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Can you tell me all of them? · 10:33pm Mar 17th, 2014

I'm going to test you.

Tell me the names of all these Creepypasta.

If you can do it, then we've got some serious discussing to do. You should be one of my closest friends on here.

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Look at me being an idiot. · 4:11pm Mar 16th, 2014

One night. Might be drunk. And the biggest part-

Harlem Shake.

I laugh everytime I see this video of me and some of my friends and family. :rainbowlaugh:

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Let's talk about the things we hate · 4:32am Mar 6th, 2014

Let's see now....
I fucking hate this world.
I fucking hate this country.
I fucking hate fakes.
I fucking hate liars.
I fucking hate society.
I fucking love gay people.
I fucking hate idiots.
I fucking hate incest.
I fucking hate inbreed.
I fucking hate sluts.
I fucking hate slutty men.
I fucking love South Park.
I fucking hate how there are not very many fans of Creepypasta's here. Damn.
I fucking hate rocks.
I fucking hate the color pink. (but I love Pinkie Pie to death...)

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People. Gore is OKAY. (If your really good at it...) · 10:03pm Jan 24th, 2014

Everyone thinks I have problems because I make a few bloody pictures every once in a while. I know I have some serious issues, starts from seeing shit. This should be the least of your worries.
But I did do something last night.

And to find more stuff about Vicious the killer, simply click HERE

Dat is all for now.

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I'M BACK MOTHA FUKA!!! · 2:37am Dec 19th, 2013


It's been three months since I've been on here.... and now I return. Reasons I had left are.... not very appropriate to the public, but now I am back. And that is all that matters.

And- hahaha, I have been working on quite some things while away; like this;

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Happy Nightmare Night!!! · 2:43am Nov 2nd, 2013

yeah, I know it's late- by a day, but who's it gonna kill, right? Anyways, me and Pinkimena went trick or treating that night.

don't we look amazing?!

She wanted- well, honestly it was my idea to go as Jeff the killer, and she didn't know what she wanted to be, so we went as Jeff and Jane the killers.

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This new story I'm working on... · 3:30am Oct 22nd, 2013

Yeah, I decided that I have made some personal goals that need to be reached:

[ ] make every weird Rainbow Dash ship fic I can think of.
[ ] get a story profile pic done for a friend.
[ ] find the most fascinating cookie in Sothern Alabama. (and eat it, of course.)
[ ] get entered into one of these art contest on here.
[ ] make a group dedicated to all the weird Rainbow Dash fics I'm gonna write.
[ X] show you this, right here.

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The sweet sensation of insanity is now roaming among me... · 5:55am Oct 21st, 2013

This is outrageous! Who naturally is pitiful and rude when all you try to do is help them? Well, I don't know what to do except... sit here.
But... there's more to it. The pain... it's burning...
But with a passionate background. Is this normal? Possibly not..
The sensation of imagining cutting something is plesant right now- doesn't matter if it's me or somebody else. Something needs to die tonight.

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In case you haven't seen it yet... · 5:44am Oct 15th, 2013

A story I made for Chaotic Note a little while back. It's called the Lost Princess. You should go find it.

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Happy Birthday, Chaotic Noteworthy!!!=3 · 3:29am Oct 8th, 2013

I don't know exactly what day it is of this month, but I wish you a happy birthday.
and so does Hearttortisepigeondog. I guess.

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