• Published 7th May 2015
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Spirit - Crystal Shard

Vinyle and Octy adopt a foal

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Chapter 4
On Air
It was just past noon when Vinyl, Octavia, and Spirit walked into the studio; both mares could see the smile on Spirit's face as he looked around. "Alright kiddo this is one of the many places me and your mom works." Vinyl informed, as she smiled at Spirit who only looked around, then noticed the chairs and the mic's. "Ah I see you've noticed our thrones of power."

"They're our desk Vinyl." Octavia corrected, after she rolled her eyes, but then smiled at Spirit. "This is where I and Vinyl perform our radio show."

"Cool." Vinyl smiled, as she and nudged Spirit slightly. "I remember listening to the first broadcast."

"The orphanage let you?"

"Not exactly, seemed the radio at the mic got turned to the station and the knob went missing." Vinyl smirked, as she looked at Octavia.

"See he was already slightly corrupted before we adopted him." Spirit smiled, as he walked up and climbed up into the chair that Vinyl normally sat in.

"Hey give it a spin kiddo, give me your best introduction." Octavia couldn't help but feel happy as she saw Spirit's face light up.

"You mean it?"

"Yeah go ahead, best thing about being boss is I get to make up the rules." As Spirit looked back at the controls and all the buttons and dials it was all really too much for him to understand, before he had a great idea. As his horn started to light up Octavia and Vinyl listened to a melody that almost sounded out of this world.

"Hello all you Colts and Fillies out there, this is the lord of melodies and the master of illusion coming at you from K-COLT radio station, the name is Spirit Scratch and I'm here to take care of that music itch in your soul, so sit back, relax, and leave everything to me." with that Spirit stopped and looked at Vinyl and Octavia. "How’s that?"

"That was great kiddo." Vinyl said, as she walked up moved Spirit to one side. "You heard it folks, the Vinyl Scratch has been taken over tonight by Spirit Scratch, but don't let his young voice fool you this kid knows his stuff."

"Vinyl stop goofing around we have to get ready we're almost on air." Octavia corrected, as she got to her desk.

"No we're already on air Octy, Spirit just introduced himself."

"I WHAT!?" Spirit squeaked, just as he looked up at the sign seeing that it was lit up. "B-b-b-but I’m not ready, I don't know the first thing about these controls what am I supposed to do with all these buttons and dials? Like what does this button do? (*FART!*)... I swear that wasn't me." Spirit removed his hoof from the console and then looked at Vinyl. "I don't know how to work this stuff how am I supposed to do anything?"

"Just be yourself kiddo, come on I know you have the touch. All I'm doing is giving you the power, and we'll be right here if you need our help." Spirit gulped as he looked at the mic again, now knowing that allot of ponies were listening in.

"Vinyl you can't be serious."

"Why not, we do goofy things on the show all the time, go on Spirit just have some fun and enjoy."


"How about this try, it for a few minutes and if you don't like it you can stop."

"O-o.k." Spirit looked around for a few minutes before he stopped and took a deep breath. "Alright let's see where this train wreck takes us."

"We're seriously doing this?" Octavia asked, in disbelief as she looked at Vinyl.

"Oh come on it'll be fun, go on kiddo." with that Spirit started to play music thought it wasn't from any record,

as Vinyl sat back and smiled as she waited for the music to stop. "See wasn't that fun?" Vinyl asked, as she looked at Spirit who nodded then looked back at the mic.

"Hold on a moment Spirit, we have to talk about our sponsors."

"Sponsors?" Spirit looked at Octavia who nodded.

"Yeah kiddo, they're the ones that pay us to have so much fun."

"Oh I like sponsors then, they helped get me adopted."

"That's right, who is our sponsors today Octy."

"Well today's show is being brought to you by," Octavia smiled as she looked at who the day's sponsor was then looked at Spirit. "I think Spirit should do this one." Octavia handed Spirit the index card that had the information on it getting him to smile.

"Cool, today's show is being brought to you by Fizzy Wigs toy store in Canterlot, from one foal to all the others out there you should go here for toys, this place is super cool and has all kinds of toys from bikes to train and video games this is the toy store for all foals, even the foal at heart, and they just got a shipment in of the new action ponies figures, my mom got me the new Orion figure. Defiantly a place to score that hard to find toy." Vinyl started to laugh, as she fell to the floor getting Spirit to look at her confused. "Did I do it wrong?"

"Well you're supposed to read what's on the card, but what you did was good." Octavia said, as she tried not to laugh.

"Oh." Spirit looks down at the card then flips it over and then back. "This doesn't do that store justice, doesn't even say how really awesome Mr. Wigs is, and he is way past cool."

"Spirit we're still on the air." Octavia pointed out getting Spirit to look at the sign then smile.

"You heard it hear everypony Mr. Wigs is way past cool, almost as cool as my parents."

"Ah Octy isn't that sweet, he thinks we're cool."

"Vinyl, remember, show." Octavia pointed to the sign getting Vinyl to nod.

