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Spirit - Crystal Shard

Vinyle and Octy adopt a foal

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Bad day at the park

It was a dark and stormy night, two days after the little family get together and Vinyl was just coming in after one of her gigs, her mane and tail was soaked, and shades drooping slightly down her nose. "I can't believe those weather ponies, they said clear skies until three tomorrow morning, it's not even ten and the gig got shut down. I swear I’m filling a complaint tomorrow, might even look into getting compensated if they try and cheat me on my pay." Vinyl said, to her self as she walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to dry off, but as she walked out she was surprised when something seem to collide with her and hang on tight, as she looked down she found Spirit trembling. "Wow, kiddo what's wrong?" As a flash of lighting lit up the living room from the windows, and a crash of thunder shook the house, Vinyl heard Spirit scream in terror and tremble even more. "Oh I see come on kiddo I mama got you." Vinyl said as she sat down and hugged Spirit. "Why didn't you wake up Octy since you where so scared?"

"I didn't want to make her mad."

"Mad? Kid you would have to do something really major wrong for our Octy to ever get mad at you." Vinyl said, as she tried to comfort Spirit. "Tell you what I'll wake her up and all 3 of us can sit down and have a nice talk." Spirit didn't say anything, but he still seemed very worried, and scared. "There will be some hot chocolate." with that Spirit looked up and smiled slightly. "I thought that might get a smile on that face, come on." with that Vinyl let go of Spirit and walked with him to her and Octavia's room. "Hey Octy." Vinyl whispered as she started to shake Octavia slightly. "Octavia wake up."

"Vinyl it's to early leave me alone."

"Octy, Spirit needs to talk to us." no response and Vinyl nodded slightly. "Alright Octy you asked for it." with that Vinyl used her magic and levitated Octavia out of the bed and started to head for the bathroom, before Octavia woke up enough to realize she was floating in the air.


"I figured a nice cold shower would wake you up."

"It is... what time is it?"

"Ten O'clock."

"A.M. or P.M.?"


"IT'S TEN AT NIGHT AND YOUR GOING TO THROW ME INTO A COLD SHOWER!! YOU BETTER HAVE A VERY GOOD REASON FOR THIS OR SO HELP ME..." Octavia stopped, as Vinyl pointed at Spirit who was standing in the door way looking terrified, looking down the hall as if scared something was going to come and gobble him up. "Oh, well put me down so we can both help him."

"I don't know, right now I have you restrained, if i put you down you might attack me." Vinyl said with a smile on her face. Only to watch as Octavia started to scowl at her. "Have i ever told you how adorable you look when you're angry?" Vinyl kissed Octavia on the nose and then set her down.

"Now that just isn't fair." Octavia responded as she blushed and let her anger leave her. Just then a crack of thunder shook the house again and Spirit ran between both mares and started to tremble. "Spirit what's wrong."

"It's the..." another crack of lighting caused Spirit to squeak before hugging Octavia tightly.

"Octy give me a second." Vinyl walked up stairs leaving Octavia slightly stunned, the only thing up stairs was their practice room's, one of Octavia and her group when they came over, one for Vinyl that had several sound proof spells on it, and smaller one for Spirit when ever he felt like playing music, the only thing else that the stairs went to was the roof top patio. "HEY YOU FEATHER BRAINS KNOCK IT OFF YOUR SCARRING MY COLT!! OH YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME PAL BRING IT ON!!" Octavia smiled slightly and broke Spirit's embrace.

"Honey mommy is sorry but i have to go get Vinyl before she does anything... I'll regret." with that Octavia ran upstairs. "VINYL!" After a few minutes both mares came downstairs covered in water and started to dry off. "Spirit where are you?" Octavia asked, as she finished drying off and notice Spirit wasn't where she left him, as she walked into his room she noticed his tail sticking out from under the bed and smiled softly. "Spirit? Honey don't you want to come out and talk?"

"I feel safer here."

"Safer?" Vinyl questioned, as she walked in and watched as Spirit seem to turn around and stick his muzzle out from under the bed.

"I like the darkness, they never found me when i hid in the dark places, they never hurt me."

"Really, maybe i should try that the next time i make Octy really angry." Vinyl joked getting a glare from her wife. "Move over kiddo." with that Vinyl used her magic and lifted the bed slightly before laying down next to Spirit and lowering the bed as far as she could. "SSSSHHHHH I just made mommy Octy mad, maybe she won't find us here." as Spirit laughed slightly Octavia rolled her eyes and smiled, thought Vinyl did get on her nerves a few times, she always knew how to deal with foals, and she was very grateful for that right now. "So why are we hiding under the bed?"

"It's dark, the mean ponies never found me in the dark, they never hurt me in the dark." Vinyl nodded and pulled Spirit close.

"Vinyl let me in." Octavia almost ordered getting Vinyl to lift the bed slightly and let Octavia get in on the other side of Spirit. "Honey you don't have to hide from they anymore, we aren't going to let any of them hurt you again."

"Because mama Vinyl will hurt them if they try?" Spirit asked, getting Vinyl to laugh slightly.

"Kiddo if you think i'm tough, you don't know your mommy very well, I've seen Octavia knock a few teeth out of a royal before." Spirit looked from Vinyl to Octavia in shock.

"You hit a Princess?" Spirit asked, almost ah struck, getting Octavia to blush slightly.

"No I hit a prince, and he deserved it."

"Wow... wait which prince?"

"Which one do you think deserves to get his teeth knocked out kiddo?" Vinyl answered as she smiled at Spirit.

"He deserved it."

