed was no longer sitting on it.

"I don't know." Spirit said, as he looked at Vinyl who's eyes where now currently locked onto the foot of his bed and as he looked he saw a make shift nest of several towels at the foot oh his bed where all the Zaurid creatures were fast asleep while their riders where currently walking around stretching. "Uh-oh (*sniffle*) mommy I had an accident." As Spirit started to tear up Octavia wrapped her arms around him to comfort him. While the Zaurid golems seem to pick up that Spirit was upset and started to wake up and glare at Octavia.

"It's alright honey, it was an accident."

"It not alright, (*sniffle*) now you going to make me wear horn cap."

"Well maybe when you sleep at night kiddo, wouldn't want you to turn all your toys into golems, then what would you have to play with." Vinyl said, as she rubbed Spirit's back.

"I guess, but I still don't like it." Spirit said, as he started to calm down. A few hours later Spirit was in better spirits as he sat in the park and watched as all his new golems ran around and seem to explore the sand castle that both Vinyl and Lyra had made. Spirit was certainly being entertained as the Zaurnychous walked around chirping like birds and digging burring them selves in the sand while the Rex figures had found a nice cool place to rest inside a cave that was at the base of the large sandcastle, along with Little Scratch who had found her place as the new alpha of these strange creatures, at least just below Spirit. It wasn't until Winona came sniffing around that things seem to get interesting. As she got closer and closer she stopped and noticed the last Zaurnychous that hadn't buried itself in the sand walking around. As she got closer she sniffed it a few times then laid down and looked at the creature confused.

"CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!" the little Zaurnychous called out getting Spirit to smiled thinking that the Zaurnychous was making friends.

"BARK!" As Winona barked the little Zaurnychous jumped back slightly, then started to hiss at her confusing poor Winona as the other Zaurnychous started to rise up from their hiding places.

"No, you be nice." Spirit said, getting all the Zaurnychous to look at him for a moment then back at Winona who was currently sniffing them, before she licked the first one she had come in contact with, getting Spirit to laugh slightly as the Zaurnychous fell over and looked at Winona. A few minutes later Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo came running up to Lyra and Bon-Bon breathing hard.

"Ms. Heartstrings have ya'll seen Winona?" Applebloom asked, as she painted out the words.

"Sorry Applebloom I haven't." As the three fillies looked at each other, and rolled their eyes knowing that their search wasn't over they started to walk away until Applebloom spotted Winona on the other side of the play equipment with Spirit.

"There she is girls." Applebloom said, as she headed for Spirit and Winona. "Winona you know better then to run away like that as Winona say her younger master she wagged her tail and started to run again, only it also got the Zaurnychous to run after her. "What are those things chasing her?" Applebloom asked, as she ran after the family dog, only to watch as the Zaurnychous seem to be outrunning Winona who instinctually started to coral them back around the park area and in front of Spirit who smiled at her.

"That's a good puppy." Spirit praised as he patted Winona then looked at the Zaurnychous. "Say thank you to the puppy for bringing you back." with that the Zaurnychous started to cheap up a storm, until Applebloom walked up and got really close to them giving them a freight and causing them to hiss at her. "No." again the Zaurnychous stopped and looked at Spirit. "Sorry still trying to train them."

"What are they?" Scootaloo asked, as she got close to one of them, that quickly spin around and flicked her on the nose with it's tail. "OW!"

"Sorry." Spirit quickly gathered the Zaurnychous in his forelegs and as they started to try and lick his face Sweetie Belle smiled.

"Wait a minute I think I know you, your the colt that Diamond Tiara put in the hospital yesterday." Spirit blushed slightly, for a colt being beaten up by a filly was embarrassing being put in the hospital that was just worst. "Yeah a lot of the foals at the park that saw it said that Diamond Tiara was trying to make you go along with something, and when you didn't she threw sand into your eyes, and then a kitten scratched her nose and you jumped in between her and the kitten, and while she was trampling you, she got attacked by your toys." Sweetie belle finished, as she turned her attention from Spirit to the Zaurnychous in his forelegs. "Are these them?"

"Wow these little guys took on Diamond Tiara and didn't get squished, that's so awesome." Scootaloo said, as she got close and got another snap of a tail to her nose. "OW! come on seriously."

