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About 15 years ago, a dark age rose against the promising land of Equestria. The Princess Luna and her beloved husband, Chaotic Noteworthy, was a little away from the birth of there daughter, Lilac.
Unable to fight the war of the Changlings, Chaotic stayed and fought to the death while his wife and soon to be filly escaped to safety.
Or so they say.
My name is Lilac Amethyst. I am fifteen years of age, and I live with my mother in Aricastle, a land that was created for a small population of those who survived the war.
I never met my father before. And more determined than ever to find him myself. With my archery skills, and my bravery, I will travel.
To the afterlife to find my father.

(Story based on the OC's, created by Chaotic Note.)
Special thanks to the proofreaders. And the story made for Chaotic Note.

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I was sent here by Chaotic Note.

Seems fun. Let's see what you got.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I hope you like what you see Mr. Lurker.



I was also sent here by Chaotic Note.

Be sure that Chaotic is dead and that if anypony saves him, it's nobody from the Comment Warriors. We tried that once. Let's say that didn't go well at all.

2966841 Why would I get comment warriors to save him? No. I don't intend on doing that.:ajbemused:


It's a group of RPers. We had to save Chaotic from Tartarus, and it was more of us dying than an actual rescue. It's more for lols that I posted that.

2966888 RP's arn't going to rescue him. And if I make anypony else die, i'm going to have to re-rate it. Bring me more people who say they want a rescue in the story, and I will think about it.


I am sorry to attempt comedy here.:fluttershysad:

2966916 Oh no, you've mistaken! I'm not mad! I'm cool with the humor. Just, i'm sorry, okay?


It's just hard to understand at times.

2966984 I know. At least you don't see ghost staring at you while your trying to sleep. I'm going through it right now. And it is rough.:ajsleepy:

Seems awesome so far! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Omnivorous ponies? I can roll with that. I really don't have any real opinion on this though. This is merely a prologue than it is a chapter. The actual chapter that follows is going to need to add some more world building, conflicts and above all goals if we're going to get any further into this post-changeling dominated world. And being changelings, this can end up rather messy for our rag tag group rather quickly.

Good luck. Seems like quite the endeavor.

3030705 Thanx you!
And I know i've been lacking detail. That's why there's only one complete chapter. Proofreading is being done here, but times been lacking as I have a life to fill as well!=D
Any who, the Changeling domination will get help to it's theme! As long as patience pumps through your vains...


3031384 I read it back almost 2 weeks ago, saw it still opened in my tab and figured I'd leave a proper comment. Good luck :pinkiehappy:

3031413 A proper comment you did make! And thanks for the luck! I'm surely gonna need it!

I think it's perfectly fine.:twilightsmile:

Hello, Lilac Amethyst. I am Lilac Snowflake, another daughter of Princess Luna. :derpytongue2:

I am also a unicorn, formerly an alicorn. I became a unicorn, having been forced to give up my wings for our DEAR auntie Celestia's promise to Twilight Sparkle. Funny how our beginnings came the same way, with an mysterious father. Perhaps we could meet up sometime, over some frosted tea? After all, that is my specialty, having snowflakes as my cutie mark. Are you okay with Trixie and Starlight Glimmer being there? They are my good friends.

Hope to meet you somewhere,
Lilac Snowflake

P.S. This is Lilac Snowflake's human counterpart. Just like to say that she is bouncing off my walls, excited to know there was another daughter of the moon. :derpytongue2: ~Gold121221

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