"Yeah but i don't think the tooth mare was to happy about it ether. Making her hoof over more bits to that arrogant."


"Sorry." Vinyl smiled at Octavia, since she was getting a strange look from her.

"Who's the tooth mare?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Vinyl who faked shock.

"Who's the tooth mare, Octy did you hear that our little colt doesn't know who the tooth mare is." As Vinyl started to tell Spirit the story of the tooth mare, Octavia realized what her partner had done. After a while Spirit was struggling to stay awake getting Vinyl and Octavia to smile. "Come on Kiddo how about we get out from under the bed." with the suggestion Spirit recoiled deeper under the bed, getting Vinyl to frown.

"How about tonight you sleep with us." Octavia suggested getting Spirit to brighten slightly. "Come on, we'll keep you safe." Spirit nodded as Vinyl lifted the bed once more and let all three out. That night Spirit slept comfortable between Vinyl and Octavia, and to the best of his knowledge it was the best night sleep he had, had in a long time.

The following morning Vinyl was still very tired as the boarded the train heading to Ponyville. "Octy did we really have to get up this early?"

"Yes Vinyl, remember we promise Lyra and Bonbon that we would come today."

"Yeah I know but it's five in the morning." Vinyl looked at Octavia who didn't look very happy at her.

"That's why I told you not to do that gig last night, it's also one of the reason I went to bed early last night."

"Yeah but it's to early right Spirit?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit fast asleep on Octavia's back with little scratch curled up with him. "See he agrees with me."

"Vinyl stop complaining, once we get on board I'm sure you can get some Coffee."

"Coffee? That sounds real good right now Octy... I wonder if Spirit might like some?"

"Vinyl if you dare give Spirit any coffee." Octavia turned around and was met with a kiss from Vinyl for several moments before she broke the kiss and smiled.

"Thanks for the pick me up." Vinyl said, as she walked past Octavia who was a little stunned but then smirked as she followed her wife onto the train. They had nearly made it half way to Ponyville when Spirit woke up with Scratch pulling on his right ear.

"I'm up, I'm up." Spirit said with a bit f a laugh getting Scratch to stop and get to her normal place on top of his head. "Are we on the train?"

"Sure are kiddo, we're heading to Ponyville to see some of our friends."

"Oh... do you think they'll like me?"

"Well of course they'll like you, they are very friendly."

"Besides kiddo, Lyra just loves trying to walk on her hind legs, I’m pretty sure she would get all giddy once you show her you can dance on them." Spirit smiled as he looked at both his parents sitting across from him.

"Candy?" Spirit turned and looked at the sweet cart mare and saw all the candy.

"You can have one thing." Octavia said, as she smiled at Spirit.

"Ah come on Octy, it's his first time on a train, let him get more then one things." Octavia smirked slightly, then nodded.

"Alright we'll meet in the middle, you can spend up to ten bits." Spirit smiled and then turned and looked at all the sweets. After a few moments Spirit got 2 chocolate covered hay cakes, and a candy oat necklace, but as the mare handed him the sweets she also handed him something he didn't expect, a little figure.

"Oh cool the new Mutant series is out." Vinyl said, as she looked at the figure.

"Mutant series?" Spirit looked rather confused as he looked at Vinyl.

"Spirit please don't get Vinyl started on this."

"To late." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Octavia. "See there is this toy line called the unstoppable Humans, Lyra is a big fan of the series, but since sales had started to drop they announced a new mutant line, but why did you give him one?"

"It's a promotion for the toy line, you spend ten bits and get a free exclusive figure." the sweet mare explained as she smiled at Vinyl.

"O.K." before the mare left the trio had five figures, and Octavia was glaring at Vinyl who was happily munching on a sugar twist stick. "What?"

"You just spent 40 bits alone on sweets."

"Yeah and you spent 10, besides that was just a little from the tip jar last night, we got plenty."

"That's not the point, Besides what are we going to do with all these sweets."

"Oh I think we can come up with an idea can't we Spirit." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Spirit who nodded."

"Oh no, we are not going to let him eat all this."

"I’d help."

"Vinyl eating to many sweets could make him sick. Spirit can have the 3 items he picked out, and we'll save the rest of later, that way we can stretch it out for a lot longer, then one massive candy being." with that Vinyl looked at Spirit who was looking at Octavia, then down at his sweets then back at Octavia.

"I guess she's right kiddo, we have to save some for later." Vinyl finally said, getting Spirit to nodded.

"GIVE ME ALL THE BITS!" Spirit jumped slightly at the demand and then looked to the back of the cart to find the sweet mare being threatened by a unicorn who had his horn glowing. "No pony play hero and no pony will get hurt." the robber said, as he smiled slightly. As the mare struggled to gather all the bits she dropped a few and quickly started to try and pick them up. "HURRY UP YOU STUPPID MARE!"

"I'm going to knock his teeth out." Vinyl said, as she started to get up but was held back by Octavia.

"Vinyl please, just let him get away the Royal Guards will find him and arrest him." Vinyl looked at Octavia and then looked at Spirit, before she wouldn't have hesitated in giving this stallion a sonic blast to the muzzle, but as she looked at Spirit she thought about what would happen if he got hurt, and that concern got her to sit back down. It wasn't until the train entered a tunnel that things got interesting the light from the robbers horn lit up the room in a eerie red glow, but as it emerged from the tunnel and the sunlight filled the cab a new figure had appeared behind the robber. "Octy look." Octavia got out of her chair slightly and saw the figure.

"Not him again."

"Oh man this is going to be good." Vinyl levitated a box of milk balls close to her and started to levitate them one at a time to her mouth.

