• Published 7th May 2015
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Spirit - Crystal Shard

Vinyle and Octy adopt a foal

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First Performance

It was early morning in Canterlot, when Spirit started to stir and smile as he felt the warm smooth sheets in the bed he was sleeping in, until his mind woke up enough to start realizing that he was in a bed, as he sat up he found himself in an empty room, but this wasn't like any room he knew of in the orphanage, as he climbed out of the bed and walked to the door he carefully tested it to find that it was unlocked, another thing he wasn't used to. As he carefully opened the door it opened into a hallway he had never seen before. "Hello?" Spirit whispered as he careful walked down the hall until it lead him into a living room, most of the furniture seemed like it belonged to a cultured pony, except for a disk table in one of the corners and a video game setup in front of a T.V.

"Oh hey there kiddo." Vinyl said, as she walked out of the kitchen and spotted Spirit. Only to watch as he backed away from her.

"I swear I didn't touch nothing." Vinyl lowered her shades slightly then shook her head.

"They must have really done a number on you in that orphanage kiddo." Vinyl said, as she used her magic and levitated Spirit close to her. "Listen I don't know what they filled that little head of yours with but I want you to forget about it, you want to listen to music, you want to dance do it, be yourself, be different." Spirit smiled, as he looked up at Vinyl. "Now come on time for breakfast."

"So do I have to go back?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Vinyl who shook her head.

"Nope don't you remember last night?"

"No ma-am."

"Ouch, no calling me ma-am kiddo, really puts a damper on coolness."

"But then what am I supposed to call you?" Spirit asked, as he climbed up on a small stool to see over the table.

"How about Vinyl." with that Spirit nodded in understand, and after a few seconds Vinyl slid a bowl cereal in front of him.

"Eat up kiddo, super coco sugar oats, with marshmallows." Spirit looked at the bowl then levitated a spoon and took a bite. "Great and while you eat I'll tell you what happen after you fell asleep last night." An hour later Octavia came out of her and Vinyl's bedroom and walked down the hall only to be slightly surprised as she saw Spirit already awake.

"Well good morning Spirit."

"Hello Ms. Snooty Pants." Spirit responded, getting Octavia to freeze in shock at how the sweet little foal she had remember from the night before had just insulted her, but then the laughter started, as she looked at her mate now on the floor laughing then at Spirit who seemed very confused by the entire ordeal.

"Spirit did Vinyl tell you my name was snooty pants?" Spirit nodded slowly. "Alright, well first it's not Snooty Pants, my name is Octavia, but I would rather you call me mom." Octavia watched as a smile spread across Spirit's face just before quickly jumped up from where he was sitting, sending the bowl with leftover milk sliding across the table and falling off onto Vinyl's head, and got over to Octavia almost bouncing with excitement.

"You're really going to be my mom?"

"Yep, and I never have to go back to that place again."

"That's right, and it's all thanks to Vinyl." Octavia said, as she pointed at Vinyl who still had a bowl on her head with milk drenched hair. "Oh dear."

"Yeah, she was telling me what happened last night."

"You don't say."

"Yeah she told me how she lead a crack team of swat ponies in through the windows, arrested all the caretakers, and when they tried to fight back she called in the princesses and they banished them to the moon, then Princess Celestia herself carried us back here, I can't believe I slept through all of that." As Spirit finished he noticed that Octavia wasn't looking at him but glaring at Vinyl.

"Well it was mostly true, more or less." Vinyl said, as she gave Octavia a sheepish grin.

"What part of that was true, I'll admit you somehow managed to get Princess Celestia involved, but I don't recall swat ponies, or anypony getting banished to the moon."

"Well Luna did suggest doing it to Blue Blood when she arrived with him and saw how the foals had been treated." Octavia put a hoof to her head and rubbed it a little.

"Vinyl, your unbelievable." Vinyl smiled as she walked up and kissed Octavia on the nose.

"But that's what you like about me right?" Octavia smiled slightly and then nuzzled her beloved, then smiled as she looked at Spirit. "Well other then having to tell you what really happened last night, do you have any questions for us?" Spirit nodded, getting Octavia to smile. "Alright what's the first one on your mind."