"Stop that, they seem nice." Spirit said as he looked down at the Zaurnychous that kept snapping it's tail.

"Oh right you're new, I'm Applebloom, this here is Sweetie Belle, and that is Scootaloo." Spirit smiled and set the figures down and held out his right hoof and smiled at Applebloom.

"My name is Spirit, Spirit Scratch, and these are some of my friends." with that Spirit motioned at the not only the Zaurnychous, but also the Zaurid-rex and Little Scratch.

"Wait a minute I know these toys." Scootaloo said, as she looked at the figures. "They're from that Uurth line."

"Yeah, see yesterday I was trying to get two of them to come to my aid, but when I was casting the spell Diamond Tiara cracked my horn and it kind of brought them to life, or turned them into Golems, that's what my ma-ma says anyways."

"So cool." Sweetie Belle said, as she looked at the figures.

"Oh that's not all, their riders are golems also." As the trio looked at the sand castle as Spirit waved at it they saw several little figures waving at them.

"Oh now that's awesome." It was around this time that Scootaloo noticed that the Zaurnychous were staying close to her. "Hey they aren't going to attack me are they?"

"No, you're just the first Pegasus they've seen so maybe they're interested in your wings."

"My wings?"

"Oh I get it, The Uurth series mentioned that the Zaurid, the creatures in front of us, are supposed to be mutated Dinosaurs, and a lot of our scientist have speculated that Dinosaurs evolved into bird, so maybe in away they are just looking up to Scootaloo like a role model." Sweetie Belle explained as she lowered her head and looked at the Zaurnychous as they looked up to Scootaloo.

"Yeah well it's a little creepy if you ask me." Scootaloo said, as she started to walk away only to have the Zaurnychous start to follow her. "Hey cut that out." As she kept walking they kept following as she walked around all the playground equipment trying to get away only to have them follow her as well as getting Lyra and Octavia to laugh slightly. "This isn't funny, make them stop." Scootaloo said, as she stopped at Spirit and her friends who were currently trying their best to hold back their laughter.

"Oh come on Scootaloo it's a little funny they're following you around and cheeping like little chicks."

"I'm not a chicken." Scootaloo said through gritted teeth as she glared at Applebloom. What didn't help was the Zaurnychous cheeping behind her. "Cut that out." As the others started to laugh slightly Scootaloo.

"Hey since we've found Winona you want to come play with us?" Applebloom said, as she smiled at Spirit.

"I don't know, I don't want to leave them, they might get hurt." Spirit said, as the Zaurnychous started to go back to hiding into the sand just in front of the sandcastle.

"Don't worry, Winona." the happy pup barked and looked at Applebloom. "You stay here and make sure that his figures don't get into any trouble alright?" Winona barked and Applebloom smiled. "There now she'll stay and keep them safe, now you want to play?" with that Spirit looked at the zaurids, and smiled as their riders waved him on from the castle.

"O.K. but I have to tell my parents." As Spirit and the crusaders walked up to Vinyl and Octavia, Spirit noticed a big smile on Octavia's face. "Mommy, this is Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo."

"Please to meet you." Octavia said, as she smiled at the three.

"They want me to go play with them is that alright?"

"I don't see why not, just be careful of your horn, play nice, and don't leave the park."


"And don't play doctor." Vinyl added getting Spirit to look at her funny. "It's a boring game." Spirit laughed slightly and smiled.

"Alright Mama." As the four ran off and got out of ear shot Octavia gave Vinyl a light flick on the nose.

"OW! what was that for?"

"You know darn well what that was for, Spirit is a kind a caring colt, and he will grow up to be a well respected stallion, I can't believe you would even suggest our colt would try and play that game with those three fillies."

"I was just making a joke." Vinyl said, as she rubbed her nose, then cast a spark while Octavia continued to lecture her sapping Octavia on the flank getting her to jump and Vinyl to smile. "Now we're even." Vinyl said, as she ran off getting Octavia glare at her.

"We are most certainly not even you come back here." as the two mothers ran away, Lyra and Bon-Bon smiled as they watched their friends.

"Bonny are we going to act that way when we have a foal?"