"Excuse me." The robber turned and found himself looked at the Phantom, who was smiling slightly.

"Have you ever danced with a bat pony in the pail moon light?"

"What?" As robbers horn stopped glowing the Phantom gave him an upper cut getting the robber stuck half was in the ceiling.

"May I help you madam?" The Phantom asked, as he leaned down to the sweet mare.

"Uh... thank you, but what are we going to do with him?"

"Oh i wouldn't worry about him."

"Why's that?"

"Because we just left the mountains and are now entering the forest."

"So?" The Phantom leaned closed and smiled slightly.

"It has a lot of low hanging branches." with that The Phantom vanished and a few seconds later the robber started to kick and scream as the sound of branches breaking could be heard.

"Oh that has got to hurt." Vinyl said, as she smirked slightly. By the time the train arrived at it's station the royal guards had been called to meet the train and Vinyl was able to see that the robber had a lot of knots on the back of his head, as he staggered around dazed and confused. "Well Kiddo what did you think of your first train ride?"

"It was interesting." Spirit said, with a smile.

"Yeah, what did you think of The Phantom?"

"Well you said he was really tough, he didn't really do a lot, so I guess he's cool."

"He is nothing of the sort, he is just an arrogant stallion that is going to get himself, and others hurt one day." Octavia said, as she started to walk away faster.

"Uh-oh I think we made mommy angry." Vinyl said, as she smirked a little but then watched at Spirit hurried up and caught up to Octavia.

"I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to make you angry." Octavia looked down at Spirit and then stopped before she pulled him in for a hug.

"It's not you Spirit, it's just ponies like him they think their doing good, but they just don't seem to understand that by their actions others might get hurt, and this is the second time he's put the lives of the two most important ponies in my life endanger." As Spirit nodded Octavia smiled. "I just don't want anything to happen to you or Vinyl, that's all." Just then Octavia felt bigger arms wrapping around her, and smiled at Vinyl who had joined in the hug. It wasn't until Spirit started to struggle a little that they broke the hug and he appeared.

"What's wrong Spirit?" Vinyl asked, as she smiled slightly.

"Double hug gets to warm." Spirit said, as he smiled at Vinyl.

"Oh well in that case." Vinyl quickly scooped Spirit up into a hug and smiled. "We'll just take turns hugging you."

"Vinyl that's enough, we have to go meet Lyra and Bon-Bon's." Octavia said through a stifled laugh, getting Vinyl to let Spirit go. As the trio walked through town Spirit smiled, as he looked around, but then noticed Vinyl looking around slightly confused. "Vinyl what's wrong?"

"It hasn't happened yet."

"What hasn't happened yet?"

"Oh come on Octy, you know...it."

"No Vinyl i don't know what are you talking about?"

"We haven't been jumped yet by the Pink Party Pony, and Spirit is new to town." with that Octavia started to look around herself.

"Well maybe she is just away, you know how the elements have to travel around a lot now."

"Elements?" Spirit asked, as he looked to Octavia.

"Yeah, you know kiddo the Elements of harmony, Princess Twilight and her close friends."

"Is Princess Twilight here?" Spirit seemed really happy as he seem to get a spring in his gallop only to get batted on the head a few times by Scratch who was having a hard time staying on. "Oops... Sorry Scratch."


"Well some pony is excited, are you hopping to see the new princess?" Octavia asked, as she smiled at Spirit, who smiled.

"Well who knows you might get to." A few minutes later the trio arrived at Lyra and Bon-bon's home. "I want you on your best behave."

"Oh come on Octy Spirit hasn't given us any trouble since we've had him."

"I wasn't talking to him Vinyl." Octavia said, as she knocked on the door and smiled at Bon-Bon opened the door.

"Octavia, Vinyl it's so good to see you two." Bon-bon said, as she smiled at her friends then looked at Spirit. "And this must be little Spirit, oh he's just so adorable." Bon-bon reached out to Spirit only to have his recoil slightly. "It's alright sweetie, I wont hurt you." with the small bit of reassurance Spirit stepped forward and excepted the hug. "Oh he's just so adorable Octavia, I can't wait until we get approved to adopt a foal."

"You're adopting as well?"

"Yeah, me and Lyra both want a little foal of our own." Bon-bon stopped hugging Spirit and lead the trio inside. "Lyra is out right now she should be back shortly."

"Oh perfect." Vinyl rubbed her fore-hoofs together and got a wicked smile on her face. "Spirit how would you like to play a little joke on your aunty Lyra."

"Aunty Lyra?" both Spirit and Bon-bon said at the same time confused by the statement.

"Yeah, both Lyra and you Bon-Bon." Vinyl smiled as she walked up and whispered something into Bon-Bon's ear getting her to smile. Later as Lyra returned home she smiled as she walked into the kitchen and found Bon-Bon cooking, and Octavia was sitting at the table.

"Lyra look who popped in for a visit." Bon-Bon said, as she pointed to Octavia who smiled at her and waved.

"Octavia so nice to see you, did Vinyl come with you."

"She's around." Octavia said, trying not to give away anything, only to get Lyra to eye her with suspicion.

"And she brought a gift see." Bon-Bon said, as she pointed to the couch at two toys.

"Oh my gosh, are those the new mutant series?" Lyra asked as she walked up and used her magic to pick each of the figures up. "Oh it is, General Volzor, and Darkthal trooper Grimok."

"Say what now?" Bon-Bon asked, as she looked at Lyra, knowing that her mate was deeply involved in the book Uurth realm book series.

