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Spirit - Crystal Shard

Vinyle and Octy adopt a foal

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Nightmare and crusaiders

As the two mares walked back into Spirit's hospital room they found the doctor looking at his horn, but what they noticed was Spirit was holding the zaurids in his forelegs as they hissed at the doctor and Spirit whimpered slightly. "Spirit what's wrong?" Octavia asked, as she walked up to Spirit.

"It hurt." Spirit whimpered as he looked at Octavia who nodded then looked up at the doctor.

"I'm sorry Spirit, but I have to get a look at your horn to see if anything has happened, wouldn't want to get an infection now would you?" Spirit didn't respond as the Doctor stopped looking. "I promise I'm trying to be as gentle as possible." with that Spirit sniffled, as the doctor examined the horn once more. "Alright things look good, no infection and now just a little medication." as the Doctor started to apply a cream Spirit winced getting the zaurid to hiss. "I'm sorry if this hurts but I promise in a few days you're going to be happy when your horn is fixed and good as new." Spirit leaned close to Octavia as the doctor finished putting the bandages on.

"See honey it's all finished." Octavia said, as she smiled at Spirit.

"Yep now all we have to do is put this horn cap on." the Doctor said, as he levitated a cone like device towards Spirit only to have him scream out and hug Octavia in fear, which was bad news for the doctor as the Zaurid was now loose and their riders weren't on them, as the two creatures growled and lunged as the doctor he dropped the cone from his magic and jumped in fright prepared for the creatures to attack but was thankful as both creatures got caught in mid air by Vinyl.

"Spirit what's wrong?"

"No Cap mommy, I don't want cap it's bad. Mean stallion made me wear cap at school and I don't want cap." As Octavia looked down at Spirit, she held him close and let him sob slightly.

"It's alright sweetie everything will be alright." Octavia looked up at the doctor. "We don't have put the cap on do we?"

"Well it's to prevent any wild magic from happening."

"Wild Magic?"

"Kind of like a new born Unicorn foal Octy, They really don't have control of their magic and some very strange things happen, trust me my parents can tell you stories, but when they get older they're able to have more control, and with a cracked horn some times that control is weekend, and some times magic happens. That's what is normally known as wild magic." Vinyl explained as she looked at her wife and smiled. "But since nothing has happened so far I don't think we have to worry about wild magic."

"Well, it's highly unusual, by regulations the cap must be worn in all cracked horn cases." the doctor looked at Vinyl then at Octavia, but as he saw how much fear the device was giving Spirit he nodded once and then looked at Vinyl. "In this case I think we're safe not to use the cap." with that Octavia smiled as she looked down at Spirit.

"Hear that, no cap, see he's a good doctor." with that Spirit smiled slightly.

"Yep,... uh if I leave the room they aren't going to follow me are they?" the doctor asked, as he pointed at the zaurids stilled trying to get at him.

"I'm sure once Spirit hugs them again they'll stop trying to get at you." Vinyl said, as she levitated the golems back to Spirit who hugged them again calming them down slightly. "See back to being harmless." Vinyl said, as the Zaurid seem to act like little puppies in Spirit's embrace.

"Well I guess that's alright, but might i ask for one favor."

"Anything doctor." Octavia said, as she looked up from Spirit who was starting to smile as the golems in his arms tried to lick his face.

"A lot of these toys, could you please remove them from the room, it's kind of crowded in here."

"Oh course doctor, we'll start getting them taken out at once."

"Hey no problem Octy, I'll just teleport them back home."

"You sure you can do that Vinyl?"

"How do you think I get all my equipment back home after a set, this will be a piece of cake."

"Ah, but can't some of them stay?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Octavia who seem to ponder the question for a few moments before smiling.

"You can keep 2 medium toys, or one large toy, and judging by a few of these boxes those are some pretty big toys." with that Spirit smiled then looked at the Zaurid in his arms.

"That doesn't count them right?" Octavia smiled and kissed Spirit on the cheek. "Nope that doesn't count them." with that Spirit smiled as he started to look at the boxes.

"Oh that one has to stay behind mommy."

"Really why does that one have to stay behind?"

"Because Aunty Lyra was looking at it, and i think she wanted it for her collection."

"Oh, well in that case we won't count that towards the two you can keep, but you better hurry visiting hours are almost over." with that Spirit nodded then looked at Vinyl.

"Which one do you think I should keep here mama?" Vinyl blinked a few times and then started to look around until she smiled and picked up on box.

"Oh this one." Vinyl said, as she smiled as Spirit and picked up one of the medium sized boxes. "D.J. Havoc and her new companion and fondly named Wub-a-Zaurid Rex, with duel Bass cannons, and Laser light weapon system, so cool." Spirit nodded and Vinyl started to unpack the toy and set it down on the nightstand next to his bed. "Oh so cool, even the D.J. looks awesome." Vinyl said, as she levitated a female figure up with electric blue hair shades and a headset on her head. "So awesome."

"Vinyl aren't these toys for Spirit?" with that Vinyl blushed slightly and put the figure on her mount. "Alright one more figure Spirit." Spirit nodded and then looked around with Vinyl's help she showed him all the interesting toys until he pointed at one that caught his attention.