"I hope so, that way things will stay exciting." Bonny said, as she nuzzled Lyra. Later that afternoon in the park Spirit was smiling as he hid behind a tree while Sweetie Belle counted. He had been having a great day with the crusaders, they were unlike many foals he had met in his life, they where nice, and kind, though sometimes argued but always seem to start laughing it off. As he peaked around the tree he smiled as he watched Sweetie Belle turn away from the tree she was counting on.

"ALRIGHT READY OR NOT HERE I COME." As Spirit ducked back behind the tree he hiding behind and smiled when he felt sharp pain to his ear as something bit down on it and started to pull.

"OW! stop it." Spirit wined as he kept getting pulled away.

"Oh no your coming with me." thought the voice was distorted slightly Spirit still knew who had a hold of his ear and was pulling him away. "And if you so much as say another word I'll bit off your ear." Diamond Tiara said, as she kept pulling Spirit deeper into the forest by the park.

"HEY!" Diamond Tiara stopped pulling and Spirit saw Sweetie Belle standing at the top of the hill where the tree he had just been hiding behind was.

"Stay out of this blank flank."

"Not a chance." Applebloom said, as she ran up beside Sweetie Belle coming from her hiding spot after hearing her friend yell.

"Yeah he's with us." Scootaloo said, as she finally joined her friends. "Now let him go."

"Or what, you three can't do anything right, Apple weed can't grow anything Stinky Spell can't do any real magic, and Chickaloo you can't even fly, even if you did do anything my daddy would sue all your families and then where would you be?" with those words Scootaloo lunged and a fight between the two fillies started, while Applebloom went to keep Spirit safe, and Sweetie Belle ran to get help. Once she got to the park bench they had left vinyl and Octavia the two had returned from a day of running around, she could barely breath but was able to get out one word.

"Trouble." At the sound of the words Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra, and Bon-Bon jumped to their hooves but then watched as all of Spirit's golems went running and ridding past heading in the direction Sweetie Belle had just came.

"Bonny, Lyra take care of Sweetie Belle." Octavia said, as she looked at her friends and ran after the golems finding it a little hard just to keep up with them back at the fight Diamond Tiara had managed to get a lucky blow into Scootaloo's gut and quickly grabbed a stick.

"You just couldn't keep your beak out of my business could you." As Diamond Tiara brought the stick down and hit Scootaloo she fell to the ground with a darker red mark across her face. but was then tackled by Applebloom and another fight started, while Scootaloo got up and rubbed her face and protected Spirit, as her wings spread out on instinct.

"YOU'VE BULLIED US, YOU PUSHED US AROUND, AND YOU BEAT HIM UP, HE STOOD UP AGAINST YOU, HE WAS ALREADY INJURED AND YOU ATTACKED HIM BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO BE BULLIED!!" Applebloom yelled, as tears started to form in her eyes and she started to vent all the angry she had against Diamond Tiara.

"Who is she talking about?" Spirit asked Scootaloo as he watched Applebloom knock Diamond Tiara around, who didn't stay down and kept trying to retain her role as the school yard alpha.

"Shade, she's talking about Shade, she respected him, we all did after all that he had done, but we never got a chance to tell him." Scootaloo explained, as she looked at Spirit. "Don't worry we aren't going to let her hurt you." with that Scootaloo turned back to the fight but Spirit could still hear her. "He wouldn't." Just as Diamond Tiara managed to knock Applebloom to the ground Scootaloo charged and slammed Diamond Tiara against a tree only to have Diamond slam both forehoofs down between her wings knocking Scootaloo down to the ground.

"I should have done this a long time again." Diamond Tiara said, as she started to step on Scootaloo's wings only to look up and see Applebloom charging at her. "One more step and I'll snap them in half." Applebloom stopped and glared at Diamond Tiara. "Alright brat here is what's going to happen, if you don't want to see your flightless friend here wind up in the hospital you're going to tell your parents to back off, and."


Diamond Tiara was sent flying into a tree and looked up to see the four rex zaurids heading down the hill at her, but was more shocked at the Zaurnychous started to jump over Scootaloo's body and lunch at her, as she started to scream in terror she started to run away but not before another blast of the duel base cannons from the wub-a-Zaurid rex, as well as the other 3 rex figures unleashing their attacks. Later as out in the opening Focused Lenses looked at Spirit, with his family and friends, and the golems that seemed more then willing to lay into Diamond Tiara once more, and a few feet away he saw Filthy Rich not looking very happy, and Diamond Tiara who was currently having little toy spears removed from her flank, and several scratches doctored. "Well this is a surprise." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at everypony then looked at Filthy Rich. "You told me you could keep her under control." Focused Lenses said, through his teeth.