"Uh... it's in the new addition book number 12, the fighting had finally stopped and peace was starting to spread across the land, when a portal to Zuarus realm opened up and the Darkthal horde started to spill through, they where going to start ripping things apart and build giant factories to start stripping the land of all it's resources like locust, but the brave Lawyer-Knight Heinfroth Chen-Rosenberg started to lead a revolution against the evil Commander Volzor and his Darkthal horde." with that Lyra smiled as she started to levitate her Lawyer-Knight figure and started to have a battle with the two on the living room carpet.

"Lyra, come talk to our guest, and thank her for the gift, you can play later."

"Alright Bonny." Lyra said, as she levitated the figures up to her display shelf and started to walk away only to stop when she heard movement, as she turned to look she saw the two new figures fighting against several of her old figures, slightly stunned by this turn of events she pointed open mouth in shock, until her Lawyer-Knight figure got knocked to the edge hanging on by one hand, as Commander Volzor walked up and raised his parking meter mace and knocked the figure off.

"HEINFROTH!" Lyra dove and caught the figure before it could hit the ground, but her action got both Bon-Bon and Octavia to come out into the living room.

"Lyra what in Equestria is going on?... I thought I told you to put your toys away."

"I did, but then they started fighting and then Volzor knocked Heinfroth off the shelf and, and... Bonny you have to believe me, the figures are coming to life and the war for Uurth is happening in our own living room." Bon-Bon tried not to crack a smile.

"Honey you must of had a hard day, why not put away your toys and come into the kitchen." Bon-Bon said, as she turned and headed for the kitchen getting Lyra to look at the figure in her hoofs and mentally agree with her, there was no way the figures where rallying coming alive and fighting. As she placed the figure back she started to head for the kitchen once more, but again she heard movement as she turned she could see the figures fighting once more she watched as many of her Human figures fought bravely only to be thrown off the edge, as she used her magic and levitated them back up she gulped slightly as she witnessed the battle of the Humans and the Darkthals.

"YOU WONT WIN YOU HEAR ME I WONT LET YOU!" Lyra yelled, as she used her magic and pulled the two Darkthal figures from the shelf and held them in mid air.

"LYRA! what in Celestia's name are you yelling about?" Bon-Bon said, as she came running out of the kitchen and looked at Lyra.

"They were fighting again, Bonny you have to believe me, I’m not going crazy, the figures are coming alive every time i put them on the self and they keep fighting my human figures."

"Now Lyra dear, that's not possible unless you're using your magic on them, now why don't you put the figures back up, and me and Octavia will watch with you, if they start moving we'll find a separate box and lock them inside how does that sound?" with that Lyra nodded but then stopped as she turned to Octavia.

"You said Vinyl was around didn't you?" Octavia tried not to smile and only nodded. "And just where is she?"

"Oh you know around." Octavia said, as she waved one of her hoofs around. Lyra gave her a stern suspicious look before she turned and put the figures back up on the shelf only to have them remain perfectly still. "Lyra they aren't moving." Octavia said, after a few moments.

"You've just been having a hard day honey, come on, come to the kitchen and have a nice cup of apple cider." As Bon-Bon and Octavia started to walk away Lyra watched as the Volzor quickly grabbed the Lawyer-Knight and lifted him over his head prepared to throw the figure off the shelf once more as the figure struggled to get free.

"BONNY!" Lyra screamed, as she pointed to the shelf getting Bon-Bon to run to her side.

"Lyra it's alright, everything is alright."

"No it's not, the Darkthal keep trying to break my Human figures, and the Human figures can't fight against them because their not strong enough."

"Alright I'm sure there is a logical explanation to this, just think how could this be happening?" Lyra nodded for a few moment and then turned on Octavia.

"Vinyl, where is she?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well I am, she's somewhere close by, she's playing this trick on me." Lyra accused as she glared at Octavia. "Well it's not funny, YOU HEAR ME VINYL NOT FUNNY!" Just then there came a knock at the door, and Lyra stormed over to it and opened it only to be shocked as she watched Vinyl walk in with several bags.

"You would not believe the line at the toy store, oh hey Lyra when did you get home." Lyra watched as Vinyl walked in slightly stunned as she only opened and closed her mouth in silence. "Ah shoot, Octy I was hopping to surprise Lyra with those figures once I picked up their mounts."

"Y-you mean the Thunder Lizards you got the Thunder Lizards, which ones." Lyra was so excited she completely forgot of what had just happened. As Vinyl pulled out of her bags several boxed large lizard like creatures, that had saddles on their backs. "Oh you got Volzor's Ragged tooth, and Grimok's Kreethoom."

"That's not all I got." with that Vinyl pulled out another box and Lyra squeaked as she took it from Vinyl's magic. "You found Lawyer-Knight's rehabilitated Thunder lizard Rex with realistic roar, and launching Iron beam projectiles." Lyra smiled, as she held the box and smiled.

"Yep and these three are for you." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Lyra. who quickly hugged her and started to use her magic to carefully remove the toys from their packaging and set the boxes aside, then placing the figures into their saddles.

"Oh this is so awesome." Lyra quickly hugged Vinyl who smiled, as she patted her friend on the back. "Oh now i have to find a place to put my new toys."

"Later Lyra, first we're going into the kitchen, our guest might be hungry, and you wouldn't want to be rude to them after they gave you such... nice gifts, seriously what are those things?"