"Alright kiddo enough sponsor stuff why not give us another tune but this time give them the wubs?" As Spirit started to play another song, and while he did Octavia pulled Vinyl to one side.

"What's up?"

"This is all fun, but we can't let him put on the entire show himself."

"Why not?"

"Vinyl, he's a foal, there are such things and foal labor laws."

"Yeah I know, but he's having so much fun."

"Yes but at some point we have to take the controls back."

"Alright, how about after this song?"

"That will be fine."

"I can interview him." Vinyl said, as she headed back to Spirit as the song started to end.

"What?" As the song finished Vinyl used her magic and levitated Spirit over to the guest chair.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Nope, it's just time for our interview."


"Yep, I'm pretty sure our listeners would love to know more about the little foal who has been keeping them entertained for the past few minutes, come on listeners you call in and ask the questions this time, but remember he's still a foal so nothing to mature." As the phone rings Vinyl picks up the phone. "Yellow this is the Vinyl Scratch."

"Yes, Crazy horse-pony, we are normal wing type horse-ponies." A voice that was clearly a Diamond Dog said, getting Octavia to role her eyes.

"Not this again." Octavia put her head in her hoofs and shook it.

"Alright I'll bite."

"Why would you encourage them?"

"Oh it's just for fun, what's your question for our little colt caller?"

"Yes we our wondering is your refrigerator running?" Octavia didn't look very amused by the question, and Vinyl looked board and was about to hang up the phone.

"Why yes it is caller, I've been tracking it for weeks now. If any pony out there sees a red refrigerator with a lightning bolt on the front and cool vibrations written in black crayon on the side can you please give us a call?" Both Vinyl and Octavia looked at Spirit a little shocked by his answer.

"I uh,... we'll give you a call back." the caller hangs up.

"You think I should have warned them of the Killer Tomatoes in the vegetable drawer?" Spirit asked, as he smiled at Vinyl who started to laugh getting Octavia to break before all three started to laugh, only to stop when the phone rang again. This time it was Octavia who picked up the phone, or rather she snatched it away from Vinyl before she could pick it up.

"Hello this is the Vinyl scratch do you have a question?"

"Hey Octavia, long time." Vinyl smiled at the sound of Spitfires voice.

"Oh perfect, Spirit meet your aunty Spit shine."


"Hi aunty Spit Shine."


"What I do." Spirit sounded slightly scared, getting Vinyl to walk over and pretend to comfort him.

"Oh there, there Spirit don't let mean mommy Octy scare you."

"What, but you, it's your fault."

"Sure it is I made you yell at him."

"I just don't know what I did wrong Mama Vinyl." Spirit said, in an over exaggerated voice as he hugged Vinyl.

"Oh there, there mama Vinyl is here." Vinyl said, almost laughing, frustrating Octavia.

"I see she's already corrupted him." Spitfire pointed out, with a bit of a laugh.

"And it took such little effort." Vinyl added getting Spirit to laugh. "Now for real, joking aside, Spirit say hello to your aunt Spitfire."


"Well yeah, you're like a sister to me, figured it would be only right for you to be like an aunt to him."

"Well I'm flattered, can't wait to see the little guy in person."

"Spitfire is my aunt?" Spirit asked, as he looked at Vinyl.

"Seems like it kiddo." Spitfire answered from the phone getting Spirit to smile brightly.

"I GOT THE COOLEST FAMILY EVER!" Spirit yelled, as he started to jump around the studio, getting all three mares to laugh.

"Hey come on Spirit, remember she has to ask you a question."

"Oh right sorry mama Vinyl." Spirit climbed back into his chair and smiled.

"Alright Spitfire what kind of question you got for our little guy?"

"Well I would ask him what he looks like but I figured I’ll be seeing him in the flesh in a few weeks, so my question is, what is it like having Vinyl and Octavia as parents?"

"Oh that's a good question." Vinyl said, as she sat in her chair and then looked at Spirit.

"They're both really nice, Octavia is fair and nice, much better then Hard Spoon."


"Long story we'll fill you in when you get here." Octavia answered, as she smiled at Spirit.

"And Vinyl, she's nice, really, really nice, and when both her an Octavia are around I feel like I can do anything, and nothing can stop me."

"Well that sounds really sweet, anything else?" Spitfire asked, getting Vinyl and Octavia to look at each other slightly confused.

"We have a cat, well little kitten really, what kind is it mom?"

"She's a little orange tabby cat."

"Yeah and her name is Little Scratch, she's very friendly, and Mama Vinyl said she seems to like me allot."

"Yeah kiddo, we put you to bed yesterday and Octavia tried to take her away, and put her in her little cat bed, when the little fuzz ball lifted her head and hissed."

"Oh, well if she wants to share my bed I don't mind."

"Oh there's more." Octavia said, as she smiled at Vinyl. "Care to tell him or should I?"

"You wouldn't." Octavia only turned to Spirit with a big smile on her face.

"Well you see when Vinyl tried to take her away she used her magic, and levitated Little Scratch to the living room where her bed is."

