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The first Massai in Equestria fiction.
Zecora has always enjoyed the strangeness of the unexplained. One day while on a basic chore though, the unexplained became all the more confusing. Whether it was to harbinger a warning or seek its own answer, Zecora will be reminded and reinvigorated of her true purpose in the Everfree Forest. A purpose that could seal the fate of Equestria in days yet to come, one which she seems to share with the unexplained.

A credit to Spetsnaz Pinkie Pie for simply asking where fics like these are.

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This fic was down right AWESOME!!!

Loved it gonna fave it.


I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for asking, at least you are not dissappointed. Oh, forgot to credit you! Fixing...:facehoof:

I see this story and my curiosity peaks. Will read.:trixieshiftright:


Cool, I hope you will enjoy and comment your thoughts when you finish it.:pinkiehappy:

You know i had nearly forgotten that you were originally from kenya your english is just so good. I cant say this story was your best work while it was still certainly good. The messages you were trying to convey was certainly more obvious but i wont spoil that for any readers trying to figure it out. However the one thing i did not like is that the unattainable love aspect between zecora and the man. See it didnt make much sense to me as the entire meeting only took place in an afternoon which as the story did take place in real time would have only been 2-3around hours at most. Which is not really enlightenment time to establish a relationship that the reader would actually care about.and with two alien creatures meeting for the first time i cant see it working that quickly even with a an other worldly connection. So as the man dissappeared i couldnt say i actually felt sad at all it was just kinda like he showed up and now hes gone probably just going insane whatever. Besides that though i was really impressed with how well you did zecora ive wanted to do a scene with zecora in one of my fics as i find her character so cool but will never attempt it because i cant rhyme worth shit and would butcher the thing haha.

It's a shame this might end up underrated. Upvote. Upvote! UPVOTE I SAY! :flutterrage:


Don't worry about it! Just enjoy the story. If you think there are readers or groups that might enjoy this then tell them or it will never get that far ha ha.


English is my native language ha ha! I am basically the opposite of what a person would expect, age, ethnicity, gender, family, no one could guess any of it ha ha!

I agree its not my best story, it was certainly a challenge to do. Im glad the message was obvious, to them by then in the story it had already happened. The love thing was pushed, but (always a but right) I did explain it was not their first encounter. The journey then can be imagined by the reader then as being either parallel or linear in the realities, is it then a question of time or plains?

Glad I didn't mess up Zecora, maybe that can be our collaborated scene ha ha!

I actually did understand that so while it did make sense for the guy it was however zecoras first encounter with him so her connection with seemed a little strange. Honestly though in a strange sort of way i guess it kind of makes a little sense now that i think about it as I've always believed that zecora knows more than she lets on and is deffinately the wisest of all the mlp characters. Ever sense i watched the magic duel episode i became a little wary of her character as apparently she has a deep understanding of magic and event teaches twilight some magic despite not having a horn or anything. I swear she knows how to use the force or some shit like that! Haha!
Haha thanks for the offer if i ever get around to that scene I'll deffinately come to you for help as i do love zecora as shes just such a bad ass in a wise sage like way. Originally i wanted to do a scene with deadpool and zecora as i think that conversation would end up being hilarious but i dont know yet if you have any ideas let me know.

I based Zecora's emotion on a sense of deja vu, the familiarly unfamiliar reference. he still acted surprised simply because to him the first encounter was the best, the why change fate reference.

One with Deadpool...ill leave the pretense up to you but a conversation...i will put my mindset in Zecora and yours in Deadpool, then we can try a skype conversation or something.

hmmm:moustache:... You know i've never tried actually speaking like deadpool i guess i could try, it might be difficult trying to come up with lines on the spot especially without those voices in my head. I have a feeling that Deadpool would end up trying to rap battle zecora by the end of the conversation. her constant rhyming may be taken as a challenge by a character like him:eeyup:. He would also start making jokes about how potentially racist her character seems:trollestia:


Very true, still, PM me and we shall make an appointment! Not Deadpool time of course,

I've taken a look, and I've got to say, I adore your writing style. The fact that you also tackled HiE from a curious, yet familiar, angle, makes this story doubly good. What ultimately brings it down is the formatting. I know that in books when there is a new paragraph, there isn't an extra space in between, but for people reading this on a screen, without pages to help break up the bodies of text, it can get very tiresome. I had to copy the latter third of the story and add a space after each paragraph on Word. This is a problem that I've seen in your other stories, which is a shame, considering that they all look like a very promising read.

Otherwise, barring that and a few typos and odd grammar issues, Ya Nyumbani goes straight to my Favourites, gets a like, and earns you a watch. Keep on writing!

I have to say thank you for your comment. I was trying to stay with literature but on the internet it must evolve. I did not know people get tired without the spacing, it has been remedied. i need a permanent editor who is not busy...must search. Thank you once more and enjoy the others if you choose to brave them ha ha!

Interesting concept for a fic, and probably the first HiE I've ever read where the protagonist isn't a white, middle-class American or European male. Also, love the cover art.

I would question the "comedy" tag, though. There weren't really any funny parts that I could tell.

There's actually a lot of Kenyan humour. The Maasai is an ironic stereotype, perhaps it needs context...not sure how to do that in the story, a Kenyan would get it...but there are ver few here. Otherwise, glad you enjoyed the story! I hope you continue to enjoy your readings on the site!

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