"Thunder Lizards? Oh they're like our ancient Equestrian Dinosaurs, only the Darkthal used their evil science and experimented on them until they became a species known as Zaurids, and in chapter 8 of book 12 the invasion of the Darkthals Volzor's original mount fell into a underground cave system when Heinfroth tried to stop Volzor sneak attack on the Knothole Kingdom. Volzor managed to jump out of the way but Heinfroth was pulled in with his new mount, and after he spent the entire chapter 9 mending and taking care of the creature they became friends and in chapter 11 when the Darkthal managed to break past the defenses of the Magical mouse castle, and Royal President Ramses Sally Sweetback was trapped in the throne room by Volzor and his Darkthal forces, Heinfroth emerged from a secret entrance behind a tapestry with Rex and faced off against Volzor, and his new mount." with that Lyra stopped and smiled as she looked at her new toys.

"Wait who wins the fight?" Octavia asked, as she looked at Lyra.

"Don't know have to wait until the next book to find out." Lyra said, as she smiled and started to walk towards the kitchen leaving three mares stunned. "Aren't you coming?" As the other three headed for the kitchen, Vinyl smiled a little and nodded her head a few times. As Lyra sat at the table it was clear she was very excited about her new toys.


"Yes Bonny?"

"I was just telling Octavia and Vinyl how much we would love to have them on our show again, maybe in a few weeks."

"Alright, that's sounds like fun."

"And they could bring their colt."

"Yeah sounds great."

"And we could sacrifice a foal to Discord so he can open a portal to the Uurth realm."


"LYRA!" Lyra jumped slightly and fell to the floor, looking at Bon-Bon confused.

"What?" Lyra said, half winning as she looked at Bon-Bon.

"Lyra you haven't heard a word I’ve said have you." Lyra looked at Bon-Bon and lowered her head.

"No Bonny." Bon-Bon just placed a hoof on her head and shook it.

"Oh come on Bonny cut her some slack, Green beans been looking forward to these new toys ever since that last book came out, and now she has 5 of them just sitting in the living room, just begging to be played with." Vinyl said, as she teased slightly getting Lyra to let out a very low whimper.

"Alright fine but don't be to loud." with that Lyra smiled and started to head for the living room while Bon-Bon smiled as she took a sip of her cider and looked at Vinyl, who was doing the same thing.

As Lyra walked into the living room she started to hear strange noises until she watched as the Zuarids reared up and went into battle, as the fight started to unfold before her eyes Lyra pointed for a moment, and started to whimper slightly, thinking that she really could be going insane.

"BONNY!!" As the trio of mares came running out of the kitchen and saw the toys fighting Vinyl smirked as she listen to the music being put behind the little fight scene. "Bonny look their fighting, you can see them fighting can't you, and I'm not using my magic honest."

"Fighting what are you talking about Lyra?" Vinyl asked, with a smirk on her face only to get elbowed slightly by Octavia. "Oh alright, Lyra allow me to introduce you to our colt." Vinyl said, as she waved towards the sofa getting Spirit to walk out from behind it with a smile on his face.

"He's the one who's been playing with your toys." Bon-Bon said, as she smiled at her wife. "It was just a little joke honey honest." Lyra looked at Spirit and then at her toys as he had them wave at her.

"But I don't see a magical aura."

"Mama taught me how to hide it." Spirit said, as he pointed at Vinyl.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe how often that comes in handy." Lyra looked at the toys again and then turned and glared at Vinyl.

"So this was your idea."

"Yeah pretty funny hu." Vinyl said, as she laughed.

"Oh I'll give you funny." Lyra's horn started to glow only to stop as Bon-Bon walked between the two unicorns.

"Not inside you two, I just finished cleaning, if you want to have a magical duel then you're both going outside."

"Fine by me." Vinyl said, as she headed for the door. "I'll even let green bean have the first shot. (*ZAP!*) YEOW!" Vinyl jumped out the door as Lyra shot her flank with a magical spark. "Oh so that's how you want to play it." After a few minutes the two unicorns returned completely spent of magic, with different color manes, and coats that looked like they had gone into a paint ball battle.


"Yeah Spirit?"

"You look like a patch work quilt." both Octavia and Bon-Bon tried not to laugh as Vinyl looked at Spirit slightly shocked.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, but so does Aunty Lyra." with that both mares looked at each other and then looked at Spirit.

"Well you know what quilts are good for don't you Spirit?" Vinyl asked, as she winked at Lyra.


"Oh well come here and I'll tell you." with that Spirit walked up but as soon as he was within grabbing distance both Vinyl and Lyra reached out and grabbed him. "There great to get wrapped up in."

"AH HELP KILLER QUILTS!" Spirit cried, as he tried to get free only to be held in place as the two mares started to tickle him. "EEP! it's worst (*giggle*) it's killer tickling (*snicker*) quilts."

"You think we should help him?" Bon-Bon asked, as she smiled at Octavia.

"No Vinyl will stop before it goes to far." Octavia said, as she smiled as she watched Spirit getting tickled for a few minutes before Vinyl stopped and got Lyra to stop as the little colt caught his breath and started to fall asleep.

"Well we better get heading to the hotel."

"How long are you going to be in Ponyville?"

"Just for the weekend."

"Well then you should stay with us, the sofa folds out into a bed, and I think it would be nice for me and Lyra to have an idea of what having a little foal around might be like."

"Well I'm not sure, are you sure we wouldn't be a bother?"

"It's only going to be a few nights." Bon-bon said, as she smiled at Octavia getting her friend to smile. Later Lyra was at the ponyville park with Spirit, and the toy where playing with the new toys, pretending to be having the final battle between Lawyer-knight and Volzor.

"You'll never win against the Human alliance." Lyra said, as she used her magic to fight with her Lawyer-knight while Spirit used his magic to fights with Volzor.

"You are weak, and will be crushed under the Darkthal horde's boot."

