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It was the little things, really. Lightly brushing their hooves against each other when setting up traps, sharing their rations when food was low, the lingering gazes they'd exchange when there was free time. All of this eventually led Fluttershy to fall in love with Pinkie.

If only that weren't such a bad thing.

Pre-read by: Majora
Edited by: bathroomstahl

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Comments ( 30 )

Poignant. I like it. :pinkiecrazy:

I liked it. Very interesting.

6783360 Because I can.

I'm glad you all enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

6783407 You do know, of course, that we all want more in this AU now :rainbowdetermined2:

6783564 I don't know. As much as I like this AU, there isn't much that could be contributed besides solving the problem and while I could do that, I prefer the idea of the tragic romance more.

6783809 True enough. Doesn't make us want it any less though :raritywink:

Ok, yah it totally sucks that these two can't show their love to each other thx to some dumb bugs :ajbemused: but, at least they hav lil hope that sometime in t future it'll be possible for them to openly show their feelings without any danger involved :pinkiesad2::yay:


dumb bugs

Changelings are holy creatures of yes.

T holy creatures of yes? What is that even suppose to mean? :duck:

6788021 It means you shan't call them such sinful titles.

Why not? All I called them was dumb bugs? :rainbowhuh:

What, what did I say wrong :duck:? If it's t dumb bugs comment then *shrugs* I'm sorry, I guess :applejackunsure:?

Nah, I don't wanna be holy; can't I be half-holy instead :duck:?

6791582 No. Changelings shan't allow it. :moustache:

Well, sorry bout I don't care what t changelings shall or shall not allow. I'm goin' to be half-holy n' that's final :duck:

6793452 U F0k1n W07 M8


--Blabideeblah.exe has stopped working--

Uh... are u ok :applejackunsure:? Hello :rainbowhuh:?

6793475 --Blabideeblah.exe is not responding--

Ok *shrugs with :applejackunsure:* guess I'll leave u alone

This is really sweet and well written! :heart: Kudos!

Woah... :rainbowderp: profound...
Your writing here... Wow... poetic while functional
It's rare to see a PinkieShy Fic that involves feels of this aptitude.
Congrats on a job well done! :pinkiehappy:

May I ask, how long did it take you to make this? (Including the time the idea sat in your head)

6801431 Well, I got the idea on a Wednesday, finished the first draft on Saturday and sent it to the pre-reader and editor the day after. Once they got back to me I spent a few hours working with them on corrections, so all in all only a couple of days total.

I'm glad you enjoyed my writing. :twilightsmile:


and because you "can"...

...you "have to".

Ooooh, forbidden love... that's a kicker. Kind of a sad ending but great story! You did a fantastic job of filling in the gaps of the events that led up to them living the forest.

Ohhh I love this! Can't fall in love because it will attract the changelings, that's probably the BEST reasoning for a forbidden romance I've ever seen! And I just really liked the descriptions of how they lived and how they interact in their relationship.

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