"Oh the Ghost." Vinyl said, as she levitated the box up and cleared her throat. "Not much is known about this lone warrior of Uurth, as he rides his trusted rex known only as Wraith into battle those who stand against him are soon to be defeated, and those that he is standing for are sure to win the day... Wow sounds like you picked out on of the tough guys kiddo." with that Spirit smiled as Vinyl unpackaged the toy and set it next to the Wub-a-Zaurid rex figure. "Alright kiddo time to send the rest home." with that Vinyl teleported all the other toys home and smiled as Spirit looked at the two new toys sitting beside him.

"Hey Vinyl, Octavia nurse true heart said, that visiting hours are almost up, and we couldn't leave with out saying good bye to our brave little nephew." Bon-Bon said, as she walked in followed by Lyra. "Wow, maybe I should have you teach Lyra how to keep her collection cleaned up like this."

"Oh sure we just sent all the toys to our place in Canterlot." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Bon-Bon.

"Oh well maybe we could try that."

"Bonny." Lyra almost whimpered as she looked at Bon-Bon with her ears flat on her head and a pout on her face. "You said I’ve been doing really good about keeping my collection cleaned up."

"Yeah you have sweetie, I was just teasing."

"Yeah besides Lyra, Spirit wants to give you something." with Vinyl levitated the toy Spirit had pointed out and saw how Lyra's eyes light up as she looked at the box, then smiled.

"Really?" Spirit nodded and Lyra started to bounce up and down before she ran up and hugged Spirit. "Oh thank you." with that Lyra looked at Bon-Bon and held up her new toy. "Bonny look he let me have Warrior Princess Nocturne and her giant monster bat Eco oh the great shadow alliance faction."

"That's nice Lyra." Bon-bon said, as she smiled at her mate and then walked up and hugged Spirit. "We'll see you tomorrow kiddo promise."

"Can we go back to the park?"

"You sure you want to?" Octavia asked, as she looked at Spirit who nodded.

"I was having lost of fun playing with aunty Lyra." with that the mares nodded and made it official the first place they would go is the park and all make a day of it, just before the nurse walked in and started to inform them that visiting hours was over and that they would have to leave. As they each kissed and hugged Spirit goodnight they started to leave until the nurse stopped Octavia.

"Those also." Nurse true heart said, as she pointed to the Zaurid, and little Scratch sitting at the foot of Spirit's bed. "They all have to go, only patients being treated can stay the night."

"Oh dear, is there any way to make an exception?"

"I'm afraid not rules are rules."

"Fascinating, mind if I give it ago." Focused lenses said, as he walked up with a smile. Only to get a glare from the nurse. "Oh you don't look happy to see me."

"The last time we talked i let you have your way, but not now, those creatures must be removed."

"Oh I agree, so long as they don't help Spirit sleep tonight, I mean he might not feel comfortable about sleeping in this place alone, and he might feel a lot better if he had his protectors around to make sure nothing tries to get him."

"I highly doubt that will be the case, but if you are right then they can remain," with that the nurse looked at Spirit, and then realized the door to his room was open the entire time. As she let out a stressed sigh she shot the royal guard a glare before taking a deep breath and smiling. "Alright I know it's pointless but."

"I need them to protect me." Spirit said, as he hugged the Zaurid golems and Little Scratch jumped into his lap. The nurse nodded then looked at Focused Lenses. "I'm going to make it a point to be the one to give you your next shot, with the biggest needle I can find." with that Focused Lenses nodded and then smiled at Spirit. "But now I must insist that everyone leave he needs his rest so that his horn can heal properly." with that everyone left and Spirit found himself in the room alone, but as he looked down he smiled as Scratch and the two Zaurid looking at him. Once in the waiting room Vinyl and Octavia noticed that Filthy Rich and Silver platting wasn't in the waiting room with their daughters, and turned to Focused Lenses.

"Where did they go?"

"I sent them home for the evening, don't worry i've already filed the report, and if they try and run they will be brought to justice, I made it perfectly clear to them that I would track them down and ensure that the full wait of the law will be brought upon their heads."

"Well I guess, but I wanted to give them another scolding." Octavia said, as she looked at the Royal Guard.

"I'm sure you would have, but I couldn't hold them forever, besides I've already gotten a response to the report I filed."

"You have?"

"Yes ma-am, at anytime that a court case might happen i must file the report so that arrangements can start getting set up for one of the royal members to attend, they do have a rather hectic schedule."

"I understand, but to already get a response."

"Yes, seems the somepony in the Royal Guard noticed your names and routed it very quickly to the higher ups. I don't know who you know in the Royal Guards, but it seems that the second in command is coming here to Ponyville, do ether one of you know Nobel Steel?" with that Vinyl smiled as she looked at Octavia.

"Oh this is going to be good."

"Now Vinyl your father is a respected member of the Royal Guards, he wouldn't dare risk it just for one case."

"You don't get it Octy, because I’m pretty sure i know who's going to be coming with him."


"My mother." Vinyl sing songed as she started to walk away.

"Vinyl where are you going?"