"I'm sorry."

"SORRY! Oh we are way beyond sorry here buddy, your daughter attacked my colt again, and this time hurt two other fillies." Vinyl said, as she walked up to Filthy Rich only to be stopped as Octavia stepped on her tail.

"But I just wanted to talk to him."

"Diamond be quite." Filthy Rich said, in a stern voice and then looked back at Vinyl who was now currently glaring at her. "I am sorry for what my daughter has done, and I except anything you decide, I truly thought I knew my little princess, and how to raise her, but it would seem that I was wrong on both counts, but if I might be so bold to ask for one favor."

"A favor, you have to nerve to ask for a favor after what she's done." Vinyl was started to get heated but stopped as she felt Spirit placing a hoof on her shoulder.

"Can we at least hear what he has to say?" Vinyl looked at Spirit then nodded.

"Alright what do you want?"

"I failed my daughter, she has grown into something I cannot and will not stand for, from what i have learned in these last few days, it would seem that a lot of what she has told me wasn't true, so much so that I believe all the times she has informed me that these three brave fillies have picked on her was also not the case."

"We picked on her, are you kidding she made it her life goal to bully us." Scootaloo replied, as she looked at Filthy Rich, then glared at Diamond Tiara. "Every time telling us that if we so much as get a hair out of place in her mane she would have you sue are families, well we're tired of it, and we aren't going to let her get away with it anymore, he didn't stand for it so why should we."

"He?" Filthy Rich was slightly confused by this term. "You mean young Mr. Scratch?"

"No." Sweetie Belle said, as she stepped forward and calmed Scootaloo slightly. "Shade, he didn't stand for what she was doing, and even with all the adults frozen we were scared to do anything against her, all we could do was tell her to stop, but she never did, but then he came in still bandaged up thanks to Spike slightly tired, we watched as a colt younger then us not only stood up to her, but ignored her threats, when she attacked him we realized just how low she could be, and when we found out what happened to him we decided to be like him, to make sure no pony got pushed around anymore, and to stand up to bullies like her." with that Filthy Rich nodded then smiled at Sweetie Belle.

"If you ever need any help in your quest, never hesitate to ask me."

"Daddy!?" Diamond Tiara was shocked by this turn of events but her father just gave her a stern look. Just before he looked at Vinyl and Octavia.

"If you are going to press charges against my daughter, then I except that course of action, but i will still high lawyers to get my daughter a sentence less then life, but the favor i do ask is that you not press charges against Silver Spoon, i feel that she is a kinder Filly and may have only been misguided by my daughters influence." with that Vinyl looked at Filthy Rich then at Octavia.


"I-I don't know, we hardly know the filly."

"We know her." Scootaloo said, as she looked at Octavia. "She's always with Diamond Tiara and joining in with her picking on us."

"Yeah but on the days that Diamond Tiara isn't in school, she doesn't seem that bad." Sweetie Belle said, as she looked at Scootaloo.

"I guess, but that doesn't make up for all the times she has been mean to us."

"Maybe she just needs a chance." Applebloom said, as she looked at her friends.

"Well then I suppose." Octavia pondered the situation then looked at Spirit.

"What do you think Vinyl?" Vinyl looked at Octavia then at Spirit. Then turned to Mr. Rich.

"We are going to file charges against Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon, but since Silver Spoon didn't hurt Spirit we are going to ask for a lighter sentence, she could have stopped your filly but she didn't." with that Filthy Rich nodded.

"I understand, if you don't mind I will be taking my filly home and dealing with her." Once Filthy Rich got home he marched Diamond Tiara up stair and took her into her room.

"Daddy you fix this can't you?"

"Not right now Diamond Tiara." Filth Rich said, as he walked over to his daughters vanity and quickly found her mane brush. "But I can start fixing another problem." Filthy Rich said, as he headed for his daughter who was sitting on her bed.

(put's helmet on head and ducks)

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