"Never, the Alliance will always defeat you and your evil horde Volzor." Lyra smiled as she played the role of her favorite figure, while Spirit used his magic to play as Volzor, as the two small figures where locked in miniature combat atop their mighty Zaurids, other foals started to circle them and watch as the two fought each other. "Oh I just got a great idea, you stay here and I'll be right back." With that Lyra ran off leaving Spirit sitting in the sandbox and headed back to her and Bon-bon's house, getting Spirit to blink a few times before he turned and looked at Scratch sitting beside him.

"Want to play?" Spirit asked, as he used his magic to get the Volzor figure to walk up to her only to watch as Scratch started to smack it with her paw. "Oh beware great beast I Volzor will tame you and you will be my new battle mount." Scratch kept batting at the toy until she finally pounced on it and held it down with both front paws while the figure struggled to get up. "O.K. we’ll call it a draw."

"Hey get out of here." Spirit turned and found himself looking at two fillies a bit older then him, one looking rather mean, and the other a little smug as she stood slightly behind the first. "Get out of hear blank flank."

"Blank Flank?"

"Yeah blank flank, as in you don't have your cutie mark. Now get out of here."

"But I'm playing here, me and my aunt already built a sand castle see."

"Yeah well it's our castle now, so get out of here." the filly demanded getting Scratch to hiss at here only to have Spirit look at her.

"It's alright Scratch, come on will just move." with that Spirit got up and grabbed his saddle bag sitting close by and headed to the other side of the play area to find another nice area of sand to play in. "See Scratch, no need to fight over something so silly." with that Spirit laid down and started to use his magic to build another castle only this time it was going to be bigger, meanwhile Lyra was just returning with her saddle bag only to find Spirit not where she had left him.

"Uh excuse me Diamond Tiara have you seen my nephew, I just left him here a few minutes ago." both Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon looked at Lyra and shook their heads.

"No Ma-am, we just found this castle built and started to play isn't that right Silver Spoon?"

"Yes ma-am we found it, and just thought some pony left it." As Lyra started to grow concerned she started to quickly look around the park, panicked, and didn't spot Spirit.

"Not good.... BONNY!!" Lyra ran home in tears to get help in the search. While Diamond Tiara looked angry.

"Come on." Diamond said, as she stood up.

"Where are we going?"

"To make sure that little pest doesn't tell on us." with that Diamond and Silver started to look for Spirit, only to be shocked when they found him laying next to a larger sand castle then the one they had just bullied him from. "HEY!" Spirit looked up at Diamond and then smiled.


"Look your aunt just came looking for you."

"She did?" Spirit sat up and started to look around. "Where is she?"

"Doesn't matter, what matters is what your not going to tell any pony." Diamond said, as she made Spirit look at her. "You're not going to tell them anything about me and Silver making you leave that spot, you understand?"

"Why not, you just wanted the sand castle, no reason to get angry over something that truly isn't mine, it's no big deal." Diamond glared at Spirit then smirked slightly.

"Alright let me put it to you like this, you're not going to tell any pony you saw us or else?"

"Or else what?" with that Diamond Tiara threw sand in Spirit's eyes, blinding him.

"Or else I’ll make sure that my daddy makes life for you and any pony you care about a living Tartarus." Diamond said, as Spirit started to cry from the sand, only to have Scratch jump up on his back and then at Diamond Tiara, scratching her across the nose getting Diamond Tiara to scream out in both pain and shock then glare at Scratch who was hissing at her ready for a fight. "Oh you are so dead." Diamond Tiara reared up and aimed for Scratch, the little kitten froze in fear as she looked up at the two front hooves of the young filly about to come down on her, it was at the last second that Scratch found herself shielded from the blows as Spirit jumped between her and Diamond, which only seem to infuriate Diamond Tiara more, now that she was denied her vengeance on the kitten. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Diamond yelled, as she started to hit Spirit repeatedly only to have him curl around Scratch keeping her shielded from the now enraged filly.

"Diamond stop."

"Not until I teach that fur ball a lesson." Diamond said, raised her hoof to hit Spirit again. As she kept going Silver Spoon started to back away from Diamond, slightly stunned not really knowing what to do.

It wasn't until there came a roar in the direction of the castle that Diamond Tiara stopped and looked up in just enough time to see the two Zaurid toys lunge at her with their mounts jumping off and grabbing her mane while the Zaurids started to pull on her tail. "GET OFF OF ME YOU PIECES OF JUNK!!" Diamond Tiara yelled, as she tried to shake the toys off of her, only to feel them swinging from her mane and tail. "SILVER SPOON HELP ME!"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"BREAK THEM DO SOMETHING!!" As Silver Spoon took a step forward she stopped as she watched as Skeleton Pony warriors and other monster figures rose up from the sand just in front of the sand castle, and stone looking bat pony figures emerged at the battlements, while a Vampony extended it's wings and took flight at Diamond Tiara getting all the other toys to charge forward and swarm Diamond Tiara like a horde of angry bees. As Diamond Tiara let out a scream as she kept getting buzzed by the bat pony figures and vampony, she tried to run away only to have the Zaurids holding onto her tail pull hard getting her to slip and fall on the loose sand, allowing the Skeleton Pony Warriors to swarm her like ants, and use her mane and tail hair to hold her down. "SILVER SPOON HELP ME!" Silver gulped slightly as many of the toys turned and faced her getting the frightened filly to run off screaming for help.