"Just have to take care of something Octy, I'll meet you at Lyra and Bon-bon's promise" A few moments later Spirit was surprised when Vinyl opened the window to his room a popped her head in holding a kids mean from the local hay burger place. "Hey kiddo how you doing."


"SSSSSHHHHH don't want to give me away do you?"

"Oh right sorry." Vinyl smiled, as she levitated the bag over to Spirit and set it on his bed. "What's this?"

"A better tasting dinner then what they might be feeding you kiddo, and it comes with a few surprises." with that Spirit opened the back and smiled as he saw a hay burger with cheese, crispy hay fries, and also several little bags containing some more toys. "Seems that Uurth series is really popular, got you a few of their toys."

"Thank you." Spirit said, though a mouth full of hay burger.

"Hey now don't eat with your mouth full." Vinyl said, as he used her magic and cleaned some of the ketchup from the corner of Spirit's mouth. "But that's not all." with that Vinyl used her magic and levitated a few packages out from under Spirit's bed. "Stashed these away thought you might like to have a few more play things." with that Spirit looked at the figures and tried to read the name before a few times, before Vinyl levitated one of the boxes over to her and smiled. "These are Zaurnychous stand about 6 feet tall, and can run between 68-75 MPH with out their riders or armor, which makes these creatures the perfect scouts, and message deliverers, and in a pinch they are able to defend themselves from the much larger Zaurid-rex, but the most danger will come if a small faction of these creatures and their riders known as the Secret scouts find them selves in trouble because when these warriors get trapped they get really mean." with the Vinyl smiled as she looked at Spirit who was trying to open one of the packages, only to stop as Vinyl opened them for him with her magic. "Don't worry kiddo in a few days you'll be back to normal, but until then have fun." with that Spirit nodded and smiled as Vinyl used her magic one more time to give him a magical hug before slipping out of sight. "Now get some sleep." Spirit smiled as he looked at the six new zaurids and their riders and started to place them on the table next to him, he smiled as he noticed the new group was only a quarter the size of the rex figures but didn't care, though by the time he finished putting all his toys up he noticed that he was running out of room on the small table.

The next day Spirit was happily playing in the park, he smiled as he saw Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra, and Bon-Bon sitting on a bench waving at him. As he played happily with his toys in the sand, he noticed that the sky started to get cloudy. "That's funny mommy said it was supposed to be a nice sunny day today." Spirit said, as he watched the dark cloud start to fill the sky. As he turned to look at his family he was shocked to find them not where he had just seen them. "Mommy?... Mama?... where did everypony go?" as fear started to creep over Spirit he looked around trying to find his parents, and his aunts, as he ran to Lyra and Bon-bon's house he only found it abandoned with a note nailed to the front door. "Condemned by Rich Co? What's Rich Co?" just then he heard a voice that he never wanted to hear again, a voice that still haunted him.

"It's all your fault you know." Hard Spoon said, as she walked up behind Spirit getting him to spin around and slowly back up in fear. "I told them you where nothing but trouble, and this is what happens, not only does those two foalish mares lost their jobs, and now have to work for Filthy Rich, but so does your aunts, your grandfather was removed from the Royal Guard after Mr. Rich pulled some strings, in short everyone that came near you has lost everything, all because you are nothing but a freak." Hard Spoon's words hurt more then any of the times she had punished Spirit as she slowly circled him. "You are nothing but trouble, Equestria would be better off if a little freak like you would have never been brought into this world, your real mother was smart she saw you for what you are and she abandoned you, to be honest I really should have just left you on the streets, let nature take over and finish what your mother started." As Spirit started to cry Hard Spoon smirked as she lifted his head and made him look at her. "But now those that took pity on you suffer because you are nothing but a living breathing curse to pony kind."

"I told you I would make sure my daddy made life like a living Tartarus for anyone you cared about." Diamond Tiara said, as she walked up and smirked at Spirit. "You really should have listened to me, now your mommy and her band can't get a job any better then a shopping mall, your aunty Bon-bon now works in my daddies store making candies, and those two unicorns, your Mama, and aunty Lyra." Diamond Tiara whistled and a carriage was brought up beside her being drawn by Vinyl and Lyra, at the sight of one of his parents Spirit ran up and hugged Vinyl.

"Mama what's going on, what's happening?" Vinyl pushed Spirit away with such for he fell over and looked at her in shock.

"Keep away from me you little curse, my life was going great until you showed up and now i lost everything because of you." Spirit started to sob as Diamond Tiara laughed and climbed into her carriage and rode off.

"Everything would be so much better if you weren’t around you little freak, Equestria would be such a better place, so why not just give in." Hard Spoon said, as she appeared again only this time she was almost as tall as Canterlot Castle. "So let me just finish the job and spare the ones you love the misery you're causing them." As Spirit watched Hard Spoon lift one of her forehooves up he lowered his head reside to his fate, as the tears kept running down his face. As the hoof started to come down he could see the shadow growing larger with his final thoughts being that this was for the best.


