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Princess Celestia had envisioned a much more joyful reunion with her sister, after a thousand years of separation. While seeing each other was a tearful event, the sibling she once knew is now different. Luna had become...cold. It feels as though something is...missing.
Fortunately Celestia knows what will cheer her up; a little reminder of the days long gone by. Perhaps one cold, could melt another.

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Such a beautiful story...

Here we go again!

Very happy you enjoyed it.:pinkiehappy:

Go again how? I'm done being manic...promise!

I really liked this story!:raritystarry: It was nice, and just heartwarming nothing more nothing less. Which for this story was a good thing i felt. The views of the two sisters on how they felt about eachother seemed very realistic towards the canon of the story as i've noticed you never see luna smile much around her sister not counting the end of canterlot wedding because well that was bullshit:ajbemused:... but yeah overall it was short and sweet with really nothing wrong with it. I also liked how you even had Celestia adopt the old speech momentarily just for Luna which would make sense in just average conversation.:pinkiehappy:

I though something short and sweet to test inserting images in a story.

I completely agree with the Canterlot wedding, but nothing is perfect after all. Maybe she was caught up in the moment right? Who knows nowadays.

It was fun placing all the suggestive sentences as irony actually.

Glad the characters were portrayed accurately and that you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile: Happy reading.

A nice and touching story. :twilightsmile:

Something simple for once ha ha! Glad you enjoyed, most welcome.:twilightsmile:

this was beautiful. i wish there were more words i could use but its the only one my mind has for this.

I am sincerely glad you enjoyed the story. It was my first pony only one and I hope to write more on the future.
Thank you for such a great word ha ha! Happy reading!

this was beautiful and touching. i loved it!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Simple and sweet. I like it! ANOTHER!

Another? ANOTHER! Okay. ha ha
Have another one in mind but it will wait until i can get filiorum inc going.

Very nice story. Is it intended to be related to the fan film Snowdrop? I can't quite decide.

Thank you for enjoying it!
I did it in such a way that it could be related or unrelated. I personally like to think of it as related ha ha.:pinkiehappy:
Appreciate the comment very much. Hope you shall enjoy more reading on the site!

*hugs you*


*hugs right back*

thanks ha ha.:pinkiehappy:

I could tell you wrote this. Even without looking at the author, I knew it had to be you. I love your writing style as well as your art. Merry Christmas my friend, and may you have endless days of happiness!

3674922 Nice to dare to hope I have a style! Thank you very much for the wishes. I wish you a very merry quite contrary Christmas too! May your days be even more happier ha ha!

3679827 Well, 4 christmases down, 4 to go.

3686949 you get eight Christmases a yea? can you adopt me please! :fluttercry:

3688680 Well, to tell you the truth, I would love to! C'mere my new adopted sibling!

Yay! Best Christmas Ever!

This is a very sweet story~ <3

3769367 You read a story of mine?! Thank you! I know its not polished but thats all going to be next months priority

Why of course I would and I intend to read more later on~ :pinkiehappy:
Anyway it was a nice and lovely story~ ^^

This was adorable and well written. However, the link at the end is broken.

Thank you! Fixed the link, used to be an embedded image.

There used to be a picture in the story but it has eventually been lost to time, ha ha.

On a side note its been fun to visit the old stories here! Thank you for your comments and bringing me back.

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