As Silver Spoon ran away from the scene screaming Octavia and the others went running in the direction she had just come from and found Spirit laying on the ground protecting Scratch as the two Zaurids and their riders now seem to be protecting him, while Diamond Tiara kept trying to struggle only to be held down by the toys pulling her main and tail, as well as making sure she could get good hoofing

"Spirit?" Octavia said, as she walked up and carefully picked him up listening to him wince at her touch.

"She tried to hurt Scratch mommy." Spirit said, as he looked at Octavia the side of his face slightly bruised and his horn cracked. As she looked at the rest of Spirit she saw several other hoof marks and feared that he might have a few broken bones.

"Vinyl get Spirit to the hospital." Octavia ordered as she tried to clear the tears from her face, her little colt was laying in her arms badly hurt and his attacker was just in front of her being held down by an army of toys that Octavia knew that Spirit was using the last of his strength to control.

"Alright Octy." As Vinyl used her magic and took Spirit away Octavia watched as his toys started to loose their sentience and fall giving Diamond Tiara a chance to get up and start to run away before she was picked up again, this time by Lyra's magic, and held her in mid air.

"Bon-bon can you help me pick up Spirit's toys?" Octavia asked, not wanting to even talk to the filly that had just attacked her colt.

"Sure Octavia." Bon-bon said, as she started to collect the figures.

"JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!" the three mares heard some pony yelled, and turned to see Filthy Rich storming up to them. "Release my daughter at once."

"Help me daddy, they wont let me go." Diamond Tiara cried, as she looked at her father.

"Daddy?... well then, sir it seems that you are the one I should be talking to about what your daughter did to my colt." Octavia said, as she headed right for Filthy Rich.

"Excuse me?" Filthy Rich's tone changed as he looked at Octavia, and was met with a glare that he could have sworn would have made Princess Celestia whimper like a new born foal. "Madam I've only been informed that my daughter was attacked and was being held against her will, please fill me in on what has transpired."

"What has transpired is that your filly attacked my colt, and right now my partner is rushing him to the hospital for the beating she gave him."

"Don't listen to her daddy she's lying." Diamond Tiara yelled, as she looked at her father. As Octavia spun to face Diamond Tiara the young filly gulped.

"We are all going to see my colt in the hospital, and your better be praying to Celestia that you haven't caused him any permanent damage." with that Octavia started to head for the Ponyville hospital, where she reunited with Vinyl who was sitting in the waiting room. "Vinyl?"

"Octy!" as Vinyl ran up to her partner she hugged her and tried to hug away her fears. "They took him to the back and haven't told me anything yet."

"It's alright Vinyl, we've found his attackers father." Octavia said, as she pointed at Filthy Rich, then had to hold back the DJ as she tried to attack him. "Vinyl you have to calm down."

"I have yet to hear any evidence of my daughter laying a hoof on your colt." Filthy Rich said, as he looked at Octavia. "Did you see her attack him?"

"We saw the aftermath." Vinyl snapped, as she glared at Filthy Rich trying to get out from responsibility.

"But you didn't see it, where as my daughters friend came running to my home stating that she was being attacked and needed help and when I arrived I found you and your friends holding her against her will."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!" Vinyl yelled, as she stomped towards Filthy Rich getting him to straighten slightly.

"I would step back right now Ms. Scratch." another voice said from the hospital entrance getting Vinyl and the others to look to see a Unicorn Royal Guard standing at the entrance. "When Ms. Scratch brought her colt in the hospital staff contacted the local Royal guard establishment, to try and figure out what really happen, so Ms. Scratch before you try and knock that smug grin off Mr. Riches face, please remember that it would still be considered assault." with that Vinyl backed away and Filthy Rich smirked slightly, until he felt a hoof slap him in the back of the head. "That doesn't mean get cocky Mr. Rich, and I promise you if I find out that it was your daughter that sent this foal into the hospital and they want to press charges, then your little filly will be sent off to one of trouble youth facilities, and I know for a fact that they do not look kindly on bullies."

"Just who do you think you are?" Filth Rich said, as he straightened him self again and puffed out his chest.

"I sir am a member of the majesties royal guard, I sir am well trained in retrieving memories from both victim and culprit, I sir am Focused Lenses, and I will get to the bottom of this case and if you don't stop bowing up on me I will show you how the royal guards deal with arrogant little foals that try and join our ranks, so what you are going to do is get over into the farthest corner of that waiting room with your daughter and you will remain seated, if you try and leave, I will make it my life goal to track you down and throw you into the darkest cell of the royal sisters penitentiary do I make my self clear?" Filthy Rich stopped puffing out his chest and started to lower his head. "I SAID DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR!?"

"YES SIR!" with that Filth Rich started to head to the corner and Lyra levitated Diamond Tiara over to the corner with him, as she released the filly to her father the two hugged while Focused Lenses headed for the welcome desk, after a few seconds a doctor came out and whispered to the Royal Guard for several moments before taking him to the back.

"Daddy what did he mean by sending me somewhere?"

"It's where most bad foals go when they break a major law, they're known at detention centers and the foal remain there until ether they serve their time, or until they are old enough to be taken to the royal sisters Penitentiary."

"What's that?"

"That's where ponies that commit crimes go, and depending on the crime depends on how long they have to stay, some times only a few nights, other times their entire life, but most of the time the prisoners are released once they have been rehabilitated." After a few moments Focused Lenses walked out with the doctor.

"Doctor how is he?" Octavia asked, as her and Vinyl rushed the two.

"He'll be fine." the doctor said, as he smiled at the two mothers. "He's pretty badly beaten up, i would say right now to let him rest the night but by tomorrow morning the soreness should fade, his horn on the other hand is cracked slightly and he'll have to where a bandage on it, and you'll have to apply some healing cream to it twice a day, and don't let him do any magic with it for awhile, it would seem that he was in the middle of a spell when it was cracked and caused the spell he was using to malfunction slightly."