As the shadow lifted from over Spirit he looked up in enough time to see the giant Hard Spoon falling backwards after taking a devastating blow to the chest from duel base cannons. As Spirit looked up through his tears he saw Vinyl and Octavia ridding the Wub-a-Zaurid rex. "No pony is going to hurt my colt." Vinyl said, as she fired another blast of the duel bass cannons, which was followed by the Wub-a-Zaurid rex letting out a defensive roar.
"Mama?" Vinyl looked down at Spirit and then used her magic and brought him up and set him between her and Octavia. "B-but how?"

"Isn't is obvious?" a calm soothing voice asked, getting Spirit to look around confused. "Deep down you know your mothers love you very much, and are willing to fight for you."

"Who said that?" Spirit asked, as everything seem to freeze and Princess Luna appeared beside him.

"Don't you know me Spirit?"

"Y-your P-princess Luna."

"Correct." with that Luna levitated Spirit out from between Vinyl and Octavia and smiled slightly. "It would seem you are having trouble sleeping tonight Spirit, why is that?" Luna asked, as she seem to lay down on nothing so that she was eye to eye with Spirit.

"Well, I don't want my parents, and family to be hurt because of me."

"You wish to protect them." Spirit nodded and Luna lifted his chin slightly as he started to lower it. "Spirit it's not your job to protect them, it's their job to protect you."

"But I don't want them hurt." Spirit responded as tears started a new. "They're nice, they show me love, and Mama even taught me the power of wub."

"The power of Wub?" Just then the scene changed to the day Vinyl had Spirit help her clean the dishes and he rode around on a towel while the dishwasher wubbed the dishes clean, getting Luna to laugh slightly before she cleared her throat, and my grand parents are really nice better then most adults I know." his last words started happy but then grew dark getting Luna to look upon Spirit with concern as she reached down touched him getting Spirit to flinch slightly.

"Spirit I am a Princess of Equestria you can trust me."

"No I can't." Luna was slightly taken back by this statement, and a little hurt as well.

"Why don't you trust me?"

"It's not really you Princess Luna, it's just I don't know if I can trust any of the royals, I mean I've seen how most nobles treat other ponies, and the orphanage was ran by your nephew, and under his rules, (*sniffle*) under his rules." before he knew it Luna pulled Spirit in for a hug to try and comfort him.

"Under those rules you were hurt, you suffered more then you should have and I promise justice will be brought upon those that hurt you."

"But they only followed their instructions."

"Doesn't matter, they should have known better, and because of their actions we have many traumatized foals living in the palace until a more permanent home can be found for them. You suffered at their hooves when they should have stood up and brought it to my attention or my sisters of what was going on, if they would have done that then maybe the infection that my nephew was under could have been caught before the attempt on the Crystal Empire." with that Spirit only looked at Luna confused, but then just hugged her more.

"I don't know what to do."

"About what?"

"The trial, the bully, everything."

"Which trial?"

"The one where Hard Spoon and the orphanage." before he could finish Luna placed a hoof over his mouth.

"That is none of your concern, things are in motion to ensure that the trial will be a fair one, I've heard that your mothers have been pretty busy getting signatures to replace the judges."

"So I'm not going to loose my family."

"I will make you a royal promise, this trial will have nothing to do with trying to take you from your parents. You seem much healthier since the last time I saw you, and I would like to say you're happier, but you've been very sad, so what other things are troubling you?"

"I got hurt."

"Ah, one of the reasons I've come."

"It is?"

"Yes, I wanted to know what happened, you are the only foal that made it out of that orphanage that wasn't."

"Zomponied?" Luna giggled slightly then ruffled Spirit's mane.

"Alright Zomponied, so when I heard you are in a hospital I wanted to see if you were alright, but I find you having nightmares."

"I got hurt, my horn got cracked."

"I see, and I think I over heard Noble Steel talking about it as I passed his office today, am I correct that the filly that cracked your horn was a filly by the name of Diamond Tiara?"

"Yes ma-am."

" I was meaning to have a few words with that filly and her parents when i learned of what happened during the trying times."

"You mean when all the adults got frozen."

"In away, it was really an infliction that targeted only those that had their Cutie mark."


"Well my sister talked me out of it."

"Why?" with that Luna blushed slightly then leaned in close and whispered something to Spirit who's ears flattened and his tail tucked. "You would have really done that?"

"Well since her parents hadn't given her the proper attention to prevent such behavior then I saw it only fit that as a princess I needed to give the little filly some guidance, and correction."

"But... a royal spanking?"

"I would have held back slightly seeing how alicorns to have a lot more strength then normal ponies, but it would seem that she hasn't changed her ways, and it would seem she may have gotten even worst."

"May have?"

"From most of the reports I read when Shade, my colt was already badly injured from getting the last ingredient to make the cure for the curse that was infliction Equestria, Diamond Tiara was the test subjects, that most of the foals picked mostly because the cure had a really bad smell to it, but when her curse was broken she not only knocked over the rest of the cure that was made, and started to demand that everypony call her Princess Diamond Tiara she started to threaten any foal that didn't obediently agree with her, this caused the three that most of the reports referred to as Shade's confidants to stand up against her, when the argument got loud enough Shade appeared awaken from his sleep and being told by Spike that he needed more rest." Luna stopped for a moment and used her magic to make a hologram of Shade beside Spirit letting him see the lost prince of Equestria. "He was stubborn, I knew that better then anypony, but he would never back down is other ponies were endanger or being mistreated." Luna laughed slightly as tears started to form in her eyes. "I remember this one time during the day court that he." Luna stopped and looked at Spirit who was intently listening to her. "Another time, where was I?"