"Yeah?" Spirit was slightly confused by what was going on, but knew that there was still more to come, mostly because Vinyl was started to turn red in the face.

"And then she started to gloat."

"Octy I didn't gloat."

"Yes you did, you levitated her up to your face and said and I quote "Can't scratch what you can't reach." un quote."

"That wasn't gloating that was stating a fact."

"Yes right before you set her down on her bed."

"Then what happened?" Spitfire asked, and what sounded like popcorn being chewed right afterwards.

"Oh this is the best part; Little Scratch not only hissed at Vinyl she ran and climbed up her right fore-leg smacked Vinyl's shades off with her tail and then ran back to Spirit's room and jumped back into bed with him. When Vinyl tried to walk in Scratch hissed just before she ran under his bed."

"She won this battle but not the war, tonight she sleeps in her bed."

"Why?" Spirit asked, not knowing what the big deal was.

"Because she needs to learn that she needs to sleep in her bed, and it's much safer for her, what would happen if you rolled over in the night and on top of her?" Octavia explained, as she tried to make Spirit understand.

"Oh, I don't want to squish her, I guess it is better if she sleeps in her bed."

"Great now that, that is settled anything else Spitfire?"

"Got any embarrassing questions you want to ask kiddo?" Spitfire asked, as she snickered a little over the phone.

"Spitfire, Spirit is a well behaved little colt, no matter what certain orphanage principles may think, he wouldn't dream of asking you anything embarrassing." Octavia defended, as she seemed a little shocked by the question.

"W-well I do have one question, but I don't know if I should ask it or not." Reluctantly Spirit started to rub the back of his head and tried to look innocent.

"Alright kiddo, go for it." Vinyl said, as she smiled at Octavia.

"Vinyl I don't think this is the time or place for this."

"Oh come on Octy how bad can it be."

"Well it's just last night or rather early this morning I woke up and I was hearing this funny noise."

"I don't think this is the proper kind of question to be asking right now Spirit." Octavia said, with a deep red blush, getting Vinyl to smile.

"Oh come on Octy our listeners already know we're married now, we can't have them thinking this is a loveless marriage."

"Should I continue?"

"Sure Kiddo."

"No you shouldn't."


"Alright fine how about this, Spirit what did you see?"


"You were playing the accordion." After Spirit said these words the room went silent for several minutes, those listening in on the radio would have thought the station went down for some reason, until the sound of Spitfire's laughter broke the silence which was followed by Octavia falling on the floor laughing.

"Uh, you must have been dreaming."

"I was?"

"You were, because DJ-Pon3 doesn’t play an accordion, I’m the master of the turn tables."

"Except when she puts on concerts and barrows the sheriffs Instrument of choice." Spitfire added, getting Octavia to laugh a little more.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA oh Celestia I can't breathe." As Octavia continued to laugh uncontrollably Vinyl only rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on Vinyl you know I play the-uh rockiness music in all of Equestria, I wouldn't be caught dead playing such a lame Instrument. Colts and fillies we'll be right back after I get my co-host to stop laughing." with that Vinyl turned on some music and turned off the mics. "Oh come on Octy it wasn't that funny."

"Yes (*gasp*) it was, you thought he was going to say something else."

"Well yeah maybe, but I was just going to tell him we were wrestling."

"You wrestle?" with this Octavia seem to find the power to control herself, and quickly covered Vinyl's mouth.

"It's nothing, you've done grate so far."

"So I'm not in trouble?"

"No, you’re not in trouble. Is he Vinyl?"

" No I think the only one that should be in trouble for this is Spitfire."

"I second."

"I third." Spirit said, with a smile getting his parents to smile.

"I can still hear you, you know." with that Vinyl and Octavia turned and saw the receiver on the floor where Octavia had dropped it. As Vinyl walked up and picked up the phone she smiled slightly. "You are such a bad influence on my colt Spitfire."

"Well I did learn from the best." As the two friends shared a laugh Octavia smiled, as she looked at Spirit who seemed just as happy.

"Well what do you think of your crazy family so far?" Spirit turned and only gave Octavia a hug.

"It's the best if the world." As Octavia hugged him back and smiled a tear of joy ran down her face.

Author's Note:

Tune in next chapter where Spirit meets his grandparents.

Vinyl: wait what? (reads over next chapter.) Oh this is also the chapter me and Octy meet Metal Jacket.

CS: this is true.

Vinyl: and we give him a piece of our minds.

CS: Also true

Vinyl: just before we beat the tar out of him.

CS: this is, wait what (takes chapter from Vinyl) I didn't write that, and stop changing the story.

Vinyl: why? This will be way more entertaining, Check out chapter 6

CS: Chapter 6? (picks up another chapter, that he hadn't even started yet, and quickly reads over it.) We are not doing your Rock Opera.

Vinyl: Why not?

CS: Mostly for this line alone. "Luna rides in on a chariot of fire and vengeance and more fire." That and I don't plan to ever have her chuck the moon at Celestia.

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