"Since your my new Mom now, does that make Vinyl my dad?" After spending the first few hours of the morning going over everything, as well as talking about how Vinyl had ran off the night before, stormed in the last part of the day court, and was started to get hauled away when she screamed her case so that Celestia could hear her, causing the Princess of the day to have her released and followed her to the orphanage, upon seeing how things were being done, as well as talking with Ms. Hard Spoon, Celestia contacted her sister and had her bring their nephew Prince Blue Blood to the orphanage to explain things.

The trio went into town, Octavia wanted to get Spirit some nice dress clothes so that he could attend her concerts, while Vinyl on the other hand wanted to make sure that Octavia didn't forget the first thing a foal needs at Spirit's age. "TOYS!" Vinyl said, as she flung open the double doors leading into the Canterlot toy store. "Alright kiddo knock yourself out."

"As long as it doesn't go over 100 bits." Octavia added, giving Vinyl a stern look. With that Spirit nodded and headed for the toys. "Vinyl remember we can't spoil him."

"Yeah but come on Octy after what he's been through don't you think he should get something special."

"Yes but we mustn't spoil him, don't want him to turn out be like all the other Noble Foals in Canterlot."

"Ah good point." with that Vinyl and Octavia started to walk through the toy store until they found Spirit looking at some of the pony action figures. "Hey Octy look they got the new Defenders of Equestria figures."

"Oh Vinyl these are just toys." Vinyl was about to argue about with Octavia about the cool factor of toys, when a well dressed stallion walked up and tapped Octavia on the shoulder.

"Uh excuse me." a stallion interrupted, getting both Octavia and Vinyl's attention. "I'm sorry to bother you, but are you Ms. Octavia?"

"Well it's Mrs. Octavia Scratch." Octavia corrected, getting the Stallion to smile slightly.

"Well Mrs. Octavia I'm really hopping you can help me."

"I guess I could but it would all depend on what you need help with."

"Of course, my name is Fizzy Wigs, and I'm the owner of the store."

"Please to meet you sir, what can I help you with?"

"Well it seems the band that was supposed to play hasn't made it to Canterlot yet due to some trouble on their way here."


"Oh yes, you see today I'm holding a charity gathering and the band I hired was supposed to play in the store today, trying to raise money for the less fortunate and all."

"Of course."

"Well without the band I don't think we'll get as many generous com patrons to come into the store and donate, I was really hopping you might consider helping me out by playing?"

"I guess I could, but I'll have to make some phone calls to get the rest of my ensemble here, and that's only if they don't have anything else going on."

"Please follow me, you can use my phone in my office."

"Alright, Vinyl."

"Check out where you're playing no problem Octy. Come on Spirit you can help me." As the trio split up Spirit smiled as he followed Vinyl to the stage that was set up for the band that was supposed to play, watching as Vinyl worked Spirit smiled and paid very close attention to what Vinyl was doing. "Ready to help?"

"Yeah, what can I do?"

"Well since Octy and her band don't use speakers, we need to check the acoustics in the area so you think you can make some music?" Spirit nodded and smiled brightly.

"Uh what kind of music?" Vinyl smiled, as she walked up and ruffled his mane.

"She mostly plays classical stuff." Spirit sat down and scratched his chin a little. "What's wrong?"

"I'm trying to remember the words to a song."

"Oh, well just start when you're ready." As Vinyl left Spirit found himself alone on the stage, through the curtain kept him from view he smiled slightly, this was his first time really playing on a stage and he wanted to make it good. As Vinyl waited at the far end of the store she finally started to hear something, other then little foals screaming they wanted something, but as the music got louder the crowd in the store started to get quiet. (*1*)

"Hey Vinyl." Octavia said, as she walked up and smiled at Vinyl. "Well looks like the band showed up after all." Vinyl was about to say something, but stopped as she heard the sound of a mare's voice starting to sing. "Oh their doing the theme from Phantom of the opera." Octavia turned and smiled as she listened to the music then smiled at Vinyl. "Where is Spirit?" It was about this time that the Phantom started to sing and Octavia's head quickly turned and locked on the curtain drawn stage. "Vinyl, is that Spirit?"