"Diamond woke up Shade."

"Oh right, well when Shade found out what Diamond Tiara had done with the cure, and what she was demanding he verbally put her in her place. It was when he turned to go back to bed to get more rest because he was now going to have to get more ingredients to fix the cure again, Diamond Tiara jumped him, now again Shade was already injured and tired, but when Diamond Tiara attacked him he fought back with everything he had left."

"Wow." Spirit looked at the Shade hologram. "You miss him don't you." Luna only nodded as she tried to clean the tears from her face, but was then shocked as Spirit walked up and gave her a hug. For a few moments the two remained hugging until Luna broke the embrace and smiled.

"I believe you where just about to conquer your nightmare." Luna said, as she levitated Spirit back between Vinyl and Octavia. "Spirit I promise that your parents love you very much, and nothing will change that, trust me I've seen their dreams also, though in one you're a D.J. Rock star, and another your top musician, both of them know you are destined for great things, and I can see why." With that Luna watched as Spirit's dream started up once again and in a very interesting way faced the fear that Hard Spoon had etched into his mind.

"WHEN I GET AHOLD OF YOU COLT I'LL MAKE YOU WISH YOU WHERE BACK IN THE HOLE!" Luna knew that voice and as Spirit seem to faultier slightly and Octavia comforted him, Luna knew that Spirit knew the voice as well, leading a band of zombified foals into battle against the scratch family was Metal Jacket, a stallion that Luna knew from an altercation at the barracks in Canterlot.

"YOU'LL HAVE TO GET THROUGH US FIRST JACKET!!" Noble Steel leading a battalion of Royal Guards ridding atop Zaurnychous. As Luna sat back an watched she smiled for what ever fear that tried to creep into Spirit's dream somepony that had shown him love and compassion came in to fight it, when a giant pony robot appeared being piloted by Filthy Rich and Silver plate emerged demanding obedience she watched as two more large creatures being piloted by Lyra and Bon-bon appeared to help Vinyl and Octavia take it down with the wub-a-Zaurid rex. though the most interesting thing that happened, if not the funniest was when all of Spirit's nightmares seem to merge into a giant golden dragon with six heads one of Hard Spoon, Metal Jacket, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Filthy Rich, and Silver Platting. Each one spitting lighting as well as insults telling Spirit how he would never amount to anything. It was then that Luna heard a phrase she didn't think she would hear. "RELEASE MY WIFE!" Noble Steel said, as things seem to get quite and Golden Harmony appeared, still the same size as her husband.

"You dare attack my FAMILY!" Luna had heard rumors that Golden Harmony was a very kind loving mare that you would never even dream of her hurting a fly, she had also heard that if you got on her bad side you better find away to get back on her good side real fast, and the fact that she watched as this dream version of her beat the tar out of this culmination of nightmares, then hog tie it with it's own tail gave Luna a reason to believe that maybe she never wanted to be on the wrong side of Mrs. Harmony.
Early the next morning Vinyl and Octavia smiled as they walked into Spirit's room and found him sleeping peacefully. As Octavia walked up and nuzzled him awake Spirit opened his eyes slowly and smiled at he looked at Octavia. "Morning honey."

"Morning Mommy."

"How you feeling today?"

"Horn still hurts, but feeling better."

"Hey what happened to your toys kiddo?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit who turned to the nightstand and realized that the toys he had sitting there before he went to bed was no longer sitting on it.

"I don't know." Spirit said, as he looked at Vinyl who's eyes where now currently locked onto the foot of his bed and as he looked he saw a make shift nest of several towels at the foot oh his bed where all the Zaurid creatures were fast asleep while their riders where currently walking around stretching. "Uh-oh (*sniffle*) mommy I had an accident." As Spirit started to tear up Octavia wrapped her arms around him to comfort him. While the Zaurid golems seem to pick up that Spirit was upset and started to wake up and glare at Octavia.

"It's alright honey, it was an accident."

"It not alright, (*sniffle*) now you going to make me wear horn cap."

"Well maybe when you sleep at night kiddo, wouldn't want you to turn all your toys into golems, then what would you have to play with." Vinyl said, as she rubbed Spirit's back.

"I guess, but I still don't like it." Spirit said, as he started to calm down. A few hours later Spirit was in better spirits as he sat in the park and watched as all his new golems ran around and seem to explore the sand castle that both Vinyl and Lyra had made. Spirit was certainly being entertained as the Zaurnychous walked around chirping like birds and digging burring them selves in the sand while the Rex figures had found a nice cool place to rest inside a cave that was at the base of the large sandcastle, along with Little Scratch who had found her place as the new alpha of these strange creatures, at least just below Spirit. It wasn't until Winona came sniffing around that things seem to get interesting. As she got closer and closer she stopped and noticed the last Zaurnychous that hadn't buried itself in the sand walking around. As she got closer she sniffed it a few times then laid down and looked at the creature confused.

"CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!" the little Zaurnychous called out getting Spirit to smiled thinking that the Zaurnychous was making friends.

"BARK!" As Winona barked the little Zaurnychous jumped back slightly, then started to hiss at her confusing poor Winona as the other Zaurnychous started to rise up from their hiding places.

"No, you be nice." Spirit said, getting all the Zaurnychous to look at him for a moment then back at Winona who was currently sniffing them, before she licked the first one she had come in contact with, getting Spirit to laugh slightly as the Zaurnychous fell over and looked at Winona. A few minutes later Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo came running up to Lyra and Bon-Bon breathing hard.

"Ms. Heartstrings have ya'll seen Winona?" Applebloom asked, as she painted out the words.

"Sorry Applebloom I haven't." As the three fillies looked at each other, and rolled their eyes knowing that their search wasn't over they started to walk away until Applebloom spotted Winona on the other side of the play equipment with Spirit.

"There she is girls." Applebloom said, as she headed for Spirit and Winona. "Winona you know better then to run away like that as Winona say her younger master she wagged her tail and started to run again, only it also got the Zaurnychous to run after her. "What are those things chasing her?" Applebloom asked, as she ran after the family dog, only to watch as the Zaurnychous seem to be outrunning Winona who instinctually started to coral them back around the park area and in front of Spirit who smiled at her.

"That's a good puppy." Spirit praised as he patted Winona then looked at the Zaurnychous. "Say thank you to the puppy for bringing you back." with that the Zaurnychous started to cheap up a storm, until Applebloom walked up and got really close to them giving them a freight and causing them to hiss at her. "No." again the Zaurnychous stopped and looked at Spirit. "Sorry still trying to train them."

"What are they?" Scootaloo asked, as she got close to one of them, that quickly spin around and flicked her on the nose with it's tail. "OW!"

"Sorry." Spirit quickly gathered the Zaurnychous in his forelegs and as they started to try and lick his face Sweetie Belle smiled.

"Wait a minute I think I know you, your the colt that Diamond Tiara put in the hospital yesterday." Spirit blushed slightly, for a colt being beaten up by a filly was embarrassing being put in the hospital that was just worst. "Yeah a lot of the foals at the park that saw it said that Diamond Tiara was trying to make you go along with something, and when you didn't she threw sand into your eyes, and then a kitten scratched her nose and you jumped in between her and the kitten, and while she was trampling you, she got attacked by your toys." Sweetie belle finished, as she turned her attention from Spirit to the Zaurnychous in his forelegs. "Are these them?"

"Wow these little guys took on Diamond Tiara and didn't get squished, that's so awesome." Scootaloo said, as she got close and got another snap of a tail to her nose. "OW! come on seriously."

"Stop that, they seem nice." Spirit said as he looked down at the Zaurnychous that kept snapping it's tail.

"Oh right you're new, I'm Applebloom, this here is Sweetie Belle, and that is Scootaloo." Spirit smiled and set the figures down and held out his right hoof and smiled at Applebloom.

"My name is Spirit, Spirit Scratch, and these are some of my friends." with that Spirit motioned at the not only the Zaurnychous, but also the Zaurid-rex and Little Scratch.

"Wait a minute I know these toys." Scootaloo said, as she looked at the figures. "They're from that Uurth line."

"Yeah, see yesterday I was trying to get two of them to come to my aid, but when I was casting the spell Diamond Tiara cracked my horn and it kind of brought them to life, or turned them into Golems, that's what my ma-ma says anyways."

"So cool." Sweetie Belle said, as she looked at the figures.

"Oh that's not all, their riders are golems also." As the trio looked at the sand castle as Spirit waved at it they saw several little figures waving at them.

"Oh now that's awesome." It was around this time that Scootaloo noticed that the Zaurnychous were staying close to her. "Hey they aren't going to attack me are they?"

"No, you're just the first Pegasus they've seen so maybe they're interested in your wings."

"My wings?"

"Oh I get it, The Uurth series mentioned that the Zaurid, the creatures in front of us, are supposed to be mutated Dinosaurs, and a lot of our scientist have speculated that Dinosaurs evolved into bird, so maybe in away they are just looking up to Scootaloo like a role model." Sweetie Belle explained as she lowered her head and looked at the Zaurnychous as they looked up to Scootaloo.

"Yeah well it's a little creepy if you ask me." Scootaloo said, as she started to walk away only to have the Zaurnychous start to follow her. "Hey cut that out." As she kept walking they kept following as she walked around all the playground equipment trying to get away only to have them follow her as well as getting Lyra and Octavia to laugh slightly. "This isn't funny, make them stop." Scootaloo said, as she stopped at Spirit and her friends who were currently trying their best to hold back their laughter.

"Oh come on Scootaloo it's a little funny they're following you around and cheeping like little chicks."

"I'm not a chicken." Scootaloo said through gritted teeth as she glared at Applebloom. What didn't help was the Zaurnychous cheeping behind her. "Cut that out." As the others started to laugh slightly Scootaloo.

"Hey since we've found Winona you want to come play with us?" Applebloom said, as she smiled at Spirit.