"Malfunction?" Octavia said, as she looked at the Doctor funny.

"It would seem your colt was attempting an animation spell, but during the casting his horn was cracked and turned the animation spell into a golem spell for the items he was trying to animate at the time." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at the two mares, then moved to the side to who Lawyer-Knight, and Volzor ridding their mounts.

"Wait, it was his toys that where attacking Diamond Tiara when we got to the scene, why aren't they still moving?" Octavia asked, as she looked at Focused Lenses.

"Well that would also be a side effect, it's possible that because he was really focusing on these figures when his horn was cracked it turned them into golem like creatures."

"But before that it sent the spell wild and animated all the toys." Vinyl said, as she looked at the guard who nodded.

"EEEP!!! DADDY SAVE ME THEY'RE TRYING TO EAT ME!!" Diamond Tiara screamed, as she tried to hid behind Filthy Rich as the Zaurids that the two figures rode on hissed and seem to prepare for an attack while both Lawyer-Knight and Volzor got ready to engage their common enemy.

"As much as I would love to see how this ends, Spirit needs protecting." Focused Lenses said, getting both rider figures to look at the royal guard before turning their mounts and running back down the hall towards the room Spirit was in, but also getting several nurses to scream in fright. "Which I can't think of two better protectors than his family." with that every pony started to leave except for Octavia.


"You go on Vinyl I'm staying right here until I find out just what happened."

"Oh I already know what happened." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at Octavia. "See what a lot of ponies don't know is that golems, even accidental golems, have a form of memory, memory I was able to look at, I saw everything from their point of view." with that Focused Lenses turned his attention to Diamond Tiara.

"Mr. Rich, I highly recommend you make nice with the Scratch family real fast, because if they choose to press charges for your daughters actions, not only with you be paying for the medical bills, but they can sue you for almost everything you own, as well as get your filly taken away."

"Excuse me?"

"Your filly attacked, young Mr. Spirit." with that Diamond Tiara backed away slightly hiding behind her father, who noticed this action.


"You don't believe me?" the Royal Guard asked, getting Filthy Rich to nod half stunned by what was going on. "Very well then, allow me to show you what happened after your daughter blinded young Spirit with sand."

"Blinded him?" Octavia said, as she looked at Focused Lenses.

"It would seem that she was trying to bully him into not telling how she and I believe a Ms. Silver Spoon bullied him from where Ms. Lyra heartstrings requested for him to stay, which reminds me she is an accessory to this and you are aloud to press charges against her, and her family for damages."

"But can he see?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at the doctor.

"He's fine, after we flushed his eyes out, though they are going to be red for a little while, but no permanent damage was done." both Octavia and Vinyl signed in relief then turned and looked at Filthy Rich who looked like he was completely lost by this news.

"But since you want to see what happened allow me to show you." Focused Lenses said, as his horn started to glow and projected a scene of a plastic hand laying on sand hearing Diamond Tiara screaming her rage, as the figure got up and a scene of Spirit laying on the ground shielding Little Scratch while Diamond continued to assault him, as the figure ran up and climbed onto it's mount then rode it towards Diamond and jumped at Diamond Tiara getting a very close look at her left eyes getting a reflection of Volzor looking back at every pony before it punched her in the eyes and started to swing on her mane, just in enough time to watch as the swarm of figures came from the direction of the sand castle, hitting Diamond Tiara like a swarm of bees. It was here that Focused Lenses stopped the memory playback. "Now as I said, you should really make nice with the Scratch family, while I go get a hold of Ms. Spoon and her parents."

"Oh I want to throw the book at her." Vinyl said, as she glared at Diamond Tiara who hid behind her father.

"You can make your choice now, but I encourage you to go and see your colt first, remember that these actions could very well have her, and her friend, facing life in incarceration."


"Attempted Murder Mr. Rich, your daughters actions can be classified as Attempted murder, if just one of her hoofs had landed just right, she could have killed young Spirit, and if not for Spirit's actions she would have killed his kitten, and I can promise you, both royal sisters do not look kindly on animal abuse."

"Royal Sisters? Would they get involved?"

"It would be a trial Mr. Rich, and most trials are held by a member of the Royal family, if not by some pony appointed by them, it is only in an extremely rare situation that some pony would be appointed to judge a case that was not appointed by the royal family, and since Princess Twilight Sparkle is away helping Equestria in some way, it would come down to one of the two sisters, but since Princess Celestia normally tends to the day court, I can safely assume that the one that would be over seeing these proceedings will be Princess Luna, that again is if the Scratch family intends to press charges. Again if I was in your horse shoes, I would be making nice with them a lot, while I go and get her accomplice in these matters as well as the rest of Ms. Silver Spoons family."

"I still want to throw a book at her." Vinyl said, as she levitated the biggest medical journal she could find. "This book."

"No throwing books, go see your colt, and Mr. Rich you and your daughter are to remain here until I return." with that Focused Lenses left the building.

"Octavia you and Vinyl go see Spirit we'll keep an on these two." Bon-bon said, as she looked at Octavia getting her to smile and take Vinyl into the back to see Spirit.

Author's Note:

looks like Diamond Tiara, and Silver spoon are facing some serious trouble, but how will this event play in the trial coming up, will it be used against Vinyl and Octavia and bring into question their parenting skills?

I got the Uurth book series idea from Paleo Print from his story Hooves Holding Hearts, I just tweaked the idea and added the Darkthol characters and their mounts the Zaurids.

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