"Does he know?"

"I don't think so." Vinyl said, as she noticed that not only had the ponies in the store had stopped talking but more ponies had started to come in from off the street after hearing the music. "Wow now I just have to teach him." Vinyl jumped to her hind legs and put her fore-hoofs on her hips. "The power of wubs."

"Cut that out, we have to get behind that curtain." As Octavia and Vinyl started to slowly make their way through the crowd the song had finished. "Come on we have to hurry." As the two mares made it behind the curtain they smiled at Spirit who was slightly startled by them coming through the curtain in a rush. "Spirit who were you singing with?" Spirit blushed slightly then as his horn started to glow an almost translucent mare appeared before them, Octavia looked at it for a moment and then smiled, remembering the figures from the night before dancing. "So no other pony was back here with you?"

"No, just Melody."


"She was my only friend in the orphanage, the other foals ether ignored me or watched me because Hard Spoon told them to, and report if I ever break a rule."

"So you made a friend."

"Yep, literally" with that Vinyl smiled and put her right foreleg around Spirit.

"Well now you got us, but how did you get her to sing?"

"Oh it's a simple trick really I just change the pitch and throw my voice."

"Wow you're like a walking soundboard." Vinyl said, as she started to give Spirit a light noogy. "So Octy why did we rush the stage?"

"Well I thought that Spirit was back here with a stranger and I got concerned that he might get foal napped."

"Oh,... well everything is cool now, but did you get a hold of the band?"

"You mean my,... oh never mind, yes I was able to get a hold of my friends and they're on their way."

"Great, I'll run home and get some merchandise."

"No Vinyl this is for charity."

"I know, all the bits will go towards the charity." Vinyl smirked, a little just before giving Octavia a quick peck on the cheek. "Be right back." As she ran off Octavia blushed for a few moments before she looked up and saw Spirit trying not to laugh.

"Well then." Octavia finally said, as she started to compose herself. "Well then Spirit think you stall a few more minutes?" Spirit nodded getting Octavia to give him a light pat on the back. "I'll stay here to make sure you're safe." As Spirit sat down and his horn started to glow Octavia smiled as she watched her new son start to create music. A smile spread across her face as she started to recognize the piece being a variation on Colthovens moonlight sonata. (*2*)

As she listened to the melody Octavia wondered how anypony could be cruel to a foal, most of all to one that seemed so sweet as her colt. Colt, the word now held a new meaning for Octavia, as did the since of pride she had as she watched Spirit enjoying just being himself, he was her colt, and she would do everything in her power to prevent him from being hurt like he had been.

"Octavia?" A mare's voice said, as she walked from the side of the curtain and saw Octavia laying on the ground listening to Spirit.

"Beauty Brass, oh thank you for coming." Octavia said, as she got up and walked over to her friend and smiled. "Are the others with you?"

"Yes, Harpo and Frederic are sitting in the crowd, they thought the other band arrived, did they?"

"No, but go get them I'll explain everything at once." A few minutes later Octavia sat next to Spirit and smiling at her ensemble. "Everypony I would like to introduce my colt Spirit, Spirit these are my friends, Harpo, Beauty Brass, and Frederic."

"Pleased to meet you all." Spirit said, with a big smile getting the others to return the greeting.

"This is wonderful news Octavia." Harpo said, as he smiled at his friend.

"Yes great news, but where is the other band?" Frederic asked, as he looked around slightly confused that he didn't see a large group of ponies or some kind of machine behind the curtain.

"The other band as you put it is right here." Octavia said, as she put a foreleg around Spirit and smiled. "He's very talented."

"You mean he was playing that music, how?" Beauty Brass asked, confused at what she was hearing.

"Um Excuse me." As everypony turned to the source of the interruption they saw a rather nervous store owner. "I know I asked for your help at the last minutes, and I have no right to be demanding but some of the audience are wondering if there is going to be anymore?"

"Oh yes of course we just need a little time to set up, and we can get started."