"I don't know, I don't want to leave them, they might get hurt." Spirit said, as the Zaurnychous started to go back to hiding into the sand just in front of the sandcastle.

"Don't worry, Winona." the happy pup barked and looked at Applebloom. "You stay here and make sure that his figures don't get into any trouble alright?" Winona barked and Applebloom smiled. "There now she'll stay and keep them safe, now you want to play?" with that Spirit looked at the zaurids, and smiled as their riders waved him on from the castle.

"O.K. but I have to tell my parents." As Spirit and the crusaders walked up to Vinyl and Octavia, Spirit noticed a big smile on Octavia's face. "Mommy, this is Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo."

"Please to meet you." Octavia said, as she smiled at the three.

"They want me to go play with them is that alright?"

"I don't see why not, just be careful of your horn, play nice, and don't leave the park."


"And don't play doctor." Vinyl added getting Spirit to look at her funny. "It's a boring game." Spirit laughed slightly and smiled.

"Alright Mama." As the four ran off and got out of ear shot Octavia gave Vinyl a light flick on the nose.

"OW! what was that for?"

"You know darn well what that was for, Spirit is a kind a caring colt, and he will grow up to be a well respected stallion, I can't believe you would even suggest our colt would try and play that game with those three fillies."

"I was just making a joke." Vinyl said, as she rubbed her nose, then cast a spark while Octavia continued to lecture her sapping Octavia on the flank getting her to jump and Vinyl to smile. "Now we're even." Vinyl said, as she ran off getting Octavia glare at her.

"We are most certainly not even you come back here." as the two mothers ran away, Lyra and Bon-Bon smiled as they watched their friends.

"Bonny are we going to act that way when we have a foal?"

"I hope so, that way things will stay exciting." Bonny said, as she nuzzled Lyra. Later that afternoon in the park Spirit was smiling as he hid behind a tree while Sweetie Belle counted. He had been having a great day with the crusaders, they were unlike many foals he had met in his life, they where nice, and kind, though sometimes argued but always seem to start laughing it off. As he peaked around the tree he smiled as he watched Sweetie Belle turn away from the tree she was counting on.

"ALRIGHT READY OR NOT HERE I COME." As Spirit ducked back behind the tree he hiding behind and smiled when he felt sharp pain to his ear as something bit down on it and started to pull.

"OW! stop it." Spirit wined as he kept getting pulled away.

"Oh no your coming with me." thought the voice was distorted slightly Spirit still knew who had a hold of his ear and was pulling him away. "And if you so much as say another word I'll bit off your ear." Diamond Tiara said, as she kept pulling Spirit deeper into the forest by the park.

"HEY!" Diamond Tiara stopped pulling and Spirit saw Sweetie Belle standing at the top of the hill where the tree he had just been hiding behind was.

"Stay out of this blank flank."

"Not a chance." Applebloom said, as she ran up beside Sweetie Belle coming from her hiding spot after hearing her friend yell.

"Yeah he's with us." Scootaloo said, as she finally joined her friends. "Now let him go."

"Or what, you three can't do anything right, Apple weed can't grow anything Stinky Spell can't do any real magic, and Chickaloo you can't even fly, even if you did do anything my daddy would sue all your families and then where would you be?" with those words Scootaloo lunged and a fight between the two fillies started, while Applebloom went to keep Spirit safe, and Sweetie Belle ran to get help. Once she got to the park bench they had left vinyl and Octavia the two had returned from a day of running around, she could barely breath but was able to get out one word.

"Trouble." At the sound of the words Octavia, Vinyl, Lyra, and Bon-Bon jumped to their hooves but then watched as all of Spirit's golems went running and ridding past heading in the direction Sweetie Belle had just came.

"Bonny, Lyra take care of Sweetie Belle." Octavia said, as she looked at her friends and ran after the golems finding it a little hard just to keep up with them back at the fight Diamond Tiara had managed to get a lucky blow into Scootaloo's gut and quickly grabbed a stick.

"You just couldn't keep your beak out of my business could you." As Diamond Tiara brought the stick down and hit Scootaloo she fell to the ground with a darker red mark across her face. but was then tackled by Applebloom and another fight started, while Scootaloo got up and rubbed her face and protected Spirit, as her wings spread out on instinct.

"YOU'VE BULLIED US, YOU PUSHED US AROUND, AND YOU BEAT HIM UP, HE STOOD UP AGAINST YOU, HE WAS ALREADY INJURED AND YOU ATTACKED HIM BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO BE BULLIED!!" Applebloom yelled, as tears started to form in her eyes and she started to vent all the angry she had against Diamond Tiara.

"Who is she talking about?" Spirit asked Scootaloo as he watched Applebloom knock Diamond Tiara around, who didn't stay down and kept trying to retain her role as the school yard alpha.

"Shade, she's talking about Shade, she respected him, we all did after all that he had done, but we never got a chance to tell him." Scootaloo explained, as she looked at Spirit. "Don't worry we aren't going to let her hurt you." with that Scootaloo turned back to the fight but Spirit could still hear her. "He wouldn't." Just as Diamond Tiara managed to knock Applebloom to the ground Scootaloo charged and slammed Diamond Tiara against a tree only to have Diamond slam both forehoofs down between her wings knocking Scootaloo down to the ground.