"Oh thank you, and the Foal hospital thanks you as well, since the music started ponies have been giving generously, I actually watched one foal give his bits instead of buying a new toy."

"I even watched some adults that I've known all my live, that wouldn't give even a bit to save their own failing mother, hand over their entire bit purse."

"Well, thank you, but so far only my son has been playing." Octavia said, as she looked at the manager who was dumbstruck by this news and then looked at Spirit. "Think you can give them one more song while we set up." Spirit nodded and stepped to the center of the stage and smiled.

"How much time do you need."

"Well a few minutes, think you can give us four minutes?" Frederic asked, as he smiled at Spirit who nodded.

"Octavia a jokes a joke, but where is the other band really." Beauty Brass asked, as she leaned close to her friend, but then stopped as she started to hear music fill the air (*3*), she started to look around thinking there was speakers somewhere and that Vinyl and Octavia was playing a joke, but after finding none she looked at Spirit his horn was glowing and his eyes were shut.

"Come on Brass you still have to set up." Octavia said, as she nudged her friend.

"Look who's talking where is your cello?" It was at that moment it hit Octavia she didn't have her cello.

"I completely forgot that I didn't have it." Octavia was starting to panic before out of the corner of her eye she saw an electric blue mane mare walk in carrying her cello. "Vinyl, you brought my cello."

"Yeah I saw it as I was getting the other stuff and realized that you would need it to play."

"Oh Vinyl I could kiss you."

"Really what's stopping you?"

"Later, but for right now help me set up." Once the ensemble was set up and Spirit's music stopped, he quickly made it off stage with Vinyl and watched as his Octavia and her band started to play. The charity drive went great, adding the bits that Vinyl raised by selling what merchandise she did bring it totaled to over 3,000 bits, and in return for his efforts the owner of the store waited until Spirit had picked out several toys and was getting ready to checkout with Vinyl and Octavia, to surprise them in giving the items for no charge.

When the small family got home, Octavia made them dinner, everything was going well until she looked over and noticed that Vinyl wasn't eating her cherry tomatoes. "Vinyl is something wrong?"

"I don't know Octy, the Tomatoes they look bad." Vinyl said, as she started to roll the tomatoes around.

"Bad?... they shouldn't be, I picked them up fresh just two days ago." Octavia took a close look at her tomatoes. "They look just fine to me."

"Are you sure, I'm getting kind of an evil vibe from them."

"Oh now you're just being silly, stop playing with your food and just eat them, are you trying to set a bad example for our son."

"I don't know Octy." Vinyl turned to Spirit and winked. "What do you think Spirit they don't look right do that." Spirit didn't know what to say, he looked at the Tomatoes on his plate then back at Vinyl.

"I guess."

"Oh now you're both being silly, Here I'll show you." With that Octavia picked up her fork and prepared to stab on of the tomatoes on her plate.

"No Octy wait, I just realized what's wrong with them." Vinyl said, as she nearly tackled Octavia to the ground.

"Then what pray tell is wrong with these perfectly good tomatoes."

"They're, DON, DON, DON, KILLER TOMATOES!!" Vinyl yelled, as she spun around and pointed at the tomatoes. With that Vinyl used her magic and the tomatoes started to role around on the three plates before they merged in the center of the table. (*4*)

"Spirit not you to." Octavia almost pleaded, as she looked at Spirit who was playing along. "How did you even come up with the lyrics for this song?"

"Me and him worked on it while you worked on dinner." Vinyl said, as she smirked at Octavia.

"I knew it you've already corrupted him."

(*1*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fKKiaSLLEY
(*2*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNOFNCoKZ3k
(*3*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH81mKKK9Go
(*4*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3uIKzgcDxo

Author's Note:

I would like to thank Corey W Williams Author of the Vinyl Scratch tapes, though it was a short series, it was still funny to read and gave me the idea for this story, and I also used the names for Octavia's ensemble group.

Since I've gotten a few letters on this let me clear a few things up.
1. No Spirit doesn't have his mark yet.
2. I'm going to try and keep humor in this story, but also try and keep a little slice of life.

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