"I should have done this a long time again." Diamond Tiara said, as she started to step on Scootaloo's wings only to look up and see Applebloom charging at her. "One more step and I'll snap them in half." Applebloom stopped and glared at Diamond Tiara. "Alright brat here is what's going to happen, if you don't want to see your flightless friend here wind up in the hospital you're going to tell your parents to back off, and."

Diamond Tiara was sent flying into a tree and looked up to see the four rex zaurids heading down the hill at her, but was more shocked at the Zaurnychous started to jump over Scootaloo's body and lunch at her, as she started to scream in terror she started to run away but not before another blast of the duel base cannons from the wub-a-Zaurid rex, as well as the other 3 rex figures unleashing their attacks. Later as out in the opening Focused Lenses looked at Spirit, with his family and friends, and the golems that seemed more then willing to lay into Diamond Tiara once more, and a few feet away he saw Filthy Rich not looking very happy, and Diamond Tiara who was currently having little toy spears removed from her flank, and several scratches doctored. "Well this is a surprise." Focused Lenses said, as he looked at everypony then looked at Filthy Rich. "You told me you could keep her under control." Focused Lenses said, through his teeth.

"I'm sorry."

"SORRY! Oh we are way beyond sorry here buddy, your daughter attacked my colt again, and this time hurt two other fillies." Vinyl said, as she walked up to Filthy Rich only to be stopped as Octavia stepped on her tail.

"But I just wanted to talk to him."

"Diamond be quite." Filthy Rich said, in a stern voice and then looked back at Vinyl who was now currently glaring at her. "I am sorry for what my daughter has done, and I except anything you decide, I truly thought I knew my little princess, and how to raise her, but it would seem that I was wrong on both counts, but if I might be so bold to ask for one favor."

"A favor, you have to nerve to ask for a favor after what she's done." Vinyl was started to get heated but stopped as she felt Spirit placing a hoof on her shoulder.

"Can we at least hear what he has to say?" Vinyl looked at Spirit then nodded.

"Alright what do you want?"

"I failed my daughter, she has grown into something I cannot and will not stand for, from what i have learned in these last few days, it would seem that a lot of what she has told me wasn't true, so much so that I believe all the times she has informed me that these three brave fillies have picked on her was also not the case."

"We picked on her, are you kidding she made it her life goal to bully us." Scootaloo replied, as she looked at Filthy Rich, then glared at Diamond Tiara. "Every time telling us that if we so much as get a hair out of place in her mane she would have you sue are families, well we're tired of it, and we aren't going to let her get away with it anymore, he didn't stand for it so why should we."

"He?" Filthy Rich was slightly confused by this term. "You mean young Mr. Scratch?"

"No." Sweetie Belle said, as she stepped forward and calmed Scootaloo slightly. "Shade, he didn't stand for what she was doing, and even with all the adults frozen we were scared to do anything against her, all we could do was tell her to stop, but she never did, but then he came in still bandaged up thanks to Spike slightly tired, we watched as a colt younger then us not only stood up to her, but ignored her threats, when she attacked him we realized just how low she could be, and when we found out what happened to him we decided to be like him, to make sure no pony got pushed around anymore, and to stand up to bullies like her." with that Filthy Rich nodded then smiled at Sweetie Belle.

"If you ever need any help in your quest, never hesitate to ask me."

"Daddy!?" Diamond Tiara was shocked by this turn of events but her father just gave her a stern look. Just before he looked at Vinyl and Octavia.

"If you are going to press charges against my daughter, then I except that course of action, but i will still high lawyers to get my daughter a sentence less then life, but the favor i do ask is that you not press charges against Silver Spoon, i feel that she is a kinder Filly and may have only been misguided by my daughters influence." with that Vinyl looked at Filthy Rich then at Octavia.


"I-I don't know, we hardly know the filly."

"We know her." Scootaloo said, as she looked at Octavia. "She's always with Diamond Tiara and joining in with her picking on us."

"Yeah but on the days that Diamond Tiara isn't in school, she doesn't seem that bad." Sweetie Belle said, as she looked at Scootaloo.

"I guess, but that doesn't make up for all the times she has been mean to us."

"Maybe she just needs a chance." Applebloom said, as she looked at her friends.

"Well then I suppose." Octavia pondered the situation then looked at Spirit.

"What do you think Vinyl?" Vinyl looked at Octavia then at Spirit. Then turned to Mr. Rich.

"We are going to file charges against Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon, but since Silver Spoon didn't hurt Spirit we are going to ask for a lighter sentence, she could have stopped your filly but she didn't." with that Filthy Rich nodded.

"I understand, if you don't mind I will be taking my filly home and dealing with her." Once Filthy Rich got home he marched Diamond Tiara up stair and took her into her room.

"Daddy you fix this can't you?"

"Not right now Diamond Tiara." Filth Rich said, as he walked over to his daughters vanity and quickly found her mane brush. "But I can start fixing another problem." Filthy Rich said, as he headed for his daughter who was sitting on her bed.

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